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Poll: Should Trump Appoint a New Justice Now?

When we originally sent out the email for the poll below, some folks were unable to connect to this page through the links in the email. The technical problem was our fault and for that we are deeply sorry. We have redistributed the email with the technical problems fixed so that everyone has a chance to vote in this poll. Again, we apologize for the technical problems you may have encountered and we invite you to participate in this important poll.


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday. President Trump and Sen. McConnell have indicated they will immediately move ahead to nominate, confirm, and appoint a new Justice to the Court without waiting for the results of the presidential election which is just 45 days away.

On Saturday morning, President Trump tweeted: “We were put in this position of power and importance to make decisions for the people who so proudly elected us, the most important of which has long been considered to be the selection of United States Supreme Court Justices. We have this obligation, without delay!”

However, when President Obama was in office, Justice Scalia passed away on February 13, 2016. President Obama then nominated Merrick Garland to the Court on March 16, 2016 – more than seven months before the presidential election that year. Yet, Sen. McConnell, along with other Republican Senators, refused to act on Obama’s nomination of Garland, arguing that the Senate should wait to see who would win the election in November.

So, the question before the American people is: Should a New Supreme Court Justice be Appointed by President Trump Before the Presidential Election?

Please participate in our poll by voting below and then share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page. Thank you!

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Should a New Supreme Court Justice be Appointed by President Trump Before the Presidential Election?


  1. Janet Bennett, i think you have been watching too much CNN. Try Fox world news to get the truth.

  2. June Ladd says:

    Ya know if Ginsberg and the Dems were so worried about filling that seat with a Liberal, she should have stepped down when Obama was President. But NO, these people are so greedy with their positions they stay till their dying breath…Then they have the nerve to ask that we wait until after the election to appoint someone…That’s a joke…if it were the Dem’s in our position they would pounce at the chance…Not that it would really matter tho, cause u ain’t got a chance in HELL winning the Presidency with Crazy, Sleepy Joe…President Trump will be re-elected hands down, unless u Dems figure out how to cheat…especially after all the Crap u, and BLM and Antifa have done to this country, Good, Sane people are not gonna put up with it anymore…YES Pres.Trump choose a replacement…ASAP…We the People want it…..and We All Love U…June Ladd, Oregon

  3. Zareh Arzuman says:

    This situation is purely a American Political game. President Trump should go ahead with his nomination. Anyhow the Democrates were going to do the same if they were kn the same situation. Joe Biden cannot and will not win this situation because MDNTALLY JOE BIDEN IS SICK AND NOT CAPABLE OF GOVERNING THE UNITED STATES AT THIS EXTREMELY CRITICAL TIME. Democrates did a huge disservice to us, THE GOOD CITIZENS OF AMERICA BY APPOINTING DEMENTIA SUFERER JOE BIDEN. At the age of 78 GRANDPAPA JOE BIDEN NEEDS TO RETIRE AND ENJOY HIS RETIREMENT AND TAKE CARE OF HIS DETERIORATING HEALTH.

  4. Everyone knows if the shoe were on a Democratic President; they would not hesitate to appoint a new Justice!! Like it or not, Trump is President and he has the same right and constitutional duty as any other President has had for Our Country. Do you think there haven’t been Presidents that Independents, conservatives and republicans didn’t like?? Well, believe it or not; there has been!! I can only speak for myself; I have always had respect for the office of the Presidency, no matter who He was!! That was part of who we were as Americans; Freedom to vote: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion and Worship!! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FREEDOMS in FREE AMERICA???

  5. Everyone knows if the shoe was on a Democratic President; they would not hesitate to appoint a new Justice!! Like it or not, Trump is President and he has the same right and constitutional duty as any other President has had for Our Country. Do you think there haven’t been Presidents that Independents, conservatives and republicans didn’t like?? Well, believe it or not; there has been!! I can only speak for myself; I have always had respect for the office of the Presidency, no matter who He was!! That was part of who we were as Americans; Freedom to vote: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion and Worship!! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FREEDOMS in FREE AMERICA???

