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Poll: Should Biden Suspend His Campaign?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Currently, President Trump is hospitalized. While his prognosis seems good, no one knows when he will be able to continue campaigning for reelection. Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to campaign.

Is that fair or should Joe Biden suspend his campaign until the President is out of the hospital?

Please take the Red Alert News poll and share your thoughts in the Comments section further down the page.

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Should Joe Biden suspend his campaign while President Trump is hospitalized?



  1. I wish that every person in this country who demonstrates hatred towards President TrumP, whether by word or deed, or wishes him dead SHOULD ALL CONTRACT COVID-10 AND MAY ALL OF THEM DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS AND SUFFER TERRIBLY TIL THEIR PASSING!!!!!

    • Cherie Davis says:

      I just want America to look and see what the left culture really is. And vote in person fir our President. Hate only gets hate and our nation deserves better.

  2. Joyce says:

    Diane, if Biden could talk, he would have said something stupid! He never makes sense, because he doesn’t have any, so whats new?

  3. Nicolette Ullery says:

    I think Biden should keep on embarrassing himself. Campaign, Fool !!

  4. Sue Myers says:

    NO. He is my choice for president!

    • Cherie Davis says:

      It’s your grave. Turning our country over to Sicialism and Marxism is the death of jobs and the middle class. I care to much for a nation I serve got it to be taken over like this. Every vet alive and dead deserve Bree. I have to assume you have no children because why would you doom them to live in aSocialist Communist country?

      • Robin says:

        I am with you as I know that demonic socialist dems will send us to Hell as that is all they know and I Pray that our Country doesn’t go there today or ever! Go Trump and Pence!!

  5. John Hannon says:

    Not a fan of Biden but I don’t think he should suspend or stop his campaign completely . DIAL IT BACK ON THE PERSONAL ATTACK OF TRUMP , AT LEAST FOR NOW .Also I cannot believe all the nasty insensitive remarks by the Trump haters .Kathy Griffin , Jimmy Kimmel , Rob Reiner , Michael Moore , Llhan Omar, Zara Rahim , George Conway , lisa Curry , Mike Drucker , Cameron Kaskey (the last 3 supposedly are comics I never heard of).I am not voting for Joe Biden because I do not feel he is qualified to be president and lead this country through difficult times .BUT I AM NOT WISHING THAT HE DIE LIKE MOST OF THESE LEFT WING LIBERALS LISTED ABOVE . THESE PEOPLE ARE EVIL SICK DEMENTED AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES .

  6. Robert says:

    If anyone thinks that Trump would halt his campaign if it was Biden with the virus, they must be on another planet. The fact is Trump would be making fun of Biden for being so weak and not being a strong man like Trump thinks he is.

    • stan waters says:

      You got your head up your butt. Cant even think without hate. You got your’s coming.

    • Roger Cain says:

      I’m voting for President Trump again and every Republican. But I agree with you. Especially this close to the election, neither side should DIAL BACK,SUSPEND, or STOP the campaign. Voters get to decide WHO they want based on what they know REGARDLESS if it is accurate, factual, or makes sense. If candidates cannot convince voters, they will not get the vote. SIMPLE.

    • Geri M. says:

      Well said. You ae 100% right.

  7. David Curtis says:

    D.F, get your head out of the sand. Trump has done more for our country then any other President. For every race, gender. Security for our nation. Jobs for our country, not from other nations bringing them back to the US. Schools, sex trafficking, abortion, peace in the mid east, North Korea. NO other President has done this. This is only
    a few things he has accomplished. Even when the Democrats tried to Impeach the President since day one when the President got in office. Never again will I vote for a corrupt Party like the Democrats.

  8. Vern says:

    The moderator of the debate was bias against Trump all the way.

  9. Henry says:

    Biden is incompetent to act as President and it will become ruled by the left lunatics.

  10. Jan says:

    President Trump is strong and this NATION loves him. Those that don’t are ignorant. He’s the best President we’ve ever had. He has strong support and his family is great. GOD bless him and speed his recovery. Our first Lady also. She is a wonderful mother and Beautiful lady. GOD IS watching over them and protecting them. AMEN.

