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Poll: Pro Football – Will You Watch?

The 2020 NFL Season is underway amidst ongoing controversy concerning race relations in the United States. Please participate in our poll by voting and sharing your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you!

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The 2020 NFL season has started. Will you watch?


  1. Brett Smith says:

    If the players don’t want to honor the national anthem of this country,let them go to somewhere else and play and try to get paid what they get paid in this country that they find so repulsive!

  2. Carl Bark says:

    Sick and tired of sports being used to promote a political ideology.

  3. Warren Weeg says:

    Maybe IF they drop all of the crap protests and pompous attitudes. So far I am not watching at all. I assume that will continue. I have a real love for friday night lights. Kids playing for the love of the game and school. After that except for DIII, TOO POLUTED BY $$$$.

  4. Orange grinch says:

    Joe cool blue soul-cialist ends up in a dead heat with Donald red hot capitalist Joe cool is churching red hot capitalist to methodically relax political big mouths need a methodical big heart

  5. Paul W Macurak says:

    Will never watch another NFL game as long as they pander to the lefts demands.
    Rich and spoiled players MUST respect our country and culture

  6. John Johnston says:

    I quit 2 things 4 years ago. I quit voting for democrats and I quit watching sports and I quit watching films that were made after 1950 fuck the left!

  7. Lory Rey says:

    They decided to support criminals, let the criminals support them

  8. Bruce A Sauer says:

    As far as blm and antifa goes you all need to be hanged for your actions if you can’t protest peacefully like it says in the Constitution. You won’t get Justice if you continue to break laws and resist arrest. As far as I’m concerned you protestors could Die today and I wouldn’t lose one 1 second of sleep. Suffer the consequences when your caught and arrested.

  9. Bruce A Sauer says:

    I have yet to watch any game on TV nor will I if ANY TEAM/MBR KNEELS for the National Anthem. I served my/this Great Country for 20 yrs + and I will not waste another second or another penny to contribute to DISRESPECT.!!!!! If they insist on kneeling to Pray. Do it before or after the game. Not During the National Anthem.

  10. Joseph Winter says:

    If they wanna put the blm bastards before the National Anthem FUCK them. Everyones life matters not just the black motherfuckers. They need to respect the law. You gonna kneel for the National Anthem you are not American. Go live somewhere else ASSHOLES ???

  11. Anthony says:

    I am done supporting all professional sports. Im tired of 20 and 30 something primadonnas lecturing me about things I dont believe in. I’m tired of the owners and league leadership pandering to anti-American movements. I’m tired of all those involved disrespecting our nation and those who fought and protect it ao they could have the right to destroy it. Sports should be an escape for all. It is not. So goodbye forever.

  12. Andy Jefferson says:

    Correction – What social injustice is?

  13. Andy Jefferson says:

    Need to quit watching and supporting. Quit doing business with sponsors. Who do this people think they are? What social is? It is when you make millions for playing a game and people protecting us and teaching our children don’t make enough to live a good life. when people work a job and can’t make enough to live. So all you people in sports that make millions need to know life can change for you too.

  14. G T Sammons says:

    They don’t respect veterans & the rest of America any more so why should we watch them. Never again.

  15. Wain says:

    Sports should to be used for political purposes !

  16. Jeannette says:

    I have no desire to see a bunch of grownups running around after the football and they cant take minutes to honor our heroes and pledge to the flag and be thankful that they’re in the best country ever so they call themselves Americans shameful

  17. Jeannette says:

    IHave 5 brothers and when my dad died 2 got drafted and only 1 they could enlist so both were20 snd 18 so one went to Vietnam war and life was ruined for him so u football players ho out a d make millions of dollars and cant pay repect for what they did for u my best friend who all grew up together are both dead with honor and all u guys act like morons with no respect gor how lucky u all are so stop the bullshit and when u kneel my heart cries so i will never watch u idiots with blood in ur veins talk coward shit well my mom used to say what goes around comes around thru in way u will never know so live with

  18. Mike says:

    NEVER AGAIN!!! I quit the day the kneeling began and I swore I’d never watch nfl again. I don’t watch nba or mlb either.

  19. Deana Frontz says:

    NEVER will I watch NFL again unless the ONE & ONLY National Anthem is performed and our flag is respected. Love & Respect America or LEAVE America (the country that made you so friggen RICH!!!)

    • Kendall Crosby says:

      I will not watch NFL until all players respect the National Anthem. Am am a combat Vet of Vietnam war. The national anthem and the flag means alot to me. To be respected is very important. Remember how we Vietnam vets were treated? Not now not ever disrespect the American flag or anthem.
      Kendall Niles Crosby,Vietnam 1966/67

  20. Missy C. says:

    There are 2 sides. Good vs Evil. They chose theirs. NO I WANT NO PART OF TRAITORS, COWARDS, AND ANTI-AMERICANS…

  21. Murray says:

    Most of these comments have eloquently expressed my sentiments perfectly. Two National Anthems (talk about divisive!!!!) and refusing to stand out of respect for our great nation and the men and women who gave all so that they can run around and get obscene salaries. Let them try that in China or Russia or Cuba or Iran!!! Disgusting lot!!

  22. JACK says:

    I love the sport of football but I will not watch the NFL or condone there political agenda against America . The way I see it love America or leave it. We here in America isn’t perfect but we are the best thing goin and how I know that is theres tens of thousands risking there life to get here but no one is trying to leave. Malcolm X once stated he would rather be imprisoned in America than a free man any where else in the world. Now think on that ! God bless America and President Donald J Trump.

  23. Betty Bryans says:

    We will not watch, nor attend another NFL or any sport team as long as they neal and dicrespect our flag, america and those that pay their outrageous salarys. The fans?? It is a slap in the face to all fans, but this family will no longer participate visual or personally to any sports that allow continued insults.!!!!!

  24. Cheryl Kelly says:

    My husband and I have been long life sports fans. Now we will not turn on any sports. I know some of the sports teams are not involved, but we are just sick of all the disrespect that is being allowed. The answer is not to play the national anthem before the players come on the field-the answer is quit being disrespectful or lose your job. I truly hope the NFL goes broke and all the cry babies have to get regular jobs. Most get by with things that are illegal as long as they play a good game. I say GAMES are over. Good bye to sports-and Ihope the owners go broke too. We have had enough.

  25. BOB LONG says:

    I agree with most of the previous comments. I am very angry that the political ideology of the left has worked its way into professional sports like a cancer. The players, team management, owners, and the league have allowed this to happen. This goes for the NFL, MLB, and NBA. On top of that they kowtow to China and say nothing about their human rights abuses and racism. For those reasons, as well as others, I will be exercising my 1st amendment right to turn them off and not spend a dime on any of their products.

  26. I G says:

    No no mono NO
    I am tired of thugs disrespecting our national anthem and this country.
    Kneel for God
    Hand over heart (or salute) for this country
    If you can’t (or won’t) behave and commit crimes you should be prosecuted for your crimes and not be allowed to play sports for pay

  27. Bill Kauffeld says:

    I won’t watch the NFL or any sports. When the NFL allows the name of a rapist on players helmets but won’t allow Dallas to put the names of Police Officers that were shot I can’t condone their actions.
    BLM, ANTIFA Both are inciting riots, burning and ruining businesses. Why support this behavior? That is what the NFL, MLB, NBA are all supporting. I AM NOT!

    • B. A. Spincic says:

      I will not be wstching the NFL and other profrssional sports for all the reasos stated in the comments section. Do not feel good about what is happening in professional sports.
      M Pouncy was the only player who publically apologized for putting the name on his helment after doing research on that individual. LEO’s are not paid a fraction of what pros are paid…put their names on helments if you are looking for role models.

  28. Martin Coufal says:

    I won’t watch the black Anthem we have one and one country.

  29. gary says:

    just play the game, no politics or social media, after the game OK. we, the people, don’t have the same opportunity, it’s discrimination. talk sports and play by play and JUST PLAY THE GAME. play the anthem before the Players come out on the field. then I’ll WATCH!!!

  30. Jack Kenner says:

    No, will not watch. I love sports, and I love to watch great athletes. But, I don’t care what they think about issues any more than they care what I think.
    If they want to support certain things, fine, do it on your own time. Take your millions of dollars and put it to good use. Until that happens, don’t try to preach to me! Most are the biggest HYPOCRITES in this country. On my college football team in the 1980s, we had no racial problems in the lockerroom, dorm, cafeteria or anywhere else. Why don’t the athletes take that message to the people? They could really help our country now.

