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Pelosi: Trump Is Deranged, Unhinged, and Dangerous

As the House of Representatives prepares to impeach President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection if he does not resign immediately, Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on television last night and called President Trump “a deranged, unhinged, dangerous President of the United States.” She went on to say that Trump should be prosecuted.

Please watch the video below of Speaker Pelosi and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with her when she says President Trump is “a deranged, unhinged, dangerous President of the United States”?


  1. Marlene says:

    Totally Pelosi is a nut case.

  2. Holly Rose says:

    If anyone is deranged it is Pelosi. She must be running scared since her lap top was stolen by trump’s goons. If you read her letter she wrote to our Portland mayor Ted Wheeler you know she is unhinged and careless to boot. She has destroyed our once beautiful city. Pelosi’s m o is the same on all other Dem operated cities. Read this incriminating report.

  3. Scott J says:

    She is saying everything that she is. She is mentally deranged. She needs to be taken out of office.

  4. Pamela Hawthorne says:

    Worst case of TDS we’ve ever seen. This disease has driven this half wit totally insane. Rubber room should be her home,til the day she dies. ANYONE who would vote for her has to be a little, No, a lot, off in the head.

  5. RACK says:

    PELOSI is the closest thing to the Anti-Christ

    Understand the differnce betwen a Democrat Leader and a person who voted for a Democrat. Democrat is not a person who favors a Democracy.

    Not a Single word from the mouth of a Democrat leader can be believed. It requires a lot of years and exoerience to recognize this.

  6. Donna Kujawa says:

    Nancy Pelosi should be put in Prison for all her Hateful comments About The Real True President Donald Trump Who Won The Election Legally. If I make the same or similar comments that is my 1st Amendment right print what I said. You are violating my rights.

    • Martha Stice says:


  7. Donna Kujawa says:

    Nancy Pelosi should be put in Prison for all her Hateful comments About The Real True President Donald Trump Who Won The Election Legally. If I make the same or similar comments that is my 1st Amendment right print what I said.

  8. Charles zion says:

    Nancy needs help we are aware of this fact. But just remember she is using a typical far Left Democratic tactic. She is blaming Trump for what she is doing this makes things look like they are his fault. The Democrats are quite effective at doing this.

  9. Donna Kujawa says:

    Nancy Pelosi should be put in Prison for all her Hateful comments About The Real True President Donald Trump Who Won The Election Legally.

  10. Donna Smith says:

    Nancy, you are a sick manipulating person to the eyes of Americans. You used your personal hatred towards Trump every chance. You deprived him from everything and ripping up those documents on live tv before the eyes of Americans. Now accusing him of much more to impeach him a second time due to your hatred for him. Don’t forget you were the one allowing the riots and lootings got 8 months, saying what happened at the Capital is haunting you, what a joke … we the innocent people suffered those 8 months in fear. You held back stimulated checks for those who suffered thru the Pandemic that you people caused. Demanding the Congress, GOP, Senators who were home due to COVID show up to vote for you and now blaming us Americans that they got it, it’s all your doing not Trump! You are very manipulating towards those people, ought to be ashamed of yourself. I’m hoping the truths come to light and you all be arrested!

  11. frank pleso says:

    They are afraid of you Don. Don’t worry, more people are behind you than ever now. Hang in there 2024 is coming

  12. If anybody is unhinged, disillusional, or dangerous it is you Nancy Pelosi. Since even before Donald J Trump was elected you were calling for impeachment. Your hatred of him has deranged your mind. You tried to get him for collusion with Putin or Russia. The evidence that you pulled up failed to show any collusion. Then when you said China had him in their pocket you failed again. All you have done is show how the Democrats were paid by the Russian banks for information and how the President elect Biden has ties to financial matters in China’s business areas even as far as Ukraine with Hunter Biden’s being paid off. Then Biden goes on tv and brags about having the lawyer fired for investigating him. Who is running the government, Nancy, who? I feel you are the one that needs to be prosecuted.

  13. Oscar G Jones says:

    Nancy Pelosi attempted a coup of the United States Government. Our Government Officials need to quit sucking up to the incoming administration and have Nancy Pelosi arrested, charged with treason and taken off to jail. If our Democratic and Republican congresdional leaders are afraid to do their job we the people need to have them recalled and replace them with people who will do what is right reqlguardlees of their political affiliation.

  14. Holly Dutton says:

    Well, well–just look WHO is calling President Trump a mad dog, PELOCO!

    • Jerra Alexander says:

      Pelosi is the unhinged deranged one here! All she has done for 4 years is stir the pot instead of doing the business of the people. She is power hungry and wants total control. She is definitely NOT a Christian and either is Biden! They BOTH need to go and take Shummer and Harris with them!

    • Dee says:

      Pelosi is no good she’s a fraud like the rest of them Donald Trump deserves to stay in the White House I lost respect for this country after seeing all the corruption. I just can’t believe what they have done to this man from day one Donald Trump won this election the truth will come out shame on all of you and for you Pelosi go away!!!!

  15. NITA M says:


    • Jules Jones says:

      I agree!! She’s pushing him into a corner where he doesn’t have time to think, reacting to whatever comes to mind. He’s going down his own way rather than giving her any satisfaction!

      You go, “Mr.President!!”

  16. Honest says:

    ATTENTION NANCY!!!!! Who The Hell Do You Think You ARE!! Snow White??? ! You as Well As the Company You Speak To are Hippocrates and Disgusting pieces of Trash~ Change You Undies ==== You Stink

  17. Linda says:

    Nancy Pelosi is the dangerous n everything she calls our President Trump, all jealous bc President Trump do bow to no one n hes the ONLY one been fighting for OUR country n ALL Americans. NOT trying to destroy anything like pelosi n all her goons n alot sucking up to her now . She along with her goons n alot more are scared of being exposed of their REAL CRIMES she been blaminh on Trump for years. She been against him from day one bc he cant be bought n told what to do. Shes the dangerous demented n other things n she needs to be impeached, removed, arrested an lose her pension.

  18. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    Look in a mirror, you PSYCHO LUNATIC CCP WHORE. It will likely CRACK. WAR TIME.

    • Grace says:

      Mad Nancy Palosi is on a revenge rage against the president she couldn’t control. She is making a fool of the American congress before the world. Instead of going home and straightening out the Covid vaccine distribution messes caused by governors who can’t handle the problem and saving lives they are fiddling around in Washington caving in to Mad Nancy’s minutia. The Republican congressmen who cave to Nancy and vote for impeachment will wear the betrayal of their constituents on a sign around their necks and we will remember in Movember.

  19. janice Alderson says:

    Nancy is the one inciting all of this. She is like a rat scurrying around like she is hiding some thing. I wonder what she is hiding in the house that she does not want America to know. Sounds guilty to me.

    • Jocelyn says:

      I was paying attention to the words President Trump said and it had nothing to do with breaking in the Senate or any of the other buildings. Walking around to show support sounds nothing like what they accused him of. Gee that seems to be a pattern. They lie about the election not being rigged they lie about what he says and the people who actually went in the building were not Trump supporters. There were a bus load of people from Burlington Vermont who saw them and heard them planning their incursions. And a reporter took a picture of Pelosi’s son in law outside the buildings talking to the viking who was definitely NOT a Trump supporter.

  20. FrankAboutIt says:

    Pelosi is characterizing herself and the vast majority of the Democratic Communist Party with her characterization of President Trump. The Democratic Communist Party, the Deep State, Democratic Domestic Terrorist Groups, Antifa and BLM, AND ALL supporting Corporate heads are Pure Evil, uncaring of America and Her People, and they are ALL selling America and Americans out to the foreign communist countries.
    I read where one writer stated that we’re going to have to put up with this crap for four years now !
    NEWSFLASH ! Once Biden is sworn in, THIS CRAP, is for the remainder of your lives.

