Popular Billionaire Ditches Democrats

Elon Musk

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – As the midterm elections approach, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just announced he will be voting for Republicans.

Musk made the announcement at a live episode of the All-In Podcast, held at a Miami tech conference, where he told the hosts that he would be switching from voting Democrat to voting Republican.

“I voted overwhelmingly for Democrats, historically — overwhelmingly,” adding, “I might never have voted for a Republican, just to be clear. Now this election, I will.”

Musk also provided reasoning for his decision, saying, “The issue here is that the Democrat Party is overly controlled by the unions and by the trial lawyers — particularly the class-action lawyers.”

He elaborated, stating, “generally, if you see something that is not in the interest of the people on the Democrat side, it’s going to come because of unions — which is just another form of monopoly — and the trial lawyers.”

His statements sent Twitter into a frenzy, with many conservatives praising Tesla’s CEO for announcing the move.

Buck Sexton, a conservative radio host of “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” noted that “The choice is sane vs insane… @elonmusk knows that. Good move.”

Tim Pool, an independent journalist, saw Musk’s announcement as a prompt for Democrats to reflect, “[M]aybe the left should reflect on why people are fleeing from them,” he tweeted.

Rubin Report host Dave Rubin also chimed in, “Bingo @elonmusk. You don’t have to be a Republican, but you can’t be a Democrat. (And for now you have to vote for Republicans to save America, and we can hash out the rest of the stuff afterwards.)