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Watch: President’s Doctor Provides Update

Just moments ago, President Trump’s White House Physician provided an update on the President’s medical condition and treatment. He also discussed how long the President may need to remain hospitalized. Click on the video for this significant update about the President.



This is a breaking story and will be updated as conditions warrant.


  1. Sarah Danelenko says:

    Praying for you Mr. Trump and First Lady. We the people of All need you.

  2. Gael says:

    Dear Mr. President and First Lady,

    My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. You both have suffered so much
    from the very 1st day of your Presidency. It is heart breaking to see you both have to go through this illness on top of everything else. I truly believe that
    God is with you. I have been saying a rosary every day to the Blessed Mother
    since the 2014 mid-term election for our country, the republican party and
    especially you. I know God will get you through this.G

  3. Steven T. Lowry Lowry says:

    Dear President Trump,First Lady Melania and all family, we are Deep in Prayer
    For anyone that has not listened to the warning signs of this virus and not do like yourself and get medical treatment pronto. Our thoughts and Prayers and our Motor Cycle Ministry will have you on the Prayer List. If you would like to watch it’s streaming. flbconline. Debbie my wife for 44 years now sends her condolences along with my prayers. This makes my blood boil transition of office shouldn’t be taught to our young ones in this formality.
    Hang in there and know your trusted and Loved.

    we have helped allot in Prison’s and juveniles and the young ones are the toughest. Fountain Life Bible Church, Johnson City Tennessee, Pastor Vic Young and come as you are there’s no dress code we will have a special speaking about you because there’s no limit to prayer. Take care and get well we need you more then ever and all our trust is in your decisions.
    Say hi to your son Baron, Eric, and Donald Jr. would love to keep donating steadily and will but have to wait now for Social Security.

  4. President Trump,
    I am praying for you. We need you for another four more years. Without you we as nation will be in big trouble. Please keep the faith !

  5. Ann Wood says:

    God Bless you Mr. President and your wife. Get well soon as America needs you like never before. America is doomed under socialism and the demon rats goal if your not at the helm.

  6. Margaret says:

    We hope and pray you and mrs. Trump get well and soon, we need you to lead us again for four more years at least.

  7. Deirdra Daniels says:

    ???????????????WE Love You President Trump & Our 1st Lady !❤️❤️❤️??????????

  8. Sher says:

    Res. Trump and Melania ..our entire family pray’s for your safe outcome from this upset! America, as well as the world, need you to lead us out of this epidemic as well as keep us from socialism! You said a short while back, when asked about the vaccine, that you would be the first to take it if available….again…proof that you follow through with what you say! Hang in there…we have a huge family in support of you!

  9. Marianna Jankowska says:

    WE pray FOR you i send may good energy for you i have this from Lord i hell people free you will fell every night God be with you Marianna

  10. Trump, get well soon, we all really need you. Trump, the whole of America needs you to save the country from the socialist plague and from the fascists who call themselves democrats. Trump, you have to pull our country out of this swamp. We wish you and the first lady – a sea of health and VICTORY!