  31. blank says:

    nope because racism went away along time ago dems brought it back they are racist deep to the heart an sole, hitler tried to do that in the olympics now they want it in america , america hasnt denied them fame an fortune screw sports let it die

  32. Charles Keller says:

    The NFL is a joke. Will not watch any other sports for that matter. Got use to it. Overpaid athletes who are saying things to look good. Put some of that money where it will do some good. Better yet go to some of these places where innocent children are being killed and see if you can stop all this BS. They have no respect for this country. If you do not like how it is pack your bags and move to Venezuela, China or Cuba for thast matter.

  33. Mark Onesti says:

    My wife and I are Packers fans, always have been and always will be, but this year we won’t be watching. I’m tired of grown men or women of any sport who by the way make millions to Play a Game, disrespecting our country and those who’ve fought and died for their freedoms. My wife and I will not be watching any professional sports as long as they don’t stand and show honor to our country’s flag and the men and women who fought for them. If they want to protest something then they should do it off the field on their own time. When I watch a game of any sort I watch to see someone play their best and entertain me for what I’m paying and not to be preached at by some spoiled little person.

  34. Anthony G. says:

    I will never again watch or support the NFL, or any football period. I had someone ask me about college ball, a big NO is my answer. One day some of those will be going to the NFL and disrespecting all Veterans and all of America! I truly hope the NFL goes bankrupt. I’d like to see Kaepernick kneel during our anthem while he’s in arms reach of me! It would be a game he’s never played before!

  35. Sic&Tired says:

    THOSE….Professional Teams and Players…WHO DISRESPECT THE FLAG OR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM – Shouldn’t Even be Allowed to be on Television or whatever the Station may be………..I am SO SICK and TIRED of watching these Players act like a Bunch of Stinken Babies.!!! They are getting paid WAY TOO MUCH in my Opinion and until the Darn FANS….Make a Point and Not Watch any of these Games and Especially Not Go to the Stadiums to Watch the Terrible Attitudes of these Players….It WON’T STOP.!!! Americans do like to watch Sports, but when the Athletes Act the Way They Are…..They DESERVE NOTHING.!!!! If, I was Coach and was given the Right to FIRE a PLAYER for KNEELING or doing ANYTHING – Disrespectful to the Flag or the National Anthem ….I SURELY WOULD..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Nelson Daryl says:

    Please don’t support any person, business, or organization that Is anti-American.

  37. George Sammons says:

    I have no more respect for pro sports. They are over paid and pampered thugs for the most part. Even their sportsmanship and demeanor started changing his 10 yrs ago. They are no longer role models for our youth. I can better utilize my time with family and grandkids.

  38. Brian Emmert says:

    They are paid to do a job, not protest. The fact they are doing it during the national anthem just pissed me off. They want to protest then they can do it on their own time. They have money, let them spend it on fixing problems.

  39. Homer says:

    Cause and effect. If they would start dealing with the cause of the problem and stop crying about the effect, we might accomplish something constructive.
    Until then, my condolences to the nfl and any sports league that panders to knee jerk acts.

  40. Bruce says:

    Amen to all the above comments.what more can I say. the truth has been spoken.

    • Jayne Hart says:

      Same with me I don’t tolerate this woke bs I agree with all the other comments listed here I can’t better any of them they’ve said everything I have thought.

  41. Joey McMurrey says:

    No , I will never watch again and thats all pro sports I’m tired of the whining of this over paid athletes. Kneeling and disrespecting our flag , backing socialism it’s A real shame politics should not be part of entertainment.

  42. Raul DeMoura says:

    Enough with the BLM B-S already! I get it, I watch the news, and I read ALL about what needs to change! Let me be CLEAR,… Burning, Looting, and Murder are CRIMES!! This is NOT how to bring about change. Did Dr. King promote violence? Looting? Murder? Burning business’s/buildings? I think NOT!! Now then… kneeling for our NATIONAL ANTHEM? How very DISRESPECTFUL! Yes, that’s your RIGHT. A right freely GIVEN to you. But it disrespect’s all the BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN, who SERVED our country to GIVE YOU that right! My self, my two brothers… we ALL served. As did our Father! He did 2 tours of duty in both Korea, AND Vietnam Nam. Hey BLM, you have the FREEDOM to pack your CRAP, and MOVE to which ever country you want to. How about this… WORK FROM HOME! Yeah, burn your OWN home! LOOT your OWN home and destroy your OWN belongings!! You’ll have les to Cary when you MOVE the F*#K OUT.

  43. Don says:

    Think I will watch Australian football as long as the Aussies don’t get as stupid as the NFL. Oh, wait. I may continue to watch Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City as long as they are called the Chiefs.

  44. Jo says:

    I might watch Drew Brees and Dak Prescott A few times, depending on who they play. I am sick of those whining over grown men. I know there are some More good men and they are being harrassed by the whiners. I have been so impressed by former player Hershal Walker. A very smart man.

  45. Sam B. says:

    So…do black lives matter? Or do ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER? It sure seems that this entire blm movement is totally pointed at law enforcement & racial injustice. Agreed..some reform while 100% supporting our law enforcement agencies/NO DEFUNDING is a good thing. Get the bad apples out. But as we all know..The ENORMOUS # of black on black deaths is staggering & has been going on for YEARS! This has NOTHING to do with law enforcement!! Hey blm & followers…even though all of these lives don’t meet ur bs narrative…don’t ALL these black lives matter? Can’t hear u! Crickets.
    Here’s something for BLM & ALL THE SPORT & ENTERTAINMENT STARS..MEDIA & PATHETIC POLITICIANS that support this “bs narrative”:
    Sorry Chicago…but so far this year 2205 black people have been shot by other black folks..2205! 404 of these 2205 American brothers & sisters were KILLED! In the past 2 weekends..107 were shot & 18 were killed including teenagers & an 8yr old little girl Labor Day weekend. Where the “F” is blm on this? Hey sports & entertainment stars, media, politicians etc…where the hell r u? Could u imagine if law enforcement shot that little 8yr old girl?! Armageddon. Hey blm & followers “say her name!” Oh..u don’t know her name?! It’s “Dajore Wilson”. God rest her sole & comfort her family..& ALL other families that have suffered a loss. Let’s b honest..This whole “blm narrative” movement is all bs. ENOUGH!
    Sports & entertainment stars..teams etc etc. had better stand & respect our anthem, flag & country that has afforded u great fortune or u will loose millions of MORE fans..& ultimately ur enormous pay. Protest on your own time…& don’t forget all the “Dajore Wilson’s” out there.
    We r an imperfect nation no doubt…but still a GREAT country full of a MASSIVE percentage of fantastic/great people. A small percentage of people out there have lost their way…hope they find it cause the road they’re on is a 1-way street to nowhere.

  46. David Broughton says:

    When those privilaged, Communist, SNOWFLAKES started kneeling for the national anthem and then the team owners agreed is when I stopped watching those freaks..

  47. Andrea Jackopich says:

    The players have all the perks of being in the NFL. If it wasn’t for all the veterns who fought to keep this country free they would not be living the grand life they have today! They might be speaking German if speaking at all. That flag & anthem stands for freedom. That freedom came with a price. A price that my uncle paid with his life in Normandy. God Bless President Trump! Keep our country free!

  48. Roger Sroka says:

    Sports was what brought us together, the nfl is watching it and complacent with it tearing us apart.
    Shame on them. No balls!

  49. Joseph V Pelikan says:

    No respect for nfl who don’t respect our country, flag, vets,and all Americans who work to make us safe, healthy and free!!!!!!!

  50. Kevin Kline says:

    I will not support any sport that disrespects the flag! BLM supports thugs and law-breaking hoodlums and makes them martyrs! These athletes, who young people idolize and look up to, are setting the worst example imaginable for the youth of America.

  51. William says:

    No I can never support anyone or team that will not stand in respect of
    America or the people who gave their all

  52. Travis Todd says:

    Won’t watch or support the NFL until they denounce and cut all ties with BLM

  53. Pat says:

    Ya’ll are all FUCKED UP.
    I don’t condone what you are doing to the USA.
    black people SUCK
    You don’t respect our FLAG—ANTHEM—don’t stand to respect those that fought for our FREEDOM.
    Go live somewhere else because I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU. Hopefully ya’ll will be meeting SATAN SOON.?????????…

  54. Mark says:

    Overpaid inflated egos. Only morons insult half of what was once their fan base!one thing we have learned during covid is we can get along just fine without pro sports played by Amerca hating spoiled brats. They should kiss the ground they walk on.Talk about bite the hand that feeds you!As far as Lebron he’s just a big dumb POS. Boycott teams that distespect the country that gave them their lifestyle. Deport his sorry ass to China!

  55. David says:

    We give those assholes to earn huge salaries and a ton of freebies and thev disrespect our flag and anthem, let them play in China or the user see what would happen, see that’s the problem in the us, first your everything else then your American which gave them the chance to be rich and famous in the first place all they have to do is be proud to be American first

  56. Kevin Reed says:

    Trump and Pence in 2020.