    • Leon says:

      sounds like Pelosi and Trump have something in common

      • Jocelyn says:


  21. Inna Brez says:

    She put oil in fire. She create a Civil War. She is old and her brain working one way. She forgot what she did and what she said years ago. She is evil.

  22. Verna L Hart says:

    We all need to stop and think what we all should do is gather at the Whitehouse and impeach all the Democraps along with Nasty Nancy, Shoeless Schumer, and the rest of the garbage.Did anyone watch Pissy Pelosi say she has fed Americans? Fed us breadcrumbs and birdseed. How Democraps and Congress gave billions to foreign countries and for fish and how they spawn? Who the hell gives a shit about fish spawning or billions for the museums and shit like that all while giving struggling Americans leftovers. We are fortunate they actually added two zeros on to that six. The only reason Democraps took the Senate was because they poised to voter if you vote Democrap we’ll give you $2000.00 stimulus checks. Republicans did not given that chance to use $2000.00 stimulus checks. It was Biden pushing that agenda. Biden said if you vote Democrap we will give Americans a $2000.00 stimulus checks. Old Bernie is pushing Biden to deliver on his promise.

  23. Steven Van Ness says:

    Talking about pelosi, is like talking about garbage. Needs to be thrown out.

  24. Verna L Hart says:

    If anyone is deranged or dangerous its Nasty Nancy. Pelosi is a lunatic. It’s obvious shes missing alot of her marbles. Hers are not loose they are gone. Nasty Nancy’s hate for President Trump is like her drug. Shes so hateful I bet she dreams about him in her sleep. She probably has a Trump Troll doll she sticks pins in at night. Has anyone ever seen her get testy? She wrinkles up that ugly mug of hers and grabs that gavel and shakes it like she wants to shake President Trump. I bet when she was a kid she pulled all the arms and legs off of all her dolls. Her anger is buried deep but I bet you give her a Trump doll and watch how she destroys it.

  25. jkryanspark says:

    Trump is deranged, unhinged, dangerous, fascist, degenerate, unintelligent, childish, narcissistic, mentally ill, stupid, genocidal, hateful, absurd, obtuse, silly, uncultured, un-American, un-patriotic, ugly, abusive, fat, spastic, demented, deranged, dictatorial, authoritarian, whiny, infantile, emotionally disturbed, sociopathic, psychopathic, neurotic, schizophrenic, manic, dystopian, delusional, misanthropic, misogynist, anti-Semitic, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, democracy-phobic, lewd, abhorrent, dumb as dirt, untalented, inhumane, unhuman, inhuman, dainty, impotent, effeminate, and the beat goes on and on and on and on….

    • Sounds like your describing the Democratic Party especially Old Pelosi, Schumer, older than old Biden and don’t forget fake smile Kamala? What a name. Trump has all his senses the democrats are a group big hypocrites. The dedicated Republicans have faith in President Trump as I do.

    • Rita Christensen says:

      Wow!!!! What names come out of Children! I must me deranged unhinged and dangerous too because The Democrats did nothing to prove there wasn’t any wrong doing! Or you like your voice to be told to shut up none of your f—–g business what happened. You’re a nut just like the speaker,trump got things done end of story, and its crazy how one person has done nothing but rag on him since day one!!

    • Becky Fisher says:

      Pelosi and her band if sycophants, thieves and thugs ate actually projecting what and who they are. Does anyone really believe that we’re going to better off with the communist democrat party in charge of the house senate and whitehouse? Biden hasn’t been inaugurated yet and the leftist have already destroyed freedom of speech, freedom of movement (airlines denying trump supporters return ticket home), denying anyone associated with President Trump future employment, denial of access to the internet, possibly denial of access to our money. They planned and created the chaos on January 6, then blamed Trump and his supporters. Trump never said violate the capital, cause violence, murder and mayhem. That is the communist saying this, not Trump. They planned the chaos at the capital to stop the opposition to the electoral votes and persuade d rinos that Trump caused this. The have media, big tech, big corporations and banks in their pockets to do their bidding.
      Bottom line the communist democrat party wants a civil war between leftist and conservatives. They want to annihilate us because we oppose their unconstitutional takeover of our country.

    • Doris Lemley says:

      You seem to believe everything you her on CNN and are enjoying the hate try thing for yourself and checking the facts they are only telling you the half truth to manipulate you
      Quit going for
      So what is it the Democrats have accomplished for you. You now have a president who has sold out the country using his family to do it look up biden laptop they have quieten that it contains child endangerment I have to wonder what kind of people can approve of that

    • Look in the mirror….you just saw yourself…..hahaha

  26. Pat says:


    • J & T from Georgia says:

      You are absolutely correct.

      • GS says:

        Why are the supposed democrats allowed to Lie continuously for years and disrespect/ disobey our Laws and the Constitution etc., without penalty ?- Total Hypocrites. and the feckless Republcans do nothing! And I include most, if not all of the Federal Bureaucracy as feckless and the FBI, DOJ,CIA as guilty of crimes against our Democracy. The evidence to commit Election Fraud is overwhelming, yet nothing is done also.

    • Fay says:

      You All are Right Pelosi and Schumer both Should Be Impeached.
      They are putting our country in a very bad place and I for one am very worried of what is coming next!! The Tech people are also putting us in a very bad place.

    • Fay says:

      You All are Right Pelosi and Schumer both Should Be Impeached.
      They are putting our country in a very bad place and I for one am very worried of what is coming next!! The Tech people are also putting us in a very bad place. They now are putting a no fly for some Republicans just now in the news!! She needs to be removed she says our President Trump is deranged. He isn’t but Pelosi sure is. We all have seen it all over the news. Impeach her now

  27. Pat says:

    She is the one who is unhinged, deranged and dangerous! I also want to mention that she is evil.

    • Denver Bowles says:

      Nancy is the one that’s all mess up and all the cheating Democrats they stole the Presidential election from the best President we have had n years just in case you bunch of Democrats don’t know who Iam talking about look real close this is the best President Donald Trump

    • Deanna says:

      Nanci Pelosi needs to retire somewhere in the middle East! She is a Tyrant, Hypocrite, Bully and lier! I saw the contents on her laptop and she is the one that deserves to be prosecuted for a multiple of charges including Treason!! In the 15th & 16th century she and all that were involved in the voter fraud would have been hung, burned or Off with their heads…I feel this is an appropriate reaction to the offenses. She is probably even involved in the pediphilia ring that Biden, Hunter and the many sick bastards in office!! Yea that was in her laptop!

  28. Ken says:

    You need to have your hair done, illegally of course!!!
    Who died and left you queen in charged! Can we start a petition demanding your resignation? I’ll sign it!!! Trump is so much smarter than you will ever be! What have you done for the country besides pass a Bill first then the people can see what’s in it, ha ha ha laugh you sorry bitch!!!!

    • jkryanspark says:

      Are you a child, Ken? A petition to remove an elected official? Is that your idea of democracy? This is what’s wrong with half of America today– the half that throws a fit when the person they vote for loses a legitimate election; in this instance, Donald Trump. Are you so immature as to think that your wants and needs are above those of the majority? That if you don’t get your way, it’s okay to riot? History will state that in and around the calendar year 2020, a segment of the United States, probably due to poor parenting and religious indoctrination, threw a childish tantrum and collectively locked themselves into a figurative bathroom and held their breath because they couldn’t handle a lost election. Grow up!

