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Pro-gun Groups Counting on Justice Barrett

Pro-gun groups have flooded the federal courts with challenges to various firearms restrictions, expecting the cases will work their way up to the newly constituted 6-3 conservative Supreme Court,” according to The Washington Times.

The high court generally has declined to take up major gun cases in recent years, but activists are banking that the recent addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett will help force the court under Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. to weigh in sooner or later.

“Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, said his group immediately started lining up plaintiffs and crafting a flow chart of cases they wanted to file after President Trump nominated Justice Barrett to fill the vacancy left by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“’Having her on the court, we think we really have six pro-gun votes and while Roberts has obviously been reluctant to hear a case, now I don’t think he has much of a choice,’ Mr. Gottlieb said. ‘I think the court’s going to hear a case.’…

“He said the groups are trying to get as many cases as possible filed before Inauguration Day so they can then turn their focus to combating potential gun-related executive orders from presumed President-elect Joseph R. Biden.”

For more, go to Barrett confirmation sparks flood of Supreme Court-bound challenges from pro-gun groups.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Should the Supreme Court remove all restrictions on the Second Amendment?


  1. George says:

    Just how many of We The People who own guns will surrender them as the Jews did in Germany back in the day, because our wives or mothers demand we do that. How many will use their guns when the government sends the military squads to knock down your front doors to confiscate what we own. When there is a raid and your the fellow neighbor across the street from your neighbor being raided will you draw your gun and help him defend his family against a armed assault. If your not ready to defend then you shouldn’t own during these times. Don’t speak about the words written that reflect the true meaning of the 2A, if your not prepared to die defending the United States as it was envisioned by our founders so long ago. Then let your neighbors know your not willing to come to the aid of anyone else in the neighborhood.

  2. Walter R. Strickland says:

    I am a long time shooting and gun owning enthusiast. I am convinced that the Second Amendment is more needed today to help protect American Citizens from the corruption of the far leftist in our country. Without our second amendment rights we would be mostly be unable to protect our other rights guaranteed to us by our Bill of Rights. Then we may be as other countries in our world who do not have the right to be armed against a government who will more than likely be a Dictatorship. Amen for the Second Amendment , The rest of Our Bills of Rights, and Our Constitution!!!

  3. Robert says:

    Does anyone remember adalf Hitler? In his book?
    He said; Now that all guns are out of the hands of the people and only the police and military have guns, We are all safe. and the slaughter of millions of innocent people died.

    • Your comment was first, and is all that is needed. If the government tries to take away our guns it literately “shoots the 2nd Amendment”. It is there to protect us from an OVER-REACHING GOVERNMENT.

  4. Lawrence Boeckmann says:

    Yes remove all restrictions on the second amendment. With all the criminals and terrorists running the streets everybody needs a gun to defend themselves

  5. Jeffery Powell says:

    whats hammers n ball bat n knifes

  6. Jaybo says:

    When they come to take everything else , and Rob you , then what?

  7. Holly Rose says:

    I am a gun lover and love to shoot my late mom’s pistol at the range but if our nation wants to ban guns, we better comply for the good of this nation. Mom always said to be fair and think of others first and foremost.

    For the govt to be thorough in banning guns they should outlaw hunting,police and military as well. Do away with gun related businesses such as gun manufacturing, stores, clubs, police and military. Anyone owning a gun would be a death sentence.

    • Jaybo says:

      Not owning a gun,especially now WOULD be a death sentence!!!

    • Jaybo says:

      Not owning a gun,especially now WOULD be a death sentence!!!

      Having a gun is the best defense option .

    • Jaybo says:

      Having a gun is the best defense option .

    • If guns are required to be turned in then only the criminals will have guns, think of Chicago, Antifa, and the folks that spend their lives TERRORIZING AND STEALING . What your mom said is true, but only if all involved plays by the same rules. Most Criminals DO NOT , OR THEY WOULD NOT BE CONSIDED CRIMINALS. Then there are other Rule Breaker the are turned loose by the jailers, just because…………..