  57. louis miele says:

    they are simply pawns being used by the “comrades” of blm to achieve a political outcome… one that will not include professional athletes.. just an olympic team unpaided .! they lead in the path to their own ruin … they serve not useful purpose to the state outside international competition. and lbgtq are beening used similarly as a spear point to devide and devise our society weakening our country thru division…. when the socialists are in control firmly the true idealogies will surface .. no need for professional athletes ( considered decadence of old America) and to be homosexual will be to steal from the state in that you do not provide off spring to be workers for the state . i pray for you all dailly and love everyone on this planet God bless you all !

  58. Holly Dutton says:

    If the NFL players grow up and stop irreverencing our country’s flag and national anthem, I may consider watching NFL football games again. If they keep up their current antics, however, I won’t bother to even turn on my TV for anything NFL.

  59. Will says:

    Watching overpaid athletes play a game is ridiculous! They get millions to play their game, not to play politician! They are hypocrites! Their issues only matter during the regular season when they are playing their games. They have demonstrated their hypocrisy over and over! Why their concerns disappear after the regular season? Do they go around the country in support of their concerns during the off season? NO! WHY? THEY ARE NOT THE CENTER OF ATTENTION! AND SINCE IT IS THE OFF SEASON, IT IS INFRINGING ON THEIR FREE TIME! THIS TELLS ME, BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS, THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT THESE CONCERNS! THEY ARE SILENT, UNTIL THE NEXT PRE SEASON WHEN IT STARTS ALL OVER! THIS IS WHY I DON’T WATCH THE NFL. THEY ARE OVERPAID, SELF CENTERED, SPOILED, CHILDISH ADULTS! I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN WATCHING THESE “PRIVILEGED” ATHLETES TRYING TO SUCK UP TO THEIR FAN BASE!

  60. Hester Jacobs says:


  61. Hester Jacobs says:

    Disrespectful people do not deserve any attention, and if you live in a country
    that offers you the best and you still act like a fool you do not have a place on any team in the USA, better for all the kneeling persons to go to the green grass on the other side of the USA borders.

  62. James Hutchins says:

    Politics should be in the news not on the Grid Iron.

  63. Richard Rivas says:

    BLM is a domestic terrorist group. Do your research. They have done nothing to help the black community. And now the NFL is allowing players to kneel when the anthem is being played to support this group and also allow them to put criminals names on their helmets to support those criminals. I don’t think so! Football is American. It used to be a sport where all Americans can get together and watch this sport because of what it is or was. It has now become a platform in support of local terrorism where players show their ignorance and disgrace the American flag and anthem and those whom have fought and those that continue to risk their lives daily to give peace freedom for us all. I cannot and will not support this. God bless America.

  64. Rickey Slade says:

    When the owners of the teams hurts there pocket book for the people to watch carp like it is right now. And no I will not watch. The players forget who really pays there salaries the people do so keep going not standing for our flag and watch what happens!!

  65. Denis Beloin says:


  66. Sawyer says:

    No way football was a great sport but with this BLM crap it sucks. You live with it I don’t have too.

  67. Gary Hull says:

    I will not support any professional sport that is using causes being politicized no matter what the issue. Politics does not belong in sports or the entertainment industry

  68. Linda winkler says:

    I put no terrorist group before God and country.Dont support any sports that kneel to a bunch of thugs and wear names of criminals on there helmet.I hope the NFL and the rest of the sports team that kneel for terrorist lose all there sponsers and television viewers.Fuck the nfl.

  69. Bj D says:

    When you put god first and get off your knees except for him maybe i will think about it but i very seriously doubt it because you and besides there are starving people who need the money way worse than a ball player no thanks!!!!

  70. tim Harrington says:

    take a knee recieve a foot in the ass

  71. Vincent Luciano says:

    Nope they forget they have what ththey have because of the fans. Disrespect the flag and country by kneeling during the national Athem. Now your supporting the blm domestic terrorist putting their name all over the place while they destroy cities and hard working people’s lively hood. All LIVES MATTER. you guys made the wrong choice backing the wrong people. I won’t even wear my jerseys anymore, I grew up on football but I love my country and my military family more


    Overpayed disrepectful cry babies who care nothing for the country that gives them the opportunity to be what they are. If they never played again, I would not miss them.

  73. Terry says:


  74. Stevens O says:

    I will never watch ANY pro sport that disrespects my Country , its flag and our national anthem !!! Much less play a D A song
    for a black national anthem! These over paid and over grown kids,
    if you don’t love the country you live in PLEASE get the hell back to Africa where you all belong !!! Because YOU don’t belong here for sure !!!!!!

  75. Lerose Lane says:

    Many of these players are overpaid spoiled brats. An arena where people pay to watch a game is not a place for the players to try to make a political statement. Stand for the flag of our great country, kneel for prayer.

  76. Stevens O says:

    I will never watch ANY pro sport that disrespects my Country , its flag and our national anthem !!! Much less play a D A song
    for a black national anthem! These over paid and over grown kids,
    if you don’t love the country you live in PLEASE get the hell back to Africa where you all belong !!!

  77. Ginger Cheeseman says:


  78. These professional athletes just need to play football that’s what they do they need to stay out of politics I’m sick and tired of it I know the Democrats are trying to sway it their way but if these athletes can’t make up their own minds for themselves and I’m sure they’re being bribed I want nothing to do with football any longer or basketball or baseball and if you kneel during the national anthem that is a disgrace to America you need to leave this country it’s treason if you’re not proud of this country this is the most wonderful country in the world you need to get the hell out.
    I can’t believe professional athletes are some of the biggest ship in the world what’s wrong with you where’s your leadership stand up for your own rights quit being told what to say and what to do quit trying to create chaos amongst us Americans seat for your salads maybe someday I’ll watch football again when you can get your heads out of your asses

  79. George Valdez says:

    These professional athletes just need to play football that’s what they do they need to stay out of politics I’m sick and tired of it I know the Democrats are trying to sway it their way but if these athletes can’t make up their own minds for themselves and I’m sure they’re being bribed I want nothing to do with football any longer or basketball or baseball and if you kneel during the national anthem that is a disgrace to America you need to leave this country it’s treason if you’re not proud of this country this is the most wonderful country in the world you need to get the hell out.
    I can’t believe professional athletes are some of the biggest ship in the world what’s wrong with you where’s your leadership stand up for your own rights quit being told what to say and what to do quit trying to create chaos amongst us Americans seat for your salads maybe someday I’ll watch football again when you can get your heads out of your asses

  80. Charla Goodman says:

    If the players respect the flag that flies to protect their freedom to play and make millions as well, then I will watch; but if they disrespect the American flag I will turn it off immediately.

  81. David E. Williams says:

    Absolutely NOT! These privileged athletes act as if they are oppressed in a country that allows them to gain fame and wealth. They use their platform to make political statements on issues. Too many people, from all races died defending this nation. Is it perfect absolutely not, but its what you make of it. Stop blaming everyone else for poor decisions made by criminals. To refuse to support this country because of perceived institutional racism is crazy in my opinion. Are there racist in this nation, yes there are. Don’t paint everyone with a broad brush. There were many white people who supported ending segregation and Jim Crow laws. To call a entire race is wrong. This BLM movement is an Absolute Travesty to our nation as well as Antifa. They are using the same tactics of the Germans during Hitlers reign.

  82. David Williams says:

    Absolutely NOT! These privileged athletes act as if they are oppressed in a country that allows them to gain fame and wealth. They use their platform to make political statements on issues. Too many people, from all races died defending this nation. Is it perfect absolutely not, but its what you make of it. Stop blaming everyone else for poor decisions made by criminals. To refuse to support this country because of perceived institutional racism is crazy in my opinion. Are there racist in this nation, yes there are. Don’t paint everyone with a broad brush. There were many white people who supported ending segregation and Jim Crow laws. To call a entire race is wrong. This BLM movement is an Absolute Travesty to our nation as well as Antifa. They are using the same tactics of the Germans during Hitlers reign.