      • Waiting says:

        your ignorance gets deeper with every post you make. piglosi is just another liar, thief and cheat. she STOLE over a million dollars from social security to pay for her unfounded impeachment tries. Some of us are looking for the antifa and blm trash that were there. They are going to tell who paid them to start the trouble. then piglosi, the tumor, hairy kamel and the pedophile will all be going down for good

      • Becky Fisher says:

        Your party of communist are trying expel republicans for opposing the the illegal election. They’re the ones that have tried to unseat our duly elected President, by made up crimes, hoaxes and fraudulent investigations, drummed up phony impeachment charges, before was elected and during his Presidency. Now they’re trying to unseat him again based on their planning to chaos a riot in the capital of their Antifa and BLM goons. The democrat party are diabolical to our Constitutional Republic and will destroy America as founded in order to gain unprecedented power and control. China communist party will be envious if the communist democrats pull this off. If you don’t believe this it’s because you have been brainwashed.

  29. My had…she must have looked in the mirror and misidentified yourself as Trump. She and many other democrats are n exactly as she labeled the President

  30. Candy S says:

    Pelosi is insane. She should be institutionalized. Never have seen anyone as bad as her

  31. Mark says:

    Pelosie. Should be impeached. She is not capable. Of being in congress. She has completely lost her mind. Her hatred. Of trump has become an obsession. And She Doesn’t Care about our country. Republican. Congress. Get some balls. And file impeachment For her removal. Before she starts a civil war. And get rid of Maxine waters. Who divided our country with as much. Hatred for trump Come on congress let’s start giving this crap back to the commie dems

  32. Pat says:

    IMPEACH PIGOLSI———she is full of hate—-THIS BITCH IS THE ONE THAT IS DERANGE. POLITICS OVER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Holding up stimulus—she only wants it her way or no way at all. THROW THE BITCH OUT. Worse speaker to represent WE THE PEOPLE. UNAMERICAN SEWER GUTTER TRASH*********You have no right to wear the AMERICAN FLAG. DISGRACE TO AMERICA 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻……

    • Chambra says:

      I said the same She have been on Trump ass sent he have been in Office I can’t believe it they made her speaker of the house.

  33. Candylin says:

    Pelosi needs to be taken out .it’s totally visible how these democrats get elected .total fraudulent voting thats why they want illegals to vote look at new york run by them .Americans have no rights illegals get to vote get monthly checks get to go to college free.but Americans can’t not since when is it a crime to be American.

  34. KARIN says:


    • Jeff Blake says:


    • Sara says:

      And you are one them too. All you Trump supporters have blinders on that you can’t or won’t see Trump for what he is, a big cry baby & throws tantrum when he can’t get his way & blames everyone for his mistakes & broken promises. During the Iran-contra affairs, even though President Regan said he knew nothing about it, but he still took responsibility because like he said “the buck stops here”. Trump is sick delusional. He thinks he’s so smart when actually he’s a dumb shirt who thinks he knows everything & he’s way or the highway. He doesn’t like listening to what other people/advisors have to say or take advice from no one either, not even his Generals.

  35. Rhonda Howell says:

    Pelosi is the unhinged crazed and very dangerous evil monster She really needs help!

    • Speak free says:

      Why can’t she be sanctioned and taken from her post. She lies and always blames everyone else. Also listen to Maxine waters when she told people to get in the faces of trump people. Isn’t that incitement, yet these people never get prosecuted. Why

      • Candy S says:

        Good question. Shes so hateful! Surely that can do better than her as Speaker.

      • Jeff Blake says:

        Because the republicans are just as bad as she is. She is just honest about it. The bitch is batshit crazy

  36. Mary L Janes says:

    OH HELL NO Nasty Nancy is the deranged one she has made it her personal vendetta to block anything and everything good he has done for our country Why did they let her stay there?

  37. Shaneil says:

    Pelosi is the one that’s psychotic, unhinged, and deranged, She wants Trump out because, She know he know too much about her
    and her minions, she wants him out so he doesn’t have the power
    to have them all hung in the public square. a Saudi Arabi, good old fashion hanging.

  38. Pelosi is delusional. She is a disgrace to our country and must be removed. She is a drunken pimple on the ass of society. I demand her immediate resignation. She is dangerously close to inciting a civil war.

  39. Lyudmila says:

    Pelosi is a very seriously ill person, she cannot be responsible for her words and actions. Pelosi is a maniac maddened by hatred for Trump and 80 million Republicans. Pelosi is very dangerous given her irresistible desire to take possession of the atomic button, considering that she made this request directly to the relevant authorities, but, fortunately, she was refused.

  40. Liz B says:

    Unhinged is a descriptor for Pelosi. She must have left her mind in a safe place and forgotten where that is. What a disgrace to America she and her cronies are. Talk about inciting riots!!! Now she’s taking action to deprive the US citizens of their right to free speech. I hope all who voted for this wicked woman will see what she’s really about–power and wealth for herself. Fortunately there is a God Who sees all. She will have to answer to Him and the result won’t be pretty.

    • Thomas Neuberger says:

      Amen! Thank you Liz!

    • Polly smith says:

      She is so far off the grid, mentally. She is so abscess with the President that she can’t do her job. She needs to leave for her mental problems. She is so insecure of her self she changed the words to gender,, Nancy you can’t undo what God has done.

    • Ann Jones says:

      From all the comments on here, I am correct in saying P is pure evil. It’s evident even from her roots. She is pocessed with hatred for President Trump and the USA. She should be impeached, fired, sent to jail, fined, etc.She is dividing the USA every time she speaks. May God forgive me for these statements. Prayers for President Trump, his family and the USA.

    • Jeff Blake says:

      Hear hear!!!!! And amen.

  41. Gary says:

    We are all fed up with the deceitfulness line Polosky and the Democratic Party, she and the other corrupt politicians seated in our government, have took the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to the lowest levels in the history of this country, in 4 years and fighting the corruption of the democratic party and the traitors in the Republican Party, President Trump has done more for our Country then any other Presidential in the history of this country, and now we the people, thanks to President Trump understand how the deep state and Democrats have Deceived the American people through the media and social media and covering things up and not given us the people of this country the truth, and every sense George Bush Sr was in office has this gone on, by GW Bush and the deep state the deceitfulness and manipulation of the American people has happened ever since his time as president of United States, and now we have the opportunity to remove all of the corruption that’s been controlling this country and we the people will not miss our only opportunity to keep our freedom and make America great and far better and it has been, and and remove and bury the corruption has been in charge, all of the traitors to the people of this great country and the United States of America need to be removed from this planet so this will never happen again.

  42. Beverly says:

    She needs to get laid. So she can get that stick out of her ass.

  43. Brookman P Allen Jr says:

    She must have looked in the mirror

  44. Donna says:

    She needs to be impeached. I believe it was her & Democrats fault . Trump did nothing wrong. Does she think we are stupid & going to keep putting up with her crazy self ? No we Americans have had enough . They did nothing when they were destroying buildings, setting cars on fire , spray painting buildings & other stuff. Now that it was turned on them they want something done. I think she shouldn’t be paid for last 4 years because she has done nothing but try to bring Trump down . She needs to leave office ASAP

  45. Johnny says:

    Pelosi hasn’t lived a day in reality sober for 40 years. She is the wacko obsessed with Donald Trump…he could care less about her and he has no respect for her as a leaded because in that regard she has always been a failure….that is what is eating at her…the people love him and not her!

  46. Ed Groover says:

    With this said, just maybe the Speaker of the House should look in the mirror.

  47. Sharon says:

    If anyone is deranged qnd dangerous it Pelosi. I can’t believe thoseidiot re-elected her. Are the democrats that scarred of her,,::? I say get rid of the wicked witch of the west now!!!!!!!

    • Bob says:

      Article 1 Section 5 Clause 2. Pull the past anti-U.S. statements and or calls to action. Also add Schumer, Shiff, Waters and Nadler.

