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Poll: Should Rioters Lose Unemployment Benefits?

On Monday, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) introduced legislation in the Senate that would eliminate convicted rioters’ federal unemployment benefits.

Cotton stated: “Currently, thugs and insurrectionists savaging communities around the country are eligible for unemployment benefits, paid for by the very taxpayers whose property they’ve destroyed. The federal government should not be subsidizing looting and arson. Our bill will not only halt unemployment benefits for rioters but also fine them to help cover additional policing cost.”

Is Senator Cotton correct? Please vote!

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Should rioters lose unemployment benefits?


  1. Milton Jackson says:

    Yes, They should be out looking for employment or school to possibly change career fields to better themselves. Not creating kayos, destruction and violence.

  2. diann odell says:

    Yes they should lose their right………

  3. Caren says:

    They should not receive any federal or state benefits besides conviction of the crime(s) they committed.

  4. FrankAboutIt says:

    Rioters should be placed under a Shoot to Kill Order.

  5. Vasilios harritos says:

    Hive them a trial and sentence of 20 years

  6. Marian Braun says:

    How can they apply? They are too busy rioting and looting and most likely already getting paid.

  7. Geraldine J. Parmental says:

    People with legal jobs don’t have time to riot, burn, destroy other people’s property.

  8. SAM SAM says:

    Absolutely no excuse for rioters! Give them a trial and prison for there crimes! No one in past would tolerate such going’s on! We are to passive today. No one would get away with this in other countries that’s why we they get away from it. They do no respect anyone or there country! Put them in the front lines of war! That’s where they need to be put! They are just out for trouble. If they were out for peace they would be an example of it. They are not if you have to shoot them. They care nothing for no one or themselves. It’s all about money and greed. The bottom line!