  83. Sam B. says:

    If the players/teams stand & respect our flag..our anthem..our country I’ll watch/give it a chance. HOWEVER when teams like the Texans refused to even b on the field during the anthem Thursday 9/10 but came out for the blm demonstration completely disgusted me…I looked forward all day to watch thurs pm nfl(even though I’m not a fan of either team) until I saw this. I changed the channel immediately. I live in Central Florida & ALL the sports radio talk shows were alive about this the following day…(just like it was when the Milwaukee bucks refused to play their playoff game against the Orlando Magic..WOW). I’ll bet 99% of all calls that came in to these sports talk shows were from pissed off fans. I agree with everyone. If the players wanna give an interview after a game about their beliefs on their own time then that’s on them. Stand during our anthem, respect our flag & our country that has afforded u all this fortune…doesn’t matter the color of ur skin or political beliefs.
    Here’s a thought: where has all this hubbub been when ALL the 100s & 100s of black on black deaths have happened over the years..esp in the past 6-8 months?! ALL the children!! Where is “blm” about this? Where r the sports & entertainment stars about this? Your speaking out for blm against law enforcement but what about ALL THESE PEOPLE…our American brothers & sisters..”say their names too”. The 100s & 100s of them. Sadly Their silent. Shouldn’t ALL these lives matter too?! The MASSIVE # of black on black lives lost is staggering…enormous..yet gets totally ignored because it doesn’t involve law enforcement! It Doesn’t meet the blm against police narrative as it seems. Attn. Sports & entertainment stars, media..& politicians: look ALL these 100s & 100s of families in the eye & tell them “if they matter”. Your actions say no.
    Some in this country have lost their way sadly.
    We r an imperfect nation but still the best.

    • cathy says:

      I agree, I dearly loved football til they disrespected all our American families. Especially those that fought for our freedom to assemble. If they do not want to play for American, that’s fine. but Please go to what ever great country that you want to honor and play til your hearts content, since it’s Not About The Money! What, hit a nerve? Wise men still seek the Saviour. I truely hope and pray that we could treat our neighbor as we would like to be reverenced with upmost respect.

  84. J says:

    Haven’t watched the national felons league since collard krappyneck pulled his phony stunts. With spineless owners cowering and allowing this joke to turn into a political circus, they can all shove it up their overpaid backsides!!

    Never again.

  85. Ronald Sarson says:

    I watch the NFL as one type of entertainment There are other TV programs I watch also as entertainment. Some of the stars of these shows are probably worse people than most of the NFL players. I don’t need somebody to tell me what to watch. You watch what you want, and let me watch what I want.

  86. Rand says:

    I haven’t watched a “Pro” game in FOUR [4] years. If college begins same nonsense, they are off of my T.V. also. NFL is the same as Barry Sotoro aka , Barack , and less interesting. The Chicago Bathhouse floozie and the NFL floozies can go back to their showers and never darken the streets of America again.
    Shameful thugs who can’t see the difference between “Freedom” and “Equality” verses slavery. They are building their wn plantation and are clueless.

  87. Troy Goolsby says:

    They are the privileged I’m so mad they dont respect our country or flag I hope they lose their jobs then they will be humbled I will not watch ever again until they sincerely apologize to us they are going down every day they better wake up before it’s too late they are the racist

  88. Julia Ogden says:

    I will boycott the NFL until it stops supporting BLM. I’m just going to say it, I don’t care what anyone thinks. BLM and Anitfa are COMMUNIST backed and funded organizations bent on destroying the free world, with special attention to America, the leader of liberty! Either these players are dumber than a box of rocks or they are malevalent and complicit in the attempted destruction of the very system that allows them the freedom TO CHOOSE their lives and make millions for playing a game! ANYONE supporting BLM is the same! Either dumb or evil. There is NO in between. Same for Marxism or Globalism. If you are a true American and believe in our constitution, you will BOYCOTT the NFL! At least until they stop disrespecting our flag, our anthem, and our country! 60 years old and voting for TRUMP 2020!

    • Dennis J Hovland says:

      You are correct. Almost no one has bothered to do a little research on BLM. It SOUNDS like a good cause.

  89. MDelVega says:

    NFL players disrespected the flag and the nation by not standing for the national anthem. Not only did it happen in America but in Canada as well. A complete disgrace. They should be fired. But instead they get paid millions for shameful behaviour. They all are reaping the benefits of living in a free democratic country, in which millions fought and lost their lives in war to protect our freedoms. I will not support the NFL or any other organization that exhibits this type of behaviour.

  90. I am watching the Games right now.

    I enjoy the competitive spirit; once the game starts the players forget the stands are empty and play hard.

    Politics does not belong in Professional Sports. The United States population is still free to act as they want, as long as the individuals do not break the Law. Why would anyone want to take some of their ‘Rights’ away?

  91. Thomas says:

    No sport’s at all can’t support them when they disrespect our flag and our country

  92. Thom Anderson says:

    No respect for the Flag and all the military that served and many died for. I’m not watching a bunch of millionaire premadonnas flaunting their money and disrespecting the flag.

    And the nfl paid the players association 100 million dollars to get them to stand for the National anthem and they still take a knee

    No nfl programs in this house and no nfl sponsored products in this house either.

  93. Vince Maisano says:

    Will not watch the NFL. They have disrespected our flag?? Country & the men & women who fought an died to keep us FREE.

  94. Chuck says:

    Turned on lionns, and saw disrespect for OUR FLAG. Enuff is en

  95. Kathy says:

    I love sports, but they have ruined them for me! They use a game for s platform and shouldn’t! I will not watch or promote NFL, MLB, or any organization that is promoting rioting and socialists propaganda. They disrespect our flag, nation, and the people that have died to make this country free. If they don’t like it here, go to Venezuela, Cuba, they’ll fit right in!

  96. jose Valenzia says:


  97. Larry Elliott says:

    They have no respect for the men and women that gave their lives so these young millionaires can play on Sunday. I spent 4 years in the military but was never in a combats. Zone.

  98. James E Titus says:

    I will support nothing that has disrespected the flag and country like the players and the NFL have.

  99. Dan says:

    I’ve been a Dallas fan since 1967, Jerry Jones EAT SHIT!!!

  100. Donald GRISSOM says:

    There bums i will never watch again

  101. Marty says:

    Not standing for the National anthem when so many lives were lost fighting wars which gave us the ability to watch sports but also to make millions of dollars playing sports. Members of my family included. Then you take sports millionaires and they back black lives matter a terrorist organization only a non patriotic individual would continue to watch any sport. The only way to stop this is to not watch, attend or buy any thing connected to nfl mlb or nba. Maybe they will get it when they have their salaries cut.

  102. Robert Howard says:

    No, I will not be watching NFL, NBA or MLB any more, There is no respect for our country.
    These leagues forget it’s we the people that has allowed them to prosper, when the viewership dries up so will they!

  103. Ralph says:

    I’m not going to watch any sport that doesn’t respect our flag, and men and women who serve our country.Our veterans and law enforcement and hard working Americans deserve better.

  104. Conrad DiLoreto says:

    I won’t watch one single game! When the NFL backs this BLM bullcrap and not respect our country and our flag.

  105. Patrick Kelly says:

    No respect for our country and all the people who died for our freedom, which they are giving away. I will not by products that are associated with any of the teams that disrespect our flag and our country. I hope they lose lots of money over this. If they hate our country so much,to a different country.

  106. Dennis Mall says:

    They are over paid adults and cry babies that do not respect the flag and the national anthem. If it wasn’t for the men and women that fought for our freedom they wouldn’t be getting their outrageous salary. I’m also tired of seeing and hearing black lives matter ALL LIVES MATTER. There is good and bad in white , black , Asian and all other ethnic people. GOD BLESS AMERICA????????????

  107. Paul Lanier says:

    I love football and I do not want politics Mixed with football.. Players need to use their own time to promote their views with their money, because heaven knows they are tremendously overpaid. I will not be watching pro football until respect for our flags and America comes back. If the players can’t do that fire them, there are plenty players that would love their job and respect America.

  108. Pegs says:

    NO RESPECT FOR OUR FLAG!!! NO FOOTBALL!!! HELL NO!!! Hit’em where it HURTS! $$$$$$$Go play for china!!! #BAN FOOTBALL !!!!!!!

  109. Dan says:

    I will never watch a NFL. MLB or NBA game so long as we have these over paid sports players who think they can tell us how we as Americans should be told how we treat people. They can’t even get along on at game with a referee. They are great roll model’s domestic violence, drugs, murders. So now they want to tell the American people how to salute the flag and what they think about this country’s laws that they break every day.

  110. William H Guthrie says:

    I will not watch BLM activist which is a terrorist organization.I will not watch a organization that go’s along with that crap.

  111. Don Landolphi says:

    Too much with the politics. The players can do their protest on their free time. Too much disrespect of the America Flag. America matters, cops matter and all lives matter and many Americans gave their lives for us to have this right. The football commissioner did not allow other protests in the past that were in the opinion of many more worthy. He is being used for sure. Gutless as well.

  112. H says:

    The hell with the NFL, NBA, and MLB
    If you don’t respect our Flag, then leave our country.
    We don’t need or want you here
    We will not support anything you do
    Go make your money in China and any other place. Not here
    You sons of bitches. Leave America

  113. Daniel Rupp says:

    If players stand for the National Anthem, We’ll watch. Oh they kneel, we will not watch.