  6. Vickie McGee says:

    YES. HE NEEDS TO FILL THAT SEAT …. NOW!!!! ?????????????????

  7. Judy Bradley says:

    I think that it is ok to replace Ruth now! She has not been at work this year. She has been too sick.

  8. Mary Craig says:

    Clinton should but out and mind his own business. And think about call the crooked business he is involved in.

  9. Andrew Makos says:

    Bills latest hit was Epstein. He should never open his mouth again.

  10. The Supreme Court is suposed to rule Constusional Law, Not to satisfy the whims of our elected leaders! Mr Trump is trying to change the Constituion by stacking the court in his favor. Think about that America!

    • Lloyd Peterson says:

      Absolutely! Who the hell do the democratics think they are. It is the Presidents job to protect our constitution!!!!!

    • Lester says:

      Aoc Nancy piss on you pelosi kill the babies Shumer would all do the same. They openly speak of packing the court. Ruthie wanted to make sure a libral would be nominated to her seat she should have stepped down when bummer was in office.

    • Claudia Tatrow says:

      I think he should appoint a new person as soon as possible, thats exactly what the Democrats would do. If the Democrats win this Election We are Doomed! I pray continually for President Trump to be reelected!

    • thanh says:

      You were stupid if gator for leftists and puppet Democrats Biden on nominate a SC to replace the empty slot as Constitution requested no natter idead from any party and any fucking dogs individual like fucking Raptist Bill Clinton or dog is China of Obama/ Biden, we just do our job for USA constitution laws that’s done

    • J Lopez says:

      We have thought about it and you lose!

    • Gordon Moore says:

      What is the problem if he was going to put one of the stupid OBAMA’S on the court you stupid people would not be saying ( A WORD ) he was the one who sent a PLANE load of money to the worst country’s in the but that was and is well and good HOW STUPID ARE YOU

    • Janet Bennett says:

      Donald Trump is bad for America. I feel he wants to dictate and rule over all of us. He is all about himself and money.

    • Sally J DODD says:

      No that would be what the Democrat’s want to do. There needs to be 9 judges on the court because due to all the mail in voting that the Democrat’s wanted, the Supreme Court will most likely have to decide the Presidential winner. The democrats know this so they have to act like Trump is doing something unethical. No, that would be the ignorance of the democratic party. Trump wins again!!

    • Jim Lopez says:

      Chester William’s, we have thought about it.
      You lose we win simple as that.
      God Bless America and pray that God Protects our children from the murdering socialist democrats.

  11. Thanh Tran says:

    President Donald Trump is a super President. What ever he plan to do is good.

  12. Margaret Harks says:

    I voted no; however, a yes vote was recorded by mistake; this is what is going to happen on November 2.

    The political atmosphere is already volatile and a rush to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice will not be in the best interests of the American people and even more importantly will further damage the credibility of the nomination process for future possible Justices. President Trump should nominate a true conservative and a rush to nominate ANYONE would be a disaster.

    Political expediency is not acceptable in nominating a Supreme Court Justice let alone any Justice of the Court. The integrity of the Judicial System, the Rule of Law, and the Court itself must not be compromised by “political correctness” or other irrelevant theories.

    In conclusion, no matter who ultimately wins the Electoral College, he will have the awesome responsibility of placing in nomination a potential Justice who believes in the Rule of Law without considering the political consequences of his or her decisions making his or her decisions predicated on the Constitution of the United States including but not limited to the Bill of Rights.

    The future of this democratic constitutional republic is at stake.

    • john b. says:

      There is no ‘rush to judgement’. These picks have been thoroughly vetted by the most conservative organization on the planet. Dems and the evil MSM are plotting to steal the election with chaos caused by the CCP virus and Mail In Ballots. We will need nine people on the court to prevail.

    • Barb Foster says:

      This is urgent. Now, do it now.

