Police Unhappy With New Gun Rights

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Republicans eager to show their support for gun rights ahead of this year’s primary and midterm elections are considering measures that would reduce requirements for gun owners to obtain permits and training before carrying a concealed weapon.

In half a dozen states where legislators pursued this new legislation, they are being met with vocal resistance from a surprising opponent: law enforcement.

As the bills progress through state House and Senate chambers, law enforcement organizations have shared their concern that allowing more individuals to carry concealed weapons would add to rising gun crimes.

After Alaska became the first state to allow people to carry a gun without a license, twenty other states have followed suit. Now, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Nebraska, and South Carolina are looking to remove their rules on permits.

Nebraska Senator Tom Brewer, a conservative member of Nebraska’s nonpartisan legislature, noted the significance of the Second Amendment but added that “You still have an obligation to have safe operation training. And I think people with any degree of responsibility or intelligence are going to understand that.” Brewer is the bill’s chief sponsor.

In Ohio, legislators have already passed a similar bill, despite Republican Governor Mike DeWine failing to indicate whether he would sign it.

Yet law enforcement in the state is already raising objections about the bill going into law.
Ohio’s Hamilton County Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey stated in an interview that if passed, the legislation will “promote lawlessness,” adding that there would be people who carry concealed weapons “for the purpose of being vigilantes.”

She continued, adding, “To vote for people to be able to conceal carry without a license, without any training, without any documentation, it makes it exponentially harder for law enforcement to prevent gun crimes.”