    • Corruptionhater says:

      Sharon, PERFECT answer. Most people do not know Pelosi’s entire background. When she became an adult, about 60 years ago, JFK was still alive and so was her father who was heavily involved in the Mafia – it shows why she acts the way she does – she learned from dad. Then she got into human and child trafficking and never looked back. No wonder she doesn’t want the southern border – she can’t get her hands on the children and babies and now you know where most of her money came from,. I learned this from Wikileaks. I am grateful for your answer (above) Thank you.

  48. Craig says:

    I forgot to mention in my earlier rant. Remember when Scott Walker was governor of Wisconsin, and those people stormed the state house barreling right through the state police… and occupied the place for a week or ten days I think. Remember they were called concerned citizens voicing their opinions!! When the left does it… it’s Hollywood baby… if the right does it, it’s a crime for sure punish them immediately!!!!

    • Marie says:

      Wow love all the pushback on Miss Elite phony hypocrite. I’m patiently waiting for the boom to come down. It’s getting lower and lower day by day and finally the truth will be out there.

    • Gae says:

      Not entirely convinced it wasn’t the left involved in this incident at the Capitol Building.

      • Christine says:

        Exactly, what I’ve thought from the start, if those guys hadn’t gotten a special parking spot for there bus up front after thousands of trump supporters were demonstrating peacefully for hours, this never would have happened, and the fact that trump supporters noticed there bus being escorted right up to the Capitol tells me for sure these actors were paid for most likely by the demorats probably the devil herself pelossi fact is so many in those offices and seats have been involved in illegal corruption and stealing from or in the name of our country it’s honestly sick how so many in our country are so consumed with hate they refuse to see it for what it is I’m personally very disgusted …

  49. Jean Leach says:

    She is so scared she don’t know what to do she knows what’s coming down for her nothing but a crook and a thief and a liar.

  50. Richard Hull says:

    She is a nasty, vile pig and a TRAITOR. Hang her.

  51. Pat says:

    Mr Trump has given much to our Country while all I’ve seen is Nancy spouting hate.
    He does not deserve this.

    • Howard Margerison says:

      I think Nancy has the mental problem. She has never been any help for President Trump. She has incited anger and hatred among the Democrat party toward the elected President.

  52. Gary Dietz says:

    The true Morons are the ones who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket and thus have saddled this great nation of ours with two Socialist/Communist Idiots who are hell bent on destroying this once great nation of ours coupled with their fellow screwballs Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and, god forbid, a packed Supreme Court.
    Also, the list of Dimms, who will be filling the various positions of the Biden/Harris government and should be in or on their way to prison is likewise mind boggling.
    However, to be completely fair, the Republican Party needs to clean house and throw RINOs Susan Collins, Tom Cotton, Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and their RINO ilk out of the party because they are likewise to blame for this travesty of a government.
    We can hope and pray that the electorate regains its sanity in time for the 2022 and 2024 elections.

    • Connie L Schultz says:

      Well stated. the United States of America as we know or should I say knew is going to the dogs. these are grown men and women and they act like spoiled brats, throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their own way.

  53. Beverly says:

    Ya know if you look at it this way. President Trump is crazy and I’ll tell you why. For 4 years and without accepting paychecks for being the president. He had to put up with Pelosi and her impeaching him and wasting our taxpayers money for doing that and the abuse from the media and other talk shows when this man doesn’t need to be abused. He’s made it in real estate and casinos. He doesn’t need an ego boost. He knows he’s made it in life and can live anywhere he wants to…and he decides to run a second term to find out that they rigged the elections. So he tries to rectify it for us who believe in him but what happens??? He gets mocked and crucified for us and when one week is left Pelosi wants to impeach him again and calls him deranged but he still hangs on. Why? Because of the citizens of the United States. I guess he is crazy. He still wants to tackle the abuse for a second term because it was soo much fun the first round. Get real Nancy! You call his supporters names and pres elect Biden calls his supporters names and senators n congressmen are called names who support Trump by pres elect Biden. And this is suppose to unite us in good faith???? And you call President Trump deranged??? He deserves your respect. And he has most of the Americans admiration and that bugs the hell out of you because you can’t control him and people love him for his tenacity and his business mind that he used for government. So Nancy besides getting paid and harassing president Trump what have you done. Oh yeah held stimulus checks from the American people. Yup that’s normal. You are soooo full of crap it’s pathetic

    • Bt says:

      I did not write this post but agree with it. Pelosi needs to get laid so she can get that stick out of her ass

    • Laura Thalhamer says:



    • Jeanne Randolph says:

      You and you’re husband need to be in jail. You set him up over and over. You and all your money has cause more evil and disrespect then any other person. You’re not worried because you have the power to keep people quiet. To pay, bribe, threaten anyone that gets in your way. You have no morals, no feelings and you think you’re the president. You give the orders and everyone jumps. You can talk as calm as you want to get people to believe you. But we see right through you. You didn’t care that someone got in your office because you paid them to do it so you could blame the president. You jump at every chance to get rid of and blame trump. You’re a sad person. No one should have that much hate for one person. But you do. Hope your happy with yourself.

  54. Frank says:

    Besides peelois being a big lunatic liar she should be the one on the hot seat. She should have been impeached a long time ago because she shows so much hate towards the American people instead of helping. She more than likely started the false statement on saying our Great President told his supporters to start the riot, where if you look at most of the people were from BLM n other people being paid by her n her lunatic scum bags. I’m just being polite on my writing about our scum bag senators.

    • jkryanspark says:

      Impeached for what, shit for brains? Because she disagrees with you? I’ve read many of the childish lunatic rantings of the idiots who comprise this website, and not a single person has made a substantive case against Pelosi, or in favor of Trump. In essence, what you nursery schoolers are doing is putting her up on the carnival dunk tank seat and trying to knock her into the water with a slew of spastic attempts to hit the lever. None of you understands politics. You’re all want and need. If this is how you navigate your lives, it’s no wonder you live in such abject dissatisfaction and pain.

  55. Joe Wilder says:

    Nancy Pelosi is the one that is “Deranged, Unhinged, and Dangerous”! She should have been removed from power a long time ago along with several of her cohorts. They are traitors to our country and have encouraged and condoned violence for several years now along with trying to take down a dully elected president. I wouldn’t be surprised if she arranged for the left wing infiltration of the MAGA rally.

    • Pamela Dennen says:

      All Americans – ALL Should be concerned about losing the 1st Amendment!!! I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to my Death your Right to say it!!!!!

    • Gae says:

      You are probably right about the left infiltrating the Trump supporters. It certainly wasn’t to the Republican’s advantage to start a riot. The Congressman and Senators were coming through loud and clear about the fraud and cheating in the election. I believe things were going too well and the Democrats had to stop progress. They were afraid the truth would come out and the election would be overturned.

  56. Kim R. Shaklee says:

    Mrs.Speaker Pelosi Is A Daranaged Unhigded Dangerous Person In Congress She Should Be Removed From Her Office She Is A Satan Worshipper She’s Negligent Of Keeping Her Oath Of Office She Is A Treasonous Communists That Has No Conscious For What She Say An Her Actions Show She Is Against The Citizen’s Of The United States Pelosi Is Apart Of The Deep State An The Big Banker’s Of Foreign Countries That Will Impose Their New World Order Agenda An Her Involvement With The Chinese Socialist Credit Economic Financial System That Will Take Over Our Country Right After The Angurration Of Mr. Joe Biden On January 20th 2021 They Are Planning To Take Away Our Constitutional Bill Of Rights An Our Civil Liberties Which We Will Never Recover From This Is Very Serious Situation An Everyone Should Be Aware Of Their Imposing Enslavement Of Our Country Pelosi Shumer Naddler Schiff Ect.. Are All In On This It’s Not A Joke An We The People Are Going To Suffer From This Hell Coming Our Way !!!!

