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Robert De Niro: Trump Supporters ‘Should Be Afraid’

Actor Robert De Niro said supporters of President Donald Trump have a lot to worry about once he leaves office — presumably in January — and predicted that some will ‘have the gall to try and crawl back.’” according to Blaze Media.

De Niro is about as far away from a fan of Trump as one can get. Last December he said he wanted to see the president “confronted and humiliated” in public — specifically wanting to witness a “bag of s**t” hit him in the face. De Niro also told TV host Stephen Colbert last November that America under Trump is like living in an “abusive household.” [emphasis added]

“And during a Friday appearance on “The View,” De Niro fielded a number of questions from the co-hosts — and fellow Trump-hater Ana Navarro began by asking “Bob” if anyone will be able to convince the president to concede the election to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and also, ‘Why are so many Republicans still kissing the ring among other things?’

“‘I’m — I don’t know what — what logic they’re using except they’re just afraid,’ De Niro replied. ‘They should be afraid of what’s gonna happen later when he’s not around, and they’re gonna try and crawl back, the ones that would have the gall to try and crawl back. It’s gonna be — it’s going to be interesting to see.” [emphasis added]


Please share your thoughts about Robert De Niro in the comment section. Should supporters of President Trump be afraid when Trump finally leaves office in either 2021 or 2025?



  1. rob says:

    What a shame, all that money and he still has a tiny peepee, shitty actor, Napoleon complex, mommy issues, guys a fkn train wreck.

  2. Peace says:

    This is what happened when you have a lot of money – unhappiness! Rich people go crazy! That’s why they take drugs, alcohol and they don’t know what to do! Looking for attention! They need to go and pray to have peace in their minds!

    • Ran Win says:

      Part of the reason I will not go to a movie.
      They would not dare to say anything bad about china.

      • Diane Pridgen says:

        They are all bought and paid for. None of them have a concept of reality for most people. They live in their mansions and see us all as minions.There are many more of us than them and they are about to find out soon.

  3. Nauvoo says:

    I would have commented, but after all of the
    relentless responses to “the unhinged one,” I thought it best to leave spot on, well enough alone. I wouldn’t, however, mind meeting him in a well lit alley (not a dark one) because I’m a compassionate guy and I’d want him to be able to find his teeth. Oh well, we can only dream.

  4. Bill Nelson says:

    Who cares what Hollywood Twits think. Not relevant has beens. Wow you just got more attention than any of your latest movie roles.

  5. James J Murphy II says:

    You’re a little loud mouthed TWERP! Bobby you act for a living it makes you an authority on acting … not politics … so stop acting the tough guy .. you are an angry has been little TWERP .. no more no less

  6. James R Hill says:

    Robert DeNiro Sir, You are an entertainer, no more, no less! You are paid to entertain. I’m not a fan. You and others abuse your celebrity status to push your political beliefs. Your far left liberal views will be the downfall of this country as we know it. Should Joe Biden & the Dems successfully steal the election I can see increased taxes, additional burden to our social services We will be slipping to a Socialist Government

  7. Chuck says:

    DeNiro is a low life scumbag! I will never watch another movie with this loud mouthed piece of shit in it, old or new! America has reached the tipping point where we have more stupid and uninformed voters than intelligent voters.
    Trump did more for this Country than anyone since Regan and the fools have replaced him with a worthless thief that has done nothing but free load off of the American taxpayers for 50 years. He will kiss Iran’s ass and rejoin the God awful treaty with them, he will be offering oral sex to the Chinese President XI and most likely sell out Taiwan in return for millions for his thief and fellow scumbag Hunter.
    America is dead the minute this piece of shit is sworn in!!!

  8. Dawg The Bounty Hunter says:

    Deniro can eat he scum crusties from my bung hole and ball sack. Don’t listen to him pilgrim. He thinks he’s John Wayne. He couldn’t hold John Wayne’s dick taking a piss. Fuck little robert deniro.

  9. James says:

    “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

  10. Roy Pursley says:

    Perhaps, Mr Denero, we believe differently but President Trump worked on and improved the issues I wanted him to fix. he reversed the no manufacturing jobs plan pushed be mr Biden and Mr Obama! This brought back good paying union jobs to America, improved employment in America . He stopped the idea Obama had of letting the Far East take most manufacturing jobs out of our country! This is America First! I want to work for a living not have the government put me on the public dole as Democrats prefer! Socialism should have no place in my life!
    Yes I supported Mr Trump because the Democrat plan is just too much to bear.