  114. Larry says:

    I don’t even think of it as a “sport” anymore. There is NO sportsmanship about it.

  115. DennisA says:

    It’s one thing to watch overpaid players act like spoiled children buts it another thing entirely to see them disrespect our flag and the greatest country in the world. Let’s see them make their salaries in other countries for playing a child’s game.

  116. Loftin Janice Polk Shivers says:

    Until the rest of our citizens are treated with the same respect given a professional athlete, and until they stand for our FLAG, I will NEVER WATCH AGAIN.

  117. Pat says:

    I am 64 and have been watching football since I was 14, but no more. I am sick of what is going on in this country. I’m tired of poor athletes and crazy Hollywood jerks trying to tell me how to live, as they sit in their gated community and all their money! Then tell me It’s ok to loot and riot and assassinate police, BUT Not open stores or make a living. Total disgusting, Get out and vote Republican and then support President Trump to stop the insanity!!!

  118. Steve. Favelo says:

    Must proudly stand for the national anthem.

  119. blank says:

    Demarcate created a system of divison and racism in the entire U.S ,now sports if this is what man kinds is really about !!! lets destroy the human race and make the world a better place

  120. Ann says:

    The audacity of them disrespecting America and the flag!!! I hope no one watched ever again and they all go broke!! AND AMEN to ALL the other comments!!!’!!!!!’ Their attitude make my blood boil

  121. FrankAboutIt says:

    I loved football. I used to look forward to viewing the games on television, and I attended numerous games in my life time. For more than fifty years. I collected football sports memorabilia for my sons and they would watch games with me and go with me to watch them live.
    I can honestly say that from the first day Colin Kaepernick took a knee during our National Anthem, I tuned out Football and haven’t watched a game since. I know that what Colin started has grown since, and the game to me has lost its draw. I enjoyed the excitement of the crowd and the Players. That’s all gone, because of selfish, highly overpaid, sniffling, ignorant people who changed the stage setting. Other sports have followed suit and they too will not be viewed on my television, nor will I ever be seen in a stadium again. In my view the causes the players present for their Actions don’t exist, are grossly exaggerated, or are figments of their imaginations. I do not miss the NFL, MLB , NBA ( a Racist Organization), NHL because I refuse to watch these Millionaires foment the hatred and the disrespect That consumes them.
    I am Native American and am well versed in the History of my Tribe. I well know trials and tribulations my family and my ancestors endured. But I am also aware of what my family did to overcome a great deal of the damage done to them. I am educated, through college; served in the military in VIetnam; Have a developed sense of family values, church, community and Country.
    The ignorance that abounds in the sporting world is pervasive and will hopefully result in a massive implosion. It would be a god send to see these massive salaries dry up. None of my sons, nor I watch sports any longer ; and the memorabilia have long ago been deposited in the trash We also very consciously boycott products of sponsors for these sports.

  122. PAUL H JOHANSON says:

    Anyone thats supports the despicable BLM marxists dogs will not get my dollars or support. Hope the privileged spoiled players loose thier big money contracts. Socialists take over players and teams loose their big money fn idiots.

  123. Gerald says:

    I will not watch someone disrespect my flag.By watching you’re paying them to do just that.Do not support ignorance.I know I won’t.

  124. JD says:

    The NFL showing support for an anti-American / marxists organization, is ludicrous. Our society and people are not perfect but, we are a far better society compared to most other cultures.
    Pretty tired being “lectured” from wealthy athletes regarding our morals and ethics as a culture…is way to ridiculous…play your game, entertain your fans and keep your opinions and “other than athletic” actions to yourself…uplift your fellow man, speak positiveness, support the beligered “blue”.

  125. Charles d says:

    NFL players that won’t stand for our anthem and our flag are sorry ungrateful people and I will not watch the sport or support the NFL in any fashion.

  126. James Jacobs says:

    I have always watched sports but not anymore. They are nothing but an overpaid bunch of spoiled brats who need the either show some respect for the country, the flag and the people or get out. I wont miss any of them.

  127. Donna Alexander says:

    Absolutely not! I am not supporting those who snub our flag, beliefs and most of all show no respect to our veterans!

  128. Vin Schade says:

    The #1 crime race -supported #1big money people–#1 most segragated!did BLM people come from a utopia?? Slaves long ago was still better then africa! Let Oprah & other$ go after the black generations that sold them in afica?

  129. Rich Jones says:

    Nope I am done with sports, if I need a sports fix I will watch a high school game, the players there are much more grown up.

  130. Darrell Swan says:

    When the NFL or any other sport, that is for the people, paid for by the people, shows disrespect for Our American Flag, Our Military Personnel, Our Police, Our Country, Our Freedom, or the American People, they should be fired and band from playing any future games. They should not be paid one American Cent that is given to them by the people. They should not have any protests on their uniforms or their advertisements.
    The games are for the people that pay their salary. The people do not pay for their political views.
    If they want to protest they protest on their own time, with their own money and they LEAVE the sports out of it. If they bring the sports into their protest they should be fired with no PAY.
    SO … NO … I have not watched the NFL since they first knelt and protested Our American Flag. My pride in America far outways any protester that protest America and Our Freedom.
    I am a NAVY Veteran and I fought for Our way of Life, Our Freedom. I have seen what Socialism and Communisium do for their own people. I don’t what any of that in America.
    So Again … NO … I will not watch NFL again.

  131. Sheila Boje says:

    I’m not a big sports fan, but what I see happening is nothing I would ever support. I think when people watch sports they’re doing it for entertainment and relaxation and enjoyment. Not for political purposes or meeting someone’s agenda.

  132. Lew foote says:

    Greedy, overpaid, disgusting, no love for America and flag. Hope this is the end for all sports who have bowed to anyone who tell them they are being offended. Get a life

  133. MICHAEL BARNES says:

    They get paid more money in AMERICA than they can spend in a lifetime to play sports. And that’s fine. Their political opinions should be kept to themselves and NOT ON THE PLAYING FIELD. If they disagree with the current administration or are unhappy with this country and the lifestyle it has enabled then to achieve they have TWO OPTIONS.
    ONE: They can have their say on November 3rd. OR
    TWO: They can get out of this country and try to find a better country in which to live without getting their heads out off for disagreeing with the leaderships beliefs.
    You’ve got the money, now go purchase a ticket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Vin Schade says:

    #1 crime race,social handouts,rapist of white women,etc.etc! They think they came from some utopia! They should kiss the white people for bringing them here! Slavery back then was still better then africa! Why don’t they go after the generations in Africa that sold them?? Extremely over paid in sports! I don’t here any one leaving! They can afford their own country! Oprah

  135. Linda Anderson says:

    These so called men are spoiled children demanding their way. Well, your privileged attitudes just lost you a big fan of the NFL. I’m a huge Cowboy fan, but I wouldn’t waste my time watching one minute of any game. These players need to grow up and act like men instead of crybabies.

  136. John reva says:

    United States is becoming a third world country for better or worst vote !

  137. Lynn McCormick says:

    I think all sports should be ban here in the USA. All are over paid stupid people. No one is worth the money they get. Get a real job and start being a human being again. I have never liked sports at all. I have any sports.

  138. Lynn McCormick says:

    I think all sports should be ban here in the USA. All are over paid stupid people. No one is worth the money they get. Get a real job and start being a human being again. I have never liked sports at all.

  139. Sam B. says:

    The black lives matter movement seems to b pointed solely at law enforcement/racial injustice etc. I respect those views to a point..we all do…but shouldn’t “ALL black lives matter?” A MASSIVE # of black lives r lost weekly at the hands of other black folks(nothing to do with law enforcement) but all these 100s of lives including our children get totally overlooked! It’s as if ALL THESE LIVES DONT MATTER! Like these lives don’t meet the narrative of blm. “Pathetic”. If the nfl, teams etc allow players to disrespect our flag, protest with the blm narrative movement at game time..make the game political then I too will change the channel like the enormous majority of fans have done to the nba. The nba has tanked. If all us millions of fans wanna watch politics then we’ll watch the news…NOT a sporting event.
    Attn sports & entertainment stars: how about u give interviews on ur own time to the media outlets & support/bring awareness to “ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER”…& not just with those when dealing with law enforcement. At the end of the day shouldn’t “All lives matter?”

  140. Sincerely, says:

    Tired of overpaid sissies kneeling on feild and not using their millions of dollars to make a change, instead push drugs up their noses orbooze down their throats. Try stopping black on black murders, blacks killing innocent whites, to afraid to put on a uniform and protect this country, rather live lavish lives and wasteful spending.

