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Protesters Chant ‘Burn It Down’ During DC March

During a protest march in Washington, DC, on Saturday night, protesters (possibly including Antifa and BLM) chanted, “If we don’t get it, burn it down,” among other chants.

Watch the video below from citizen reporter Brendan Gutenschwager (we have tremendous respect for Brendan’s work) and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Antifa and BLM continue to be a threat to bring violence to the streets of America even after the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Why or why not?


  1. MIKE LAGREE says:

    Like the democrats, they want to destroy the country so they can remake it in the image of their dreams, think Havana or more like Beijing. The motto of all tyrants & tin pot dictators, “Out of Chaos, Order!!” When they come to burn it down make sure you can give them a warm welcome.

  2. Kenny says:


  3. Linda says:

    they, Biden and Harris, made promises that if they got them elected they would
    get administration positions and they are not getting enough. this is their
    way of telling them it’s time to pay up or else.

    • Susan Pautsch says:

      I could care less they can burn it down eith all of them stuck in there that’s where demons belong in a fairy pit burning like hell.what do you think AMERICA no great loss

      • Donna says:

        As Long as God saves the very few righteous ones. They can do what they want. They will anyway. I wonder if biden/Harris will condone their own demise. They made all these promises and blm/Antifa believed them. That was their first mistake. Now they will get revenge from their own party like they did their own minority people this past summer. Even the precious innocent black children got punished while they slept…murdered in their beds. Vengeance is my faith the Lord. Glad I’m not them. Scarry!!!

      • David Byrd says:

        That’s right bunch of peckernecks they can all burn outstanding post God help us all.

  4. tom says:

    Yes they are a threat and have been for over a year. As long as they are supported by the media and democrats especially the VP who helps bail them out
    of jail and says they won’t quit and they shouldn’t quit. Plus those giving
    financial support continue to not be called out as the real insurrectionist not Donald Trump there will be no peace. Wake up AMERICA before it is too late.

    • Angelique Conroy says:

      You got that right. AGREE

    • Phyllis Taylor says:

      Yeah , and if you look up antifa on google joe biden and the white house come up on that page , it’s not right because that needs to be looked in to by Trump’s lawyers . We’re the ones that are going to have to pay for everything they get . We the tax payers are paying for people who don’t want work and are able . We pay for two or more kids and it’s not right because we could be helping the homeless and people who are disabled . This is BS .

      • Donna says:

        And don’t forget the freeloading insurectionist/muderers/destroyers are going to get their student loans paid off, even though all the rest worked like dogs in and out of school to pay ours off. But the biden mafia family won’t be using their illgotten Chinese money, it’ll be our tax money. Write a letter to your congressperson and fill their ears full. I did and heard back.

  5. Jean says:

    This is all on Biden and Harris. They are the only ones responsible for the Antifa/BLM destruction. They and their minions were complacent and encouraged this violence from the start.

  6. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Democrates are poison to the country, and democracy. The write their own constition (check that spelling). The are running scared and I love it. They need to be exterminated. This country is headed for civil war.I fee sorry for people with grandchildren, what a world they are left.

    • Donna says:

      I’m not sure if you call it civil or 2nd revolution cause isn’t this the same situation as before except it was the British not our own people wanting to control us. I don’t know about you but where I live and many,many states surrounding it have what we call “Good ole boys.” Believe me they won’t tolerate this long. They’d just as soon as shoot you as look at you if you’re hurting their families. You don’t go on their property after dark unless they’re expecting you. All the resigning cops & military are joining militias in these areas. At least they’re on Trump’s and our side and can protect us if war breaks out. That might be the only thing that saves us.

  7. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    BLM, all they want is have what we have, get an education, which ANYONE is entitled to, get a job or learn a trade. They should pay taxes, like everybody else. They aren’t aware that we pay for their welare, food stamps, and whatever else they get. GO. TO. WORK. That’s if your intelligenct enough to get one.

  8. MArie says:

    if you will notice the protesters are just going by the same motorcycle
    and the same white car maybe 8 times in this video, as far as them burning down the town,of DC they need to be put in jail and tried as an insurrectionous person.

  9. thomas polock says:

    take blm and atifa on busses with supporters to work camps make our streets safe again

  10. Peg C. says:

    If we did not have a bunch of coward Republicans in the Senate, this would tell everyone that we, the people, do not accept the racists, the Nazi’s, Proud Boys, etc. and that we will not stand for them being insurrectionists!

    Donald Trump spent months inciting these people by lying constantly. He needs to be responsible for what he did and not stopping these people from the damage they caused. They do not seem to care that people died due to their actions.

    • Deborah Wesselman says:

      Details.. what did he lie about? Specifics please. Just quoting CNN, MSNBC, FOX CNBC does not count. To judge any issue you need to research both sides. If your only input is from mainstream media’s, it’s impossible to reach a fair, balanced conclusion.. No one should simply be a parrot. I look forward to your response.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      Dude you better put blame on democrats! You people who think your democrats,are the sickest form of humans on this planet! Everybody hates democrats now! Even democrats hate democrats! Trump support is on the rise even more! People are seeing democrats in the light now. They know the mental sickness democrats have! Mental illness, unfit to lead this Country!

      • Melissa says:

        The mental sickness is greed! And his supporters suffer from a lack of cognitive development! They are ignorant!

    • Donna says:

      Hey stupid check your facts! It’s been proven it was planned weeks before that Saturday. Place blame where due. That idiot Pelosi was told by FBI weeks earlier and told to get the guard ready. She refused. Trump had them ready on standby. She again refused to call them. To get Trump shed rather people die. Even fake news CNN is telling same story. So pull your stupid head out of the sand and educate yourself. If Pelosi never gets punished for her evilness in this life, she will in the next. Cause when her life if over and after she gives before God, she’ll be heading on down to help with her father, the devil himself and then she’ll burn like those that did this summer she condoned. Nobody has to touch her cause God likes His own vengeance,esp against those who hurt His annointed one, His President Trump.

  11. Holly Rose says:

    Don’t agree with the anarchist burn fest. They are the reason why our taxes and insurance has gone up.

    • Deborah Wesselman says:

      Their actions are abhorrent. Their not being arrested, charged and tried are costing much more than increased cost of insurance.or loss of livelihood for business owners and their employees.

      Their being allowed to burn, loot and establish a no police zone is clearly illegal. When in America has it ever been ok to blockade off several city blocks and set up their own territory? Damaging property, destroying residents freedom, safety and property with impunity?

      The fact that this had been permitted to continue for weeks is a disgrace. Politicians who did publicly incite roiting and encouraged insurrection, need to impeached under Amendment 13, section 3. Failing this recall proceedings need to be started.

      Currently the Democrats are accusing President Trump of inciting insurrection in his Jan. 6th speech. Sen Kaine (VA) and Sen Susan Collins are attempting to ensure Trump never holds public office again, since it is likely that the Congressional move for impeachment will fail.

      They are bringing a motion under the 13th Amendment, section 3, dealing with acts of insurrection. This calls for the same 2/3 votes to pass. If passed the person charged could never hold public office again.

      Here is the rub. A 2/3 (67) votes is required,the same as conviction on impeachment. Their motion would reduce needed votes to 60, a number they think they can get. Simple, right? Also completely illegal.You don’t get to cherry pick which sentences you want randomly in the Constitution.

      Call, email, tweet your congressional representatives. Tell them the Constitution is not a jigsaw puzzle they can just puck whichever pieces they choose. They must either stand by their oath to defend and protect it or declare it null and void.. all or nothing!!

      • Chris Brewer says:

        Democrats need to be removed from offices! I’ve said this a thousand times! Really I’ve spent over a year witnessing their corruption. Now it’s time to use corruption to beat them at their own game!

        • Garland says:

          Maybe they should burn down Washington DC at least would get rid of them the Democrats. Move the White House to Trump Towers in New York It stands for something like American made, True Trump conservative fight for the Right to be independent from Democrats Control

      • Donna says:

        Who can be recalled,? biden? Congress? Harris? Who? How do you do it? Somebody go ahead and start it. At least 74,000,000 will join you I’m sure.

  12. bob onit says:

    And the democrites thought they could control the politically schizophrenic….oops ….bet they’ll claim to have RPGs soon, or some other mass casualty weapon

  13. James says:

    If you read my grand-fathers Biography, I think many people would understand what has happened. It only took me 51 years to find truth but now all I can do is educate others. I say wake-up America, Donald Trump was trying to warn us all, not label half our country as Domestic Terrorist. I know this is not the first time this has happened. This is how they steal everything we have as a soverign country.

    • Gregory Rorex says:

      These are the kind of people the Democrats and the liberals are. They want everything handed to them to lazy and stupid to work. The college kids are to dumb to see they are being brainwashed by foreign professors. They teach them anti americanism instead of the American way. Wake up America or the white people will be slaves in the near future

  14. Betty Strauss says:

    These are the Terrorists in our country so why isn’t the news media broadcasting these people. They sure did and still are talking about frustrated Americans protesting at the capital.

  15. Gitmo says:

    Demorats and the trash who voted for them created this mess! You would have to be an idiot to vote demorat after the last 4 years of there corrupt clown show and fake witch hunts to brainwash americans with fake news!! This is what you get with demorats! We had a great president working for Americans to rid us of this trash like Obama and Biden and now we are stuck with it! It’s all up to you to stop it!! Biden is not our president and Obama and Soros need to be locked up in Gitmo! All there is to it! Get rid of those 2 and the world will calm down and be a better place! Congress demorats need cleaned out along with top 40 in CIA/FBI and DOJ! Put things back the way they were! Trumps polices work and put people to work with cheap gas and low taxes! We dont need go green crap and climate accords to waste our money! Space station debunked there theories the atmosphere is bad! All demorat lies so they can steal your money! Biden is padding the pockets of deep state billionaires doing what camel jockey Obama wants! Hes not for America! He needs removed as soon as possible along with that bitch kumula!

    • Susy says:

      You do know this is Obama’s 3rd term! He said his dream job was hiding in basement and ordering president around with earpiece. Sound familiar? Love to look around the white house basement, see if theres anything ugly with big ears hiding down there with electronic equipment!

  16. Ray Wadinski says:

    Well D.C. you’ve been warned! Now it’s your turn apparently. Just keep patting them on the back and bailing out those domestic terrorists.

  17. Mike Lenahan says:

    We are in for a long four years of Hell with Mr Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm.

    Nothing is being done , except looking the other way.

    It’s time for people to wake up and realize if we don’t do something positive we will be another Marxist-Communist state with no rights and anarchy in the streets.

    Let’s all speak up and stand up for Freedom, and the rights of all the people.

    If you let these extremists ( Marxist-communists) to lie to us , they will then steal our rights and then kill us to get their way.

    This is how the Marxist -Communists always have operated and they now want to do it to us.

    Just read about history regarding countries like Russia, China, Nazi Germany , Cuba,Venezulia, etc. They all acted the same way to take over control . Let’s wake up USA.

    • Angry Eddie says:

      You can start by calling your “Representatives” in Congress and tell them to Vote NO on House bill H.R. 127, which will require the licensing of all firearms, including antique Muskets. It requires fingerprints, photographs, and a background check, not only of the gun owner, or purchaser, but of all family members in the home where the gun will be stored, as well as extended family, too. They also want to know exactly where your guns will be stored in your home. There is more, but you have to admit that this is over the top, and I only mentioned a small portion of it. You don’t need to own a gun in order to find this outrageous, just like you don’t need to own one in order to join the Firearms Policy Group, Gun Owners of America, National Association for Gun Rights, or the NRA, which has recently filed Bankruptcy. What is odd is how there were 40 million background checks for firearms in 2020, yet the NRA only has four million members. Why? Why hasn’t every lawful gun owner, and non-owner joined this, and every other Gun Rights group in the Country? Your membership means Votes for Candidates who want to stay in Office, as well as monies to be used in various Law Suits against anti-gun States like California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and the rest of New England. So, join today, and get the rest of your family and friends to do the same. Remind those in Congress that the Midterm Elections are only a year away, and time goes by pretty fast. Remember, you don’t have to be a gun owner to join these Organizations, any more than you need to be a Publisher of a Newspaper, or own a Television, or Radio Station to believe in Freedom of the Press, or of Speech, guaranteed in the First Amendment. All your rights, and that of every American Citizen, outlined in the Bill of Rights matters. Do something, today.

      • W says:

        They haven’t joined the NRA because of all of the internal strife and corruption that is happening there. With executive board members taking over 40 junkets to the caribbean and living it up, people are seeing a lot of wasted dollars. Wayne LaPierre also needs to go because he is a huge liability rather than an asset. Cleaning house is necessary and major changes need to be done to get people to come back. Until that happens the loyal lifetime members will be there and nonmembers will stay away.

        • Angry Eddie says:

          Yes, we all know the problems that the NRA has had recently, but I used them as an example, of four million members, with those buying guns in 2020 numbering 40 million. No matter which Organization people join, like GOA, it would go from two million members, to 42 million. That’s a lot of votes, and Political power. That’s what is needed. A large group of millions of Citizens demanding that their rights be protected. Not asking, but telling Our Public Servants what we want them to do.

