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POLL: Has Trump Handled COVID-19 Well?

According to John Hopkins University, there have now been more than 200,000 deaths in the United States as a result of COVID-19.

Some commentators say that President Trump has done as good a job as possible in handling the pandemic. Others say that President Trump has done a poor job in handling the pandemic and that he is responsible for there being more deaths than there would be had he done a better job. Certainly, President Trump’s job performance when it comes to his handling of COVID-19 is an issue in the presidential election.

What do you think? Please take our poll and share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page. Thank you!

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Are you satisfied with President Trump's job performance when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic?


  1. Darlene says:

    All people say is 200,000 people have died. When are they gonna tell the truth??????????

  2. flashy0ne says:

    When I see the left “criticizing” President Trump for ‘his’ handling of the CORONA fiasco I have to chuckle. Perhaps they believe EVERYONE has forgotten THEIR recommendations “way back” in the beginning — “you’re xenophobic” or “come join us in China Town” — ABSOLUTELY no appreciation for the problem. And what was the President doing — “stopping flights into the U.S.”, forming a commission with MEDICAL CONSULTANTS to plot the best plan of action — AND NOT sending COVID patients BACK INTO retirement homes (a plan initiated by and FOLLOWED by democrat Governors, NY and NJ). Now just who was RESPONSIBLE for the horrendous death numbers prevalent in the beginning of the outbreak ?????

  3. Elaine Jacobs says:

    I agree with Debbie dated September 23, 2020 at 10:36 am.

  4. Ricki DeLay says:

    As far as I know the democratic party must have stock in Masks and in pill manufacturing, they don`t do anything without a profit for them. They said Obama had financed research on the virus then canceled the funding and they went to France or somewhere else? Plus its not up to Trump its up to the health department and our ripoff Governor.

  5. Duane says:

    If that dick head Biden was in charge I wouldn’t be writing this I would be dead as a doornail, and his fucking kid would still be rich. Get real people, this piece of shit is only out for his white supremacist family.

  6. Earl Burnett says:

    Go trump

  7. alvino ramos says:

    President Trump has done a great job on protecting the USA from the coronavirus pandemic. I blame the states governors for letting the virus get out of control.

  8. Rusty Walker says:

    I think our President has done a very good job in this China Virus, Yes China Virus, That’s where it came from, And i think that China did it on purpose to hurt us and the whole world, Also I think that people should had taken there own precaution in this matter, Also Fauci was the one that said that mask were not required, But Fauci’s hands are far from clean, This virus was created and he had a little something to do with that, The Trumpster is the only one with balls enough to say and think of ways to try to help this nation, May God bless this man and keep him in the white house another 4 years, The left is so worked up about getting him out of the white house that they would kill there own mother to do it, Another thing is that 200000 deaths on this virus and a lot of them had underlying conditions and that is not reported, Lets blame Trump,

  9. Pegs says:

    PRESIDENT TRUMP has done a WONDERFUL JOB with this hand china has dealt to the world. I can only imagine how obama/biden would have handled this crisis!!! Like they handled EVERYTHING ELSE!!! TERRIBLY!!!! who do you TRUST to get our economy back on track & prospering??? PRESIDENT TRUMP. 4 MORE YEARS !!!!! #2020.GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY & GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP & VICE PRESIDENT PENCE. GODSPEED

  10. Kathy Cassella says:

    I think President Trump has done a great job with the pandemic. He didn’t want Americans to panic and that is part of his job. Dr Fauci was the one saying in the beginning that masks wouldn’t work that well. I blame him for that not Trump. Biden is all about China and he and the other radicals are the ones who downplayed the pandemic. That’s why people should watch him not these other state run news channels. No one else could have dealt with the pandemic and go thru all the bull crap he has . That tells me all I need to know about who I want for President. ????????????

  11. Eugene (Gene) says:

    President Trump has done and is doing a GREAT job for our country. When he stopped flights to and from China, our demon from hell, Nancy P made fun of the president and she went to China Town and ate dinner. Joe Biden also found fault with the President and said Trump was over reacting to the China virus. Please continue to prayer for our President and may Almighty God help him fill the correct person for the Supreme court vacancy and may Trump win the election IN a LANDSLIDE. Amen!

  12. Mark Allison says:

    Like what more could he do. What’s he supposed to do? Fire up Trump 1 and tend to every individual that got sick with his magic wand? What do all the naysayers say he was supposed to do? He even used the 70 years old legislation do build thousands of ventilators for the very sick individuals, they sent out BILLIONS of dollars to nearly everyone FREEE! No one could have done any more in practicality. I belive the naysayers are the mislead, and listeners that are simply Trump haters that have been listening to all the FAKE NEWS out there. Our illustrious media has done a marvelous job. I would consider ever one that has partiipated and in this unprecedented smear job a treasonous individual that should tried for treason and sentenced. NOT jailed, just charged and labeled a traitor. Sumpthinn like “The Scarlet Letter”.

  13. Put it this way. Trump did what he needed to do to protect and not cause a panic. I feel he has done what he could. I blame the governor’s for the outbreak. The president left it up to the governors to open when they thought was right. Many didn’t . Going by what the CDC. No comment to that one.

