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Professor: Saying ‘Legal Vote’ Is Racist

Without a doubt, there are words, terms, and phrases that are clearly racist and unacceptable in civil society. At the same time, if every word, term, and phrase is misappropriated by those who want to make everything racist, the English language becomes corrupted. The following is just such an example.

According to The College Fix, “It was bad enough when [Ibram] Kendi, the founder of [Boston University’s] Center for Antiracist Research, posited during the Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS hearings that white people who adopt black children are “colonizers”; now, in the midst of the hotly contested 2020 presidential election, the professor says the term “legal vote” is “racist.” [emphasis added]

“In a series of tweets, Kendi compared the (alleged) racism of “legal vote” to that of “illegal alien,” “personal responsibility” and “race neutral.”

“At a Stanford University webinar last month, Kendi claimed “most organizations and institutions are racist” because “if you have racial disparity and inequity then you have race, you know you have racism, you have policies that are leading to those racial inequities and injustices.” [emphasis added]


Here are the tweets Professor Kendi posted claiming that the term “legal vote” is racist. Please share your thoughts in the Comment section.


  1. Brian says:

    Another idiot heard from.

  2. David says:

    Those little white men murding and abusing people of color for the last 155 years have been democrates. The KKK and white supremist are all democrates. That racist needs to be fired, he is unfit to teach

    • Grace says:

      Where are the parents who have enough money to indulge their kids in a college course on Anti Racist Research? I thought those fuzzy little minds were taking degree courses to earn a living. However, colleges have stopped teaching ‘logic’. Perhaps a reinstatement of ‘common sense’ is in order.

  3. Pegs says:

    This SORRY SON OF A BITCH is the RACIST!!! I for one am SICK TO DEATH of this RACE CONSPIRACY BULLSHIT!!! What an IDIOT!!! It’s people like him that are DANGEROUS FOR OUR COUNTRY. he needs to take his sorry ass to another country! We don’t need this CRAP!!!!!!!

  4. Stephen says:

    Relieve him of his position. What FOOLS would contribute to that university?? Propaganda and indoctrination are rampant in our public universities.

  5. Mark says:

    Kendi is obviously a hate mongering race baiting pig.

  6. Mark Zehner says:

    What does he think about the term “Communist”, which he is.

    • Rand says:

      You actually “THINK” he “THINKS”??? I dare say , this ignoble pre-pubiscent child is a communist. A “black man” who is communist , made up the WORD “Racist”, in order to “Divide and Conquer”.

  7. Michael A Morgan says:

    I hope there are no federal funds being used to fund the sophomoric department Center for Antiracist Research.

  8. Terrie Wyatt says:

    That’s so stupid, if they have their way white people won’t even be allowed to speak in public.

    • Robert Lankford says:

      That is exactly what they are aiming for. The goal is to silence conservative
      voices. His made up crap is just part of the overall communist attack on conservative discourse.

  9. Marla Kimsey says:

    He is the racist and as as Senator Kennedy says we question how he made it through the birth canal. If you dont want legal you must have something to hide

  10. Nicole Hayes says:

    This guy is a professor ? They need to fire him ASAP for spewing this garbage. The black people will always find a way to play the race card and I guess this is the new one. They apparently don’t understand the words and phrases they use themselves are racist. The words BLACK LIVES MATTER is racist in itself. I also hear the term BLACK POWER and people saying I’m only going to support black owned businesses. Now let’s flip that – if a white person says WHITE LIVES MATTER and WHITE POWER and I’m only buying from a white owned business of course they would label us a racist in a heartbeat. But it’s ok for them ? They should get a pass because they’re black ? And the dems want to give them reparations because their ancestors were slaves ? What the hell are all these leftists thinking. ? Oh and mr “professor “, they’re are plenty of black people that voted for TRUMP and believe that every LEGAL VOTE should count.

    • Bill says:

      By their oversensitivity to everyday terms belies their own racism. They be playing all you whities for any guilt trip they can lay down… And laughing at all the bleeding heart liberals that appease their baseless demands.

      • LucyB says:

        Legal Vote, Legal Vote, Legal Vote, Legal Vote! Happy now?

        • Rand says:

          Legal Vote??? No , I am not happy. IT SHOULD ALWAYS be legal.
          To have an obtuse moribund pseudo-intellect , Preaching to “WHITES” is anathema to Morals.
          His [?proffesor” donkey braids are waaaay to tight , and is strangling his dura mater . Yet , the “so called liberals” lap this kool-aide up by the gallon.
          So , JUST WHAT did YOU mean?

    • Dana says:

      Very well put…

  11. Don says:

    His childish comment not only makes him racist, it makes him stupid also.

    • Rand says:

      I must respectfully correct you. His comments do not make him stupid , rather the comments “Reinforce the data that “he is indeed stupid”.

