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Punished Over Flags Honoring Police and Firefighters

Students Suspended Over Flags

Some local high school football players are finding that their support for first responders is coming at a huge cost,” according to WKRC in Ohio.

The boys are now suspended from their team after not heeding a warning to leave the Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line flags that represent fallen firefighters and police officers off the field.”

[Brady} Williams was holding the Thin Blue Line flag as he rushed onto the field Friday. His father is a police officer, and he says he wanted to honor all the cops who lost their lives trying to save others on 9/11.”

Jarad Bentley carried the Thin Red Line flag.”

“‘I was all for it,’ he said. ‘Because my dad is a firefighter, and if it had been him killed on 9/11, I would have wanted someone to do it for him.'”

Williams and Bentley heard from the athletic director Monday afternoon and received an indefinite suspension.”

“‘We can’t have students who decide to do something anyway after they’ve been told that they shouldn’t be doing it,’ said Gregory Power.”

Jarad Bentley and Brady Williams run onto football field with flags honoring police and firefighters on the anniversary of 9/11

Jarad Bentley and Brady Williams run onto football field with flags honoring police and firefighters on the anniversary of 9/11

Breaking Update: The boys suspension has just been lifted by the local Board of Education.

Of course, the question remains, why were the boys turned down when they asked to honor fallen police officers and firefighters on the anniversary of 9/11?

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  1. art says:

    Don;t the left run the schools also—those guys are football players (real ones)-tough dudes–freedom of expression —YES!

  2. Cheryl Kelly says:

    It is a sad day when we are not allowed to honor the men and women who spend and give their lives to protect and serve. There were a lot of men and women who gave their lives on 9-11 to protect the ones they could. The school not only said that it’s wrong to serve and protect, but that our nation and the lives of the people of this nation-be they red, yellow, black, white, brown, or whatever color-don’t matter anymore. That is what they are teaching our children. It started with the colleges and is now working it’s way down. Soon our grade school children will not believe in honoring our nations heros.

  3. There is a saying that America is a free nation. If so, why are these boys, who are showing honor to the first responders, not given the respect for what they have done? I have respect for any young person who does what these boys did instead of creating problems, creating a riot or robbing a store, or breaking into a house to rob or to be destructive in the house. I give my praise to these two boys for what they did.

  4. B.M. Howell says:

    These teenagers are our future and we are so proud of them. May the blessings of God, our Father be with them always.

  5. Bibbs Gamber says:

    I will not stop honoring my Father, uncles, cousins who have served our country! We are proud to be American and will continue the battle in speech and love for America!

  6. Joe says:

    This is showing that the corruption by the left is starting to trickle down into the high schools and And 1st level education. The fact that they would restrict someone for honoring those that protect and serve is absolutely ludicrous and those people making the decisions should be investigated. Let’s remember that 1st phone call they would make if someone was breaking into their house would be to the men in blue.

  7. Danny says:

    Cathy, you don’t have to be an English scholar to know what is right and what is wrong! Good grief! No wonder we have problems with educators in America

  8. Chad says:

    Sickens me to see the spineless people of authority bow to what they think is the majority when it is just a very vocal minority of dirtbags that are anti anything of positivity in our country….bad will be thought of as good and good as bad in the end times…

  9. Cathy says:

    What a disgrace! Multimillion dollar athletes can “take a knee” when our National Anthem is played. Teams can stay off the field to avoid honoring our country where too many people “honor” these ingrates. But 2 young athletes cannot carry flags representing their dads’, heroic vocation. I wonder if the faculty, et al ever call 911 for help! Thank God my parents are not alive to witness these unpatriotic academia! Bravo and thank,you to the two, youngsters who stand for their dads, for us, and our country.

  10. Harriet LeMarbre says:

    This world is getting ready for the return of Jesus Christ but most people who hate God and don’t know Jesus Christ aren’t aware of it. All this hatred that we see all around us in these rioting masses and the far left Democrats letting their own cities be destroyed beyond description etc it’s all from the devil… It’s all in the Bible

  11. SAM SAM says:

    All involved should be put on suspension and without pay. Instead of a slap on the wrist. What is happening with these insane people. Coach has no business being head of anyone. The world is an a sane asylum ran by the inmates! All haters that cannot respect this country go somewhere else maybe to another planet would be best! We would Gladly send you there! Go out of this country and try to be happy! But you never will!!!
    Brains like Gregory Powers are fried!

    • Cathy says:

      The words are insame asylum. The verb is run, not ran. Punctuation mark after a question is a question mark. Pronoun is who, not that. Good coaches aren’t heads of anyone. They lead. Time to review your elementary school, grammar classes before you condemn people.

      • Sara says:

        Really Kathy? InSAME asylum? Your going to critique someone’s writing?
        Do everyone a favor and SHUT UP. Your English lesson has no place here!

      • Cindy says:

        Cathy, you did not have to go there! Just because someone doesn’t speak like you, doesn’t give you the right to correct them, and doesn’t mean they are less than you!!

      • cathy says:

        Cathy, it’s Cathy, What does it really matter? I’m thankful that you know, what is right in that manner. I believe that we can understand what he was trying to say. My keypad doesn’t always type what I’m telling it to anyway. LOL My fingers get tangled up in the keys. I also believe that God is in control and brought us into this world and the little mothers that think they have the right to kill their unborn baby have forgotten that God had already placed a plan for their life into action. Yes, before they were born. As he has done for each of us. We , by the Grace of God, can have freedom from sin and destruction. We also can have abundant love and peace and life everlasting. We only have to take the first step. He will show us the way. May God Bless America.

  12. Dave Steininger says:

    The school board must be a bunch Democratic hating people disrepecting the country. I would have done it to. Great job on bringing those flags in respect for the heroes.

  13. Russell Hunter says:

    Rand is right on.

  14. Kevin Reed says:

    Fire the AD. He is on a power trip.

  15. J. M.Wylie says:

    Outrageous socially and Insensitive as School Officials in charge of teens!
    Thank goodness the Board of Education was on target. You go, Boys!
    And great appreciation and God bless you from here for your Dads, too!

  16. Luis Vasquez says:

    i personally think the whole school should have backed them , especially since it seems their coach leans a little too far to the left , who else but someone who wants to defund the police and not honor our fallen heroes, he’s a disgrace and should not be leading anyone as a coach

  17. Rand says:

    THIS IS HOW ADOLPH HITLER GOT HIS PROGRAMS STARTED. This how Communism started. This is Saul Alinskys playbook being put into action.
    “Antifa/BLM”. ARE the enemy.The Democrats are “COMMUNIST.
    Biden and Harris[the phony not really black woman] are PUPPETS of Soros

  18. Craig R Koons says:

    ?good job fellows for standing up for your country and fathers just goes to.prove how socialism is recking our public schools

  19. Hal Thompson says:

    This is another reason for school choice!

  20. Robert Egan says:

    ALL of the so called educators who was involved in suspension of these young men should be put on suspension without pay or being such idiots!

  21. ShealTiel says:

    Gregory Power needs to think and act in a better matter. He should consider to ‘RESIGN’,because the Law of the Spirit is stronger then whatever he can offer.

  22. Randyll says:

    We are turning Comunist. no freedom. Just like the good book said we would.

  23. Julia Ogden says:

    When school officials themselves do NOT allow these boys to carry flags that support their fathers and others in service to their communities, I’d be looking at that high school’s staff and their basic curriculum for a serious liberal bias against capitalism and freedom of expression. When only 1 out of 12 teachers are conservative, you have to wonder about something like this. Is it true that our current education system is teaching our kids to hate America? And the ones that do love their country…well, that’s these boys. 10 years ago, the school would have granted these boys their request and there would be no story! Sorry, but if my husband had died and my son wanted to honor him and the school said “no”? I’d be mad as a wet hornet and looking for a lawyer! Just saying…

  24. Betty says:

    I think it is great that they honored their father on 9/11.

  25. The country of real freedom should not be destroyed by the evil in the name of freedom.

  26. Harry Ackroyd says:

    The athletic director should be fired. The School Board acted properly in overturning the dumb ass left wing socialist democrat athletic director.

    • Charla Goodman says:

      When American children cannot fly the flag of our country anywhere around our schools this country is going to the dogs. this is the united states of America A country of free expression. Why is it free only to those who are anti American ? or non American. Why are Americans the only one who cannot say what they stand for.?!

    • ShealTiel says:


  27. Ginny D. says:

    Our once great country is no longer. We are catering to a few maniacs determined to not stop until they have succeeded in destroying the USA. I feel so very sorry for the young people who are left with such a twisted country that is so far down I don’t know if it can ever be great again. I will refrain from saying what everyone can do with their political correctness and BLM; why not ALM (all lives matter). I just don’t understand the mentalities of those who causing so much trouble and objecting to things that instead should support and admired.

  28. John Pekar says:

    The person or persons that told them no should be fired, the school board did the right thing. The BLM honor criminals like Floyd and Rose that were criminals. This crap needs to stop or there will be a lot of violence in this country in the near future. Idiots like this athletic director should be dismissed of his duties.

  29. Clay Herbert says:

    HATS OFF TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION! Some caring and Discerning members on there!

  30. Gary Shelar says:

    Once again, it is easy to see the narrow minded people who are in chalets of educating our children. Freedom of expression is for everyone not just those who want to hear it down. It is time for all parents to be concerned with how our schools are teaching our children not indoctrinated them into mindless followers.

    • You are correct, our children have been brainwashed for years, starting at a young age. Marxist Democrats and people like George Soros who fund BLM and ANTIFA out to be thrown in jail. These Marxist have been destroying this country for years. Soros and others fund the Democrats at all levels of government. Look at California (Run by Marxist for decades), Governor’s, Mayor’s and Attorneys General. They don’t enforce our laws even though the citizens voted twice for Capital punishment. They keep heaping more restrictions on our 2A rights. They provide free education healthcare lawyers, food and welfare to law breakers all at Taxpayers expense. They keep raising taxes or at least try to. They only want Money and Power for themselves. They want to rule over us. Sign the Newsom Recall ,2020 and Vote all these Democrat Marxist out of office because they only want to Destroy our Republic.

  31. Michael Barnes says:

    These young men should be respected for honoring those who sacrificed their lives on 9/11. Had they taken a knee the school board would probably have cheered. They need to clean house concerning the school board. The teachers union needs to go as well. What is be “taught” in school is a disgrace. Stay informed as to the agenda that’s behind the teachers union.

  32. Bill says:

    I bet if the boys wanted to take a knee for blm there wouldn’t have been an issue. Too many liberals in our education system.

  33. ROBERT POWELL says:

    our schools have been on the road to destruction since the Lyndon Johnston admin. dropping social studies,history, and basic skills for the socialist /marxist line of indoctrination. they only want their side of the discussion, democrat/marxist. no OTHER SIDE OF THE EQUATION.

  34. Shirley DePasse says:

    Love these boys. All Americans should stand up. It is sad that we have educators that disrespect our hero.

  35. Sandra riley says:

    Hurray for these boys , and shame on the school and athletic director suspend them not these boys.. proud of them as I’m sure there family’s are. Need more young men like them.

  36. Mary says:

    Love it or leave it has been
    my stand for a number of years;
    Maybe all those who want this nation to become a socialist
    &/or communistic run country
    Should be sent to China or
    Venezuala for a year so they can know directly what it is to live in a socialist or
    Communist world.

  37. Nancy Gahm says:

    These boys are truly American Citizens we should be very very proud of. They are rare these days. God bless these young men and their parents, who raised such honorable men, ( and they are men).

  38. Mary says:

    These brave young men should be commended for their actions
    to honor the police & firefighters. Not only did they display their patriotic
    view of what makes America
    great & sets us apart from all
    other countries but also showed the admiration they have for their own fathers.
    More kids should have patriotism for this great
    country,our flag & pledge of allegiance. Educators need to
    instill in our children an
    awareness & love for the history of this great nation.

  39. Terrie Wyatt says:

    Because it’s not politically correct, only BLM can do what ever they want. True Americans aren’t allowed to show their patriotism. It’s a disgrace that these boys were even turned diwn let alone suspended for honoring our heros.

  40. We live in America. We have the right to fly our flag (especially dedicated to our first responders). I am very proud of these amazing boys, who are proud of their fathers! So glad the Board of Education over ruled the Athletic Director. HE is the one that should be suspended!!!

  41. Mark F Wilbur says:

    We need more people to stand up and not be bullied by the socialist anarchists trying to destroy our precious American values and common sense.

  42. Anita Palladino says:

    Those young men should be praised, not punished.

  43. Dave Bagwell says:

    This is a prime example of a gang of idots trying to run a school on “their” beliefs, dishing out punishments just because of their beliefs, innocent & distinguished persons humiliated for doing what the whole nation just did, especially since their FATHERS were the ones being their proudest of☆!THEN, THE IDIOTS’BOSSES HAD TO STEP IN, TOO LATE, & CORRECT A TERRIBLE WRONG.. [However late it was to properly exonerate the boys, which was not even mentioned☆☆☆]

  44. Too bad this was not accepted!! I’m ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that if someone placed a BLM patch on their uniform they would have a standing ovation from administrative staff!!

  45. me and Anthony agree!!! be seen and heard!!!

  46. Thomas Nicholson says:

    The athletic director should be suspended!

  47. Joe Doran says:

    Eliminate either of those badges from that horrendous attack and how many more lives do we lose? C’mon folks! These are the people who put their own lives on the line for other’s

  48. Onofre M. Magpayo says:

    This is an example of our young children indoctrination by teachers, college professors and school administrations. If you do not do what you are told, or indoctrinated, you get punished. I was glad and fortunate that though we were not rich but hard working Americans who have chosen our two children go to catholic school until finishing K-12. Then my daughter went and graduated from Stanford U. and my son graduated from Santa Clara U. I worked hard to earn honest living and had pursued my American dream, which I thought had obtained.
    My dad only hope for me to finish High School and I did and worked my way to College degree plus two Master of Science degrees. yes, I obtained my American dream. Now, I am 85 years old and happily married.

  49. Grace says:

    The school system needs to stick politics up their butt and start teaching

  50. Donna says:

    It sounds like the school board was teaching its students to disrespect all the heroes of 911. I commend the boys for having the respect for our first responders they are due and for sticking to what they knew in their hearts was the right thing to do. It seems that so many of our young people lack respect for our country. Bravo boys for standing up for yourselves and honoring your fathers.

  51. Johnwfolsom says:

    GregorPower,you have proven you are not a patriot rather a traitor !.i am of the opinion you should be sent to another country!

  52. Gary Casale says:

    The real question that should be asked isn’t just why but who and a real close look at this person or person’s who made that decision.

  53. Joan Earnshaw says:

    That board of education is a pitiful excuse for educators and associated personnel!

  54. anthony rego says:

    bravo to these young men and their ideals and determination to have their views scene and heard.

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