    • TBone says:

      We have way more guns than her army’s and police combined!!!
      Get ready the purge is coming, and it won’t be the conservatives… farmers and bible clutching gun tote folks getting purged!!!

  57. Rhoda says:

    She is nothing but a crook and a liar. She is evil.

    • Liz says:

      Talk about deranged and unhinged. Nancy Pelosi is the most, if not the greatest threats to the American people and our once great country. It saddens me to my core that my grandchildren most likely will never experience our United States as my generation and the generations that came before us have. How proud I have been to be an American only to have these criminals try to steal that pride from me and all Americans. Pelosi and her evil bunch should be tried for treason and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Ellsa says:

        Pepsi should resign!! She is totally hollowed out by jealousy and hate. RESIGN, RESIGN!! She is 80 years old and had lost it. She is worse than biden.

      • Anna Schnell says:

        During WWI General Pershing was having a problem with Muslims in the Phillipines. He had his men gather all of them together along with a pig that had been slaughtered, then took bullets and dipped them in the blood of the pig.
        One Muslim was designated to be killed with that bloody bullet but the other Muslims were not told of this. They thought they were all going to be killed but after Pershing had the first trouble maker shot he allowed the rest of them to leave. Since Muslims won’t touch pigs they all ran for their lives and were not heard of for years. I wonder what Pelosi is afraid of besides our revered President Trump. Care for some pork, Nancy?

  58. Craig says:

    I was there madam speaker… he did not at any time say go down there unlawfully enter the Capitol and create havoc, destroy property, and assault Capitol police!!!! But video and pictures showing the Utah antifa thug right there in the building as well… but imagine that he’s released immediately after some questioning LMAO!!! You demoncrats talking insurrection, riots a coup WTF!!! are you idiots taking about really. I guess that meaningless hallway that those supposed professional agents were so righteously protecting had access to the RED PHONE AND NUKE CODES YEAH RITE!!! ASHLI BABBITT deserved better you piece of crap coward… you could have took her unarmed bare handed 110 pounds into custody and FUC*ING know it!!!! They throw gasoline jelly Molotov cocktails at you in Portland trying to physically harm burn, and KILL you… has anyone been shot by the feds?! What a stupid question… of course not!! This honeypot set was orchestrated from the get go… I watched them tell snipers on the roof it’s ok it’s ok 👌 backed off the door the representatives exit to the balcony and let the hordes run rite in so they could ultimately end up being trapped inside with tons of police coming from underground tunnels. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Ok Pence says he don’t have the right to over turn the electorate… he did have the right to listen to the 6 states who sent him a letter saying all was not well in the election. A election that was stolen from him as well.. and he don’t seem too concerned. Just looks bad dems handing him that gold coin and Pelosi all giddy giving him like 10 elbow bumps upon certification. Looks like Pence really is a deep state SWAMPER after all. We will never forget the 14yrs of honorable service 4 tours in a foreign theater as well as a high level security class… you are not a terrible person you are a true 1% a patriot believe that… RIP Ashli Babbitt God Bless your family.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Stine says:

      Thank you Craig for you’re honest and eyewitness account of this tragic day in US history now, I’m saddened daily when I read posts from democratic supporters who actually support the way it was handled, no way would it be ok on any level if they were protesting if officers took the life of ones on there side it’s truly a shame how the whole last 4 years has went down president Trump has done so much whole under attack daily from the inside and why he would even want to run again is beyond me I just pray they don’t follow through with there impeachment I hold hope for the next election by than I’m sure the whole country will know how waisted there vote was on biden and harris and how president Trump wasn’t half as bad as they have made him out to be I’m ashamed today to call myself and American the dems have just ruined everything I ever thought was good about this country and it’s getting worse everyday….

  59. James says:

    She is thebone that is unhinged. PLEASE
    someone get rid of her. Politicians need to stand up and get rid 9f her she thinks she is in charge and she is not she is representing her district and that is an embarrasment.

  60. Ken says:

    Is there a POLITICIAN left in this Democracy with any form of a backbone to take on Pelosi and company??? And has anybody seen the movie Predator she is one ugly motherfucker!!!!

  61. Patricia Tursi says:

    Pelosi isn’t crazy. She has made millions while in office. While Antifa and BLM demonstrations and her support of lock downs have resulted in the transfer of wealth to the upper 1%, Trump has tried to back the use of HCQ (Hydroxychloroquin) which NIH and Fauchi have opposed due to
    Agenda 21,30 and 50 all back so vaccine delivery can usher in transhumanism for world control. Technocrats desire to rule the world and power and greed pevail. Pelosi is motivated by power and greed calling that crazy is intellectual laziness and that’s a primary problem

  62. Allan Pozdol says:

    Forget about getting anywhere with accusations of HYPOCRICY AND PROJECTION to the Socialist Democrats!

    They are following Saul Alinksy dictum. Dishonesty is the means to their end.

    LIAR is best served here!

    Alinsky rules 4 & 5!
    4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.
    5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

    • Patricia P Tursi says:

      rhetoric Saul Alinsky was 6 when the first agenda 21 meeting was held Broaden your knowledge. All isn’t a communist plot. Agenda 21 is not communistic…it is a oligarch group to control the world

  63. Sharon Sturgeon says:

    The old witch Pelosi is the one who is deranged, dangerous and a complete idiotic moron. She is only trying to tear America apart more than what it is. She may be sorry for anything they try to pull now.

  64. Frank Marvin Kelly USN Retired says:

    Crazy Nancy in the one that is DERANGED,UNHINGED,DANGEROUS and STUPID BITCH who does not work for the people that pays her. (That also goes to the people that elected her) She should be placed in a nut house

  65. Dorothy Harpe says:

    President Trump is not deranged nor unhinged please try to use nice words toward the president he has done good things for this country

  66. dr says:

    dr 070121Jan …—… SOS …—…SOS…—… !!!!!!!!!
    Democrats used fear and intimidation the past four years of Trump’s presidency and made his life a living hell with all the criminal-shenanigans and false accusations and threats displayed by dems. they were abusive towards Trump from the on start : Polosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Blumenthal, Biden, Durban, Coons, Harris, Klobuchar, Clinton, Swalwell, Schultz, Leahy, Johnson, Hoye, Raskin, Tlaib, Booker, Omar, Jeffries, Lieu, Warren, Kaine, Nadler, Cicilline, Clyburn, Warner, Cohen, Green, Jackson-lee, Castro, Jayapal, etc to name a few, there are some repub, also hand-in-glove with dems. others indulged in riots disturbance, called upon dems to attack repub, where ever you see them, Russian farce, Ukrainian set up, and dems constant attacks towards PTrump supporters, four years dems terrorized Trumpians, and many other occurrences by the corrupt MSM the villains in toe with Hollywood Bad assess and the rich and the Powerul like SORROS throws money everywhere to create anarchy. Chief justice Roberts turns his head in support of Dems, so what did the other three judges do, that were nominated by PTrump???? That’s right, this is the phobia spread by the dems in every department and some courts activists and lawmaker pay2play in the House. There will be no peace nor quiet, the same will happen to the dems. we know where you live and your seeds whom you shall grieve for, for your sins. There are republicans who backstabbed and will fall in this category we are coming for you no matter where you move too you will be watched 24/7 liers and cheaters STOLE THE NOV20 ELECTIONS AND THE RESULTS OF THE WINNINGS meant for TRUMP AND MORE. WHAT DID BIDEN OR HARRIS DO TO WIN STATES ELECTIONS, NOTHING, ZILCH. READ BELOW, WRITTEN IN A SHORT FORM TO BETTER UNDERSTAND WHAT CRIMINAL DEMOCRATS DID, STOLE THE ELECTIONS. STOLE STOLE STOLE STOLE. Rise up and fight this evil that has come to steal from the people. Biden has been the founder/creator of the swamp incl. judges, politicians, law agents and many more in the govt. created by Biden’s 47years in congress, he has them all IN-HIS-POCKET.

