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Pence Announces He Will Not Reject Electoral College Votes

Just moments ago, Vice-President Mike Pence announced that he will not be able to reject the Electoral College vote as requested by President Donald Trump, concluding, “my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not.”

Pence also makes it clear he will not introduce alternative slates of electors, deferring to the parliamentarian on which states have submitted authorized slates approved by a state authority.

The Vice-President’s statement is below. Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.


  1. Kay says:

    We will hunt all of you mother fuckers down and you will pay for trying to overthrow this government. Please keep posting because the FBI will find you.

  2. Sic&Tired says:

    I thought Mike Pence was a Human, a Vice President that the American People could actually TRUST….. However, at the end of the Race – He lost his backbone and failed to support Trump to the End….. With Vice-President Mike Pence announcing that he would not stand up and reject the Electoral College votes as requested by President Donald Trump…..Our So Called VP – Turned Traitor and Full Turn-Coat to us True and Faithful Americans. How sad it is or more like, how Pathetic it is.!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kay says:

      You should start looking at the beast himself. Everyone is fleeing – you are stupid to continue thinking that he is right and EVERYONE else is wrong.God help you, you are following a false prophet

    • Donna M. Smith says:

      As a supporter of President Trump, I WISH Pence could have helped him. But as vice-president, he cannot legally influence any change in electoral votes.

      Pence could not “reject” the electoral college votes. As president of the Senate, he could only accept an “objection” made by one Senator and one Representative. (It requires one of each). Then the Senate and the House each meet separately to decide if an elector (as in electoral college) was either unqualified or in error in his/her vote. If an elector (as in electoral college) is determined to be disqualified or in error, then, and only then, can his/her vote be changed. It is extremely rare for electoral votes to be changed by this process, let alone the results of an entire presidential election. Suggest reading the actual government procedure before commenting.

  3. Wayne says:

    AS soon as possible we need to make sure he is out of government where he cannot hurt us.

  4. AJ says:

    Patriots stop the BS. It’s time to plan exactly what you intend to do next. Because there is no other way if President Trump does not declare martial law now, it’s communism/slavery/no freedoms. Virtual death for freemen. Or we can start celebrating the 4th of July everyday. CIVIL WAR IS HERE!!!

    • Laverne says:




      • Sherry Smith says:

        Yes I am surprised and appauled at the same time about the way Pence handled this!

        • Ernest Garcia says:

          Pence has no spine he’s only thinking about himself trump should have gotten Nicki Haley or even democrat gabbard she’s good

        • Donna Marie Smith says:

          I think Pence did what he HAD to do. What good would it have done to object to the obvious results of the electoral college? It would not have been a win for Trump no matter what, and that was obvious to everyone, Republicans as well as Democrats. Pence would not have made any gains for Trump or Trump supporters. He would have accomplished nothing except to look like a poor loser. Trump supporters and all true conservatives hated it…but it is what it is.

      • Kay says:

        Poor Laverne – you really are stupid. You think Rudy is capable of presenting anything legal that can save Trump the Pussy Grabber. This is the same dude that got caught sticking his dirty little hands down his pants to play with himself. You fucking Repubs just don’t get it. We won – you lost and we don’t give a fuck whether you like it or not.

      • Arlene Schwartz says:


    • MrsDianne Lynn Kirkwood says:

      It’s my understanding that it now goes to Congress who does not get to vote, but each state gets 1 vote. More conservative states than democrat states, so Trump wins. The audits can still happen, a true count can still be mostly determined, the guilty can still go to jail, the treason can still be prosecuted to the max.

    • Don says:

      This plan from leftest has been the plan for years. The left are communist they wanna control of everyone but Americans can stop it we can stop the steel of our freedom. Never agree to follow the minions of Obama.fight back every days Reject the communist philosophy stand strong against their Tierney trust in God.

