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Poll: Should Protesters be Charged with Sedition?

Attorney General William Barr told the nation’s federal prosecutors to be aggressive when charging violent demonstrators with crimes, including potentially prosecuting them for plotting to overthrow the U.S. government [sedition], people familiar with the conversation said,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

In a conference call with U.S. attorneys across the country last week, Mr. Barr warned that sometimes violent demonstrations across the U.S. could worsen as the November presidential election approaches. He encouraged the prosecutors to seek a number of federal charges,” including sedition.

Sedition is defined as, “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Is Attorney General Barr correct? Should violent protesters be charged with sedition?

Please participate in our poll by voting below and sharing your thoughts in the Comment section. Thank you!

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Should violent protesters be charged with sedition?


  1. Ricki DeLay says:

    When the protester is getting paid to protest and destroy privet property yes charge him or her to the full extent of the law or when attacking another person should be brought up on charges. If they`re getting paid that`s a act of war,and treason, and if the media is spreading lies and propaganda that`s also an act of war.

  2. Kathy says:

    all those violence thugs 10 years in prison a long with lying lib medias,

  3. Missy C. says:

    The police have a right to defend themselves the same as we do. We are allowed to defend ourselves against terrorists, and in any way necessary. HAT GROUPS ARE TERRORISTS, ANTI AMERICANS. PERIOD!

  4. Kimberly says:

    Assault, arson, destruction of property are not protesting [period!]. They are assault, arson and destruction of property and should not be combined or included with anything else.

  5. Pegs says:

    ABSOLUTY SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISGRACELY TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!!!!! EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. David says:

    I believe the constitution should be modified because it provides to protection for the communist movement in our country. Congress should have term limits and when dealing with a snake or rodent problem its better to eliminate or exterminate instead of allowing the infestation to grow in other words they got to go

  7. they are traitors and should be in jail

  8. Use a spray from a tanker truck to render them unconscious. Arrest them all, put them in a quarantine place until they wake up. Charge them with any and all laws that were broken, put them in prison, no trials. Leave them there. If the charges include Sedition, death by firing squad. I’ve had enough of this protesting violence. You have a potential Civil War on your hands. The leaders, BLM, ANTIFA, SOROS AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS SHOULD BE EXECUTED!Until then, its war on the streets! End it before it begins, or a lot of innocent people will be harmed or killed!

  9. Clarita says:

    Democrat senators encouraged their followers to use force to any Trump supporters in a national TV speech. That what give these criminals incentives to do whatever they want against the law.

  10. Sam B. says:

    Let’s b honest…these losers r “violent rioters/anarchists”..not protesters in any way. These clowns have their own agenda..or r paid to carry out this un-American agenda. Destroying vehicles, businesses, statues, homes, looting etc etc has NO place in any city of our awesome country. The assclowns that r paying, organizing etc all this anarchy..as well as the morons following thru the act of all this crap should b considered to b charged with domestic terrorism as well. “If u quacks don’t love our country LEAVE!” Ur a cancer.
    The United States /American people r waaayy better than this bs example that a very small percentage of people r setting for the masses. Lock these anarchists/ALL ENVOLVED up! No catch & release bs like New York!!
    #ALL..black lives matter??

    • Mark says:

      Right on ! What I was thinking. Quick calling these people protesters. We all have a right to protest, I was in Washington with the first tea party protesting overreaching government and high taxes. This is anarchy, arsonists And terrorist hiding behind a constitution and bill of rights that they hate. And of course they want to defund the police, what low life criminal wouldn’t ?

  11. Pegs says:

    HELL YES!!!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!! I say the DEATH PENALTY !!!!!!! If someone kills, they should receive the SAME!!! AN EYE FOR AN EYE.

  12. Hal Lemoyne says:

    OH YES, all those hateful terrorist neverTRUMP protesting murdering rioters

    must be sentenced to death as immediately as possible

    ❤??CHRISTrumPence and all of our/his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers Successfully 2020USReelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen??❤

  13. Sally J DODD says:

    The Democrat’s, all the democratic news media, Governor’s, Mayor’s, DA’s all their BLM & Antifa partners should be held liable for the damages & should use their own finances to rebuild those cities or do the labor themselves. Taxpayers shouldn’t have too! All of this is because the Democrat’s can’t control Trump like a “puppet”. It’s disgraceful they are doing this with Biden. His wife should be ashamed of herself.