  12. In 1963, 57yrs. ago Krushchev said that “Anyone would be crazy to invade the U.S. because the people have more guns than most countries. What will be done is to destroy America from within. Disrupt, destroy, sow discontent, remove faith, confuse and disarm them; then we will just walk right in. LOOK AROUND YOU THIS MARXISTS THEOLOGY IS DISTROYING OUR COUNTRY AND IT HAS BEEN THE DEMOCRATS AGENDA FOR MANY YEARS! The only reason we see it so clearly now is we got a true grass roots “American” that scared the Democraps so bad that they Unzipped Their Fly. Thank GOD Almighty for “PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP” because we now know what we are fighting, “MARXISM”

    • Bill says:

      Yes! They are afraid of President Trump. That is why they have villified him from day one.
      It’s too late now, the cat’s out of the bag. The more they try to cover up the truth, the more they expose their nefarious goals.
      And it took Donald J. Trump to bring out the wolves behind the masks.
      Don’t give up! Good will overcome evil.

    • George says:

      John your so correct, but now the Marxist nation that wants to own the United States of America is Communist China.
      Everyone needs to begin reading labels and refuse to purchase anything made in China. Take back the nation begins by spending your money on goods made in America.
      Our children need to again be taught in school why America is the country that has a waiting list of people wanting to legally immigrate and why this country there are so many willing to risk their lives to become illegal immigrants as well. Perhaps the socialist countries are not what they are being reported as being, this college professor needs to teach America values in a country like Ghana.

  13. Allen says:

    What does saying FUPROF make you?

  14. Voldemort says:

    That idiot is the only person that should be a slave. It would give him an idea what he is talking about.

    • Lilli Sawyer says:

      What is this person’s gender? Difficult to tell. However, his/her brain is shot, just looking for trouble, Revenge and POWER. BTW, this person is racist. So like the Democrats, always ascribing their own faults to someone else. Why people spend their money to sent their kids to these propaganda filled, very questionable,“Places of higher learning, “is a mystery.

  15. Annie Karns says:

    I agree with you about the use of terms labeled as “this or that.” It doesn’t matter the origin of the word, they have been used not necessarily to disparage anyone or any race, but because they are on point in describing the thought process. If we can arbitrarily say a word or phrase is racist where is it going to end? Is using the word “Jesus Christ” racist because He is usually portrayed as Caucasian? Is “Mohammed” racist because he wanted to get rid of “infidels,” who are supposedly mostly Caucasian? The world is too fragile right now and being too “sensitive” or otherwise is a dangerous proposition. Should we just communicate with “Sign Language,” or “Braille?” Oh, it might be labeled “racism!”??

  16. Sam B. says:

    Lol WOOOW…& his guy is a “professor?!” And he is so-called “teaching” our kids?! With a outlook like this saying that “legal votes” is racist is pathetic & absurd. Crap propaganda like this is what taints the minds of some people. WAAAY TO OFTEN some people throw the race card out there for pathetic ridiculous issues LIKE THIS!
    I’ll steal a phrase from good ole quid pro quo JOE….”C’mon Man!”

    • John says:

      I guess I’m just a racist then now that I am not allowed to use 90 pct. Of the English language I am also a deplorable a hillbilly and a infidel too but I am proud

  17. Sam says:

    Anyone spewing this rhetorical BS needs to look in the mirror for he is the biggest racist of all.

    • Lilli Sawyer says:

      People like this “professor “ are not interested in teaching the tools of critical analysis to your child. Their passion is developing people who will accept without question, no matter how outrageous and evil (late term abortion for one example), The Declarations and proclamations of the left socialist communist crowd. Throw in a little race baiting and they are happy. They are also too stupid to understand that the future they propose would not exclude them from the fate of everyone else. The elite of that group consider people like the “professor “fodder, useful tools who will outlive their usefulness.

  18. June Ballinger says:

    My family is very diverse. A legal vote is the only vote that should be accepted to be considered a vote to begin with. This professor should not be a teacher in our educational system if he is this biased.

  19. William Underwood says:

    For those who are racist, most everything is also racist. The word racist is just a racial slur now and has nothing to do with racial intents. Just a new way to deflect anything that the racist doesn’t like or agree with. A tool for the weak minded to use.

  20. Scott Johnston says:

    Christ has dominion over all governments. If biden becomes president we’re going to be in serious trouble. The democratic party should be seen for what they are. recount recount recount

  21. Christopher says:

    What’s his degree in, Pro-Marxism?! I am sick of all these Leftist loon Professors who do not appreciate this country and teach their students anti-American ideas. Since the Dept. of Education was created by Carter one would believe the Public School system would have a single preset, pre-approved curriculum that applies across every school district in each and every state that is what teachers are supposed to teach and nothing else. They need to keep their private opinions out of our kids’ heads. When did Pro-Marxist ideals become standard approved teaching material?! I’ve come to the collusion they WILL label me as a racist. Since I know where this comes from (Trotsky) and who is spewing it, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ve become politically numb. Bring it on, I need some more labels to laugh at. This Professor should be drawn and quartered like the Founding Fathers would have responded with.

  22. I am on my out of this life but feel very sorry for the one’s coming up after me. I don’t care what this professor thinks this is a legal term whether he likes it or not. He got his name in the papers that is good for him. He should be trying to stop the killing of Black Americas in places like Chicago where his people are shot every day. He should be advising the government as to try they should stop this. Yet BLM is also responsible for not doing anything. But, yet they will cause riots because a police officer shoots a Black man because he was breaking the law.

  23. JAMES AUSTIN says:

    I would say that there are many words that have racial ethnic religious bias built in.
    They refer to negros, irish, italians jews, catholics polish etc. I am 99 44/100ths % certain legal voter doesn’t qualify! Simply a rather transparent attermpt to provoke or cast aspersions onto the the statements of others. Professor Kendi should be much smarter than this and certainly a learned man would know better. Truly a shame professor

    • BKK says:

      So many people today are over educated by liberals but common sense challenged. So sorry, you will never find happiness without good discernment.

  24. Jon says:

    What foolish bozo! He is a professor yet is willing to side with illegally obtain votes by various unprofessional people who have chosen to stand with a man who clearly has dementia who’s medically unsound and a party line that is clearly cancer to this country they’ve become a rot the Democratic party and to me democracy has become an option that is no longer necessary it should be considered dismissed and made obsolete replaced with the Republic system of government and a decrease of democracy until it’s no longer of use because it has been unchecked and it time has come where it needs to be limited and put on the brakes they need to have a limit on age in the government to where once you reach a certain age while being a service to the government once you reach a certain age then you should be discontinued for service you can be a advisory but after that you’re done you get retired I believe that all positions should have a term limiting and also there should be a check on all that taxes there should be a limit on taxes to where they are locked in and the funds are limited in certain government systems in fact I think that by using Wall Street and analyzing how much growth we get in our economy then a percentage of that is used to determine how much our government employees are given namely senators congressman and representatives in our government even the president but yet these people have namely certain congressmen certain centers certain Representatives have not been doing their utmost in doing their job and so as a citizen of this country I’d say a majority of them you are all fired you have not completed your your job that I hired you to do and furthermore you have become complacent in your current system I find that very very unacceptable you’ve become a liability to this country in people and because of this you need to be removed that means building your out and putting in term limitations putting in necessary systems that will check your behavior even your power needs to be able to be overruled by a citizen and if a vote of no confidence needs to be instituted so that we can remove those that have become completely unstainable then I believe it on also I believe most former presidents should not be allowed access to the government whatsoever in any cheaper form so once they’re out of their out all form of communication even secret service guard their secret service card would probably stay but other than that all information would be restricted from them all access everything I locked that down and outside they cannot be a threat

    • Annie Karns says:

      Jon, I love your comments except for the “elderly.” Every political positions need to have term limits, even Supreme Court justices. If you are elected or appointed for a position no matter how insignificant it is, you need to be booted out and give other people and ideology to thrive. I have always been a “term limit” advocate. We need to cry it out loud. TEEM LIMITS FOR ALL!

  25. Cg says:

    WTF who cares what he wants or thinks!Mr professor.ha

  26. Kay Courson says:

    That is about the dumbest statement I have heard today. On second thought , not only dumb it’s stupid.

  27. Michael says:

    This guy’s a idiot, he should never b allowed to teach anything or anyone, hes the racist

  28. Randy says:

    Oh he’s an idiot

  29. Edmund Villnave says:

    Amything for publicity!!! Stupid& foolish statements are the well as playing the ” race card” –

    Funny ..African chiefs sold their peeps into slavery..but we never hear about that !!!

    Is lebron & mahomes & the super rich athlete ” opressed” ?????

    • Dyanna Jordan says:

      Edmund Villnave you are absolutely correct, and who exactly was it that freed the slaves? Oh right, a Republican president!! Yet for some stupid reason so many black people follow the Democrats, makes no sense! As to this idiotic professor…he and many like him are the reason my granddaughter will be going to a Christian collage.

  30. alan P douglass says:


    • Kathleen says:

      So right These bozos should move to Venezuela and stop ruining our lives To call “Legal” racist is absurd! They can take the murderers arsonists looters with them when They go

    • Kathleen says:

      So right These moronss should move to Venezuela and stop ruining our lives To call “Legal” racist is absurd! They can take the murderers arsonists looters with them when They go

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