  18. Laura says:



  19. Rev4God says:

    This is the unity the left wants. More of what we experienced last year. Didn’t the left ” the swamp ” support this behavior. Probably another nomination for Nobel Peace Prize. What a joke. We are the laughingstock of all the world. And Don’t expect any help.

  20. Rev4God says:

    I can’t believe that blm was involved in anything like this. That would be showing disrespect for “their ” biggest supporters harris, and the left. Where is aoc, didn’t she say that the 74 million Trump supporters were the real threat to America. I guess the left and their media will claim it was Trump supporters dressed like antifa, and blm .

  21. PeeJay says:

    AntiFa and BLM go and DO but Conservatives are BLAMED! Harris funds MFF to bail out these violent anarchists and promotes even MORE violence! GOD SAVE AMERICA!!!

  22. Sic&Tired says:

    SOMEONE…. (Like Our Law Enforcing Agencies) … HAD BETTER GET OFF THEIR DAMN A * * es.!!!! AND DO SOMETHING CORRECTLY ABOUT AND TO THESE BLM’ers and ANTIFA’s …. and I Mean With REAL FORCE.!! They need to be PUT IN THEIR PLACES, which is ______.!!! They are a Threat to Our Good, True, and Faithful American Citizens. These Morons BLM and ANTIFA … Are Terrorists – Plain and Simple and Need to be Dealt With As “TERRORISTS”….and we all know how and what that means…….. Time to Do It.!!!! And Quit Pussy Footing Around – And Take Them Out Behind the Barn…. Oh – How Funny, They Just Might Not Be Seen Again.!

    • Sharon says:

      I wonder what Pelosi and AOC are feeling right now, are they feeling threatened, they can be harmed more now than before, so something needs to be done about these terrorists attacks, and yes they are terrorists, they have killed people, restored property, they have burned down towns just about, and if they are rested, will Kamala Harris bail them out again, to incite more damage and hatred, she should be impeached for Bellingham out to begin with, that is incitement

  23. Nancy wiley says:

    Burn DC down but make sure all the democratic are all there

    • Margaret says:

      Tell us what is going on with BLM, and antifa, did Joe not keep their promise. Wish we had some idea.are they going to let this continue, do they have any way to stop .

  24. Dennis Sumner says:

    Go ahead, they only go after conservative patriots! You’re golden!!!

  25. Tom says:

    BLM & Antifa must have heard the words of our new Vice President. They won’t stop and they shouldn’t. Must be part of the Biden/Harris plan to bring us all

  26. bruce says:

    If you don’t think Anarchists and Marxists don’t want to destroy our country and remake it in their image, you are fooling yourself. They know they are closer to it because the democratic party is akin to them and they have been working for them as a militia arm. If the democrats don’t bow to their radical views this coalition will sour and destruction will continue.Its now Joe and Kamala’s problem and either way America suffers.

    • Vinson says:

      Marxism is just another name for communism. Which the communist Democrat party supports with the New World Order (Agenda 21). What they don’t realize is that they are making a lot of patriotic Americans mad and we won’t take much more of this BS.

      • Mary Grohoske says:

        You said it like it is. Loved all your responses, but WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP. NOTHING IS RIGHT AS LONG AS ITS DEMICRATIC. Harris and Biden need to be impeached, along with Pelosi, Schumer, Nader, Waters, n especially the squad. We need some Republicans in that will fight for the AMERICAN people instead of bowing to the Demidiots. God Bless AMERICA, n I pray it will be soon.

      • Angry Eddie says:

        What will the normal Citizens of this Country do to stop them? They still remain in, and vote for, the Republican Party which has betrayed the Country, again, on January 6, 2021. This is the group that you are looking for help from? Really? Under their direction, with Neo-Con subversion of the Republican Party, in the form of Bush I and II, they have expanded the Federal Government, given us the Patriot Act, sent our Soldiers into a 19 year Foreign War, screwed with our Education System with Common Core bullshit, and made the Illegal Alien problem worse, by failing to address the situation on the Southern border, while arresting two Border Patrol Agents for shooting an Illegal Alien who admitted he was smuggling drugs into our Country. All this crap happened under that idiot G.W. Bush. These are the people that you expect to help you? No thanks. We need a viable, Third Party, and every real American needs to join, and support it, with Candidates for every Office, from Village Mayor, to President of the United States, and every Office in between. You can start by running for School Board, or your Town Council. Get some experience in the system, to learn how it works from within, so we know what works, and how to not just beat our opponents in Elections, but totally destroy their Candidates in every Election.

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