  5. AJ says:

    Well now we know how far money can reach. President Trump has to declare martial law now to save OUR COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION. And his presidency. His life too. Once he is out of office they will murder him to stop WE THE PEOPLE from uniting. There is no other option. Jan 20 begins communist slave control. At that time you can expect to lose all your freedoms and rights. Time to decide your future. Pick you goals wisely. Make them reasonable. Let them be noticed for all to consider. Your choices and actions should influence everyone.

    • AJ says:

      Hello Patriots stop the BS. It’s time to plan exactly what you intend to do next. Because there is no other way if President Trump does not declare martial law now, it’s communism/slavery/no freedoms. Virtual death for freemen. Or we can start celebrating the 4th of July everyday. CIVIL WAR IS HERE!!!

      • Kay says:

        Hey Fuck Head AJ – no one is going to murder the Pussy Grabber. We are going to put his fat white ass behind bars for crimes against humanity. And all of you members of the Pussy Grabber’s Brigade better start looking for a good attorney. We are not going to let anyone of you derail our government, and know that no stone will be left unturned to find you scumbags. All of you domestic terrorists will not escape the wrath of our judicial system.

    • MrsDianne Lynn Kirkwood says:

      Please ready my post above.

    • Margaret L. Brown says:

      Your a real joke!!! Congress did nothing to stop corruption the 2020 election!!! They could have at least tried to look at the evidence for a emergency for 10 days!! They did not even try for the American people! I for one will never trust the election process again!!! This is my own opinion!

    • Arlene Schwartz says:




  6. Candy Clanton says:

    He better not be interested in running for anymore federal offices because we’re not voting for him. I can’t believe he is refusing the Legislatures of 6 swing states that are telling him not to count their votes when they are in charge of their states – too bad they didn’t have someone they could trust to do as they ask! He certainly doesn’t know the Constitution!

  7. Jan Walters says:

    Pence has proved himself to be a no-good, lying, despecable, son-of-a-bitch traitor of the U.S!! I am totally blindsided by him. This utter betrayal of the people and our President is the last straw for me! The firing squad at Gitmo is too good for him. This country has gone to socialist,commie hell and as soon as I come out of my total depression with all of this Marxist stuff that is being forced down our throats, I have decided I am most definitely RUNNING FOR OFFICE!!!!ly That’s the only way I see to deal with this! (What kind of legacy and future will my (and your) grandchildren have???)

    • Rex says:

      Well there is a plan “B”
      LOCK & LOAD PATRIOTS it’s time to reinstate the Constitution

      • Kay says:

        We’re coming for you Rex. You are a domestic terrorist and now the FBI is looking for you. I’m fiund raising for reward tips so you trailer trash can turn on each other for a buck and give your names to the proper authorities. We will find each and every one of you because your smell is that of a rotting carcass.

    • MrsDianne Lynn Kirkwood says:

      Please ready my post above.

  8. Jo Ann says:

    Pence is a POS Rino.

  9. Dennis Ogalsbee says:

    the devil pops up anywhere

  10. January 6th 2021 Vice President Michael Pence officially announces his retirement from politics! No one will ever back him or vote for him in the future!

  11. Miriam Todd says:


    • I am very disappointed in VP Pence, who claims to be a Christian, and will allow this fraudulent election to stand. He too is a traitor to the Republican Party and the people who voted for him. This fraudulent election shows the lack of balls in our governmen electioned officials and the RipthePublicans who want even stand up their own party’s values, morals, and human life. To turn your back on this fraud will bring in judgement from God for all the evil and corruption in this country. Trump is still my President for the good he has done for our country and citizens.

  12. Mad Patriot says:

    Will we be able to survive until 2024, or do you think that we will have sunk so far into communism it will be the end. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY!

  13. Martha Morales says:


  14. jkryanspark says:

    Right wing retardation has come to America. We the People always knew conservatives were the lowlifes among us, but their level of degeneracy surprised even the most cynical on the left. A combination of abusive parenting, religious indoctrination, and a propaganda machine that would leave Goebbels blushing, has fused with bad genes to produce a neo-Neanderthal cretin hybrid that Trump was able to mold in his own image.