  141. Mary Brenkman says:

    I will watch football unless they try to put politics into it. If they want to help why don’t they use some of their earnings to help their communities. They are just overpaid prima donnas.

  142. Debbie says:

    They are a bunch of egotistical, unpatriotic overpaid bastards.
    They pay tribute to criminals and not our Servicemen, is just wrong.
    As long the owners allow the kneeling during the national Anthem, I’ll never watch

    • Ken says:

      Debbie, I could not agree more. The very people that enriched athletes, entertainers, and politicians,which is the Middle Class are ignored. Glorifying felons who were shot while committing crimes and refusing to comply with police orders are not heroes. Riots in major Democratic cities which include arson, murder and looting is being done by paid criminals. Investigations will expose the financiers to be Democratic supporters. None of these criminals are heroes and should not be supported. Let’s glorify and support the real Americans, soldiers, police, and small business owners. Only when this happens will I watch any professional sports again.

  143. These men? Should be ashamed of themselfs. They live in the best country in the world but they are welcome to move to another country. They are ruining it for the rest of us who love our country.

  144. Jim says:

    I am tired of these athletes winning. If the want to protest doiton their own time. I do not want to see these overpaid crybabies protesting on tv. As a vet i resent that the commissioner, the spineless owners and players. If u want to protest do it on ur own time. The Blacks have many grievances that need and should be addressed ASAP much caused by plantation liberals. As long as pro sports (nfl, nba, mlb etc I
    Will not support them or their products or advertisers.

  145. Debbie says:

    They are a bunch of egotistical overpaid unpatriotic jerks
    What makes them feel that they above anybody.
    They pay tribute to criminals and not out Servicemen, is just wrong.
    As long the owners allow the kneeling during the national Anthem, I’ll never watch

  146. Gene says:

    A bunch of overpaid racist, left wingers!

  147. Jerry says:

    For the most part they are a bunch of uneducated jerks that have no respect for the country, flag and soldiers that have them the opportunity to live the American dream. As a retired military man they disgust me. When I look at them I sometimes wonder why I served and bled, it was certainly not for people like them. I’ll never watch another NFL game or.most any other pro sport.

  148. Robert MUNOZ says:


  149. WAYNE says:


  150. Jimmie says:


  151. ken lane says:

    Any person or company that disrespects our flag or anthem i will not watch or buy from them, they should be ashamed of them selves.

  152. Williiam Reynolds says:

    I am 66 years old and have watched every Super Bowl. Those earlier athletes were my childhood heros. Unitas, butcus, J Brown, ect. Ect. I will miss all games including Super Bowl. Can’t stand to look at those unpatriotic ? s. God bless America and go straight to hell NFL.

  153. DrK says:

    I loved to watch my favorite teams each week. But, the leagues decision to disrespect every American service person by either not playing the national anthem or allowing players to kneel during its being played disgusts me as a vet and an American. I will certainly not watching or buying products that sponsor such antiAmerican activities.

  154. William says:

    Thugs kill police everyday’ blm doesn’t give a D. The field is not a political platform!

  155. Prissy says:

    Lack of respect and honor to our country
    Blinded by their own pride

  156. Rick Freeman says:

    I will not watch! Such disrespect for the our nation’s flag and the anthem. All our military soldiers who have died to protect all of us, and they selfishly show no respect!. All the men and women who can not no longer stand or salute our flag and anthem and only wish they could! Most players are so called college educated, so here is an idea. Use a different platform for sending your message!! Get a grip on what you could be actually doing to unify our republic for which it stands!!

  157. Stanley Laurinaitis says:

    The NFL and the owner’s,have no use for this country.Why should any American waste his time watching them or spending money on them.They have no use for us.I hope they just fade away.

  158. Craig R Koons says:

    As long as they kneel I will not watch in fact I’m thinking of dropping direct tv altogether

  159. Sandra Christensen says:

    I am a patriot and a huge sports fan but I do not agree with them bringing their social justice into football

  160. Warren Fritz says:

    I am totally against players using the NFL Team owners platform and time to register protests. It is past time for owners to establish a strict policy that protests on NFL team time will mean permanent dismissal from the team. Protests are welcome if made on the players personal time period.

  161. Tim says:

    I don’t support terrorizing

  162. DD says:

    I will not be watching any professional sports. These players that disrespect our flag and country are full of themselves (shit).They cry like babies for equality, oh but how much money do they earn? Is that equality for your BLM friends. I would rather watch the grass grow or the leaves on the trees change color. For the team owners, when the ratings drop for TV and merchandise dosen’t sell I hope you enjoy paying all of those fat contracts. There is only one national anthem, what the fuck is the black national anthem? Is there a red one, a yellow one how about a blue or green one? What bullshit.

  163. Linda Wilkens says:

    No longer fun to watch. It’s become too political and extreme. If black lives mattered so much to the players…give financial help for renovations scholarships and youth programs. Their money never reaches where their mouths are. Hypocrates!!

  164. Linda Nelson says:

    As long as pro sports makes everything political I will not watch and stop kneeling when ANTHEM is being played or staying in locker rooms. It is DISGUSTING!!! AND BY THE WAY ALL LIVES MATTER. We have all been unjustly singled out for some things in life and there are just as many opportunities for blacks if they go for it stop playing the game.

  165. Ted Hansen says:

    Completely over it.(NFL, NBA, BLM, ANTIFA). NFL and NBA are over paid stooges, too stupid to know they’ve ruined anything for anybody. That happens when your completely self absorbed.
    To Hell u go..

  166. Gary Cline says:

    Pro sports, in general, have lost this fan. I didn’t become a fan to have watch the country, that I served for, be denigrated by those overpaid punks. If you don’t love this country, leave it.

  167. Bowlin gs says:

    With the salaries you are awarded, the great frans in this great country. HOW CAN YOU dishonor our flag – to Stand for National anthem. People have died to preserve what we treasure as America. You do not deserve any attendance – you selfish jerks!

  168. Dave Brown says:

    I will not be watching primarily because I disrespect anyone that won’t stand for our flag and anthem. Politics has no place in American sports and until the owners and players understand that fact they can expect their financial benefits to dwindle!

    • Carole says:

      No NFL for me. Don’t like the politics. Our country has given these people the opportunity to earn millions and they are disrespectful to our country and flag.

  169. Jelly Pollan says:

    They are so politized that I no longer care what they do. I always just wanted to watch it for entertainment but that’s over, thanks for nothing. I think you should consider leaving the USA permanently. You lost not only me but my whole family.

  170. Disrespectful, uneducated, minipulated, spoiled people in all sports and People in general have the words FREEDOM and ILLEGAL are being taken advantage of literally. Putting people in office that are not AMERICAN or actually not about AMERICA or The PEOPLE should not be allowed PERIOD. Obama only made it because of color and continues to manipulate the people of color to do the devil’s work.

  171. John Hannon says:

    Sorts and politics do not mix , these overpaid athletes are not living in the same world as most Americans . All done with NASCAR (BLM) paint job and decals on car # 43 , NBA African handball , NFL Kapernick issue should have been dealt with and squashed years ago .
    If I wanted political commentary I would watch the “talking heads” on Sunday AM talk shows . BLM is a racist organization promiting violence and civil unrest ,
    2020 version of the Black Panthers .

  172. John Coyne says:

    I quit watching football when they started taking the knee during the National Anthem. Now that they have gone into politics by endorsing BLM! They have no respect for this country! I have no respect for the NFL, NFL and the NBA.
    Now today the Vikings are honoring George Floyd a common thug. I’m done.

  173. Manny B. says:

    I won’t watch because I refuse to support the hypocrite idiots who want for others what they don’t accept themselves.

  174. Donald Schade says:

    I will never support disrespecting our flag or national Anthem and the socialist BLM

  175. Fred Spinelli says:

    If I were the owner of an NFL, NBA or MLB team I wouldn’t be handling out these long-term contracts for hundred’s of millions of dollars (of which a lot of the money is guaranteed. Read the handwriting on the walls guys. As supposedly smart businessmen you’re allowing these spoiled, stupid brats (and I use that very advisedly as the vast majority of them couldn’t really explain what they’re really protesting) to destroy the value of your sports franchise. Check with Forbes at the end of this season and see how many ten’s of millions you’ve lost. To which I have but two letters – T S. By allowing this to happen, you, collectively, might be even dumber than your employees, especially Roger.

  176. TONY BELK says:

    everyone wants to protest. yet no one has any answers or solutions. people watch sports so they can have time away from the norm. i wonder how many people even know how the national anthem began playing in sporting events. why cant players who most are pretty smart and have other talents put them to use and have townhall meetings to fix the problems that are there.

