Rancher, Cattle Killed How? (Video)

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In a dreadful accident, a rancher and over thirty of his cattle perished as a result of a lightning strike on Sunday afternoon in northern Colorado, as reported by various sources.

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Mike Morgan, aged 51, was distributing hay from the back of his trailer to his cattle at approximately 2 p.m. in the town of Rand when a lightning strike hit both him and roughly 100 of his cows and calves that were gathered around the trailer, according to the Colorado Sun.

Neither Morgan nor thirty-two of his cattle survived the strike, as confirmed by local coroner George Crocket, The Daily Caller reports.

“As best I can tell, it hit him on the trailer. The cattle were bunched up around the trailer, and it hit them all,” Crocket said.

The incident took place shortly after Morgan, along with his wife and father-in-law, had completed branding their calves—a task they undertook with the help of neighbors and friends during a local spring ritual known as branding day, the publication noted.

At the time of the incident, Morgan’s wife was leading horses to a horse trailer, and his father-in-law was operating the tractor that was attached to Morgan’s trailer.

Both individuals were in proximity to the event and survived, reported 9NEWS Denver.

Crocket, reflecting on his experiences in Rand, shared that he had never witnessed a more deadly lightning event in the area.

His grandfather, who was also a rancher, once lost seven cattle to lightning, and Crocket himself had seen horses fall victim to such strikes, but he remarked, “but it’s usually one at a time.”

The lightning strike that claimed Morgan’s and the cattle’s lives was preceded by a storm, according to the outlet’s report.

Weather conditions in Rand were predominantly overcast for most of Sunday, with some rainfall recorded, as per Weather Underground.

Denver, located approximately 120 miles southeast of Rand, along with other regions across Colorado, experienced isolated storms that were expected to persist through Memorial Day, KDVR reported.

Morgan was an active member of the North Park Stockgrowers Association—a nonprofit organization dedicated to livestock advocacy—and had previously expressed concerns about the reintroduction of gray wolves into the wild.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) advises individuals to seek shelter during thunderstorms or when skies are overcast.

The NOAA states that lightning strikes the United States approximately 25 million times each year.

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