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Proof: Media Throwing Election to Biden

Love him or hate him, no one has ever questioned journalist Glenn Greenwald’s courage when it comes to exposing the “deep state” within both the U.S. government and the mainstream media. As most know, it was Greenwald who Edward Snowden went to and trusted when he exposed the inner workings of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Fast forward to today, and we find Greenwald succinctly capturing how the mainstream media – in this case The Washington Post – isn’t even trying to hide the fact that they are 100% against President Trump and are willing to skew facts and reality in an attempt to throw the election to Joe Biden.

Here, in one tweet, Greenwald captures the admission of that bias in a column published by The Washington Post. We are sharing the first of what are several tweets in a thread by Greenwald that further exposes what’s going on. If you’d like to see the entire thread, click >>> here.

Here is what Greenwald caught:

Think about that statement – “We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.” – being openly published in a column in one of the most influential mainstream media newspapers that is read around the globe.

In other words, the author is admitting, “We know the now revealed emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop are authentic — but to protect Joe Biden and help him win the election we’ll claim they are forgeries planted by the Russians.”

Is there any wonder why a growing number of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media?


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  1. Q2 says:

    Democratic politicians are not far left enough for the likes of the far left they must be removed such as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and a few others the Deep state will make sure of it they are nothing more than taxis dumb to realize it it is Media working hard American running form in stupid for which there will never be a cure for we can only hope those who are Democrat will getting vaccinated from the Coronavirus which will in turn render them sterile unable to have children that is a fact this will be how the population will be reduced the population control this vaccine will be mandated and people will be track-and-trace people will be tracked with a new technology that is coming out by Apple computer next year this technology will have direct communication to your phone no matter where you are in the world it does not use cell towers and will be able to pinpoint anybody at any time it will render the 5G technology using the power of the newest computers built by various government the supercomputer will be able to all communication almost at the speed of light all information will be on your phone money banking record Insurance identification as well as retinol capabilities that will be your mark without it you are not handsome stores groceries banking Medical housing anything that is free from the government under socialism and it’s policies physical money will no longer exist Facebook will come out with what’s called the Libra currency to rival Bitcoin and others this is to bring the American economy down and bring others up to create an equal global centralized economy.the polisie family is invested is apple and this technology…And owns stock in Apple… Under her husband’s name .The I.D to be tracked will be injected…..Dropped by none other than Bill Gates………….More to come…Are you ready?

  2. Q2 says:

    Of course the media is handing the election to Joe Biden simply because Democrat must get him elected the big bomb goes off so he can take the big fall enabling Camilla Harris to obtain the presidential and all the proof is on Hunter Biden laptop in the Forum of money laundering evidence of crooked deals with foreign governments child pornography videos pornographic photos of young women compromising situations It is believed there could be involvement by the big guy dealing with young children being trafficked one must ask themselves is there an Epstein connection here I personally believe this information was leaked out at this time someone inside the Democratic party unbeknownst to Nancy Pelosi to expedite the removal of Joe Biden elected it appears as though discagenda designing timeline that is the purpose of the pushing of all the narratives to remove come but that did not work so it was fun to the next plan and then the next plan explain the reason why this information was sat on for so long it has been reported the top FBI investigator subpoenaed Hunter Biden laptop information off his computer because of pornographic material……………. I do say after seeing Joe around young children…. Touching and smelling as well as grabbing them at rallies and on TV makes me question him….

  3. FrankAboutIt says:

    Systemic Ignorance, not systemic racism, is the leading problem for America today.

    ANYONE who supports the Corrupt Joe Biden with his ever beholding loyalty to Communist Red China is a a serious die hard mental defective.

    • Mark Sauck says:

      It’s Nov.6th and now I never dreamed so many Americans could be so ignorant and stupid. Things that most common sense people see seem oblivious to them. Becoming a socialist nation. Losing our freedom and liberty. Things that normal humans should have an instinctive fear of and avoid ever happening and that’s a very real possibility right now.

  4. Lisa says:

    We knew it all along the media was against Trump they have been since day 1 we need someone to get these emails out to the commuinties where people are backing Biden and show prove that he is the dirty politician we know he is

  5. Steven Zimmerman says:

    No surprise to me. My opinion has been Biden is corrupt along with the Clintons, Obama and many other politicians. Too bad so many people are blind to the truth.

    • Mary says:

      I think EVERY CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN has known this for quite awhile. Biden is so far mentally gone and I feel sorry for him, but his wife uses him to be the next first lady. That family is so corrupt like Killary and her nasty man. There are pictures of Joe with his hands groping children. They’ve been out for a long time. Why isn’t anything done about that at least? He and his family are in deep poo now. I just hope that they are all locked up and not allowed to get by with all this corruption with all his lies to get brushed to the side by the fake news and Killary too. Why doesn’t the fake news surprise everyone and show us that the fake news doesn’t have to be so pathetic? People might go back to watching them. Fox, OAN and BCP are my only trustworthy sources of news. Ol Joe hasn’t done anything for our country for 47 years!!!!!! He sure isn’t going to start now. No, we’ll get stuck with big mouth frog! Kamala TRUMP 2020 !!!!! TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!

  6. AMEN! AMEN! Their is now irrefutable information to lock up all the Biden`s and throw away the key!

  7. Sam B. says:

    I’m a barely left leaning Democrat(that knows dozens of others) that is so irritated, embarrassed of the actions & direction of the left…as well as the extension of the democrat/radical left party..the “bs bias mainstream media aka Narrative News Networks”.
    It is SOOO OBVIOUS that the “lamestream media” is all in against Trump & the right. Trump calls out & stands up against these fake news negative everything quacks & it drives them crazy & causes them to do bs like this situation. Trump isn’t the pc pansy-ass President that the LAMESTREAM MEDIA will b able to bully etc & get away with it! Right on Mr Prez! 90% of the media is so bias, corrupt it’s pathetic. What the hell happened to honest journalism? Only way to cram this back in their face is to show it at the POLES! Get out & vote! Talk it up to your people!

  8. Robert Charsha says:

    Why isn’t any people called out . I know as fact “the Washington Post did not write that, had to be at the hands of pestle!!

  9. Margaret says:

    The link to the entire thread will not work. Insidious.

  10. If all the organizations through out the world are dependant on foreign money then their first love will not be our nation, but the foreign power that comes with the money as the root of evil. This was the plan of the globalists to get rid of the influence of this nation so that a new one world order of men could take control and get rid of “under God” in their pledge of allegience to evil instead of good. Then the absence of good corrupts totally. Look around you at the evil that is surfacing in violence first. The violent take it by force. So we must become defenders of our nation that was established by God “under God”.

  11. Ingeborg Home3625 Edgewood Ave Fort Myers Fl says:

    Just let

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