  11. Terry L Banet says:

    Biden won’t be in office 6 months Camelon Harris will be your president.And Old drunk ass Pelosi will be your vice president.Thats there total intentions getting Biden in so they can take over

    • Keith says:

      Who the hell is DeNiro ………. another assho** / bag of shi* from Hollywood. That’s who! Should be seen and not heard!

      My gun’s are ready! I will kill 200+ democrats in office who comes out against out elected Pres. Trump!

      • Kat H. says:

        You are sheep being led to slaughter..not the Dems. You must like Authoratarian Rulers I hope your red ass lands jn jail for threatening to kill people. Read the Second Ammendment in its entirety.Dont worry no one is trying to take your guns. Instead if listening to your buddies why don’t you do some research

        • Larry says:

          Hey Kat,I’m sure you have read the second amendment start to finish and of course know it’s true reference like no other being. But, while you’re standing in line by the tracks watching the cattle cars roll in I have a little advice. Don’t take the free Biden / Harris shower! Well, if you do please take your like minded friend and big mouth in platform shoes Bobby with.

      • Mark says:

        Can i ride shotgun

  12. Lisa says:


    • Steve says:

      Dinero is a dumbass. Sounds like he is making a threat – his mouth is writing a check his ass can’t cash. Did I mention he’s a dumbass?

    • rupert ramirez says:


  13. Lisa says:


  14. Brenda Robbins says:

    Exactly what am I crawling back to? Why should I be afraid??? Seriously…are you threatened all people who did not vote YOUR way?? Is that not what this country is built on. So DeNiro, you don’t like Donald Trump, I don’t like Joe Biden. I will never vote for anyone who would kill an unborn child or allow 2 like gender individuals to call their relationship a marriage.

    My God is real and He is tired of this. He lets it go on allowing all of us another chance to accept HIM. Look at the Old Testament. God allowed immoral kings over and over again waiting for His people to want Him as their only King. He forgave even David. He is allowing the kings of this day on both sides of the aisle to continue on. Open your eyes!!! The hierarchy in Hollywood are not the leaders of our country, far from it. I have never been a DeNiro fan and am less of one now. You and others like you need to keep your political opinions to yourself.

    God home and wash your mouth with soap. This about what you are saying. You threatened HALF of the people of the United States.

  15. Joe L. Ward says:

    De Nero Every time you open your mouth a fool speaks. Stick to acting you’re a disgrace in politics.

  16. Steve Gannon says:

    Afraid of what? Being right and knowing it. Or maybe we should fear Hollywood actors. Of course, these people live in a fantasy world already. The only thing I fear after President Trump leaves Office, is what will remain of The Greatest Nation on Earth when Democrats get through transforming it.SteveSteve

  17. Tom Miller says:

    You’re threatening me, de Zero! Bring it! I’ve love to spend about 30 seconds in a boxing ring with you and send you crying back to your radial left piece-of-shit family! What a worthless washed up actor you are and remain! Watch your back you!

  18. Bobby says:

    Remember “ the movie “Raging Douchebag” in his last fight Deniro gets his ass kicked n bad! That’s what Trump supporters hav in store for him.what a vile enema bag Deniro,what a low class crack head fukker.I heard he’s crying he’s broke,GOOD I’m glad he’s struggling.his girlfriend hookers took all his money.Fukk him!

