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Poll: Are You Better Off Today Than 4 Years Ago?

Labor Day is the traditional kickoff to the final stretch of the presidential election. Many voters, when deciding whether or not to reelect the current president (in this case, President Donald J. Trump), ask themselves whether they are better off than they were before the president was elected.

Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

Please vote below and feel free to add a comment.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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Are you better off today than you were four years ago?


  1. Walter McCann says:

    It’s hard to.be better off when my resources are shrinking. Never the less, I’m doing fine.

  2. IIn addition to a hearing loss, the China virus has intensified isolation. The pandemic has killed many people and this was not President’s doing. This is a unknown virus and it seems a tampered one in some lab. We Americans can be active, follow necessary guidelines and resist spreading the virus. If we wring our hands and do nothing we fall right into China’s hands. It is like a vote for the Democrats. Get off your Duffs America And fight for America!

  3. Tim says:

    We would all be better without the virus, but that virus is not Trump’s fault.
    It’s easy for people to be a arm-chair quarterback and look back in time and
    say “should have done”. Our president is faced with real time decisions and looking toward the future. Democrats remind me of a bunch of spoiled children
    with low IQ’s.

    • Maureen Shea says:

      I agree 100%, President Trump had excellent record before that virus that no other party could have predicted. President a Trump blocked border while Biden called him homophobic for doing so. If Biden was in charge America would have been much much worse. Pelosi and crazy Cuomo also said “ Come on down to Chinatown in their states . Just proves President Trump made a good decision❤️??❤️

  4. Pat ferderer says:

    I’m way better off but a little afraid of a civil war after election but as a veteran I’m behind our president all the way and once again ready to die for our flag and freedom ??

  5. Scott says:

    Oh boy, people are getting misinformed. This virus actually started in 2015. 2 sciencetists from America, along with Big Pharma and China were developing germ warfare and the 2 americans backed out or quit and that left the other 2. They’re trying to destroy Trump and America for cause Trump is taking out big Pharma and getting jobs back from China. It takes more than 1 to do anything. The Dems and Pelosi want all power and to destroy America. Just look at what’s going on with the stimulus. This country can and will be great again!

  6. Darrell says:

    My mental stat is much worse. I am very angry at this fascist comunist sympathyser president for his insults to vetrans like myself.and his stupid handling of this pandemic. Half the cases and deaths are his fault.

    • Vonnee G says:

      I respectfully disagree. The President did not say that, the are real people stating he’did not, even those who dislike him stated Trump did not state that ,unlike the Unknown unnamed sources. I am a 2 blue star mom, I see what he has done for our military. I will not let false journalist reports change my mind. Thank you for allowing me to reply. If you’d like me to delete as a comment, just ask and I will comply. Thank you for your service! Thank you.

    • Daniel Hoefing says:

      Thank GOD for PRESIDENT TRUMP !

  7. Pierre says:

    If not for the man made virus from China i would be in much better shape! If the present administration wins & takes both houses there is no telling how high the markets will go. Investing in America will go through the roof!!

  8. JOANNE DALE says: