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Poll: Does Trump Deserve Credit for the Vaccine?

Today, a vaccine for COVID19 started to be administered to Americans all across the United States. The creation, development, and distribution of the vaccine was the fastest in American history. President Donald Trump told Fox News that if he wasn’t president it would’ve been years before a vaccine was available. Trump and his supporters believe this is true because he repeatedly pushed the drug companies and government regulatory agencies to work faster. Trump’s critics claim he doesn’t deserve any credit and that all of the credit goes to the drug companies.

What is your opinion? Does President Trump deserve credit for the fast development and distribution of the COVID19 vaccine? Or, does all of the credit go to the drug companies?

Please take the poll and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.

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Does President Trump deserve credit for how fast a COVID19 vaccine was developed and distributed?


  1. maxibaby says:

    Of course DJT deserves credit for the “warp speed” development of the COVID-19 vaccine! The bad “new” flu that happened during the Obama/Biden administration, H1N1, I believe it was named….there was NO VACCINE EVER DEVELOPED FOR IT and there is still no vaccine for it! W H A T!

  2. Teressa Chenoweth says:

    President Trump the greatest president we have ever had. He cared for us the people and our country. He did get the vaccine here . Now I hear Biden wants credit.

  3. Aug Miller says:

    John Wolverton comes closest to the truth about why the mRNA vaccine happened so fast. Operation Warp Speed had nothing to do with it at all. First credit goes to Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman at U Penn, who deserve the Nobel Prize for figuring out the chemical changes to modify synthetic mRNA so that the body would not reject it in 2005. Credit goes to Ozlem Tureci and Ugur Sahin at BioNTech for realizing in December they could use their cancer mRNA technology on Covid. Moderna realized the same thing about the same time. The Chinese published the Covid gene sequence in early December and from that BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna had vaccine clinical trails started two months later when Trump was still having wet dreams about Covid being as harmless as the common cold. The reality is that before this pandemic is through, Trump is going to have the blood of at least half a million dead Covid victims to his credit because of his stupidity.

  4. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    President Trump is the greatest president we ever had. He gave it his all. He was for the little guy in America. I wish he would run again in 2024. I wish him and his family a Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year. He deserves better than he got. Yes,he was a business man, but you need to run this country like a business, because we were being screwed by everyone else. He made people feel that they were represented, by a President, who cared about America. We are heading down the tubes, with communist rules. I will say exactly what the hell I want, and do so. We have to rise and take hold of our country, this is America. Do we want to loose our freedom and liberties? I don’t think so. Let’s all get with it, and listen to conservative radio. Let’s put the news media, out of business. That’s about it.

  5. Sam.B. says:

    True honest patriots of our great nation ALL know that TRUMP was pushing this hard to get the drug companies to preform to save lives & protect others from this horrific China virus…so obvious. Anyone that thinks/says otherwise is in DENIAL & DELUSIONAL.
    Speaking of DENIAL & DELUSIONAL. We have a few people that leave comments on this site all the time that clearly either say the DELUSIONAL things they do just to stir up bs/get & rise out of people/ruffle feathers…or they r really that much in denial of truth & reality. Either way..”Holly Rose” “Kay” & a few others say the most pathetic things…makes u wonder if they r even citizens of our great country. Holly Rose made a comment on this site a few days ago saying that a person that had his home bombed inside with a fireworks mortar because they had a Trump sign in his yard “deserved it.” That’s reprehensible & beneath pathetic. It doesn’t matter what sign the person had..it’s NOT OK to do something like this to somebody’s home that could’ve been destroyed with them inside!! This is a human being for Christ sake! BS like this is basically domestic terrorism & will NEVER b tolerated in our country. If u asshats have this much hate for our people, government & country…LEAVE! PLEASE LEAVE!!! Spare us ur hate! To say such scumbag things it shows ur Un-American. The dictatorship socialist government of Venezuela would love to have u & all other lowlife radical socialist asshat scumbags that say & advocate for such reprehensible things against our own citizens, government/Trump & country. The Venezuela dictatorship socialist government sees things JUST LIKE U ASSHATS. So please..PLEASE LEAVE & go to Venezuela with ur anti American hate & suck up their oxygen & not the oxygen of the patriotic people of the United States!!
    Beat it! Bye Felicia!!!