  177. Renny Darby says:

    I will not be watching football this season or any other season from here on out it seems like they should change the name to the BLM FOOTBALL LEAGUE because that’s who they support not the American Flag or our Country. The BLM’s crew have been burning our flag and trying to take away everything good in The USA so if that’s who the NFL wants to support and glorify and not our Policemen or our Veterans who protect us and them Also then they can go straight to hell and take all the non supporting people to the USA with them!!!

  178. Sab says:

    NFL along with many other pro-sports clubs (ex MLB, NBA) support black lives matter. I am a Christian. The BLM movement is against my faith. The co-founcers are self-professed witches. I will stand before God one day for all my actions. I cannot in good faith support anyone or anything that supports BLM.

  179. Brian Jeffrey says:

    Because the NFL is not supposed to be a political stage this country has come a long ways in the fight against racism in this just put this back so many years from where we were and I just don’t have time for their foolishness and I just don’t have time for stupid anymore

  180. Tina Marie Menendez says:

    I love football but I will not be watching it. I am proud of my country my flag and the men and women who fought for our freedom. I’m all for peaceful protest but taking a knee for our flag I do not agree with maybe a moment of silence before or after we stand for our flag and take a knee. And I’m very disappointed in the owners and the football League that allow this to go on. So until they honor our flag and our country I will no longer be watching football.

  181. Teal Tiki says:

    As long as they kneel, I will never watch another game, buy ANY merch, or attend any games! I will also bad mouth them at every chance as BLM supporters, I am gone!! The ONLY way I will return is when they STAND for allegiance with the country that made them rich!!! Or gave them the opportunity to get rich. Do you want to kneel? Go live in a communistic country — you’ll be doing a lot of kneeling!!!

  182. Duane says:

    I will not watch any little boys playing professional sports. If they want to kneel for the flag, or stay in the locker room during the national anthem, they should stay in the locker room, kneel down and suck each others dicks for the entire game

  183. No I’ll never watch another game. I had Sports as an avenue of relief from the normal stresses of life ! But now they have taken Sports and allowed Politics to destroy what we used for water cooler Gossip, and the days when we would get friends together and barbecue and watch a game. When I could afford to go to a game 30 years ago I would even do that now and again.
    But this Lunacy that is being demonstrated thru sports, is an Absolute Turnoff, Destruction, and The Opposite of stress relief Now.

  184. Linda says:

    Players have no respect for the things most Americans cherish like the Flag, our country. I was turned off from the moment kapernish (sp) took a knee. I do not think it proper to have BLM printed on helmet or uniform. Sadly, Our family will not be watching any NFL games, etc

  185. Joey McMurrey says:

    I will never support disrespecting our flag or national Anthem and the socialist BLM

  186. Richard Day says:

    The NFL is anti-American. I can’t support that, and I won’t won’t watch a split second of an NFL (No Fans Left) telecast.

  187. Robert James says:

    All the so called sports heros,(NBA,NFL,NASCAR, ect….), who disrespect our national anthem for their purely communistic actions. Should be arrestd for sedition and summarily executed for treason. That includes all the MEDIA,Hollywood,Academia,DNC and especially BLM and ANTIFA. THE VETERNS OF THIS SHOULD BAND TOGETHER AND CUT THIS CANCER OUT OF OUR LAND AND THE BODY POLOTIC.??????

    • Steve Abram says:

      I will never allow any sports watching in my home , NEVER. Kaepernick l james have wasted talent. If not for sports of all kinds,
      I think a vast majority of these idiots would have been street thugs
      And worse. If our country is that bad and that racist why the hell don’t they just move to their dream country and earn millions. I have no respect for any of these spoiled brats or there bullshit cause. I grew up around raceist people and tried to learn about why people felt like they did. I tried not to be like them ,but they are slowly pushing me back. The hatred they causing hurts now, but the damage will take from years to maybe never be fixed .the race war’s they are trying to start and other bull may be just what china or Russia
      Needed to overthrow our country. Better hope you are allowed to
      Keep your money or loose your head for bitching at your new leaders

  188. Neil Mattucci says:

    Complete disrespect for our flag and country.

  189. Dewey G Hyde Jr says:

    Keep it non political!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supporting BLM who promotes araon, looting and killing of police.

  190. Richard Williams says:

    Who know there was a black national anthem what’s that about i will never watch any sports again fuck these people who support blm because there so stupid they do no blm is a communist organization if you don’t believe me look them up

  191. Jan Rich says:

    They need to leave politics out of the sport! They are overpaid arrogant non Americans.

  192. chrissy fee says:

    The head of the NFL lets them do anything they want, kneel
    down and now they have their own Black anthem, no respect for the USA, and yet they gey paid a large salary for doing it.
    BLM gets anything they want cause people are afraid of them.

  193. Sherry says:

    I will not watch any game where the players do not respect America and our flag. You kneel in church. You stand for the national anthem.

  194. Sal Gambino says:

    No I am not supporting any entity that supports the BLM.

  195. John reva says:

    No the honor of the nation and the persons that served is mocked often by the players

  196. Yil Tugrul says:

    l agree with all comments as written above ….

  197. Phillip Ray Holmes says:

    Nope tired of these whiny little entitled black bitch snowflake.

  198. Thomas D Vitti says:

    Thursday are disrespecting the flag and the national anthem didn’t watch last year and won’t watch this year

  199. Richard Kern says:

    I would not watch if it was the only thing on TV. This country and the people who have died to preserve our freedom, have provided those spoiled, overpaid and ungrateful players, the opportunity they have to play Football and make millions, and Yet they want to disrespect the National Anthem and our Flag???

    How many of them have ever served our country?

    Black National Anthem? Sorry but there should be only one National Anthem for us ALL.

  200. Debbie says:

    They have no respect for our country our flag or the vets that fought for our freedoms. The vast majority of the are highly over paid and are alcoholics drug addicts and womanizers. They are a disgrace to the Real Americans that have worked hard and supported their sorry no good asses. They need to be kicked out of America just like the so called far left demorats.

  201. Tai nguyen says:

    I will not watch if they do not stand for national anthem

  202. Carolyn Ferguson says:

    The total lack of respect for our country makes watching these teams a definite NO!

  203. Vicky Gammill says:

    Nope. I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan but U won’t be watching until the NFL regains its sense of patriotism & figures out another way to state their political views without showing a Complete lack of respect for their Country, Out Flag & those who have died or fought to protect their freedoms!!!

  204. ed olson says:

    To many of my close friends have died defending our country. I have also signed on the dotted line .Two tours in country Veit Nam.I put them on the same level as Hanoi Jane. They’re over paid spoiled brats if they don’t like it here leave and move some where it’s better.

  205. Phillip Ray Holmes says:

    Nope tired of these whiny little entitled bitch snowflake.

  206. Ken Nelson says:

    I’m a long time NFL fan who USED to watch games on Sunday as an escape from the rigors of everyday life, including politics. However, the players who take knees and who have turned the NFL into their own political circus, have completely turned me of. That’s why my opening sentence said I USED to watch NFL games on Sunday. I won’t any more. I hate to say this because I was really looking forward to this season and perhaps seeing an improvement in what for years has been my favorite team — the Cleveland Browns. Until these multi millionaire players stop berating our nation by taking knees or remaining in the clubhouse during the National Anthem, I’m taking a “leave of absence” from the NFL. If they can’t respect the nation that gives them the opportunity to use their athletic skills as a pathway to economic success, I have no interest in showing any support for them as I always have in the past.

    • Lester says:

      I also was looking forward to watching my Cheifs. Mahomes was hot last year. I felt he would be even better this year. I’ve been a Tom Brady fan since he started. Really was looking forward to his game with Gronk back with him against Brees. No matter I’ll never want to see any pro sports again. What’s sad is my best friend is black I’m white.we are both in our 70’s neither of us are racist yet I can’t bear to speak to him. Yes hiden Joe Biden and his communist dimwit Democrats have put a wedge between us. Goodell is helping. As long as he is commissioner I will never watch NFL again. I blame all of BLM Antifa dim Governors, mayor’s f-em all.

  207. Nancy Frederick says:

    It’s to political and I’m sick of watching and supporting people who turn their back on our country.

    • Robert Raebel says:

      To the nfl nba nlb Nascar NHL EAT SHI? I can give you 58000 reasons vietnam Another 5000 iwo Jina The 1st 5 days Another 234 In Beirut The conflicts are too many to put down on paper this is why you stand for the national anthem Shame on you

  208. Arlington says:

    I really don’t think these guys know what they are protesting. For example, after the Ferguson incident, St. Louis Rams ran out onto the field yelling hands up don’t shoot. That was bogus and they either don’t watch the the news or have been fed a bunch of BS.
    I will watch a bit, but not in earnest. Too bad as football is my favorite spectator sport.

