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Poll: Is Antifa Just an ‘Idea’ as Biden Claims?

During the first presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice-President Biden, Biden stated, “Antifa’s an idea, not an organization.”

Based on your observations and understanding of Antifa, is Antifa just an idea.?

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During the first presidential debate, Joe Biden said "Antifa's an idea, not an organization." Was he correct?


  1. Don says:

    Biden is a liar. Antifa is not just an idea we are radical leftist when danger our country

  2. Ronald Gunn says:

    If “antifa” is just an idea then antifa didn’t get the meno.

  3. Pegs says:

    C’MON MAN !!!! Are u kidding joe biden!!!!!!!! Well, I have an idea for u !!! GO BACK TO YOUR BASEMENT BUNKER u FREAKIN IDIOT!!! People are DYING& u have the AUDACITY to say “it’s just an idea”!!! YOU’RE NOT FIT TO RUN THIS COUNTRY!!!! u know exactly who these MURDERERS & THUGS are !!! THEY ARE YOUR VOTERS !!! u r DISGUSTING !!!!!!!

  4. Hank says:

    I have an idea! Let’s all go take a dump! Now that’s;s a movement. A bowel movement. This whole thing has gotten real crappy for everyone. There is nothing to debate. Either you are a victim or a soldier. If you are a victim you are a liability for the soldier. So are you going to make a difference in this world or just whine about how you were treated? Victim? Soldier?

  5. The fact that “Antifa” is not a murderer, but only an “idea” can only be asserted by the filthiest liar. The cunning and deceitful politician Biden, who has been messing around in the Senate for 48 years, on taxpayer money. Ideas, cannot rob shops, burn cities and kill small children, women and old people. Political philosophy cannot ambush police officers who risk their lives to protect people from bandits and murderers. These horrors are not produced by ideas and philosophies, but by a criminal fascist organization created by the left from the Democratic Party and supported by politicians. like Biden. It is not ideas and philosophies that are killing people. It is the fascists of the criminal organization of ANTIFA that are killing people.

  6. Christopher Sullivan says:

    Joe Biden is an idiot. Like Obama, ISIS is JV, he and ALL democrates want to sow unrest to blame the President. If you believe Antifa is an “idea” then vote for slow Biden. I hope you reap the rewards of his victory when the “idea” come for you..

  7. Michael Duffy says:

    Antifa is financed by George Soros, and he has been forming many other agency’s to destroy America’s freedom. All of the Democrats are under his payroll, and use his money in getting elected into office. Biden is under Soros’s commands, just like Pelosi, Schiff, and Harris.

    • Julia Ogden says:

      You are right, but do not forget that O’Bama had a hand in that “idea” and the BLM “peaceful” protestors. This is not Soros first rodeo at spreading deception and lies. However, he’s been kicked out of 6 countries in the last 3 years. Starting with Pakistan in summer of 2017, Pakistan denied Soros “Open Society Foundation” any registration and he was kicked out. August 2018, Poland deported a top Soros operative-threat to national security. Turkey banned Soros and Co. not long after, I think November 2018. Stoking division by promoting protests against the government. Just before that Putin kicked out Soros and ALL of his foundations. Stated the Soros’ Foundations were not only a security threat but also a “Spiritual Threat”! In December 2018 Hungary banned Soros, Victor Orbonn wins leadership of Hungary with the Heart of Hungary campaign and his slogan promoting a “Stop Soros” law! And last but not least, Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philipines, stated publicly that he if Soros stepped one foot in his country, he would basically send him to hell! Why can’t we kick him out? He’s doing the same thing here. Oh, right, his nephew is married to Chelsea Clinton!

  8. But when all is said and done who will fund and pay for them then ??? Maybe they should attack those who cheats them cause we the people know this answer !! Carma will come back around to all the democratic’s and Soros !!!!

  9. Betty says:

    I don’t believe it’s a group , it’s just something Trump made up, if so Trump pays them to do destruction. I think Trump was awful last night suppose to a president and acted like a mad dog. Vote him out.

    • George Soros and his like meaning also the common cold is a communist of China. Make no mistake it is a definite communist organization and needs to be eradicated from America. says:

      Antics is certainly an organization and funded by the communist my way ofGeorge Soros and his like meaning also the common cold is a communist of China. Make no mistake it is a definite communist organization and needs to be eradicated from America.

      • Charles says:

        Indeed! They are garbage that needs to be collected and disposed of. And Biden belongs in a nursing home, Not out in public, Anywhere!!

    • Maria says:

      You have definitely been brain washed by the socialist lefties!

    • Ran Grand says:

      You’re wrong Trump did Justin make that up it’s a group that the corrupt Democrats are paying to destroy cities look up the facts Stop being brainwashed

    • Ken Sommers says:

      Hard to believe you are so uninformed. Antiffa, with its banners held high, is involved in most of the violent protests around the country. And who’s bankrolling them? None other than George Soros, a real threat to our freedom! Wake up and smell the bad guys!!

    • linda says:

      you better jpray that they dont come and destroy your property and family.



    • Cg says:

      You must of overdosed on that kool-aid the demoncraps are peddling!
      Trump 2020

    • Betty rousseau says:

      I hit wrong key, antifa is a dangerous, marxis, horrible group. We all know that, and probably being paid for by one of the George soros’s and the democrats groups, that are paying for all of this crap. Antifa is a terrorist bunch of thugs.

    • Mickey says:

      Betty you’re about as crazy as Biden

    • Christopher Sullivan says:

      Listen cool aid Betty. CNN is showing you video of them burning and looting cities. Are you one of those who is okay with that until they get to your home or business? Then you want to call the defunded police for protection?
      You’re an idiot. Vote for slow Joe and hope that the “idea” doesn’t come for you. I hope they do.

    • Ronald Gunn says:

      Betty, if you believe what you are saying you are a bigger idiot than Biden. Remember if some day they, antifa, come your way they are nothing but an idea so if they cause you or a member of your family any harm, It didn’t happen.

  10. Jim says:

    Biden belongs in the nut house

  11. Perry says:

    It’s an organized group of thugs and rabble rousers and SOMEBODY is paying them to fly fron one place to another, feed and board them, buy their riot materials, feed them etc.. follow the money.. NOW THAT’S AN IDEA!
    You’ll find a marxist organization fixed on destroying America!

  12. Disgusted says:

    Forgive me if I sound confused. It seems there are two groups out there. They are BLM and ANTIFA. If we are all familiar with these two groups and see what they have done, how can they be an idea. If they ARE an idea, then what is burning buildings, beating people up, smashing cars, killing people and making demands? I never knew an idea could act like what we have seen.