  67. Beverly says:

    Oh Wow! Somebody is deranged n unhinged but it’s not Pres Trump. It’s pelosi. Oh forgot Biden. All the name calling. Sooo pathetic. And we are stuck with these two individuals. Forgot. There is a Vice President too. We are stuck with these three for 4 years. Omg. That is sad. May God help us in our hour of need. Let’s not mention Biden’s acts that I still want to know about fully. Talk about dangerous. Wow!

    • STEVE USAF says:


      • Roy Eckler says:

        Amen Steve, those people are evil, but they will be free of any guilt or wrong doing as soon as Biden is sworn in.

  68. john says:

    Pelosi belongs in the grease pit where she posed as a pin up girl a long time ago, when she was photographed with car mechanics for some product. She is lower than than the grease and oil in the pit. So much for pulling America together again, she is pulling America further apart.

  69. Carol says:

    Pelosi is dangerous, deranged, and unhinged. She has thrown the impeach threat around like peanuts. Every one knows this. However, people cave in to her because she can bring in so much money. Despicable all

    • phyllis says:

      she is a jealous old hypocrite. She cannot stand the fact that President Trump has accomplished so much and is so popular and she knows she should retire and that she is really not liked except for the money that she can bring to politicians.

  70. Sandy says:

    Pelosi should be confined to a hospital for the criminally deranged, insane and stupid. She had to be speaking about herself.

  71. Honest says:

    Amazing How many Trump people were so quickly arrested by the FBI yet The BIDEN Family are still free to crap on America ~ How long before they are brought to REAL JUSTICE!!

    • Trish says:

      Agree and look what happened to Hillary Clinton. Our national security at risk. NOTHING. Trump should’ve gone ahead with putting her behind bars. So tired of the hypocrisy and double standards

      • Anna Schnell says:

        It is too bad that President Trump wasn’t able to remove the Democrat maggots while he was President. Now they will be crawling everywhere and ruining more lives, hacking the unborn and the newborns to pieces. When God moves He MOVES and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes for anything on earth. I can’t think of anything worse than hurting a helpless little baby. So, when God shows up on their doorstep (Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the ilk) it is going to be like the angel of death was released in Spielberg’s film about Indiana Jones and the Nazis when the Ark of the Covenant opened up and death destroyed those despicable, evil Nazis. Love and kisses Demos!

  72. Ronald says:

    I agree she is a vindictive lunatic. People in California deserve her. They keep electing her. Not us. She along with obama, biden, Schumer and Hillary should be tried for treason.

    • Sandy says:

      100% agreed!

    • Carol Cadima says:

      She is a NUT. She should be sitting at home in a rocking chair. I live in California but rest assured I wouldn’t vote for the bitch. She is a bitter old fool who should be in a metal hospital. I agree that Schumer Clinton and her should be in jail. For 4 years she and her crooks did NOTHING for this country except try to get Trump out of office. The people who voted for them deserve all they get. Their day is coming when the idiot and his thing take office.

  73. The democ-RATS, with the help of their political action committees (the “mainstream” media), have completely divided this country! Pelosi and her fellow “RATS” should be the ones removed from office. (Pelosi says, she “prays for the President every day”) She must be praying to the devil for her inspiration.

    This is, and will remain, the greatest country in history, in spite of people like Pelosi, Schumer, A.O.C,, HARRIS,BIDEN, ET, AL, and their attempts to SOCIALIZE (read Comunitize) it!!!!!

  74. Kenneth says:

    Pelosi and the rest of the democrats and here lately most of the gov is against trump.He has been the best president we have had in many years.The democrats have done everything they could do to undermine him yet he still did more for the people than Obama did in 8 years.I personally hope that Pelosi and the rest of that crowd get caught in a BLM OR ANTIFA AND GET GET THEIR ASSES KILLED FOR THE SHIT THEY HAVE PULLED OVER THE LAST 4 YEARS.THEY BELONG IN PRISON.

  75. Oscar Jones says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a very very mentally unstable person. Her hatred of President Trump is so intense that she will sacrifice America’s people (for who she works) and our country to do anything to bring harm to President Trump. Concerned American citizens need to take action through a third party representative to have her recalled.

  76. Georgianna says:

    Usually when someone critizes another, they are just as guilty of the same thing. Pelosi is a vengeful person. She has been after Trump ever since he became President. She needs to be gone. If you can impeach the President for inciting a riot, then Pelosi needs to go. She is creating a riot. Do you think the American people are going to forget this. NO WAY!! The reason Trump did so well is that he stood for the every American. He is the People’s President. Only thing Pelosi cares about is her power in the swamp and her expensive ice cream. Pelosi needs to be kicked out. Can you impeach Nancy?

  77. Bob says:

    Nancy Pelosi is more than deranged she is pure evil and crazy. She would be locked up forever.

  78. Patty Cook says:

    I do most certainly NOT agree with nutty Nancy psycho Pelosi! She is as corrupt as they come! She is also a traitor to this country, including her family! The Apple doesn’t fall from the tree in her case! Her father was involved in organized crime syndicates! No doubt, her father was part of the deep state infiltration network! Just because we don’t hear about crime syndicates anymore, doesn’t mean they all just vanished or were all taken down! They are not dead but moved into government positions! This is part of the reason our Gov’t is mostly deep state infiltrators, hiding massive criminals beside politics! Abuse of power in their positions is the majority, not the minority of them, ranging from local, state, & to the highest office of federal gov’t! Known as the black hats! Of course there are gray hats as well! These are normally good natured ppl that have been under coercion to comply or else, through blackmail scams, life threatening of themselves, family or major FF event with massive killings, or by greed! The last of course is known as ‘selling your soul for fortune & fame! These are the worst of the worse peril of pure evil, no regard for anyone except themselves! The true definition of wolves in sheep clothing! They’ve been willingly complicit , KNOWINGLY , regardless of cost, to include future generations of their own family! These ppl will do literally anything it takes to be in power! The avalanche of cover ups has snow balled into too numerous to count crimes! That’s why the cover up is almost worse than the crime; because multiple lies & many crimes result from the original, blackmail is a multi billion if not trillion dollar business! This only grows the global swamp, deeper! The slush funds disguised as foreign aid, with no accountability, uncontrolled massive gov’t waste, selling out our country to foreign countries, China owns us is more than SA line ppl make a parody of! Many still fast asleep, by intent, from MSM infiltration, have no clue how close our republic is to complete ruin! We are the last hope for the world is not said from arrogance! If American freedom is totally lost, the globalist world takeover for techno communism begins! #Evil #GodWins #WWG1WGA

  79. Johnny Adams says:

    Her,shhumer,schiff,jerry nadir all need Along with Mitt Romney locked up charged for crimes they have done. Strip them of retirement, seize their fat bank account their overseas bank account and locked up

  80. Tom says:

    Nancy is the worst Speaker of the House in the history of the Country. What has
    she done for the people on this Country? Nothing. Her stupidity is beyond belief. Example we need to pass this bill so we can see what’s in it! Obama Care
    one of the most expensive bills and least thought out ever. We ” THE PEOPLE ”
    deserve better than this fool.

  81. Christopher says:

    Nancy should be arrested for insurrection! She and the rest are deranged! They attack our democracy! They should watch all the past videos of dems including them asking for radical protest!

    • It was not Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol last week. It was done by antifa to blame the president. It was all a set up. Biden promised to pay 2000.00 dollars per vote in Georgia. He bought all those votes and Georgians betrayed the president pretending to be his supporters. $2,000.00 is nothing and the damage they did for that tiny drop of water is enormous. They all will be known as traitors.

      • That n. pelosi needs to be removed. She represents and extreme danger to this nation together with that Schumer, AOC, Ilhan Omar and the rest of the putrid-currupted officer we have in congress. This nation needs to have a through clean up and desinfect and purged.

  82. Rebekah Green says:

    I do not agree with Nancy and I’m appalled at her behavior as well as many others! I would love to have President Donald Trump for 4 more years!!! He has done so many amazing things for our country!!

  83. Baxter says:

    Pelosi is a dangerous bitch that should go back to her failing California. She’s done nothing for the American people – but she sure likes her $30.00/quart ice cream that we – the public – have contributed to.

  84. Robert says:

    She Withheld a Stimulus from the hurting Americans while still being paid exorbitant amount of taxpayer money, just to hurt the President! Also, wanted to help foreign Governments, before putting Americans first!
    She is a despicable old witch that needs to be reigned in or out!

    • American citizen says:

      The way I see the situation is if Trump is nothing you are much less also the democrats are spend their time trying to impeach Trump how about you forget that and earn your pay helping the american people that is what you are being paid for

  85. Dennis Merritt says:

    they use to tar and feather witches! count your blessings Nancy.

  86. Martha B Martin says:

    Pelosi is the one who needs to go
    .she is helping to ruin America. We need someone who has a concise and who does not think they are God…she is SATAN

  87. Linda Wilson says:

    My reply is the truth but you all can’t haNDLE the truth! PELOSI IS BUCKING CRAZY😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈


  88. WAH says:

    All I will say is the Good Lord will take care of her, I only hope I can live to see it. She is one of the worst, a socialist commie and she will get hers when they take over. No one will be immune, they just do not realize that they will be just like the rest of us if the commies are allowed to take over. They will take everything and give to the poor to make it look like making everything equal for all. Boy do they need to wake up.

  89. vickie says:

    I agree that Pelosi is the one that is deranged and needs to be kicked out of office along with all the other Democrats that are in office. They are the ones that arranged all of the riots that have taken place so that they could blame Trump. Trump is not the deranged one the Democrats are the ones who are deranged.

  90. Fed up & poor says:

    Nancy Pelosi is the one who is unhinged, deranged & senile. She totally forgot the fact that she is in “public service. “ She held up the $1200 stimulus check for months, putting politics 1st, over the struggles of the country and while everybody was on lockdown, she got her hair done & ate her $10 candy bars. Politicians like her are abusive & are bleeding tax payers out of their hard earned money.

  91. Sharon says:

    She got caught by running from her office and allowing laptop remain, and it got picked up, now she getting caught with all her crooked works. She is scared shirtless. That whole hill has been caught and their going down doing song the whitch goin

  92. Sic&Tired says:

    Does SHE….EVER….Look in the Mirror. The Old Bag.!!!! Those Words that she is saying towards Trump…..Fit the Bill for Her – BETTER.!!! The Representatives that Re-Voted Her in as Speaker of the House – AGAIN….Are Total Traitors to this Country. Allowing a Woman with her Views to be the Speaker of the House in Not Only Apolling, but Pathetic and Disgraceful..!!!

    • Ann says:

      This woman is so full of hate she has no place in our Government. I am so angry at our Congress, Senators, Media and Big tech for the treatment they all are displaying towards and have been displaying towards our acting President. I can only pray that something happens that would keep President Trump in office for another term. If that would happen l would like to see all of those that did not stand with him to be removed immediately, just like they wanted to remove him. This existing Government is so corrupt and the American People know it.

  93. Joyce Nunes says:

    Pelosi has been deranged, unhinged and VERY dangerous for the entire time Trump has been President. She is too old and feeble to be in her position. She cannot process information objectively and the only thing on her mind for the past four years is to somehow remove Trump. She is the person that should be impeached from her position.

  94. Pat Miller says:

    She is the unhinged Satan freak and she should be removed right now!

  95. John Labansky says:

    Who the hell does Pelosi think she is. She is losing her marbles and is not doing the job she is paid to perform since she is so hell bent on insisting another bullshit impeachment on Trump. The Democrats in the house have not accomplished a dam thing that supports the tax paying citizens in the past four years other than taking up space and insisting funding for THEIR PET PROJECTS. They have not helped the economy at all. They all need to be replaced!

  96. floyd lane says:

    the one who is deranged] unhinged and dangerous is pelosie she just identified herself

  97. Thomas Janquart says:

    She is doing what is necessary to keep the lies in MSMflowing. The only way to keep the sheep in her herd bleating the tune she wants them to make. The truthwill come out soon. Before Congress can Impeach the POTUS. And before inauguration.

  98. Roy Westberg says:

    Pelosi you are a witch . Trump did not incite a riot . You are so triggered you cant see straight . Trump should be elected not that turd Biden .

  99. Carol says:

    Pelosi is the one who is deranged, unhinged,and very very dangerous and should of had charges filed against for tipping up the state of the union address, that is unlawful. Pelosi should of helped the American people out when she had the chance, but she didn’t and what about her nephew getting all that ppr money for his winery. I think that’s also unlawful. But hey that’s DemocRats for you do as I say not as I do.

    • C says:

      💯 agree. Charges against Pelosi and big tech. NOW! How do we the people call for her to be removed!

  100. Jamice says:

    This women is a imbecile.

  101. bruce says:

    She is in a tizzy because her world is about to fall. Trump is so much smarter than her.

    • Len says:

      You are so right. Trump bested her at every turn. She wants to be in the spotlight. What is she ever going to do beginning Jan 21st when she does not have Trump to complain about? What has the House done for 4 years under this b**** besides investigate based on evidence they made up to begin with?

  102. David martin says:

    The worst part is my tax dollars are paying this bitch.

  103. Michelle says:

    She is the deranged one in all of this. They have been so disrespectful to our President. The swamp needs to be cleaned from all of the corruption that has gone on with the democrats. I am ashamed to acknowledge that she is part of our government. There was fraud with the election and she was part of it along with Biden and China. Shame on all of them for their actions

  104. Tom says:

    I am totally disgusted with the likes of Washington. President Trump is correct calling it the Swamp. They don’t like him as he does not play their game. Show me where he incited a riot. Did he yell fire. If there were bad players is there phone, computer, or other means of connection to the President. This is a man who was spied on as a Candidate, President Elect and President whom the Media and Left hated before even being elected. They cheated and defrauded. They let our Cities and Citizens be abused for months and now they point the finger once again to impeach. There will be war if they go forth with this. I am a calm individual but this game of theirs has to end and soon. They do no business for the people and yet get re-elected over and over again. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES>

  105. Ralph Romero says:

    Fuck you Nancy Pelosi you’re the fucking problem someone needs to shoot you

  106. Carolyn Gibbs says:

    This evil lunitac is the exact same thins that she is blaming our Great President for. Se is a very demonic old lady that needs to be kicked out of congress. She and her SQUAD are very DANGEROUS for the American people.

  107. Clarence Johnson says:

    Nancy Pelosi is the unhinged, dangerous person and should be recalled by her District or some way needs to be found to get her out into the real world.!!!!!!

    • Fr Christopher says:

      DO YOU KNOW her District??? in SF, it’s loonier than SHE is!!! They don’t think she’s Far Enough to the Left!
      But Her JUG is downed, while the JIG IS UP!
      French TV spoke w/Capitol Police-MAN, who said he was “sent home at 10AM!” Supervisor said he’d call them back “if needed”!!
      CHAIN of COMMAND for Capitol Police goes RIGHT TO SPEAKER’S OFFICE!!!
      This was a Deliberate Move to DIMINISH CAPITOL SECURITY, to stage the entire thing!