    • Lester says:

      You can’t vote Twice. No matter what you say you don’t get two unless you can prove somehow you can prove you meant to make a yes vote. And that you show us your previous vote. Flipfloppr.

    • Thanh says:

      Hey stupid comment of contradict by itself and as your dumb comment. this is constitution requested to fulfilled the empty seat of SC no matter what politics effected from any party or dumb individual as you??!!

    • Sally J DODD says:

      Your must be a Democrat!

  13. Robert Waddell says:

    This election will start CW2

  14. Charlie says:

    Jesus is coming soon and end the mess these rotten political low lifes have put use in, so we don’t have to live with these devels that have been voted into office much longer. Please pray on and it will be over very soon.

  15. Al says:

    The Democrats are quick to remind us that Obama wasn’t able to put forth his selection to Scotus. But let us not forget that Obama was finishing His Second term and President Trump will be starting his second term with we the people vote. So yes absolutely President Trump must replace RBG. Make America great again. Thanks

  16. Don Butler says:

    Another thing if you want to eat I would not talk about keeping the illegal immigrants out who do you think harvests your food duh!

    • Manuel Salazar says:

      Maybe, just maybe, if the illegals aren’t around to harvest your food, the corruption in the welfare system will be addressed and all the abusers can go to work harvesting your food for you, plus the illegals abusing the welfare system will be addressed in the process. A real start in the right direction to solve a long over due illegal problem. Simply by choosing to enforce the law.

    • allen blaine says:

      The problem with illegal aliens is not because of crop picking. 70 years ago Mexican workers came up from Mexico with worker permits. after the harvest season they would go back to Mexico. What is happening today is not the same thing. Mexicans and who knows who else is coming into the US with out permits and they do not go back after harvest. The rules for crop harvesting have not changed. Worker permits are still granted. So your argument about the illegals harvesting the crops is a bunch of bunk. Mexicans with work permits are legal here in the US. Why do you lie like that?

    • Lester says:

      Those are jobs that should be given to U s citizens. Don’t come up with the crap no one else wants. A lot of homeless people would love any kind of job. Then there are released convict’s that can’t get work. They would take almost anything.

  17. Don Butler says:

    For 1 thing you Retards have forgotten was the delay the Republican Retards did when Obama tried to appoint a supreme courts justice and was stopped. Number 2 you idiots the Nazis were a right wing conservative group who brought on the greatest war in history and coincidentally they were led by another eastern European nut job like Trump.

    • Nurex35 says:

      “Elections have consequences!” Barack Obama to the Republican Party, 2008! You can also thank that little weasel, Harry Reid for the nuclear option.

    • Diane says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. You didn’t have the senate when you wanted to push through your pick for supreme court justice otherwise you would definitely have done it. Your two faced because its not your party so the rules are different for anyone who is not a democrat.

    • Judith says:

      You idiots will never get it. The situation is totally different. Pay attention
      And educate your nasty demo selves.

    • allen blaine says:

      If you think for one minute that the Democrats would wait, you have a hole in your head. The Democrats have tried everything to get Trump out of office. The main stream conspiracy news media has tried everything, including lying and putting out conspiracies. Do you not remember the 2 years of the Mueller investigation? The news media 24/7 put out over 500,000 lies and conspiracies about Trump/Russia collusion! It was all fake news! And what is really telling is that all of you haters STILL believe the news media because they report what you are programmed to receive. In other words, you don’t give a damn if it is true or not because they are saying things that you want to hear. You refuse to do any research on the issues. Did you know that ABC just reported space aliens are landing in California? Now remember that ABC is one of those news reporters that you believe without doing any research. so, are you going to check it out? Or are you going to believe what I just told you? The same logic applies here. Either you believe it or you don’t. Space aliens!!!

      • Regardless if aliens are landing in our country, what the democrats are doing in their position of office is UNBELIEVABLE. They are afraid that American citizens are going to do something good for our nation. They were voted into their office to do what is RIGHT for our nation NOT WHAT THEY WANT.

