RFK Jr’s ‘Gun Control’ Position Shocks Libs

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – HAPPENING NOW: A recent statement by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — the candidate who poses the single biggest threat to Joe Biden for the 2024 Democrat Presidential Nomination — has shocked liberals while seemingly giving political independents and civil libertarians even more reason to consider his candidacy.

In his own words, Kennedy stated:

“My position on gun control is that I’m not going to take away anybody’s guns. I’m a constitutional maximalist and the issue has been settled by the Supreme Court…I understand personally the heartbreak of gun violence…we have to stop school shootings…if it comes down to protecting schools like we protect airlines, we’ll do that. We also have to look at the role of psychiatric drugs…prior to the introduction of Prozac, we had almost no events like this. When I’m President we will thoroughly investigate and address the link between these drugs and school shootings.”

As one longtime political pundit noted about Kennedy, “He may not win, but he sure has a lot of people talking as he has shown a true independent streak and is not afraid to disregard what many consider Democrat Party group think.”

Another observer opined that given Kennedy’s personal history, a father and uncle killed by assassins, “people of good conscience will have to accept that Kennedy has spent more time than most thinking about gun violence in America and has concluded that it’s time to look at the role of Prozac and other psychiatric drugs and not just blame guns.”

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