      • Fr Christopher says:

        NPR Release, at ***9:33AM*** Wednesday is captioned “Trump Supporters Storm Capitol, Clash With Police.”
        ******THIS WAS FOUR HOURS TOO EARLY!!!*******
        They were FED this by the Planners, but too giddy, they posted it TOO SOON!!!
        NPR– Nazional Perversity Radiation! (at taxpayer expense!)

        • Fr Christopher says:

          Crowd Video shows Police ESCORT for four ANTIFA BUSES, “uniformed men” ushering them to Capitol.
          Other Crowd Video shows “uniformed men” coming from Capitol direction, REMOVING bike-rack barricades, Frantically Waving, Hurrying newly come Trump marchers forward, to bldg. This was to SET THEM UP as “participants” with the ANTIFA MOB already there!
          SCRIPT CALLED FOR BLOOD & DEATH of INNOCENTS to “seal the deal” w/ RABID NOOSE MEDIA MONGRELS -“witchdogs” Constipation! They’d been salivating for such “meat” for FIVE YEARS!
          They could now POOP to their demonic hearts’ content, to fool the IGNORANT! — in Congress, or elsewhere!

          • Fr Christopher says:

            Ashli Babbitt & Officer Brian Sicknick were “human sacrifices” for Pelosi & Schemer!!!

  108. Peggy swanner says:

    She’s the one that is lost her mind she’s not fit to be in any kind of office.they should impeach her and take her power away plus her income.shes a witch

  109. noel cotton HMC retired says:

    she has lost it and continues to demonstrate she hates the not only President Trump but this country and showed then when she held up the stimulus package until after the election and also after the State of the Union speech she torn up his speech and acted the way she did. He was not a politician and she could not control him. We will be suffering for the next at least 2 years till she is voted out unless they are dead and keep voting for her.

    • Clementine Corriher says:

      Absolutely, it is hard to believe that people are so stupid as to keep voting her back in.she is worse than Hillary Clinton.power crazy demonic women.Harris better watch her back.they have a way of making people disappear.

  110. Sue Ann Murff says:

    If President Trump is deranged what is Nancy Pelosi? We are witnessing a spiteful, vindictive, obsessed woman who will never stop trying to destroy Donald Trump.

    • Mariellen McCarthy says:

      Nancy Pelosi is the one who is COMPLETELY DERANGED & DELUSIONAL and has been for a long time.
      She should not have been reelected as SPEAKER of the HOUSE. She needs to go.

  111. sherry says:

    Pelosi needs to go. She is not capable of saying rational things or doing the right thing. She is the one unhinged and deranged. MAGA Go Trump.

  112. Carrol S Keller says:

    If you hated the last 4 years of trump Trump trump you’re going to love the next four years. Because they’re still going to be blaming him for everything. They won’t take the blame for anything. It’ll still be mr. Trump’s fault. So I turned off the news. I’ve had enough. This last attack on mr. Trump with big Tech was the last straw. I’m deleting Facebook permanently. If you people want to believe this craziness go right ahead. I can’t stop you but, I don’t have to help you. And I won’t. Enough Pelosi

  113. Elizabeth Manes says:

    Pelosi is deranged, unhinged and dangerous! She needs to be forced out of office immediately! Where are these idiotic democrats coming from? They all need to be chased out of office immediately and have a new election with all new people!

    • Bev says:


    • Connie says:

      I was going to say the exact same thing. I don’t know how she keeps the speaker position

    • Linda Wilson says:

      Pelosi is the one that is mentally deranged! She’s bucking crazy! President Trump is doing everything he can to help the American people!
      Pelosi isn’t doing shit! 80 yr old devil’s wife is an Atheist that needs to go! She’s made it clear that she doesn’t give a damn about the American people! She should be removed from office! She went against her own rule about Covid19 & barely one! She makes up her own rules as she goes along! Take her out so she can visit all of her illegal processes she can undo😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡HOW THE HELL DOES SHE GET BY WITH DISRESPECTING THE PRESIDENT & THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LIKE SHE DOES? SHE IS A DISGRACE TO AMERICA & SHE LIES ALL THE DAMN TIME! HOW DOES SHE GET BY WITH MURDER & TREASON????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  114. Voldemort says:

    The “person”. Making these statements has committed treason by her own admission. Why not follow thru? Hold her to her own words

  115. Patti Zello says:

    Sadly this lunatic is still Speaker of the House, who is capable of heinous crimes! She & her henchmen need to be removed from OUR GOVERNMENT. Her actions should be examined & she should be charged with treasonous crimes & charged. Pelosi needs to step down, retire or be prosecuted immediately.

    • Mary says:

      Pelosi is the one who needs to go. She does not do the work she was hired to do. She does not do anything to help the Americans.all she wants to do is fight. I would vote for and work with Trump any day before her.

  116. Carole says:

    Pelosi is just as dangerous and unhinged. She she should be removed along with Schumer. We want unity and she showed her asinine behavior when she ripped up his speech. Thats someone who wants peace. She wants revenge. They say you regress with age sometimes. She acts like she is 2. Schumer has nothing but negative come out of his mouth. All that is going wrong with this country i blame on them. Trump is not perfect but he certainly did accomplish alot.

  117. shari deweese says:

    does this animal have anything better todo than attach our president? she hasn’t done ANYTHING to help america but than crosses her heart as if she is a christian. GET RID OF HER so sad she considers herself an american. We will see the light……START WORRYING PELOSIE. YOUR TIME IS COMING.

  118. Kim says:

    Pelosi needs to be removed immediately! Pushing her own agenda is dangerous for us all………………..

  119. Sharon Krotts says:

    Nancy Pelosi is the one that is “Deranged, Unhinged, and Dangerous”! She should have been removed from power a long time ago along with several of her cohorts. They are traitors to our country and have encouraged and condoned violence for several years now along with trying to take down a dully elected president. I wouldn’t be surprised if she arranged for the left wing infiltration of the MAGA rally.

  120. She should know a thing or two about being deranged.

  121. Debbie says:

    Look inward, Nancy.

  122. The person that is “unhinged,deranged,and dangerous”is Pelosi,and we need to add “advancing senility” shown by childish,pointless rage filled screeds!

    • kevin Bolin says:

      totally agree!! AND include the loony left who is wishing to charge Trump with insurrection! What a joke – lets charge the Mayors of Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kenosha, etc. with that as those places allowed violent protests!! You can’t charge somebody with insurrection who tells people to knock it off and keep it peaceful!

      • Shirla Baxter says:

        PIGLOSI should be impeached. She is a lunitic, vindictive, corrupt,evil,alcoholic, and just a plain dirty nasty PIG.
        She has so much hate in her heart that SATAN is coming after her. She’s a disgrace to our country. 80 years old, facelifts,dentures about to fall out when she speaks.shes just a disgusting PIG that is double trouble. IMPEACH PIGLOSI

        • Otto van Walstijn says:

          Nancy Pelosi. And then she have the guts to call herself a Catholic.
          Sorry Nancy, no confession for you.

          • Margaret Thompson says:


          • Margaret Thompson says:

            Nancy Pelosi never did like President TRUMP because he was doing things that are right for the American people, she is on the rigged and fraud situation against President TRUMP, she has stated that she doesn’t like us Americans, so she really needs to go because GOD as plans for her and Biden and it won’t be good.Honestly they need to tell the truth about what they have done because us Americans knows for a fact that President TRUMP had won this election fair and square.