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Video: Pelosi Admits Biden Can’t Handle Trump

In a shocking announcement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “Don’t tell anybody I told you this – especially don’t tell Joe Biden – I don’t think there should be any debates…”

While Pelosi went on to attack President Donald Trump as the reason why Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden shouldn’t debate Trump, veteran political observers know a trial balloon when they see one.

By putting forward the suggestion that Biden shouldn’t debate Trump, Pelosi provides cover for Biden should he concoct a reason to refuse to debate Trump. After all, there have long been whispers that Biden is not as quick mentally as he once might have been and there are concerns that any deficiencies will be exposed during the debates.

Additionally, Democrats are nervous that Trump – who did far better against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential debates than most expected – will intimidate Biden when they go head to head and that Biden may not be up to the challenge.

No matter what, it’s now clear that Pelosi is worried about what might happen if Biden agrees to debate Trump.

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  1. Pat says:

    I have had enough of that worthless speaker of the house. SHE NEEDS TO GO??????????????????????????????????????????…….
    TRUMP 2020
    Clean out the corrupt swamp???????????……
    Obummer & Sleepy Joe are LOWLIFES.
    You are making a total fool out of Sleepy Joe & DEMONCRAP VP SCUMBAG????????????……..