Pro-Terrorist Student ‘Spits’ on School President (Video)

( – Leftist anti-Israel and pro-terrorist hysteria on college campuses is reaching shocking new highs as Canada’s McGill University has seen an incident in which a female student “spit” on the school’s president as a means of “protest.”

See the video of the “spitting” student in the tweet below!

At McGill University, a recent incident at a graduation ceremony sparked controversy when a pro-Palestinian student exhibited provocative behavior towards two faculty members, purportedly including the university president.

As she approached the stage to receive her diploma, the student made what were described as “spitting motions,” The College Fix reports.

While the specific details remain unclear—whether actual spitting occurred is not verified—the gesture was evident enough to cause a stir.

Further accentuating her protest, the student displayed a banner with the stark message: “Divest from Death.”

The official video footage provided by McGill did not capture these moments, neither the alleged spitting nor the display of the banner.

However, various unedited videos that surfaced on social media platforms filled in the gaps left by the official recording.

In response to the incident, McGill University acknowledged that its focus during the ceremony might have precluded its immediate awareness of the student’s actions.

“It was […] clear the student was yelling and highly disrespectful. The university remains firmly committed to peaceful and respectful dialogue, even on the most divisive and painful issues,” its statement said.

Regarding potential repercussions for the student, McGill maintained discretion, citing privacy concerns.

The university did, however, indicate a readiness to impose disciplinary measures should it find violations of its code of conduct or applicable laws.

This year, McGill opted to relocate its graduation ceremonies off-campus, a decision influenced by prolonged anti-Israel protests at the university.

These protests culminated in the arrest of 15 activists supporting the Palestinian Arab Islamist terrorist group Hamas who had taken over an administrative building at McGill.

The occupation started the day before and extended into the graduation day, underscoring the tense atmosphere on campus.

The mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, took to social media to comment on the situation, stating, “Protesting is a fundamental right, but it does not justify violence and the illegal occupation of McGill premises.”

This sentiment was echoed in reports of the activists’ aggressive tactics, which included blockading doors and vandalizing property, coupled with threats of violence.

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