    • Bill says:

      Nice try, lord hawhaw.
      You’re the criminal lying cheating stealing burning murdering leftist communist been trying to overthrow the country since obummer.

    • Your comments were way out of line, for The Best President since Reagan. He has worked tirelessly {without his salary} to preserve our heritage, protect our laws, and secure our borders from terrorist and illegals coming into our country to take from the homeless veterans, free healthcare, money, and kill Americans. You can thank the Evil Obumass for his 8 horrid years, and instead of appreciating the turnaround of our country…you think it is OK for Demoncrats to torment and fight against President Trump 4 straight years. Welcome to Communist China you stupid, vile creature.

      • james cooper says:

        Well said Angela. So thankful I am not a Democrat. It is not the party it once was. It has been overtaken buy big business, socialist agendas, and total neglect of their responsibility to the people. Dumbing down our youth in schools has worked. Ignorance of our history, the loss of patriotism, and the power of the corrupt media all killing our future as we who are older and much wiser know has happened. President Trump was and is one fantastic human being and gave it his all for us. Those who don’t agree we must pray for them.

        • Charles Greeson says:

          Pray for them?????? No…… God might forgive, they need to be exiled permanently from OUR great Nation…….. that iz choice #2 :::: Choice #1 guaranteez they won’t be able to come around our backside when we are unaware & attempt an even greater attack to overthrow us to China & it’s allies …,, choice #1 iz how China would handle traitors in their country who committed treason………………….. “” DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD “”

      • Arlene Schwartz says:


  15. G says:

    Fake News he would not announce this before or during the hearing.

  16. Sandra says:

    All the RINOs came out today en force, including Pence. The House wouldn’t even remain in the room to hear anything Republicans speaking of fraud had to say…The leader of the House had to call a break due to the disorder. In the Senate, the usual Dem and RINO liars were out there talking about “the will of the people”.. meaning THEM, not US. I am disgusted. It is now TOTALLY obvious this is a coup to end our country, our Constitution and our freedom. Now let’s see if the criminals will be taken to task. Last night, Trump designated Antifa and BLM as terrorist organizations and warned them not to come to D.C. today. The EO’s from 2017 and 2018 were also spoken of again..Foreign Interference and seizure of assets of those involved in the overthrow of our country. I now believe the way today is headed with these criminals, that a military operation WILL have to occur.

    • jkryanspark says:

      Disgusted? No, you’re disgusting. There hasn’t been a shred of proof for your idiot claims of fraud. You’re just a spoiled degenerate who didn’t get her way. Go swallow a bottle of Copium and stop crying.

      • That is a lie. There are videos, and 6000 pages and affidavits of people who came forward with videos of no names but marked for Biden, Dominion machines marking Biden for the Trump votes. How can you say there is not fraud, when the Machines came from Communist China, of which Biden and his son Hunter have in their back pockets. All the brain dead Jim Jones mentality Demoncrats who even thought of voting for Biden & Communist Kamala…are in for a rude awakening. You will end up, just like the Jim Jones Guyana Tragedy. God will judge America for the corruption, murder of babies by the 100s of thousands a year. Amen

      • Len says:

        Data Analytics firm established the switching of votes in one county at 9:11 pm. The analysis came from a Dominion Voting machine. The clue was that Trump’s total vote suddenly decreased. Please explain how a candidate’s votes can decrease during the voting process. Of course, you may have missed that little detail among many others.

  17. Jen says:

    I am so sick to my stomach over what’s occurring in this country and that these morons in the government are actually letting it happen. Everyone of us who voted for Trump should simply stop paying taxes and take every last dime out of our banks before the commies do. I am 5 years from retirement and am gonna get royally screwed regardless that I’ve worked my ass off my whole life and get up every freakin’ morning at 4:15 to go into the cesspool that NYC is. And now they are gonna take my private health care too -WTF!