  11. Jan says:

    Should Biden Suspend his campaign…..when did he ever start his campaign…ha,ha,ha.
    All I’ve seen are expensive ads criticizing Our President and a bunch of “Biden Bloopers”. Any media coverage of the so called Biden campaign shows only a handful of straggling followers looking for pop corn and handouts and they were probably paid to show up to keep Joe from drowning in embarrassment.

  12. Mariposa Brown says:

    The whole while the country was under health orders to wear masks, not shake hands, not gather in public, wash your hands frequently, stay at home, Trump ignored the recommendations. Now he has acquired the virus. It is difficult to feel the Biden should “do the honourable thing” when for months Trump failed to do so. We already know there is nothing honourable about the First Narcissist. If he dies, the flag should be lowered and Biden should not campaign on the day of the funeral.

  13. Ellen says:

    Of course if President Trump is not well enough

    • Diane Fannon says:

      B S ! You know Trump would be out there campaigning every day if the situation were reversed!! He’s not good for our country; he is not a good person.

      • maxibaby says:

        Diane F., Well climb down off your high horse! You can say a lot of things about slow Joe like, demented old fart, pervert as in touching females-the younger the better, have seen pics of him copping a feel on little girls about 6-8 and all the way to middle aged and kissing them and smelling their hair and I could go on but, why bother, he has lied more times than Dems have accused DJT, Joe is dirty and corrupt and that subject is too vast to detail! Just want to mention one more thing……on days when his Secret Service agent at his home was a female, Joe made sure poor Jill was gone so he could swim in the nude and expose himself to his female security! OMG! AND, you say DJT is not a nice person well what in hell is bad enough to call Joe…..one thing I can think of is a “prisoner” and a “life time one at that”!
        Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it!

        • Diane says:

          Maxibaby: You are something. I won’t say what because it wouldn’t be allowed on here. You are the one smoking the crack pipe, obviously. And you know this about Biden how? Maybe this is what you like to do. Trump has done so many bad things with women even while being married to Milania. She is beautiful and he doesn’t deserve her. I give up on people like you who are too stupid to see the truth.

  14. Patrick Downey says:

    of course.

  15. CH says:

    Biden is digging his own hole. Let him campaign.

    • ruth shull says:

      Biden should be fact checked let him carry on he says things Trump is and has already put into play he uses other people’s words like its him saying those things he has not got an idea or a plan.of his own the dems are dead in the water

      • Diane Fannon says:

        All of you three above are sick. Have you not watched and listened to all of the horrible things Trump has done both in his personal life and his so-called presidential life? The man can’t even put together a sensible sentence and continues to ridicule so many people, call them names, etc., etc. He has fired people who don’t agree with his craziness. So many people that should not have been fired just because they didn’t agree with him or looked at him the wrong way. He is ruining our country!

        • maxibaby says:

          Diane F., So, you have a problem staying clean and sober! I know because, you are definitely not sober! If you believe all those Dem talking points you are regurgitating, you are thoroughly indoctrinated, on hard drugs and hard liquor! You should not be left alone……

          • Diane says:

            Maxibaby & Todd: You two are Trump-loving idiots! I am an older person who has watched everything Trump has done and said. (and I am not on drugs or alcohol except for my cancer drugs…thanks Maxibaby…so nice of you) I give up on you people who think he is good. You should be happy. I am leaving this site because of stupid Trump-loving people. It makes me sick(er).

        • Todd says:

          Diane, you have got to be the biggest dumb ass I have read about. All of you Democrats are a bunch of whiny ass babies. All we didn’t win the election in 2016 BOO WHO. So what do you do you try for the next 4 years to try and make the Presidents life miserable. Well I have news for you, the President is doing a great job. We had one of the best economies going until Covid 19 hit us. Then you moron’s Idiots dumb ass Democrats, blame him for the pandemic. If you knew anything about the history of our country, which I’m sure you don’t you will see that the worst president was Obama. Oh by the way who was Obama Vice President? AH JOE BIDEN. So if you want a United States of America, worst then Obama’s years in office. Vote for Joe Biden. OK all of you whinny ass Democrats put your baby bottles back in your mouths & stop complaining.

    • Larry says:

      The more Biden talks the ores he looks

      • Diane says:

        Maybe if Trump would have shut his big mouth and let Biden talk during the debate when it was his turn, you could have learned more about Biden. Big mouth just wouldn’t shut up even when the moderator was trying to ask him to!