  6. Dillip Patnaik says:

    President Trump should get all the credit because of his leadership. His team also get credit with him. He deserves Nobel peace prize for Corona vaccine development and distribution and saving many lives in the country and throughout the world. God bless Trump and God bless America and the World.

  7. Jim says:

    Holy smokes Holly, where were you when they passed out the brains, on the Midnight Train to Georgia? For Christ Sakes???

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL right!! I think it’s also possible that when god was giving out brains delusional Holly rose thought he said rain & ran! LOL!
      “No brains no headache” LMAO!

  8. James says:

    I would say yes unless your brain dead.

  9. Tina Smith says:

    Definitely our President Trump should get credit for the vaccine

  10. Pat says:

    DEFINITELY***********Demoncraps did nothing. Praise goes to TRUMP.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Good Job!

  11. David Smith says:

    LMAO ROFL Holly you can be happy Biden and his drug little girl lover son and Harris are in control now things will really get done sadly all evil Good luck America Thank you Trump for pushing people to get a cure I can leave this titanic because this ship Called America is going to hit an Iceberg very soon God won’t help us either

  12. Mrs. Pratt says:

    The evilness that is going on in the swamp will pay for there sins one day when they WILL ANSWER TO OUR LORD. If what I think is true and biden won, then all I can say is we don’t have a new president, but a DICTATOR. Anyone that would say the evil things that he has said, WE THE PEOPLE CAN NOT HOLD THE RESPECT FOR biden THAT WE COULD IF HE WERE A RESPECTABLE MAN. I can not with with a clear conscious call him a respectable man.

  13. Richard Rivas says:

    Trumps critics do not support anything he does. Trump was definitely very instrumental in the fast development of the vaccine but it is also a combined effort by many involved with how quick it all came together and made available.
    His critics are all leftists and unless anything successful comes from their arena they will do what they can to bash any sort of good that happens especially if Trump has anything to do with it.
    His critics fail to recognize all that Trump does for the country. They are the ones that are causing the division we are experiencing.
    It’s amazing to me that our president does not get the respect he deserves if anything but for the position he holds. You do not have to like him but he should be respected.
    This vaccine will hopefully help the world, not just the USA, and president Trump WAS very instrumental by working with and pushing the laboratories and scientists and all agencies involved in development and approval for use on fighting Covid 19 whether his critics want to accept it or not.

  14. Rick says:

    Is the cost of the “Trump Vaccine” covered by “Obamacare”?

  15. Mary says:

    Jesus how much more glory does this man they call the president. Need nothing has been done without rewards
    Telling us to take bleach when the best experts in the country laughed at him
    Get real Biden won hands down and trumps meal ticket will be gone
    Supreme Court did not bow down to him fair play

    • Cg says:

      He never said anything of sorts.Typical demoncraps kool-aid drinker!

    • My,my! What Murphy’s Bed did YOU crawl out from behind ? We can always count onSOMEONE to be unenlightened, uninformed and most likely completely blind. Have you NOT noticed that President Trump accomplished far more in ONE TERM than the last FOUR (at least) Presidents combined. All the voters who “elected” Biden will be witness to the complete destruction of our country. Obviously you need to do a LOT more fact checking on Biden and his VP in crime, who will no doubt suddenly become obscenely wealthy and begin buying real estate worldwide. Mark my words. We are all headed for a hell we could never have imagined.


      Welcome in Red China by Beijing Biden Crime syndicate! The Party of Greed and Deception! Just like this ignorant mouthpiece regurgitating the Party Lies! You are pitifully ignorant and will get exactly what your Godlessness earns you! I am no longer proud of America or Americans! The obvious takeover by the Leftist Marxist Regime of China Joe Biden may well begin over the Will of the People, but it will bring about a great deal of Deat & Destruction. We are will soon be China West and you trough fed followers will wish for death as a luxury just as prophesied! God Does Not Lose!!

    • TERESA COOPER says:

      What have you done for your country???

  16. Bill says:

    Of course, President Trump deserves the credit for pushing the Drug companies. If it would have been up to the Don Joe Biden it would have taken 47 years or longer!