  18. Pence is a do nothing person. he is phony and plays the game well. Im from Indiana and he was pathetic as Gov. However, that being said he is the President of the Senate, so he has to do or full fill what the constitution dictates his authority on how to decide the voting procedures of the electoral college vote. Now Wisconsin has been certified as a fraudgelent state in voting that favored Biden by their Supreme Court. So Pence should discount their electorial college vote unless they changed their minds. But PA has been added to the list, Nevada has been added to the list because of their connection with Pakistan according to the media. So he should atleast dispute their votes. CA should be on the list because they closed their booths quite early. So Pence can dispute these issues. But my experience with Pence as Gov. is he wont because why deep down inside Pence knows Trump better than we do and this will be Pence way of finally having the backbone on how he really feels about trump. besides its time to move on so let Pence use the Constitution to overshadow his cowardly behavior and his brown noising style of a relationship with President Trump. Every job has a brown noser and that is Pence.

    • Susan says:

      The white house is full of traitor’s to our country. The IRS is still hanging on to our refunds. It has been 11months and they still won’t send it. The buy was in in March 2020 to bankrupt the middle class.So we are stuck with Biden and Kamila for four more years but I think it is Clinton and Obama’s script they play by. So be it,it would really be to bad if they kill us all with one virus or another. By any name Obama ,Clinton, Kamila it is still a killer virus.

      • Demon*crats will actually kill to get their way. The Clintons in the White Water Scandal, The death of Judge Scalise, And then there is history. All presidents were murdered by Demoncrats, and 2 injured. The Demoncrats are not for the people, no matter their color. They are infected with the evil desire for Total Power, and Greed consumes them. They pay to get their way. Just like the Govenor of Georgia…Brian Kemp..bought and paid for.

      • Kay says:

        Stop your whining, get a job and shut the fuck up. You are nothing but trailer trash and a member of trumps Pussy Grabber Brigade. We don’t care what you think.

  19. Anne Latellla says:

    Why was my comment deleted? The truth hurts.

  20. Wilma Akana says:

    It is hard to believe that the Vice President is not standing with the president. God be with the American people. I firmly believe we are loosing the best president ever, God is good but I guess the devil has his hand in every thing that is good, president is my president not Biden

  21. Anne Latella says:

    Trump does not need Pence’s help. He has more than half the nation who are smart enough to do so. The proof is obvious to all intelligent Americans. Corruption was rampant in this election Trump won by a landslide. No one went to Biden’s rallies. Even Obama does not think Biden is smart enough to be President. Biden sat out the campaign in his basement. He only had to sit there & wait, since he already knew the election was rigged by professionals who know very well how to cheat.

    • jkryanspark says:

      “Never interrupt your enemy while he is busy destroying himself.” This saying by Napoleon was the strategy successfully adopted by Biden while Trump, in epic fashion, failed and failed again to show any leadership during a pandemic that killed far more Americans than it should have. The 2020 election was a referendum on Trump, and We the People, the true patriots who kept America alive during Trump’s attempt to destroy her, came out in patriotic fervor to say, ‘no more of this corruption and incompetence. We will not allow Trump to do more damage.’

      • all Americans says:

        I hope you are the first person to get screwed by the communist Biden Harris regime.

      • AJ says:

        Trolls and traitors like you deserve to be a communist slave. So go to China. Before you meet WE THE PEOPLE.

        • Kay says:

          No AJ, you don’t scare anyone – we are not going anywhere, but you keep up your domestic terrorism support and your departure can be arranged. We are looking for you.

      • Susan Ifland says:

        You are not a true patriot and not We The People! You are a traitor and I hope you suffer under China Joe’s rule!

    • Absolutely. Demoncrats have been very evil and corrupt since Inception. They voted to keep slavery, did not want women to vote, wanted segregation, and formed the KKK to scare the blacks into voting Demoncrat. They killed whites to were friends with the blacks. That is their history. Evil/Corrupt/Greedy

  22. Bill says:

    Wonder who will be DJT’s running mate in 2024? Judas Iscariot or Benedict Arnold?

    • jkryanspark says:

      Maybe they can dig up Hitler and you guys can have your Dream Team of Fascism.