  18. Bonnie Beckel says:

    Yes he should do it now things happen for a reason sometimes. The Democrats they always try that with us Hillary said let’s not waste a good crisis remember she always says that . But this is to protect the people and our country. . Now God Bless our Counrty.?✝️?✅

  19. Pattie Jarrell says:

    Yes, absolutely …. republicans must stand together !!!
    If not we will remember them when we vote !!??

  20. Shirley T Aiken says:

    Yes, ASAP.

  21. Yes do it know we need the supreme court Justis. President Trump has the right to do it.
    Joo Biden the brainless Idiot, worthless. September 20/2020 10:55 AM

  22. Gene says:

    Yes, do it now

  23. Danute Federas says:

    Yes he is the president he is the one has the right to aping new jug.. Wee need a great unbuyes jug to be in Supreme court. September 20/2020

  24. Russell townsend says:

    Once again he shows his lack of respect to ignore the dying wish ofrghe is so all about himself I was not going to vote for him anyway

    • joy hunziker says:

      no he should not he was impeached but not convicted that does not make him vindicated he is not worthy

    • Nurex35 says:

      Chuck Schumer, a fellow Jew, came out against the President before he even spoke about RBG warning the President about not appointing a replacenmemt until after the election…so who’s disrespectful? Only Republicans can be. DEMs never right moron?

    • Larry says:

      The dying wish of a baby Murdering raciest.

    • Lester says:

      She’s dead she hasn’t got the right to choose who replaces her if she could have been recalled Republicans wold have screamed to replace her. It’s a lifetime appointment. She’s not in the position to vote. She’s been recalled.

    • First off he’s not doing it for himself like your treasonist, socialized, communistic party of America haters.

  25. Yes, appoint a judge now. The Court will be more balanced and humanity will receive better outcomes. The populace is being overwhelmed by rowdy lawbreakers and we need to get law and order under control. We are one Nation under God with liberty and justice for all. If we feel protected and sure of the Highest court there is a better sense of normalacy and security for our country.

    • Linh Jahnke says:

      So I see, you rather approved killing babies, open the borders for illegals immigrants, raising taxes, free health care for illegals while our citizens are choking in debts , humm I vote your Dems and you out too!?

  26. Sue says:

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE seeing the dumb-a– dems having another little hissy fit!!!!!!!!! GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!

  27. Pat Biasotti says:

    If Trump can find a qualified African American Woman, the Democrats will be hard-pressed to attack her. Otherwise they are going to try to delay this nomination like mad.

  28. Mickey Bailey says:

    Absolutely. The Democrats would and throw our rights to the socialist dogs . Americans deserve better. President Trump is one of few presidents who has done for the people what he stated he was going to do fighting the Democrats and others tooth and nail all the way they have done nothing except waist time and tax payers money and try to impeach Him and he is still standing up for All the people. Appoint an America who will stand up and fight for Americans and the constitution.

  29. Jim Moore says:


    • Harriet LeMarbre says:

      Absolutely submit that name now the reason the dumb gems don’t want anything to take place till after the election is because they know that this ultra conservative new choice of President Trump will throw their Nazi narcissistic BS into a tailspin and I praise God for it???

  30. Jim Moore says:

    Yes he should. The Democrats would try to get a Liberal in there.

  31. Bob says:

    Yes That his job

    • Harriet LeMarbre says:

      Yes it is his job and as an 83-year-old Republican I recall and see all too well how the United States of America which used to be very Christian is no longer we seem to have gotten too important things from the Bible number one God causes the Nations to rise and fall and I believe we are fallen and number two God puts the governments in place and he can take away that government or he can let it stand he’s in control we are not!!!

  32. Sharon says:

    We need judges who understand the gift of life, and family values.

  33. Don Butler says:

    No way the above responses are crazy if you think another Retard conservative will help you parasites you are wrong. A couple small facts conservatives pay 30% of the taxes and take 56% of the federal handouts. Vote stacking has been a republican thing since the end of the civil war.