  209. I am sick of the disgraceful acts against our anthem, flag, and police! The owners are complicit by permitting these acts. The players, coaches and owners support criminals while disrespecting our nation and police. In KC they played a BLACK anthem and were waving a disgraceful flag while displaying no respect for our country. How is that suppose to provide unity? I have no respect for any of these people. I hope the NFL folds!

  210. Ellen says:

    Disrespect not tolerated. Do your job and don’t politicize

  211. John A Manzoni says:

    after watching for 70 years,the NFL and it’s players make me sick.
    No respect for our country all about money.
    I will also boycott all the sponors .

  212. They should have the names of the children killed not the killers

  213. Carol Eliadi says:

    I’m disgusted. These players don’t hesitate to take millions of $ from the establishment to throw a ball around. Only in America, yet they disrespect our country , our flag and our values!

  214. Phil carillo says:

    I am sick of the players kneeling while National Anthem is playing, very unpatriotic and sickening!!!!!!!!

  215. Juanita says:

    No respect for our country and players are overpaid. entitled brats

  216. Ken says:

    I’m sick of hearing about BLM !!!!!!! I want to watch but refuse to watch these over paid monkeys , that are paid very well, that most of us athletes are not good enough to play! They are given the opportunity by the United States to play a game and paid very well to do so and they fuck it up by putting their stupid politics into the game when we don’t want to hear or see it on display. And to disrespect the flag by kneeling or staying in the locker room. My opinion just stay in the LOCKER ROOM cause nobody wants to watch you along with all the other sports ,Basketball and Baseball as well!!!!!!

  217. J. M. Wylie says:

    Propaganda-pushers, led by the nose — posing on the field as “heroes” — dis-gusting. A favorite sport in their Nation ‘way overpaying them to PLAY — and they display NOT Appreciation, but Insult. Stupid-Asses – and so are the team owners who permit their hard work in developing the sport and the audiences to be prostituted like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting.

    We’ll substitute something American to enjoy at their used-to-be slot time. Traitors!

  218. Don Davis says:

    The only reason these ungrateful players are able to play and make their large pay checks is due to the freedom and opportunity this country gives all of us. Many people have sacrificed much and many lives given for this freedom. EVERY American should at the very least stand and appreciate the flag that is a symbol for this. Without this opportunity they would have nothing. DISGRACEFUL Love it or leave it.

  219. Dennis Powell says:

    Cancel AILL pro sports that allow kneeling during the National Anthem!!!

  220. Nancy says:

    Respect the flag!

  221. Schultz says:

    I watch sports to escape the issues and now they are throwing in my face. I’m done with these sooo privileged butt heads!

  222. Surya N. Maruvada says:

    The hypocrisy of the league and players.

  223. Mark says:

    I will not support ignorant unwiped asses that know nothing of history.

  224. Kd says:

    They are getting paid millions to disrespect the USA.

  225. Gloria Wentling says:

    I will not watch the NBA or the NFL. So disrespectful of the this country that has given them every opportunity to be where they are, earning millions of dollars, doing what they are privileged to do, and they don’t appreciate any of it. Go somewhere else with your “talents” and see what money you make! If you can’t respect the United States, then pack your bags ASAP.

  226. Tom says:

    Enough is enough. If they really don’t like this Country, police and the law, give up your money and move out

  227. Dickie Hudgens says:

    They are sending us a message I don’t agree with. I hope my boycott of the games and advertisers during the games will hit their revenues hard enough that they will get my message.

  228. joe marci says:


  229. James says:

    No I’m not watching nfl nba not nascar they are a bunch of thugs that needed their ass swipped when they was growing up to dis-respect America and the soldiers who fought for our freedom is the worst kind of human being there i!!!

  230. john says:

    They lost my interest when they knelt down during the national anthem. They can give any reason they want, but you do not protest anything during the national anthem. im a vet and they probably are not.

  231. Michael B Dawes says:

    They are Midtly overplayed assholes, who don’t help anyone but themselves, any Vets playing understand, You STAND For The Flag of the United States if America And Put Your Hand on Your Heart, to Remember All those who have Served For The Great Country, you don’t like it , Then Get the F….. Out, I will not ever again watch a professional Sport

    • Psula hust says:

      Will not watch strip of citizenship send to China they probably won’t live long there hey want communism let them live it

  232. Charles Heald says:

    They have become self centered, unpatriotic, over paid and think everyone should follow their lead. I dont think so!

  233. Jasper Bruns says:

    I am a military veteran and have spent 45 years (20 years active duty, 25 years civil service with the military) defending this country and our flag!! There is ONLY ONE National Anthem and flag. I will never respect an overpaid punk athlete who knows nothing about sacrifice, honor, or dignity that disrespects our flag and this country. The NFL can go straight to HELL!!

  234. Jim homan says:

    They can choose another venue to show their respect for BLM. But not by disrespecting the flag in the national anthem. I will not watch football or baseball or any other sport that does that. It’s just entertainment by a bunch of overpaid people and I don’t need it.

  235. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Good riddance to damned Islamic NFL the nfl is no longer American

    ❤??CHRISTrumPence and all of our/his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers Successfully 2020USReelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen??❤

  236. No, they gone to far for me in disrespecting America and the flag, for which many veterans died for all the freedoms we have. Plus their a bunch of spoiled millionaires. If they don’t want to stand for the flag, and they’ve gone towards communism and that is what BLM as well.

  237. Ruth says:

    The kneeling for our national anthem has nothing to do w/ police brutalities. Not watching millionaires disrespect my country and my flag.

  238. DR says:

    no and do not watch any pro sports

  239. Curt Corson says:

    Why would I want to watch a bunch of overpaid crybabies whine and jerk each other off every week? Fuck the nfl! There is nothing that could compel me to watch that shit! Nothing!

  240. Fran says:

    My husband a 63 yr. Referee of Football games just passed away with stupid-ass PARKINSON’S and now in Heaven Refereeing and playing GOLF.

  241. William A morgan says:

    They disrespect America I disrespect them

  242. Michael says:

    They made it political and they stand for socialism.

  243. jb says:

    I will not be watching Pro Football or any other professional sports games that allow/include political, anti-american sentiment. Professional sports events were designed to be ENTERTAINMENT and became Commercial opportunities before sinking into the gutter to promote political agendas. Good luck keeping a loyal following with people who change there opinion in an instant based on a whim, protest, or chant. When does the looting of the stadiums begin?

  244. No, their disrespect is untenable!

  245. If they can’t stand for the National Anthem and respect our wonderful country I will not watch!!

  246. Freddie Vallejos says:

    not watching NFL or NBA supports blm. I support al people .

  247. June E Kelly says:

    I feel as though the players are getting paid millions of dollars to disrespect our military and our way of life. I believe they should pay the military what these athletes get paid they are the ones defending our country and our way of life. And until that happens I will not watch the NFL.

  248. Timothy Horner says:

    Only Tom Brady….

    • Lester says:

      I’ve been a fan of Tom Brady since hi first year but even him I will not let compromise my stand against these low life scumbags that disrespect our way of life. It’s all about socialism anyway. Does anyone believe it’s about black lives. Most of the homocide in America are black on black. Get real it’s about giving this country to communists. Socialism isgreat until you run out of other people’s money. When Chinese take over our country we will be the minority. They will be the Masters. Mao se dung. All politics come out of the barrel of a gun. Do the whiney boys believe they will be exempt???

  249. Robert Cain says:

    Woke and broke! No more glorifying criminals and pushing the propaganda of the socialist/communists in this country! I used to watch for enjoyment and the sense of community as a fan. No longer. Total disrespect for The flag and founding fathers, supporting revisionism history and blatant disregard for the truth! We as a country don’t condone bigotry or racism or intolerance! I’m done with all sports and all woke businesses and moguls in tech preaching down to citizens of this Republic!

  250. G. HOPPER says:

    I for one don’t intend to watch the NFL. I’m tired of watching someone make a play and then separate themselves from everyone and beat their chests to call attention to what they did. They prance around like it’s something no one else has accomplished . LOOK AT ME aren’t I great. They should thank their teammates for blocking and doing their assignments that allowed them to make their gain, give to ball to the referee and get on to the next play. THEpay might stay the same but the game might be better.

  251. Raymond meyer says:

    They are an anti American organization and new to go to Cuba or Venezuela or third worl counttty like China

  252. Robert Olson says:

    Im through watching the NFL. No respect for our flag. All they want is to boost the Communist org. BLM. Owners are complicit by allowing this to happen. They will never receive respect from me. No mention of 9-11 on Thurs nite football, so I am told. But they celebrate a rapist and killer by wearing a headband. Good by

  253. Stephen L Westman says:

    No respect for our Country,no respect for the NFL. They need to go play in China,Russia.