    • you have that all wrong. The Benedict Arnolds and The Judases are in the Democrat Party. They sold this country out way back under Clinton, Killary, Obumass, and Biden. Even the Bushes were fence riders. They cared nothing for the American People. But President Trump loves America, Loves the People and want to keep our heritage. Trump didn’t take a salary…but gave it to the Wounded Warriors of our Country. For their sacrifice to defend our freedom.

    • Kay says:

      Good one Bill. Let’s just hope he implodes eating his fast food. It’s only fitting that he should have to be scraped up and disposed of like the pile of shit he is.

  23. SweetLadyMary says:

    I am not surprised. Pence has been part of the swamp for many years. Anyone who is not for clean elections should not be reelected and that includes Pence. This hearing will let us know who is for fraud and corruption and who is for the people. This fraud will continue if we do not get involved with our local governments and eliminate illegal voters, dead voters, ballot harvesting, use of Dominion hardware and software, no signature verification, no P.O. Boxes or homeless shelters for a home address, no mail in ballots without a request, and most important we need a voter I.D. That signifies that we are American citizens and that we are allowed to vote and request a mail in ballot. We have all seen the election fraud that has occurred in these seven states. The American people are not dumb, that is why we have gathered en mass across the country. Conservatives never get out and rally until Trump brought us into the knowledge of the D.C. swamp. We can see it clearly now and we will not to stopped!

    • Smsgt(SP) RET. says:

      While I believe in your comments exactly as written…remember that Nancy Pelosi clearly stated that she had “other” arrows in her quip…in which to defeat Donald J Trump in the 2020 election… her arrows were fraudulent voters, fraudulent election results… and she is the spearhead of a fraudulent election that is so incredibly unconstitutional…that it smacks of a take over of the US Government… People do not believe it…because of the magnitude of the fraud…they think it not possible to have conducted such a large scale fraud….but it is exactly what Liberal Democrats have done…in their effort to unseat a lawfully, constitutionally elected President….and install their own… it is a coup…and nothing short of a take over of the US Government… We the people are no longer in charge of who is elected…the US Government is completely out of control…and the people are too stupid to see it happening.

  24. Holly Rose says:

    Time to celebrate folks. It’s a done deal and trump is done and he is going to jail. Amen Awoman!!

    • Bill says:

      Gfy commie

      • Debbie says:


    • Amalia Gell says:

      So you’re ok with us being sold out to China by Beijing Joe Technocrats, Wall Street.
      Do you really understand what’s going on here?
      We will soon be invaded by Central America at our borders

      Biden will allow massive #of H1B visas and let them displace american workers.

      Biden & the military industrial complex will keep us in endless wars

      We will be soon paying higher taxes to bail out democratic run cities.

      We will have more restrictions on being able to own a fire arm to protect ourselves

      If you’re ok with this You’re a TRAITOR to the US.

    • Lisel Sipes says:

      If I were you I would shut my filthy Communist mouth right now, unless you are hiding in Bidens bunker.

      • Kay says:

        Well now, there’s the fat mouth we know you have. No one is afraid of you or of the Pussy Grabber’s Brigade. We kicked your asses out of the White House and Georgia. Too freakin bad. I’m laughing at all of you bitches

    • Mike Gunter says:

      Keep watching Patriots.

    • Duane says:

      Holly shithead Amen Awoman, you are so ignorant, like a dirt clod

    • A friend of AMERICA says:

      A fucka a youa

    • Jaybo says:

      Suck one commie bitch.

    • Susan Ifland says:

      Go fuck yourself AASS! Commie lover!

    • Kay says:

      Hurray! The party has already began.Trump needs to get has fat ass out of the White House so we can begin the exorcism and fumigation.

  25. Shirley A. Rippel says:

    For the life of me I can not believe this also is going to be swept under the rug. Our Country has gone to hell. There is no more trust when it comes to the government of the United States.

