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Poll: Are the Democrats Trying to Steal the Election?

President Donald Trump and the Republican Party believe Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are trying to steal the election.

Just moments ago, President Trump tweeted, “Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the “pollsters” got it completely & historically wrong!”

Do you agree with President Trump and the GOP? Are the Democrats trying to steal the election?

Please take the Red Alert News poll and share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page.

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Are the Democrats Trying to Steal the Election?


  1. Janice says:

    This is a big terrorist attack on the American voters and the president by the democrats. All these voter workers that do not come forward should be charged with voter fraud and interference with an election. This is totally ridiculous and everyone should be thrown in jail all the way up to pelosi, Schumer and the state voter board members. All these people are appointed by the useless democratic governors

    • Judy says:

      Another IN PERSON voting with ID should be held soon. Too many states with more votes than registered legal voters! President Trump is right again

  2. TRUMPER says:

    I am from Michigan and I can guarantee that the votes were rigged. Gov, Whitmer has made it very clear that the only way Pres Trump would win Michigan was never. I believe whole heartedly that they have rigged the voting in favor of Biden. The USPS story is no surprise. I believe that they should have stopped the counting at the close of election and not allowed all these extra days for counting extra ?????? votes that came in late. It is an invalid election and I agree that we should go to the streets and protest this hypocrisy. I knew this was going to happen. ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!

  3. Ken Hessinger says:

    I just read the following email from Project Veritas:

    BREAKING: Michigan USPS Insider Reveals EGREGIOUS Voter Fraud Scheme

    Project Veritas just released a video of a Michigan USPS Insider who revealed that he was instructed to separate today’s mail-in ballots in order to get them stamped as yesterday’s mail-in ballots, that way the ballots can be counted for the election.

    Since Michigan law establishes that the vote casting deadline was last night, it is completely illegal for a USPS supervisor to instruct today’s mail-in votes to be counted.

    Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

    Michigan USPS ‘Insider’ delivers testimony of ‘shady’ postmark scheme to handstamp ‘Nov. 3’ on late ballots … calls on other Post Office workers: ‘If they see anything shady to report it’… Michigan Law forbids votes past 8 P.M. Election Day
    USPS Insider: “My statement to other postal workers is that if they see anything shady to report it—they can’t have any integrity in this country if they just let things slide.”
    USPS Insider: Late ballots sorted to special bin, then collected in Express Mail bags to be “hand-stamped” with bogus Nov. 3 postmark.

  4. Kim N Keene says:

    I think that we the people whose support President Trump, we all should go out the streets to show the crook democrats that we are not accept this kind of buying votes and steal the election. We want transparency…..

  5. Better stop the dems and msm now,if not we will never have a honest election, no Republican will ever be a U.S. president.

  6. gregory b raines says:

    I say we have a complete do over with rules applying on a national level, not determined by individual states! Have a national cut off date for accepting any kind of a ballot, when it’s over,,,,,,it’s over, none of this Deomocratic “bullshit” that is taking place as we speak! I have never seen a more corrupt bunch of assholes in my life,,,, and YEA!, I’m talking about thee “MAJOR CORRUPT POLITICIAN OF OUR AMERICAN HISTORY!,,,,,JOE BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rita Adams says:

      No one is stealing votes, you’ll just mad because Trump is loosing.
      Let me say this to you so called high class, rich a** folks, you don’t give a damn about no body but your damn self, because your a**es have been served on a silver platter all you damn life. Trump talks about how he’s going to take away medical insurance, what about this babies that have cancer or other illnesses? I guess your white/Black a**es don’t give a shit until it happens to you. What about the elders that staying alive because insurance covers that are placed in a nursing home, some of you’ll don’t give a sh** about your family. Because you were so spoil you didn’t see the love & struggles they sacrificed to help you be the person you are. Next this president Trump downed military, did none of your family members serve? Some loss their live, serving for our country, but you don’t give a d***. Trump talked under women’s dresses. You ok with that? well I guess you were one of those sleazy bit**** so it don’t matter. Because you got money how in the hell could you not care for the lives of other human beings? If you ok with that then you remember this day, your day will come & you’ll have to stand before the master of this wold, What you gone say I’m sorry I was a selfish piece of S**. Lastly I pray for you because you money didn’t buy you no brains or a heart that care.

      • Kim N Keene says:

        You sound like someone only care for yourself not nobody else. You feeling sorry for yourself and let the crook democrats make you believe that if President Trump will take all your free stuff and you afraid that you have to go to work.

      • Kim N Keene says:

        1 Not all Republicans are rich. We work hard for our money.
        2 There are a lot of Republicans served in the military to defend our country. We love our Freedoms more.
        3 President Trump never says he’s gonna take a way medical.
        4 You are not the only one have all problems. Other people do too but they will not sacrifice their freedom for it. To many Americans life had lost.

      • Margaret Gould says:

        Up yours

      • Get your ostrich head out of your ass and watch REAL news. Video cameras caught people in Detroit showing up at 4 AM with boxes. Going into voting counting area and blocking windows. Mysteriously 138,000 votes show up all for Biden. that is statically IMPOSSIBLE. USP worker blew the whistle on his superiors telling him to RE-STAMP Nov 4th ballots to Nov 3rd. Michigan has 17 people born between the years 1900 – 1902 all voting and NO ONE checking. One man had a birth date of 1850. Good lord that is before the civil war. It was the second checker who found these. Front line monitors are NOT doing their jobs.Cameras show poll workers wearing BIDEN hats. THAT’S illegal. So please you have the right to spout your bovine feces but GET THE FACTS. You have the right to your opinion but not to change the FACTS. Riots in the streets where Biden won ? WAKE UP ! Biden hid without campaigning because it was in the BAG.

        John Hendershott

      • JJG says:

        I beg to DIFFER with you. I was not born with a SIVER SPOON in my mouth. I worked the last 2 years of high school and took student loans out in order to go to college. I never had a SILVER PLATTER, as you say. We will have health insurance with Trump including for pre-existing conditions. Everyone wants to know what his plan is? Why should he tell anyone, since it gets ripped apart by the media, Biden and Harris. With rally’s Trump says the same thing all the time. Biden keeps changing what he says according to where he is at and what the people there want to hear. When his people tell him that he said the wrong thing, that it will cost votes, like fracking and getting rid of the oil industry, he then changes it to what they want to hear. I listened to his beginning speeches and he DEFINITELY said he was getting rid of fracking and the oil industry. When Biden said that he DID NOT say that, for Trump to prove it, the President did. In three commercials he said “No Fracking”. Unless you know it for a fact, don’t ever say we don’t care for our family’s. A lot of Democrats are young and adults and you still live with your parents, expecting them to pay for everything. Maybe you don’t care about your elders? Taking their money for retirement? You say Trump looks under skirts? Well what about Biden? He is always smelling women, putting his hands on them, holding young girls with his arm around them? That is not normal. Before you say Trump has sexual allegations against him, SO DOES BIDEN!!!

      • Truthbetold says:

        Practically all you said fits what Joe Biden has done and worse. I’m not a Republican, an Independent, but I’ll never vote for the corrupt Democrats. They allow all you claim from the other side, but ignore when they do that or worse, and have done so for decades. I used to be a Democrat years ago until I got sick of their lies, doublespeak, corruption, election rigging(Ask Bernie about the DNC and Hillary with him), supporting ILLEGALS, criminals, looters, rioters, and more over American citizens. And when they ignore laws at voting precincts(both state and federal at different sites), it smells of more corruption allowed from the left. People who would sell their souls for power. I’m not rich, but I did serve for over 21 years. And one of your biggest supporters did actually degrade the US forces to the Russians, his fellow service members confirmed it, and he received a reprimand for it. And if you are ok with the rape and other accusations against Biden from women, then you fit the profile you wish to place on others. It’s one thing to talk about things, but he did them. I have so much more but I have things to do.

  7. Pegs says:

    HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Don says:

    No doubt. They’re nothing BUT thieves from the people.

  9. Tina Thomas says:

    How can anyone be surprised by this,since President Trump has been warning us of just this issue? My prayers and belief is he will win,but it will cost America and maybe American lives. I stand with God,President Trump and the citizens of our Great Country.

  10. David Smith says:

    There have never been real fair elections since Washington and he died broke not like our Politicians today and for the past 100 years. They have more money than the banks nothing but corrupt liars on both sides When I was growing up people were going crazy that the government was spending a million dollars and it cost a million dollars to become president Now the government is spending trillions and cost billions to become President Too bad America has been taken over by a corrupt evil government When the Government killed Kennedy I knew we were in trouble But I could not leave didn’t have the money or knowledge to get out but I do now and will. God help American puppets who believe in this government

  11. Quentin Manes says:

    Don’t give up Mr. President, your followers are not giving up. Demand a
    recount , we urge that in every state that showed cheating. Please
    continue fighting and demanding the recount, expose the
    cheating by the Dems, they can’t win anything unless they
    cheat. The re-count will produce the real and actual winner.(You) ?????????

  12. Robert Schultz says:

    If they werent trying to steal this election, Biden and harris would have been out campaigning instead of hiding in basements with the occasional outings to pander and lie.
    The entire left has been putting in place the things they needed to rig this election, including the covid plandemic, the riots, and blm.
    It hasnt been a secret either. Pelosi said that they were going to do whatever it takes to get President Trump out of office.
    How many arrows do you think they can fit in one quiver?

  13. Leilani Peterson says:

    Total registered voters in Colorado is listed at 2,645,000 but votes counted are 3,240,908. How does that happen???

  14. Sam B. says:

    It sure the hell seems so. I live in Florida & a registered Democrat that knows dozens of others who ALL voted for Trump & others on the right. It’s absolutely insane that this election is this close! There r soooo many “unnerving unhinged issues”…way to many to list with Biden & the left. The knock against Trump is that he’s NOT the pc pansy-ass president that won’t b intimidated, bullied, take crap from anyone(esp the lamestream media) & that drives them CRAZY that he doesn’t bow down to them..but instead fires back x 2! I want a President that has a spine..stands up for the country..America first agenda & GETS RESULTS. Oh btw…Trump doesn’t have cognitive issues nor is corrupt..like the “big guy”..aka “quid pro quo JOE. There r waaay toooo many issues with Biden & the radical socialist left to honestly believe the current election results. ALSO To stop counting votes, allow votes to continue to come in after the Election Day has ended etc etc etc is so obviously shady & ridiculous. Something isn’t right.

    • Kayce J Chadwick says:

      Some one please tell me Why key battle ground states folks who ask for REPUBLICAN ballot were given black Sharpies to use?? My guess easier to Throw away Trump supporter ballots.

  15. Don Butler says:

    By the way he used a brutal Communist dictatorship to steal the election the last time in 2016. Also you need to learn what socialism is. That is when the government owns all forms of production. We will never be a socialist country.

    • Terrie Wyatt says:

      If Biden wins he will shift us into a socialist/commumist rule, with help from his Chinese communist allies.

  16. Don Butler says:

    None of you actually know what you are talking about. And that is a sad situation for the Republican party. You threaten and accuse with no evidence and assume as does your president facts not in evidence. That is my brothers soft response to the above Bullsh#t.

  17. Jc says:

    Yes he’s not had the people at his rallies. And the debates were a joke with the democrat leaning moderates. Just a few of the reasons. The democrats better watch out republicans and patriots will only put up with so much evil dealings.

  18. James Mott says:

    I feel that Nancy Pelosi Is , and has been the real problem. She is rude and very inappropriate. She needs to be ousted. I feel that Pelosi has caused all the division in the United States.

    • Hazel Townsen says:


    • JJG says:

      You are so correct! Pelosi (along with Schiff, Schumer and Nadler) is the MAIN PROBLEM. She is the most arrogant and evil person I have ever listened to. She has such a HATRED for Trump because he isn’t a politician but a businessman. Congress is used to telling the President want they want passed or not and the President signs it. But not this President, that’s why she hasn’t talked to him for over a year. Her goal in life is to get Trump OUT no matter what, no matter how fake it may be. That’s why we have been paying all the Dems these past 4 yrs. TO DO NOTHING IN CONGRESS, to passing anything for the American people!!!

  19. fred says:

    All i can say is that President Trump has the votes and better win. The Democrats talk about violence if biden does not win, but they have not seen the wrath of the republicans yet. The Republicans are quiet people until pushed.

  20. Miriam Nash says:

    It would be wise to forego the results of Nov 3 election. Schedule it for another date and require all in person voting at the polls. Use black ink pens, to fill in ballots, NOT sharpies.

  21. Helen Burger says:

    SORRY!! I meant NOT correctly shown.!!!!

  22. Helen Burger says:

    How about Wisconsin who had a heck of a lot of votes more then people who lived there? What about the votes that was put into the boxes that was set on fire? They could not save all of them?

  23. Eldora Upton says:

    Yes I do feel they are stealing votes somehow. Biden has not had the people at the ralleys, and he has not gone out there and pushed to win. This is my personal opinion but the democrats will do anything to get Trump out. I don’t care what anyone tries to tell me, but I am sure Biden never got that many votes ever. You know as well as I do that Trump should get this election. He has the numbers.

    • Helen Burger says:

      I agree fully!!!!Not all of the states are correctly shown. Everyone should make sure their cities have removed those who are DEAD from the voting roster. Someone is being plain LAZY that is getting paid to do their job.!

    • Wayne Lunsford says:


  24. Linda Wilkinson says:


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