  17. Nancy Richmond says:

    All of those who played a role in the ideas, development, planning, getting the vaccine to the patients. It is only really a reality because everyone pulled together every step of the way. No one was a hero. Every person who was a part of this was forever a hero. Thank you to ALL who played a part. All were, and are, heroes.



    • Linda Apodaca says:

      I totally agree with your comments. It took everyone on board to do the research,testing,facilitating, and all the aspects of developing this vaccine. It took our President Trump to lead the quest and help in whatever way he could to make this happen. They are all our HEROES, as well as those in the medical profession, transportation, supply chain, the military, front line people, those who volunteered to participate in the drug trials. Thanks to all those involved, led by our PRESIDENT TRUMP. We still need his constant leadership for our SHIP. MAY GOD SAVE US FROM THOSE WHO WANT TO BRING BAD WILL TO OUR COUNTRY.

  18. Janice Hill says:

    Yes, President Trump has done so much for our USA. If it wasn’t for him we’d still be waiting on a cure for Covid-19. I’ve felt so sorry for the president because of the HATER’S. I don’t understand those people. He has done so much for our country being a former businessman & has such energy. I always enjoy his rallies the HUGE crowd’s always!

  19. Rene says:

    I am so sick and tired of so many Americans not supporting our President in office and blaming him for everything bad and not giving him credit for all the good and wonderful successful things he has done. He was not responsible for the virus…logically, how could he be and for what purpose? He calls it like he sees it and it has been refreshing. He is a good businessman which we desperately needed. Stop attacking his personality and start applauding his leadership in the midst of blatant political sabatoge. As Americans, we need to be United and love one another and help one another instead of rebelling and pointing figures. Look at yourself…take care to scrutinize your own behavior rather than being cruel and generating separation and hatred. I have always been a Patriot and now I am embarrassed that our country is so diminished in the eyes of the world. Where is our greatness? I am scared.

  20. Gloria says:

    The PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES pushed very hard to get the vaccines done in WARPED SPEED. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP. You deserve all of the credit for this accomplishment.. The companies that worked on the vaccines also deserve to get credit for working so well with the PRESIDENT TRUMP to speed things up.

    • hrabina CZERWINSKI says:

      I think you mean WARP SPEED. WARPED MEANS “to distort”, which has an all-together different connotation. But, we all appreciate your comment and agree with your line of thinking. Biden is a man with a WARPED MIND!

  21. Charles Hale says:

    If it had been left to the typical federal swamp rats, we wouldn’t have a vaccine for two-three more years. Trump cut through the regulatory BS created by the bureaucrats to protect and build their little kingdoms. They hate him. The Demoncrats hate him. But he gets stuff done!

  22. Nancy Richmond says:

    The important part of it all is that the vaccine was developed in record time and people got it as needed. Every step of the way there there was the help.
    Applause to all the heroes who developed the vaccine, those who developed the vaccine and those who figured out how to get the vaccine to those who needed. Everyone pulled together. Everyone involved with it were heroes and every step of the way answers were found.


  24. Carol Johnson says:

    President Trump has vast experience and know-how for getting the right people together to accomplish even as complex a task as moving up a vaccine development far sooner than any ever before. History will recognize this victory for what it is.

    • JOHN WOLVERTON says:

      Trump has little experience and runs a small family business, yes he’s worth alot of money but any one that inherited $100 in the 60’s should be worth that by this time. He owes hundreds of millions of dollars and has been using the government as a piggy bank and costing taxpayers at least half a million dollars for each night he spends at his country clubs. He’s greedy and uncaring. Yes, he screamed and ranted from the podium, hoping for a silver bullet to make the virus go away because he will not make the hard decisions or do the hard work to battle the virus. The vaccine is not a cure and we still have a long way to go and many more will die because he can’t stand up and do what doctors and nurses world-wide are calling for in masking and social distancing. Just because I cant respect or like a compulsive liar, racist, misogynist who wants to be king, with followers who apparently feel the same white grievance I hear ppl crying about all the time. Because I voted against Lil donny trumpster dies make me the enemy or a communist. Because I feel we should care about our neighbors no matter what they look like or what their faith is, when everyone succeeds, the country thrives. At least Uncle Joe will try to work with Mcconnell and the GOP, despite his power grab. If congress doesn’t work together, it will get so much more worse.

  25. Alicia says:

    Anyone that doesn’t think that TRUMP DESERVES THE CREDIT for getting the vaccine out needs they’re heads examined. They don’t have the brain they were born with.

  26. honest says:

    Holly Rose ~ You gotta be a Demo= Rat !! Keep you ignorance to yourself

  27. Judith and Denis Forrest says:

    Yes I believe PRES TRUMP DESERVES most of the credit for pushing the drug companies and maybe 25% to the drug companies for making it fast because OF PRES TRUMP:)

  28. Holly Rose says:

    Here we go again. trump is sooo egotistical and arrogant naturally he is going to claim credit. He didn’t do a thing except pound his chest and claimed he is responsible for the vaccine. Don’t need CV 19 to make me sick, trump makes me sick!

    • Donald Ervin says:

      You are such an idiot. He was the one that got the ball rolling and kept it going to get the job done. The only thing the democrats did was slow things up. So yes President Trump deserves every bit of the credit for hard work he did to get where we are at now. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a complete idiot

      • Jaybo says:

        Yes! Everyone with a brain would know this except of course our own HOLLY ROSE !

      • JOHN WOLVERTON says:

        Your an idiot!!! The drug companies didn’t need anyone pounding on pushing them for a vaccine, they began working as soon as the virus was found. Trump is responsible for at least 100,000 of the 300,000 dead because he lied from the beginning and continues to lie which just further divided this country. Do you think the special counsel exonerated lil donny? How many crimes has he committed in office? How much fraud and self dealing. Bringing his kids in like some kind of royal family while bowing down to every dictator in the world and turning on our allies because he can’t see what’s in something for himself. He is ruled by greed, a thirst fir power, and abject fear of being held accountable for his crimes. From the man who said he has never asked for God’s forgiveness is sad. Good bye lil mankind I hope next year you will be man enough to face the courts and the jurie of his peers.

        • hrabina CZERWINSKI says:

          Whether or not the drug companies were working on the anti-viral meds is moot because it takes more to get the medications out to the public besides “making them”. These companies were able to by-pass months, or more of testing and approval through the normal channels with the help of Trump and his people. Take a close look at the normal time that it takes to get approval in order to actually put these meds on the market. Drug companies have been known to withhold drugs, so that they can make more money by phasing out the drugs thaT aren’t as effective and have not make enough to pay for their development yet. Drug companies are not developing drugs to benefit mankind, only to make BIG PROFITS!

    • Mike Howard says:

      You sound like a Commie Demonrat. Always whining & complaining that the criminal Hollory I Didn’t Do It Clinton lost as she should have. Trump was fighting for a cure while the Demonrats did every thing they could to stop the process so more people could die & make them the heroes when the cure did come out.

      • JOHN WOLVERTON says:

        There is no cure moron. Its a vaccine and it’ll be at least 18 months before enough people have had it that we can have a somewhat normal life again. Trump has caused thousands of deaths by lying and hiding facts from us citizens, by simply abdicating his responsibility when he had the chance to be a hero but just wasn’t up to it because he can’t make hard choices, he is a coward. Trump is not the character from “The Apprentice.” He can’t even fire someone face to face. Be part of the solution, not the problem and help push down the virus, wear a mask.

    • Gloria says:

      HOLLY ROSE Really take a good look..
      It is Biden and his son and family that are egotistical thieves.
      Using Bidens position as VP to make them selves millionaires..

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL..Delusional holly rose. U & ur altered ego “covid Kay” love to make ur adolescent asinine comments to get a rise out of people/Ruffle feathers. U/Covid Kay have such ridiculous & pathetic comments I think it’s sad..but hilarious. Take ur meds…come back down to earth & gather up ur belongings & move to Venezuela! U/COVID Kay will fit right in with the ideals of that whackass dictatorship socialist government.
      U/COVID Kay’s uneducated delusional comments make true/honest Americans sick! LMAO!!! BYE FELICIA!!