    • Grace says:

      Pay attention. This is our future.
      Press release from Sarasota Herald Tribune 1/6/2021

      CARACAS, Venezuela: Nicholas Maduro was set to extend his grip on power Tuesday as the ruling socialist party prepared to assume leadership of Venezuela’s congress. The last institution in the country it didn’t already control. Maduro’s allies swept the legislative elections last month boycotted by the opposition and denounced as a sham by the U.S.,the European Union and other foreign countries. The vote seemed to relegate into irrelevancy the U.S. backed opposition led by Juan Geido. Change Maduro to Biden and what have you got?

  26. And Pence is a traitor to the American people? – I can not believe it !

  27. Barbara Nania says:

    Cowards ALL of them!!!!

  28. floyd lane says:

    if pence doesnt reject the electorial votes he is helping the democrats destroy america, why is it the democrats do all the cheating lieing and takeing money from other countries but never get any ccharges filed on them but they can impeach trump for no reason and threaten him with jail time.republicans get some guts and file the charges, mitch we have too many republican traitors,

    • jkryanspark says:

      Your inability to spell is indicative of America’s failed educational system. Your inability to think logically is indicative of your inherent stupidity. Ignorant and stupid. Those are the hallmark bookend traits of the Trump cult.

      • Jaybo says:

        I understood this post without any problem. What the fuck is your problem you commie cocksucker

      • ck says:

        LOL!! You’re right. No better case for higher education

      • Susan Ifland says:

        Hallmark bookend traits of the Biden cult-Deaf, Dumb and Blind! To stupid to realize when the country falls to the communists you will not get a pass! All you lefties will be in the dirt with everyone else! GOT IT COMRAD!!

        • Kay says:

          No Bitch, you got it. You’ve been diagnosed with terminal
          Pussy Grabber Syndrome. There is no known cure so maybe you should consider euthanasia.

  29. Bryan says:

    I defended this Country for 41 years, 20 as a Sailor, 21 as a law enforcement officer, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, but never thought I would be sitting here embarrassed of our government, and disheartened in those we have entrusted to defend, and work for us. May God have mercy on your souls, and your life, and welcome to the United States of socialism.

  30. Patricia says:

    We need a third party in this country….it should be called The G.A.P. Party…meaning GROW A PAIR!! We finally had a strong President with a backbone and the Left tried everything to knock him down. Until the election…the invalid election which had numerous offenses against the Constitution….which the democrats orchestrated and the spineless Republicans allowed (although their are a handful of good Republicans which we need to remember their names)…the wrongful election was the only way they could succeed in replacing him. Even the WEAKNESS of the Supreme Court was visible for all to see.

  31. Shelly says:

    VP PENCE’s claims to Christianity are smoke screens. He is a pagan. He is looking out for himself alone. He can kiss his political career goodbye & won’t even be able to run for dog catcher. Pence has been loyal to the Bush Crime family. Pence has not been loyal to our President nor to 75 million voters. We have no more integrity in our elections. The extreme far-left liberals have destroyed our democracy.

  32. David says:

    I don’t believe a word that the New York Times says.

    • Editor says:

      Mike Pence said it in his written statement and has already accepted the Electoral College vote on the floor of Congress.

      • Jim Greer says:

        Well sorry to say you been caught lying before so I dont get my News from you, nice try

        • Grace says:

          Pence will get a pat on the back while he is putting a knife in the presidents back.
          Or is Pence a judas? How much was he paid?

          • Kay says:

            Pence did it for free. Just like all of you other trailer trash repubs – you eat your own. We don’t have to do or pay anyone anything – you repulsive Repubs are so stupid, you can’t get out of your own way. Now shut the fuck up and congratulate our wonderful President Biden.

  33. Joan says:

    Someone close to the President, presumably a friend and colleague, has just threw him under the bus. Let this be a lesson to us that we cannot trust government, friend, colleague, but only God’s Word. Shame on Pence and shame on the country and the government. I am disgusted with all of them.

  34. Pat Viviano says:

    Pence needs to grow some Balls.