    • Tim Babbit says:

      Yes immediately! So crazy Nancy will have a senior moment…
      And people need to learn about government history before they run their mouth!

  34. What? It is still open?? Yes Yes Hurry and get someone who believes in the constitution as our forefathers did. THANK YOU JUSTICE GINSBURG for your service….

  35. bdv says:

    President Trump should nominate and fill the position ASAP

  36. John W. McGrath says:

    Yes, The president should move immediately after a respected few days for the burial.
    John W. McGrathl

  37. Duane says:

    Yes, with an even number of justices on the court it will not go well. The Democrats have already made it perfectly clear that they intend to challenge the outcome of the election if Trump wins. There must be 9 justices.

  38. Duane says:

    Yes, with an even number of justices on the court will not go well. The Democrats have already made it perfectly clear that they intend to challenge the outcome of the election if Trump wins. There must be 9 justices.

  39. There is no reason whatsoever to postpone the choosing of the new judge that should be done immediately anyway so that those who are in need of their services may have it

  40. Sandra Reich says:

    Absolutely he should appoint a new judge now. Don’t wait

  41. Ann Anderson says:

    Yes do it NOW. Cannot give dems chance to nominate Obama! That would end America and life as we know it.

  42. J. Hon says:

    Yes get it done as soon as possibley

  43. Walter Moore says:

    Absolutely appoint a new Justice now.

  44. George P Walker, III, MD says:

    All are created equal, but then we have the agency to make wise choices, with the guidance of God, our magnificent constitution and freedom. May HE immediately and continually provide us excellent leadership.

  45. Jamye A Lucier says:

    Yes, get it done. I thought about honoring her request but if the shoe was on a Dems foot they wouldn’t hesitate to put in a liberal judge.

    do it NOW! Before Nov. 3rd!

  46. Pegs says:

    ABSOLUTLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!! #PRESIDENT TRUMP #2020 HELLO MR.PRESIDENT…. YOU,VE GOT THIS!!!

  47. Wayne says:

    Yes number one priority !!!

  48. Mary says:

    Absolutely as soon as possible vote RED

  49. susan miller says:

    Absolutely, new judge, would help with fraudulent vote counting.

  50. Lois Rogers says:

    Yes there is no excuse for waiting. Biden will not win and it will just be wasted time.

  51. Mary says:

    Absolutely as soon as possible

  52. Jerry Cook says:

    Yes absolutely!
    We need more Conservatives that follow the Constitution for guidance.

  53. Theresa says:

    After what the dirty Dems did to Kavanaugh destroying peoples lives we need a conservative Supreme Court justice so they can be fair and balanced. The Democrats are the most evil ruthless people on earth especially Nancy Pelosi and her crew, get someone in there that is for the people and for the good of the people!

    • Harriet LeMarbre says:

      Very well said… Pelosi Killery and Bill Clinton Obama and Michelle Bernie buddy Joe Biden and his crazy wife and Carmel Harris – they all need to go and quickly…

  54. David Wikse says:

    I agree, we do not want a liberal judge.

  55. Maddy says:


  56. Lil Lannum says:


  57. Carol Johnson says:

    Absolutely–a full Supreme Court is essential before Nov. 3!

  58. Hal Lemoyne says:

    OH YES YES YES, PLEASE APPOINT A NEW US Supreme Court Justice as immediately as

    possible or NOW

    ❤??CHRISTrumPence and all of our/his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers Successfully 2020USReelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen??❤

  59. Arnold Butterfield says:

    Yes we need conseritive judges on the court!

  60. Pamela Chambers says:

    Please, please get it done now!!!!

  61. Elaine Waugh says:

    We need the justice appointed si we have a full court for the mayor in ballot fraud that will occur in the election!!

  62. Rita says:

    We do not want a liberal judge

  63. Sam says:

    Go for a conservative now! We need to get rid of abortion

  64. Sam says:

    Go for a conservative now!

  65. kenneth Frazier says:


  66. John Hannon says: