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Poll: Should Blacks Receive Slavery Reparations?

According to The Western Journal, “California lurched a giant step closer to paying reparations for slavery after the state’s Senate on Saturday gave near-final legislative approval to a proposal that sets up a task force that will decide how to dole out the dough…

Those who support the bill blame slavery for the plight of black Americans today and want to expand reparations nationwide.

““I hear far too many people say, ‘Well, I didn’t own slaves, that was so long ago.’ Well, you inherit wealth — you can inherit the debt that you owe to African-Americans,” Democratic state Sen. Steven Bradford, of Gardena, said.”

Is Gardena and others who support slavery reparations correct? Is a debt owed to African-Americans?

Please vote below!

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Should African-Americans receive money to make amends for historic slavery?


  1. Jason says:

    The only ones that truly deserve anything are my people. They don’t teach America’s dark history of genocide of the natives of this land. The murdering of women and children, giving infested blankets, marched for hundreds of miles in attempts of wiping us out or breaking our backs simply because we didn’t want to give up our homes and our way of life. If anyone deserves REPARATIONS Natives damn sure do! The Africans were sold by their own people to the white man and that is our fault? We are still here on tiny patches of OUR homeland disrespected and looked down upon like we are trash. So American look to the Natives of your America who truly need the help of uplifting cause we live with your dark hearted history everyday we go to supermarkets or anywhere! Help heal those wounds!! A little TRUE caring goes a long way.

  2. FrankAboutIt says:

    Come to think of it, the Rioters have stated that the Looting they are doing now is their Reparations for 200-300 years ago. Not that any one of them was alive then. Add that up with the Arson and destruction of buildings, cars, monuments, city streets; the destruction of innocent lives and livelihoods that have dramatically reduced the taxpayer base in this Country; and the hundreds of murders they’ve committed, then reconcile that with whatever loose change the government is able to scrape together to give them. Then tell them when they are released from prison after serving their Life Sentences (without the possibility of parole) that they so richly deserve, they’ll get the loose change awaiting them, if there is any. These people are ignorant beyond belief.
    Sue the slave owners, if you can find them.
    No other American can legally be bound to pay ANY Reparations.
    It was This Country, and the non-slave owners who fought to free your ancestors. Why should they pay. Many of them already did, with their lives.
    Get a job and get off welfare. Go back to school and don’t eat the books this time. Work on developing some family values. And, quit expecting everyone else to pay your way through life.

  3. FrankAboutIt says:

    Why are Blacks solely picked for consideration for Reparations ?
    What about the Chinese ?
    What about the Native Americans ?
    What about the Hispanics ?
    Equally strong, or even stronger cases can be made for these other ethnic groups. Some were persecuted, forcibly removed from their homelands, killed, and had their livelihoods removed before Blacks were brought to these shores.
    How can you advocate for one ethnic group victimized by the evolution of this Country and ignore others, larger groups that were victimized as badly, perhaps even worse.
    With this said, the realization that all of this happened hundreds of years ago and NO VICTIMS of what happened two to three hundred years ago are alive. NO ONE alive today knows firsthand what these ancestors experienced, good, or bad. Unless Americans move off the lands that the Native American Tribes possessed two to three hundred years ago; thereby giving them back their lands that were unlawfully stolen from them, without Equal Protection Under the Laws; it would be difficult to begin Reparations.
    REPARATIONS should not be taken lightly. Reparations should be extensively studied In detail before ANY decision is made; but unless Reparations are extended to EVERY GROUP impacted by the evolution of this Country, they SHOULD NOT be extended to anyone.
    CONSIDERATION should be extended to the citizens of this Country too; in that taxpayers should not be expected to foot the bill for these Reparations. Americans alive today had absolutely NOTHING TO DO with what happened in this Country 200 – 300 years ago. Then, for many, their families only migrated here long after the end of these travesties. How do you assess blame on them ? Truth of the matter is, one cannot even assess blame on ANY AMERICAN ALIVE TODAY .

  4. WILLIAM L. GOLDRING jr. says:

    Under No circumstances are todays negros entitled you should have stayed in school entitled how are they entitled you should have stayed in school kept your kids in school made your kids follow rules like the rest of society white, red, yellow, blacks don’t get to make their own rules when you learn to follow the normal rules of everyday society then you will get the same breaks as everyone else all negro needs to read this and try to learn something from a common ordinary white man

  5. Walter christ says:

    The whole concept of this is just crazy. I might have inherited some wealth ,but it was money my ancestors made themselves. I do not inherit debt to African Americans .Every ethnic group have somehow been hurt in history so is someon obligated to pay them all . This idea is totally rediculous

  6. Rob Heard says:

    Not all, but many Americans of African descent just can’t get over the mistakes that we made in our history. Yes slavery was wrong and evil. Yes we had a civil war, in part over slavery, and many American lives paid the price to correct that wrong.
    But some of you just can’t move on, just can’t let go. Therefore you cannot assimilate into our society as a true American. So reparations? Ok how’s this? A one way trip back to the home of your roots permanent. No coming back. Leave the land of baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie for you home iof origin of sickness ridden biting bugs, and being on the menu for lions, tigers, and bears “Oh My!” Sounds good to me. It’ll stop all the “I’m black” racist bitching and bellyaching.

  7. Kenny r says:

    It could be voluntary contributions. If you’re stupid or gullible enough to want to give your money away, be my guest. Why shouldn’t more fortunate blacks give to the less fortunate?

  8. fleming gilman says:

    not one of these american blacks have ever been a slave So the answer is no. If they want to blame some one they should blame their kin folks in Africa for selling them to slave traders even tho it was the best thing that could happen to them was to bring them to the U.S.A.

    • Deb says:

      Bravo, more gimmees would be a disaster, the Blacks still carry a grudge from what their ancestors did. I have an idea, obtain money from their ancestors and wealthy blacks. I will never give.

  9. Marilyn says:

    Why should people who never owned slaves pay people who never were slaves?

  10. John Hannon says:

    debt is already paid up in full , generations of welfare recipients and EBT cards

  11. jIM sULZBACH says:


  12. Mark G says:

    It was stated” Well, you inherit wealth — you can inherit the debt that you owe to African-Americans,” Democratic state Sen. Steven Bradford, of Gardena”
    I did NOT inherit any wealth, we did not OWN slaves, we immigrated decades later. If this is what you believe, please talk to Oprah to see if she will pay the bill, yet she WORKED for her weatlh, so no. Get up OFF their butts, quit whining, work hard, make good decisions, get rid of your owed, your owed nothing and all can Possibly become successful. If I hear ONE more racial claim I will be upset. Quit – your just like the rest of America – work for what you want to achieve. Shame on you Senator – there is no sytemeic racism in 90% of America – look up the history of slaves, they were sold by blacks to begin with. This gets old on some days. You want money – have the work.

  13. Vonne G says:

    I am not a slave owner, they are not slaves. My relatives did not immigrate to America until decades and decades after slavery ended.

  14. Gloria says:

    Sure, if the actual slave is still alive. To ancestors of slaves, absolutely NOT.

  15. Wes says:

    I am not responsible for slavery and I should not pay for something I am not responsible for!!!

  16. James P says:

    I am black and I feel blacks need to read early US history (17th century). They may find out that we should be paying reparation. Early US history shows that the first slave owner was black. Also at one point there were more black slave owners that had black and white slaves in the south. Northern states aren’t excluded there were many black slave owner in these states as well. We as a people need to just learn all women and men are created equal and learn how to treat each other with respect.

    • Hrabina Krystyna says:

      Absolutely agree with you!

    • Hrabina Krystyna says:

      Absolutely agree with you! How far back do you want to go to repair all the wrongs done to mankind by mankind? Those unfortunate people are gone and there is no way to pay them back for their issues. Giving money to their ANCESTORS is ridiculous. These are people who do not want to work and do not deserve any repayment of debt. My ancestors worked their fingers to the bone to start their new lives in America. Who’s going to pay them for the hard labor that they did to support their families, and which eventually killed them after woking in steel mills, coal mines, and dying for the privilege of the meager wages they were paid…..on which they paid taxes, too. Stop pulling only the incidents out of history that can make your point. Study the ENTIRE HISTORY of any nation, nationality, religion, etc.!

  17. James says:

    I am black and I feel blacks need to read early US history (17th century). They may find out that we should be paying reparation. Early US history shows that the first slave owner was black. Also at one point there were more black slave owners that had black and white slaves in the south. Northern states aren’t excluded there were many black slave owner in these states as well. We as a people need to just learn all women and men are created equal and learn how to treat each other with respect.

  18. SAM SAM says:

    Common it’s happening still today in all races. Even children and animals for that matter. It’s still for God to get the vengeance not yours or mine! It’s a terrible thing no matter who it is. The Jews in OT lived in slavery for 40 years and were taken from there home land rapped and killed and you never hear them do any of the rebellious nonsense that the black race does. I’m not prejudice by color but facts are facts and the proof is in the pudding! It’s wrong no matter how you slice it. But being black is no excuse or has any favor over any other. Slavery is a terrible thing no matter what. Doesn’t mean other races turn a blind eye to it. It’s history but it’s time to quit living in someone else’s past when you were not even there. Move forward with what America has blessed you with. Your lives are all about the choices you make and you and your life are going to be a product of your choices. You will reap what you sow! And it’s true the innocent usually get the bad wrap while the heathen gets away with it for awhile! But there will be a white throne Judgement for all those who don’t know or have not accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Who is not a true Christian. Not talking about the counterfeits out there. And every knee shall now and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord. That means everyone. It’s just gonna be a matter of when my friend!!!! No one will be left out of that one! I have always said you don’t like this country go back where you can’t from no one can hold you back. Don’t ruin others lives bc of it! It’s that simple!
    My family came over to this country from persecution and worked hard and had to change and become American.And had to speak American. Not come here and make America the country from where they came.
    All nationalities came together and became successful to make America what it is and still had their own celebrations with their own people. And still racism going on but not as crazy that’s going on today.
    Go back home where you will be happy for goodness sake or be grateful for what you have!

  19. the famous quote is, ” Those who refuse to remember the past are condemned to repeat it” darn auto fill

  20. No Fking way. It’s ridiculous. Once black and white communities sit, discuss, listen and hear each other, things can change. I’ve been discriminated against all my life with my family from a European country. I work hard for what I have and do it in a logical sensible way. It’s a cop out it will open such a pandoras box that this country will completely fall apart. Teach historyin our schools, don’t avoid the difficult subjects and educate everyone. In a very famous museum a sign read, “Those who refuse to remember the past, are condemned to roast it!” Come on people, get your democratic ideology out of your narrow minded thought processes geez!

  21. Black people were taken from their home and family, killed, raped , sold and beaten, I hardly see that being the same as white slavery

    • WylieReader says:

      Josephine, those were fellow blacks in Africa that took them away from their families. They sold them on the coast of Africa to slavers from New England.
      They did this to their own people. Also, before the New Englanders saw how the Muslims were getting rich selling Africans obtained without fighting, white men and women AND children were being shipped over here from England — many kidnapped, many sent bc homeless & govt wanted them off the streets, many bc prisons were too full, etc. They were slaves here ‘way before blacks were.
      Read the histories — you won’t find them in public schools, but in libraries.

    • Terrie Wyatt says:

      Get a copy of the book They were white and they were Slaves, the untold history of the enslavement of whites in Early America, You read thast book and see how bad whites in slavery had it far worse than black, most of them were kidnapped off the street of England and transported to the colonies. Whites slaves had it far worse than black slaves. If you’re not willing to read the book then you’re not willing to except the truth.

  22. bill first says:

    I cannot condone giving my money to make up for something that happened hundreds of years ago. Please tell me how I received any benefit from slavery, and then maybe I will see the light.
    I view this as a means of taking money from me, and I will oppose it as long as I live.
    I’ve worked hard for what I have, and just giving it away to someone because another person say so rubs me the wrong way.n

  23. Terrie Wyatt says:

    White slavery was,around long before black slavery, in fact most of this country was built on the backs of white slaves. Do descendents from that get reparations too, probably not since that history has been erased and forgotten.

  24. Buzz Gladstone says:

    I, nor anybody in my family have ever owned slaves. I think that reparations should be paid to any former slaves that are still alive. Those reparations should be paid by any former slave owners that are still alive. Otherwise you need to EARN YOUR OWN MONEY AND QUIT ASKING FOR MINE!

  25. SAM SAM says:

    Absolutely not! That’s ridiculous! People need to get saved through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior and that will fix you! We will have problems with racial in all races and all races have had and still have slavery today. The “Love” of money is the root of all evil! Money is not bad it’s needful. But Greed has swept over this country and destroying it! And lost people that’s Father is of the devil have to get out of it and turn to the true God! The devil is only using you. You won’t realize till he has you down in the pit of hell with him. Then see what you have to say about all of this!
    Money is not even close to the answer! Help people with money that need it here in America to get back on track since this plandemic has happened!
    Absolute “NO” on money!
    Can’t help it if California is that stupid and any one else for that matter that would even think of such a thing!

  26. Don Miller says:

    Are people crazy. How does money change anything?. My Relatives did not own slaves.

  27. jack seiber says:

    What about all the white people who died to free these people. Maybe some ungrateful people need to go back home

  28. Mike Brooker says:

    No to giving money ,

  29. Edwin says:

    No to giving money for any reason

  30. Wallace Simmons says:

    I’m nearly 60 years old and affirmative action has been going on since I was a teenager. The affirmative action over the years has more than made up any racial discrimination. As a matter of fact I myself was a victim by I’m not getting a job because of Affirmative action. So this is quite ridiculous to think that our tax money should go to pay out for something that happened many generations ago. Every race has had slavery including mine so no I would never support something like this and I hope you wouldn’t either.

    • Perry Rose says:

      Same here.. got bumped for promotion in the army so a newbie minority could jump the board.. and fail.. six months delay for me and my family… Got out and found reverse discrimination everywhere.. couldn’t get a job at ma bell although I was a skilled communications tech… We’ve all been paying welfare to baby factories in the projects for over half a century now.. enough is enough! Stop burning looting and murdering and get to work!

  31. TealTiki says:

    My family has never owned slaves and worked hard to survive!They came from Germany and Norway, met here, got married and worked hard for the rest of their lives. They barely made it, but their 6 children all survived and learned to work for their living. My ancestors lived in Montana near the Canadian Border and survived the cold winters and hot summers on their own, they had no slaves.
    I have no intention of paying someone money for any reason, if someone’s family had slaves — let them work it out as they see fit. I will not take part of it.

  32. Robert Scioneaux says:

    Reparations. Words out of the mouths of crazies

  33. Cg says:

    If your going to give money to one group.It will open Pandora’s box. So then everyone will get money ,because somehow somewhere there is a connection thru ancestor.

    • Marjorie Mayo says:

      Absolutely true. AND it would be like me going to jail and punished for a bank robbery that you robbed, NOT ME.
      It’s all just nutso politics. Hit the restart button and move on. I have wonderful friends that are black. Raised next door, did homework with, and had lots of friendship years with people who had dark skin (back then called negroes). I don’t know why that word offends black people either. It just means black. Every group has an identifying name. I never minded being called caucasian. It just described what my blood lines were. And I didn’t care.

    • Hrabina Krystyna says:

      There isn’t one group in history that wasn’t discriminated against in any way. Jews, Christians, Polish people….and we did not burn buildings and kill others “just because” we were affected in some way, usually in a very big way. We accepted that there were fools in the world who thought that they were SPECIAL and we weren’t. We worked harder to make our lives more meaningful despite the ridicule we often suffered, and we made better ives for ourselves and our families. The current hatred being exhibited by so many people is a form of insanity. And, insanity grows insanity and it is the basis of most conflicts on our planet.