  14. Jim says:

    President Trump did the correct thing sooner than anyone else would have. The donkeys are using this damn panic to play dictator as long as the cdc (center for disease confusion) keeps calling everything death by bullshit-19, including but not limited to:
    auto accidents, drowning, heart disease, heart attack, cancer, kidney failure, any organ failure, electric shock, poisoning, falling, medical malpractice, ect….
    Maybe that’s why the numbers we are hearing put the death rate at
    .01% But they still require y’all to live in fear and wear your face diaper.. be good little sheeple… not me!

  15. Ginny Johnson says:

    In the beginning, he sounded like he KNEW how to handle the virus. But he”down-played” it when he shouldn’t have. He should have given the country more warning about what to do in case he was wrong about the extremity of the virus. When it came down to wearing masks, he was not very supportive of them, and did not even wear one himself to be an example to our nation. Even with so many people getting sick, or dying, he did not have very much to say about it, or the danger involved.

    • Breaker 19 says:

      Nobody knew how to handle the virus. It was something new, nobody knew what to expect. If the tests were accurate, and I doubt they were, If the CDC report was right, of the 60 million tested, only 5 million tested positive, which is about .8%. Also they reported that only 9,000 people died “from” the virus, not 200,000 people who died “with” the virus. We have about 3 million deaths each year here in the US, from things such as heart attacks, murders, accidents, diseases, etc. If these people tested positive we would have about 3 million virus deaths this year.
      I don’t have the virus, not been exposed to the virus, know no one who does, yet I can’t work, my kids can’t go to school, go to church, must wear a mask, stay 6 feet away for anyone else, stay at home. Why? Not because of the virus. It’s because the politicians want to keep the control they now have over the people, and if it ends, so does their control. They got it by scaring the people with this virus so they could have the power over the people they wanted.
      This needs to end and allow people to go back to living as near a normal life as possible, before it is too late, if it isn’t already

    • Papppy says:

      you have been brain washed by the liberal democRAT and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA!

      President Trump did and is doing what he, as POTUS, can! He took the first corrective action to STOP foreigners from traveling to our country in the beginning of this HOAX! He was ridiculed and called all sorts of names by people like you and all other DemocRATS and THEY WERE WRONG!

      Now these same idiots want us to wear masks, arrest people who disagree, and finance riots when the police arrest or attempt to arrest criminals!

      Do your own damn research and stop letting the democRATS and the Fake news media propagandize the democRATIc party and their leaders!

      The size of the Cover-19 virus is .124 nm THAT is POINT 124 nanometers, the SMALLEST particle that the N95 mask can filter is 300 nm THAT is 300 nanometers in size. DO the math, 300 divided by .124 equals 2419.35 . For you simple minded, math challenged people out there, this figure means that the Covid-19 virus WOULD HAVE TO BE 2419 TIMES LARGER before a mask would have ANY chance of stopping it from entering your body OR being exhaled from YOUR BODY!

      This mask wearing mandate is nothing more than DICTATORSHIP by the LIBERAL DemoncRATS and STUPID people that are continuing to PUSH their Communistic control ideas on to a free nation!

      I did NOT serve six years during the Vietnam war to support this type of DICTATORSHIP that the Liberal democRATS are pushing! Their propaganda arm is the FAKE NEWS NETWORKS who are LYING to the public!

      Keep your head in the sand and DON’T do your own research about these things and you will wake up, when you are told to do so, and find you no longer are FREE to do ANYTHING without the government’s, read liberal democRAT dictators, say so! Check your history, Nazi Germany prior to and during WW11 used the SAME DAMN TACTICS to attempt to conquer the world!

      Your comments show how utterly stupid you and your kind are! I will fight to my dying breath against people like you and if need be, take up arms AGAIN against you and your leaders to protect OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO FREEDOM!

      A Vietnam era veteran

  16. John Hannon says:

    When the outbreak first occurred overseas anticipated it would eventually reach the U S .
    Restricted travel in and out of country’s affected , and entering back into the U S . But the democrats led by Nancy , Chucky , AOC and the rest of the herd were too busy trying to impeach President Trump back in February .
    Evidently they did not feel Covid 19 was a problem , impeachment was the number 1 priority .

  17. robert black says:

    all things considered he has reacted to the covid virus acceptably. his problem is still and will always be his ego and his mouth. he would have higher favorability if he could control both. just pray biden and the squad lose…..

  18. Bonny says:

    Our President Donald J Trump has been functioning like a constitutional robot and has accomplished and implemented unbelievable huge feats that no other Presidents have done in the past! The President protected us immediately by closing our borders and Is on his way to lead the World in providing a vaccine! My fellow citizens need to step up and join President Trump in saving our Country.

  19. Juergen Schumann says:

    Thanks God that we had President Trump as our President, no other person would have closed travel from China or Europe as early as he ordered, saving innumerable Lives,and no one can deny that Fact,

  20. Allison says:


  21. Debbie says:

    I think the President has done a very good job considering he didn’t know about coronavirus. No body did and when you are dealing with a pandemic there are many factors to take in. I blame governors and mayors more for doing ALOT of stupid things.