  14. J.K. says:

    BLM and ANTIFA want to destroy America and left Democrats trying to rewrite our history. In school they brainwash children. In colleges they don’t allow to anyone have different opinions. Situation is so dangerous that it is not enough to prosecute anarchists.
    We have to Vote out all Democrats as soon as possible regardless they are left or not. Even in case some of them may not actively supporting ANTIFA they definitely supporting school and collage brainwash.

  15. RAY says:

    Until attorney barr starts investigating george soros and makes this piece of crap pay for his sedition and treasonous actions these riots will not stop follow the money

  16. Mickey says:

    Let’s make it short and sweet kill all the bastards

    • Mickey – is that your answer; “kill the bastards”? You and others on this page don’t even know about your constitutional Rights do you? You and others rather trash our great Constitution and allow a dictator to control your lives. I lived under a dictator for a decade; believe me, you certainly don’t want the United States to become a country ruled by one. You lose all your freedom, including your right to make death threats against demonstrators.

  17. RAY says:

    Until attorney barr starts investigating george soros and makes this piece of crap pay for his sedition and treasonous actions he has worked against america since he got here family planning illegal convoys progressive district attorneys look at the devistation the have done releasing all these criminals so they can keep looting and rioting sanctuary cities soros has backed it all put him in jail stop this

    • Timothy Hobbs says:

      Ray I know youve had enough but, your comments make all of us conservatives look like dumd hillbillies. Calm down and quit looking like a stupid idiot

  18. Gene says:

    Primary Authority: 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – “Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities” !!!

  19. Robert Sheldon says:

    NAHUM 1:3 “The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, the clouds are the dust of his feet.” Those of us who are alarmed by all that is happening chose to wait on the Lord for renewing our strength and purpose! We will all stand fearfully before the Lord and face his judgement! The laws of our land need to be obeyed! Protest but not riot and destroy! Those that choose to riot and destroy must face a consequence and as citizens of this great country we must elect officials who are committed to this!

  20. Unfortunately most of these protesters have been brainwashed by Marxist teachers in the public school system, this has been going on for decades. The children have rarely been taught about the Constitution and responsibility of citizens to get facts and vote. The Marxist Democratic Mayor’s, Governor’s and Attorneys General that have subverted our legal system and support the rioters should be arrested and tried for Treason. These people are out to Destroy America, they attack our second amendment rights, they let BLM and ANTIFA terrorists attack our history, tear down statues, burn and loot. They don’t enforce our laws and advocate for Social unrest. These are tactics Hitler employed using the Brown Shirts in Germany. Vote out or Recall all Democrats before it’s too late.

  21. Lynne Willard says:

    I’m shocked at the calm complacency of the people which shows me all the brain washing from the media that has gone on and still does…and that Democrat leaders wanted to keep the riots vandalism going for there own political agenda. It boggles the brain the crazy disregard for life business people’s civil liberties freedoms…where are there voices?? They are so quiet compliant shocked!! Yes prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!! My son a Sargeant with Portland night after night having to endure withstand these riots vandalism and not being supported by the so called leadership.

  22. Edna Briones says:

    Love this country or get out and go to the 3rd country and you will find out that you are lucky in America to get all free of government program, be proactive and get a job and improve yourself instead of blaming people who are fortunate to have job and food on the table and freedom.??????????

  23. Edna Briones says:

    Love this country or get out and go to the 3rd country and you will find out that you are lucky in America to get all free of government program, be proactive and get a job and improve yourself instead of blaming people who are fortunate to have job and good on the table and freedom.??????????

  24. Custer Lee says:

    Love this country or hey out and go to the 3rd country and you will find out that you are lucky in America to get all free of government program, be proactive and get a job and improve yourself instead of blaming people who are fortunate to have job and good on the table and freedom.??????????

  25. Connie Guidry says:

    The violent protesters should be charged, and also the people who are backing them.We all know that someone in politics started this,and whoever it is should be charged with high treason.

  26. Marilyn says:

    Why is this so hard to understand? We have the right of PEACEFUL protest in our country.When a fist, rock , etc is thrown, when damage to any property or person takes place, it becomes anarchy and should be responded to as such.

  27. Russell corbin says:

    Catch them-prosecute them-deport them

  28. Judy says:

    The financial backers of these horrendous individuals need to be prosecuted for treason as they are attempting to overthrow the United States of America!

  29. Dave says:

    I’ll even chip in with the rest of you true citizens to herd them all into a cattle ship [a big one..] & send ‘um everyone to CHINA..☆☆!

  30. Lora Nelson says:

    Spray them with a dye so they are easily
    Identified. Use something really hard to get off. That might help deter them and if not be a great way to identify them.

  31. Gayle says:

    I love this country! They should have been arrested and charged right after the first month. I feel Sorus should leave this country as he funds so many horrible things. I don’t want us to turn into a country that we can’t be proud of. Voters need to get to the polls!!!!

    • Charles says:

      Soros should have been executed for war crimes in 1946. One wonders just how much of the scum ball’s fortune came from the Theft of property from the Jewish people that he turned over to the Nazi’s!

  32. Joyce Bell says:

    Law BREAKERS are to be punished regardless of who or where they come from
    Soros is the instigator bye funding politician who will stand up for America

  33. Bernard Scanlon says:

    Get them all, and the ones that put them up to it and the media for covering it up as well. After all didn’t certain high profile political figures get up in front of the public and put them up to it while the media lied about the whole damned thing. Hang ’em all.

  34. Burt Oliphant says:

    Yes, definitely, these paid protesters, are guilty of trying to topple our Republic, using means used in foreign Nations to topple their governments.

    These people are anarchists, and should be charged with treason, with the sentence of death, not prison, where they could stir up more treasonous acts.

  35. Norman Konrad Strickland,SR. says:


  36. Keith says:

    Charge the violent protesters with crimes against society, they have looted, destroyed private property, and even harmed or killed citizens. The protesters are simply an arm of a bigger evil – the leadership behind the protests needs to be charged with crimes against America that will have them put in jail forever, hanged or executed for the worst and minimally have them become a person without a country – never to be allowed in America again. The protesters themselves are just the sheep to the evil leaders of the thug gangs. Take out the leadership! If it means charging someone like George Soreass with sedition then so be it!

  37. Zbigniew Petrovich says:

    How about press. They are in the same boat.

    • Larry says:

      Your right, especially CNN,MSNBC, and several other bribed and paid for networks should also be charged with Conspiring to help overthrow the American Government, and be shut down, also people responsible for The Fake News And Networks and Political agendas Supporting the BLM And Antifa Movement’s should be charged with acts of aggression to overthrow our Government and Criminal coverups of BLM offenders and instigating riots and Destruction of Private and City Properties . Plus There’s more.

  38. Kathy Carlisle says:

    This is terrible,We need Law & Order, These are not Protests,These are Riots,They are being paid to cause disruption,We need to get to the bottom of it & Arrest the People who are funding them,Everyone knows who they are ,So why aren’t they being Stopped? The attack of Our Police officers is unacceptable,Back the Blue ,Prosecute these Criminals & their Backers,
    TRUMP/ PENCE 2020

  39. Elizabeth Barnett says:

    Americans are ready ,I believe to see Justice for our Beautiful Country!
    I say Deport their butts if they hate America!

  40. John L. Massa says:

    Chasing the rioters down the street isn’t solving the problem. Surround and arrest them. Use whatever force necessary. Prosecute!!!

  41. John Hannon says:

    Prosecute to the full extent of the law , way overdue .
    Situation is completely out of control thanks to liberal democratic mayors and governors , THEY SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE .

  42. Keith Peterson says:

    Our fore fathers would have been charged with treason by the British had the revolution failed. Let’s see if these clowns have that commitment!

  43. Doris says:

    It is a disgrace! Should have been done long time ago.

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