Probe of Biden Family’s Overseas Deals Takes a Turn

Hunter and Joe Biden

( – According to reports, the Republican-led Oversight Committee of the US House of Representatives has intensified its probe into the murky overseas business dealings of the Biden family.

On Sunday, the National Review reported that the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed financial documents connected with three people known as business associates of First Son Hunter Biden.

The subpoenas in question have requested Bank of America records going back to 2009, which involve John Robinson “Rob” Walker and two other men.

That is disclosed by a letter that Rep. Jamie Raskin, the Democrat ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, sent to the committee chairman, Rep. James Comer.

A source told CNN that Bank of America has already complied with much of the subpoena. The news outlet has obtained a copy of Raskin’s letter to Comer.

According to a House Oversight GOP spokesperson, Raskin sent the letter to “get ahead of the information the Oversight Committee is receiving in its investigation of the Biden family’s influence peddling.”

In it, the Democrat slammed his Republican superior, Comer, for failing to give a notice of at least two days to the Democrat members of the committee before issuing the subpoenas.

In the letter, Raskin blasted Comer for not notifying Democratic members at least two days before issuing the subpoenas.

The Democrat ranking member also complained that the subpoena targeting Walker was too invasive since it required “intimate information” from his family’s personal financial accounts.

“[The subpoena is a] roving congressional inquisition into the affairs of at least one private American citizen [going] well beyond any business deal with Hunter Biden or CEFC,” Raskin wrote to Comer.

The report notes that Hunter Biden, Rob Walker, James Gilliar, Jim Biden, and Tony Bobulinski established a joint venture called Oneida Holdings.

CEFC, a now-defunct Chinese energy conglomerate with ties to the Communist regime in China, vowed to give them $10 million of working capital.

A leaked email that Gilliar sent in May 2017 to multiple partners contained details about an equity plan in which Hunter Biden would hold 10% of the venture “for the big guy.” According to public comments by Bobulinski, the description referred to Joe Biden himself.

Last month, Hunter Biden’s legal defense team asked state and federal prosecutors to start criminal probes into anyone who accessed and spread “personal data” from Hunter Biden’s lost “laptop from hell.”

The computer Hunter Biden abandoned in a Delaware repair shop in 2019 has been the source of plentiful material about the Bidens’ suspicious business dealings.

President Joe Biden and his aides have maintained that he was never involved in his son’s business dealings and didn’t even know anything about them. They have also dismissed the laptop revelations as “Russian misinformation.”

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