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Professor: Saying ‘Legal Vote’ Is Racist

Without a doubt, there are words, terms, and phrases that are clearly racist and unacceptable in civil society. At the same time, if every word, term, and phrase is misappropriated by those who want to make everything racist, the English language becomes corrupted. The following is just such an example.

According to The College Fix, “It was bad enough when [Ibram] Kendi, the founder of [Boston University’s] Center for Antiracist Research, posited during the Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS hearings that white people who adopt black children are “colonizers”; now, in the midst of the hotly contested 2020 presidential election, the professor says the term “legal vote” is “racist.” [emphasis added]

“In a series of tweets, Kendi compared the (alleged) racism of “legal vote” to that of “illegal alien,” “personal responsibility” and “race neutral.”

“At a Stanford University webinar last month, Kendi claimed “most organizations and institutions are racist” because “if you have racial disparity and inequity then you have race, you know you have racism, you have policies that are leading to those racial inequities and injustices.” [emphasis added]


Here are the tweets Professor Kendi posted claiming that the term “legal vote” is racist. Please share your thoughts in the Comment section.

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