  19. Ken says:

    As far as the President being a womanizer, ANY female can accuse a male that she was violated physically and when maybe nothing actually took place, hence a good man’s life is ruined so-to-speak. No still means no! Remember: “A rudder on a ship is small, BUT it steers a big ship, so it is with the tongue, sometimes to ruin”!!!I know what talking about because after 37 years of marriage I’m now divorced because I was accused of kissing a woman passionately by my now ex-wife, no proof, just finger pointing! I am a born again Christian and it never would’ve nor didn’t happen, without any proof what-so-ever. What happened to common sense and report it (but give some proof)? Don’t give me the crap that you were scared and didn’t want to report it…I’ll bet this (or those) women probably liked the attention, maybe at the time this person thought that there would be an advantage and not report it for lets say,future use? This position on physical assault(if it happened) was right, which it NEVER is. Now as far as the Hollywood crowd is concerned they have a pulpit of their own to spew their crap, it’s called “the theater” and “television”, hatred, killing, on and on etc. Not to take away from the good people of Hollywood, most of them have been either on drugs (a lot have already died), some pedophiles, divorced because of infidelity, and used their movies to their own gain and promote such as gun violence, sex, female abuse, homosexuality, drugs, war, etc. I for one will not pay attention to morons who are in the habit of doing the only thing that they know….ACT!! Robert Deniro is no different, and they’re good at it! Trying to make you believe that what they say is gospel! This is exactly what the actors do when they cry like a baby and don’t get their own way. The same thing goes for the NFL and their high-paid knee-kneeling crybabies. They are sports performing actors, paid to perform for their crowds, not to show their displeasure because things don’t go their way in life. I used to watch the football games at home, BUT, if I paid for regular and or season tickets and the players pulled this crap, I would’ve been highly insulted and requested my money back, the N.F.L. is in trouble for caving in to these crybabies and when this affects their pocket book things will turn around, you see, money talks. Now let’s see, we are supposed to pay attention to these people? Us humans are a sorry lot. And we don’t need Jesus and Christianity?

  20. L A says:

    I hope some of trumps followers catch you alone sometime.

  21. Lynda DeWard says:

    Robert NeNiro you are an asshole!!!!

  22. Mary shofi volpe says:

    De Niro. One of the best actors ever. In real life a true scum bag who is an embarrassment to his profession and our country when he can stand up on worldwide TV AND say FU TRUMP. Yu truly suffer from the short man syndrome as is obvious in the choices yu have made in your life. Yu are garbage and a low life in every way. Yu suffer from delusions of grandeur and are going to get exactly what yu asked for whe joe, who suffers from dementia doesn’t last more than a year. His POS VP Harris has a lot in common with yu. She is a twisted left wing and abrasive feminist who is salivating at the idea she might take over when joe becomes incapacitated. She is a Hillary clone, an opportunist and a woman who thinks it’s ok to abort a baby at full gestation. I am very worried about this direction our beautiful country will take when the best President, with the most energy, vacates. Yu will wish that he didn’t leave when your stupid Democrat buddies screw our country up. Drop dead Bobby. Yu are a worthless piece of shit for whom I have lost all respect!!!!!

  23. Constance Dupont says:

    Your an old goats washed up has been and to stupid to realize that China Biden will sell out our country!!!!!!

  24. Afraid of De Noir ???? Naw, He plays a tough guy in movies in real life he is a overpaid, over the hill, old man,with a big mouth.

    • Betty Willoughby says:

      Can’t figure out why you Dems have no faith in your Maker. You can’t get along without him. He is watching out for the Trump folks, but you dirty Evil Dems aren’t going get so much as a how are you.

      • Kay says:

        Elk you are just a mean old bitch seen’t you. God is watching you and he does not like what he sees.

        • Theresa Hansen says:

          Kay, What makes you think GOD is not watching you with all your hateful comments you post here?

          • Kay says:

            Oh, you are really worried about hateful speech? You repulsive Repubs invented it. Check out the postings. I’m just responding in a language that all of you can understand. You are so willing to be spoon fed info from the whack job Trump – try thinking for yourself. I’m not here to defend anyone, but I sure as hell am not going to go along with this one-sided crap. There is more than enough blame to go around, but do not even try to sanctify
            Trump. He is evil and he could care less about this country. He would try selling it to the highest bidder.

      • Glenda says:

        Said like a good Christian! Really?

  25. A true American says:

    De Niro you are as worthless as tits on a boar hog. Too much of that Hollywood crap in your head instead of brains. I have never followed you. You are a vulgar mouthed piece of garbage that keeps crawling out of the dumpsters.

  26. FrankAboutIt says:

    Under Democratic Communist Party Precepts, Policies and Procedures, I believe DeNrearo can still be aborted. All the abortion doctor need do is insert an open wire coat hanger through one of his ears and turn it until he’s flopping around on the deck.

  27. Diniroooo (I can’t call you what you deserve) you panty waste egocentric f’ing idiot. I boycott every film past and present that your worthless ass will ever make and that goes for anyone else in Hollywood who thinks American 🇺🇸 Patriots want you to express your opinion, yours especially. Stay the HELL out of politics and just fuck I’m movies so folks have a legitimate reason to get a refund. Your worthless ass is who I protected for 27 years serving my country so I can listen to you blow smoke!!!! I’d rather you receive an implant between your worthless eyes so there would at least be a lead plug in that grey matter you call your brain. Rest assured I will make a special trip to your grave so I can piss all over it. I might even bring a case of beer so your pine box float!!! If I want any political comments out of your suck, I’ll slap it out of your old worthless dead carcass. Go to Eternal Hell!!

  28. Diniroooo (I can’t call you what you deserve) you panty waste egocentric f’ing idiot. I boycott every film past and present that your worthless ass will ever make and that goes for anyone else in Hollywood who thinks American 🇺🇸 Patriots want you to express your opinion, yours especially. Stay the HELL out of politics and just fuck I’m movies so folks have a legitimate reason to get a refund. Your worthless ass is who I protected for 27 years serving my country so I can listen to you blow smoke!!!! I’d rather you receive an implant between your worthless eyes so there would at least be a lead plug in that grey matter you call your brain. Rest assured I will make a special trip to your grave so I can piss all over it. I might even bring a case of beer so your pine box float!!! If I want any political comments out of your suck, I’ll slap it out of your old worthless dead carcass. Go to Eternal Hell!!

  29. Ronnie says:

    He should retire now

  30. Steven Van Ness says:

    I’ll make it short and sweet, you are an asshole!!

  31. Timothy D Stoneburgh says:

    Fuck Deniro, he is a washed up has been trying to get some facetime by berating the President of the United States Since when is it ok for people to verbally abuse and threaten violence against the President.Deniro,Madonna, Behar, Goldberg etc etc Now they all cry hope we accept Beijing Biden yes I will accept him just like the left accepted President Trump. Fuck that piece of shit

  32. Glenna Marie Mueller says:

    I think its disgusting that anyone should be afraid of who they vote for. Where has America gone. SAD

  33. Carol M says:

    I only hope that Trump supporters can be respectful and supportive of Biden. We have seen how the attitudes of people like Pelosi, The View, Colbert , AOC, Ilhan etc etc affected the last 4 years. I wonder how these people keep their jobs when so many lost theirs for smaller offenses. The hate and vulgar language has to go. Stand back and see what the Dems do. Perhaps they will surprise us. And, if not we can make sure we hold them to it. We must continue to fight to keep our country ours – not change it to fit the desires of those coming in. But we must do it with respect and class. We can and must be better than people like Robert D.

  34. Thomas A Young says:

    Mr. DeNiro, you are fortunate that you live in a country that believes in the freedom of speech. You are entitled to share your thoughts. I thank you. Now I know the manner of man you are. I shall exercise my right to never watch you in any movie ever again. This is not a duplicate comment.

  35. Thomas A Young says:

    Mr. DeNiro, you are fortunate that you live in a country that believes in the freedom of speech. You are entitled to share your thoughts. I thank you. Now I know the manner of man you are. I shall exercise my right to never watch you in any movie ever again.

  36. Barbie Schaeffer says:

    The freak deniro who thinks he can act should stick to the occupation he thinks he can do. He is a POS democrat that can’t act and is a freak that supports the people who want this country to become communist. At least President Trump who loves this country and tired to improve it despite all the bull shit from the freaks called democrats have put him through still stands. Biden is a freak as is the thing he wants as vice president anything from California should drop dead wish the west coast would fall into the ocean where they belong

  37. JCE says:

    Mister bigmouth De Niro is the one who better slink back into the shadows. No one is going to watch his performances any ore because he is such a jerk.

  38. Lisa says:

    He needs to shut his trapped there all a bunch of over paid idiots that support a pedophile Biden for president there just like the rest of the leftist idiots pushing violence from BLM and Antifia so they can blame the president for it they have no fear of the violence coming to there neighborhoods they all live in gated commuinties with armed guards they need there asses thrown in the midfle of these riots they support

  39. Sam B. says:

    Mr. De lusional…I mean De niro. If Kelly Loeffler & David Perdue don’t carry Georgia ALL Americans will have several reasons to b afraid…NOT just trump supporters. I’m a moderate Democrat that knows dozens of other dems who all of us r included in the 74 MILLION who voted for Trump!! Mr. De lusional..u & the other radical unhinged socialist quack whack jobs r bit by bit trying to implode the dem party…& then the country. If “quid pro quo JOE gets in office then the America First agenda will die which is the backbone of our economy. Quid pro quo JOE will enact his “truth over fact” agenda: green new deal(death to the economy/energy independence)…higher taxes for ALL(read it from Biden’s website not the fake news)…”free” healthcare for all(including noncitizens)…open borders…citizenship for all illegals…”free” college tuition…supports payment of fines & release of rioters/anarchist(Kamala Harris)…anti law & order(obviously)…supports defunding law enforcement etc etc. Mr. Robert De lusional ALL AMERICANS/TRUE PATRIOTS SHOULD B AFRAID of this “truth over fact” agenda if the corrupt politician known as quid pro quo JOE gets in office. The country across the board was use to winning. Now what? IF “the big guy” & the “off the reservation” radical socialist left takes over..the economy could very well b halted & the implosion of the health & wellbeing of our awesome nation will begin. I pray not! So HELL YES Mr. De lusional…I/WE r all afraid!!
    We can definitely stop this! Support Kelly Loeffler & David Perdue in Georgia!
    IF the election is taken/stolen from Trump with all the shady corrupt voting machines/illegal ballots/deceased people voting etc etc THAT WE MUST GET TO THE BOTTOM OF..then I hope for Trump 2024!

  40. JR says:

    Hey Bob, for once I agree with you- we Trumpers are afraid to see jerks and libs like you get any power to destroy our country further! You don’t have the spine to keep things in line. MAGA

  41. CAL PETERS says:


  42. Linda Baker says:

    Robert DeNiro and the rest of the Hollywood elite are a bunch of over privileged know nothing individuals who are morally corrupt and are trying to be relevant. If they wanted to do something good for the American people they could help our Vets and the Homeless. DeNiro is particularly disgusting.

    • Linda says:

      Thus is why I dont go to movies and dont rent movies because they have their heads so far up their _ _ _!!!
      they live in a make believe world where they do not know realty from fantasy..
      They are not worth it….

      • Kay says:

        You just described the repulsive Repubs.

        • TomCat says:

          Hey Jaybo be careful man if you hit that nasty mouth with a bare fist you are
          gonna come out of that with one big infected mess cause there is a whole lot of nastiness in that mouth.
          All of us feel sorry for you DeNiro, most of us watched you when you were an actor but I don’t know what the hell you are now. You sure put the bad mouth on President Trump but as we have found out you are an ALLIGATOR, all mouth and no ass. You really ought to kinda simmer down a bit cause you might make President
          Trump mad and “Bobby” you don’t need that problem. You try to have a nice day…

  43. Far Right says:

    Hey Bobby
    You should be afraid when conservatives refuse to go to the box office to watch you play make believe.

  44. Mary says:

    What a pathetic low life jackass. You’re a has been actor who still wants to play his tough guy role in the real world. I bet if you were confronted by a little old lady you’d run the other way crying. Give it up big mouth. Nobody cares what you think. You are such a laughable idiot.

    • Joyousone says:

      He is totally delusional! We should all feel sorry for such a pathetic soul. Nah … that’s being too nice to a low-life wanna be actor in his old age. He should go sit in his rocking chair in the actor’s old age home. He has no sense of reality thinking we Patriots would lower our high standards of freedom and democracy and go crawling back to anything – lastly to corrupt and lying Liberals, mainstream media and sick people in Hollywood like yourself. We Conservatives don’t bow down to low-lifes as yourselves. You’ll never see a lot of us watching news networks (ratings are going down the tubes already), movies, tv shows, reading books, watching sports, etc., etc. that are bought by the Dems, Socialists, Commies….NEVER!!!!!! We are all good people on the side of righteousnous and God Almighty. You wouldn’t know that as you only think of yourselves and dragging this great country down to your levels. Go slither back under those rocks you all came out of.

    • Richard says:

      He is a chicken shit with a alagator mouth with a tweety bird ass I would like to meet him face to face and punch him in the face I’m 80 and I can kick his ass for Shure

  45. Beverly says:

    This is so sad. I am not a democrat or republican but I can see what’s going on and Pres Trump has done more good than any other president that’s been in my lifetime. As for the view and their guests opinions? Don’t really listen to the Shia. They are obviously for the democrats. They had Biden on the show and from the excerpt on you tube he couldn’t even form a full sentence and the thought that he may end up as the president is indeed scary. Also on YouTube was Biden stating he was running for the senate and later corrected himself. That is so sad and to think he may be president? Oh my!! So basically what it boils down to is that the democrats want someone that they can manipulate which is Biden and the one who has a mind and a brain that can make decisions they are afraid of because he has a mind Since the democrats couldn’t get him out with impeachment proceedings. The only other was was the mail in votes. That was sly. So I am and will remain independent but this is so bizarre and obvious of what the democrats are doing I have to support President Trump. Plus I believe we should ban the View. They took every opportunity throughout his term to mock and ridicule him. He’s the President and whether you liked him or not — he deserved the respect…. Majority of the people voted him in… we wanted him in the office. Respect that decision.

    • Lynnett says:

      I’m glad you are educated in the accomplishments of President Trump! Others that aren’t Republicans should take heed as you have!

      • Linda says:

        I AGREE!!!!!!!
        I bet maybe he is jealous since the Democrats have not done this much for our country and will not see it again. BUT IAM HOPING….

    • Lynnett says:

      BAN THE VIEW!!

      • Linda says:


    • Kay says:

      You repulsive Repubs wanted Trump The Self Declared Pussy Grabber to be President – the rest of us respectable people wanted nothing to do with that pervert Ask Melania how she felt when he slithered past her bedroom with baby baron and did the deed with Stormy Daniels. Poor Stormy

  46. Holly Rose says:

    When I was a youngster and anytime I did anything wrong, I got slapped good and hard and there was never a week that went by that that didn’t happen. republicans are spoiled brats and need to be slapped hard, very hard. They haven’t learned the lesson to lose and to give in. Mom taught me well. Yes the republicans better be scared because we Dems aren’t going to stand for the republican improprieties. They are going to learn soon that one doesn’t go against the majority and the majority supports Biden. republicans, wake up! Smell the roses.

    • Lynnett says:

      Biden is just a warm body for the Democrats. He can’t put 2 sentences together, doesn’t know where he’s at, and you think that’s a person to run the US. I feel sorry for people like you in the future. It will all come out soon enough!

      • Bobbi G Chandler says:

        Lynette, you’re spot on with that answer! ❤ I cannot stomach de zero! He’s a washed up has been actor and I guess he wants to get screentime any way he can get it 😝

        • Kay says:

          You should be able to relate – you are looking for your 15 minutes of fame in your small world . You think you have all the answers what a fool you are.

    • John Trapper MacIntyre says:

      Somebody should continue to slap sense into you. Obviously that didn’t occur enough when you were a kid. Wise up and join the force for good and against evil.

      • Kay says:

        Glad you came to your senses.We will forgive your repulsive repub behavior. With some intensive training, we might just be able to deprogram you and make you suitable for public consumption. No hitting – use your words.

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL Holy. Ur drinking the “quid pro quo JOE..truth over fact agenda” kool-aid! Its making u & Robert De lusional DELUSIONAL…LOL!
      R u really in denial this much?! Or r u just writing this nonsense out to get a rise out of the normal minded people?! I certainly hope u r just being silly & not serious.

      • Kay says:

        I will follow Biden to the White House and you can follow
        The self acclaimed Pussy Grabber to the Big House – that is where his sorry ass is going to end – you silly

    • Reeper says:

      When it smells like shit it probably taste like shit. And that’s what dumocrats act think. I would not know.

    • Robert says:

      I’m awake and what I smell is the raw sewage exiting your upper orifice.
      Democrats are the spoiled brats.
      Lets see if we can get atleast 1 neuron in that drug addled mush that passes for your brain.
      Examples of libtard brats
      Antifa terrorist proof Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon
      BLM terrorist proof Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon.
      ACLU terrorist proof their constant attacks on Christian business.

      • Kay says:

        You are a sniveling pathetic small minded jerk. Biden won and Trump lost – get over it and save your ridiculous threats – you sound mentally challenged.

    • Jaybo says:

      Smell the roses? How about you smell my ass! Thank you.

      • Kay says:

        Sounds like something you are use to asking for. How many guys have smelled your stinky ass? I bet you get lucky all the time.

    • Kay says:

      Well said – the repulsive Repubs need to check themselves – nothing but a bunch of ignorant hypocrites.

  47. George W. says:

    If Trump runs again in 24, I will vote for him again! Great shades of Stephen Grover Cleveland, history may repeat itself!

  48. Terrie Wyatt says:

    All liberal Democrats are a bunch of hypocritical liars.

  49. Wayne says:

    Back when I watched your movies with respect, but to day I will not watch any of the shit, you are a disgrace to this country. You need to study the party you have voted to be with, they are cheaters, they do not know what telling the truth is about. Wait until they get control, do you really think they will not take everything you have? They are Commies and that is the way they do things, they will take everything you have, then we will see how you feel. They are not your friends, once they take everything they will have nothing to do with you. Get ready for the concentration camp. They already have freedom of speech, next is the guns, then your money, then comes just like Hitler did, you are a fool.

  50. Zorayda Rivera says:

    Everybody should really be afraid under the Biden administration: America will become a godless nation, there’s no divine protection there’s no fear of God so people can do anything they want, immorality will be rampart and other evil and wicked things on the rise. But there is hope, call upon the name of the Lord and you will be saved.

    • Maty Newsomr says:

      History has shown the Democrats have always had to clean up the what the Republicans mess up. Clinton cleaned up Bush’s mess and left the country with a surplus. Obama had to rescue us from a near depression. Biden will have to save us from the Psndemic and thousand of people dying daily. You will eat your words in less than 4 years. I hope you live to see it. Remember the Republicans mess up and the Democratics have to save the country.

  51. Debbie Halley says:

    You should be afraid you OLD FART….you are irrelevant and very hated in this country….BE AFRAID…be VERY AFRAID!!!! You are nothing but a POS!!!!

  52. Robert says:

    So Heir dumb niro is a fascist.

  53. Ron says:

    This asshole needs to stick to his movies, no-one gives a rats ass what he thinks,nor the view…go away.

    • Let’s see where we are in six months of the Biden administration. When we have to pay more taxes, make less on our savings. He’s set for life! He doesn’t give a shit about the the country. He will have us in the toilet in no time. But, the reporters will have nothing but good things to say about him. God help us!

  54. Leona says:

    Robert De Niro is an A__ h___ for sure. Years ago he was a great actor and I thought a good person…my my how we were fooled by this fool (I can’t even use the language as he does but I say to him back at you ……….. I feel very bad for your parents… they are watching you from above crying and saying my son my son ..

    Republicians “DO NOT” crawl back for any anyone especially the Democ rats at anytime.. We have CLASS unlike you and your party…..

  55. Walter Links says:

    People like DeNiro have no idea about what is happening in the U.S. and what the world will become. Back in January, I stated that the market would hit 30,000, and friends of mine laughed at me. Well, today it has gone over the first time ever. Now tell me that Trump is a fool! This man knows what he is doing. Unfortunately, Big Pharma did not want Trump to succeed. He cut the cost of diabetes medicine and he wanted to cut other medicines as well helping so many people especially when you get into the Do-nut whole. But the pharmaceutical companies held the information back on the release of the Covi-19 medi

  56. Edward C says:

    You’re a disgrace DeNiro. Keep to acting because there you were enjoyable. You live in a fake world of privilege and fame. You should be afraid because you’re in danger with comments like that. COMRADE!!!

    • Barbara Maglione says:

      Robert DeNiro is a has been actor. He’s a very angry man, full of hate.
      Who is he to preach to anyone? Years ago I thought he was a good actor but now
      I wouldn’t see any film of his.
      This is probably the only way he’s able to be in the public eye because no decent person really cares what he has to say. He should just go away!!!!!!
      He’d never be missed.

  57. Bill Hicks says:

    Bobby D you suck as all Democrats. You need to get in the real world and quit play acting because you never was a good actor

  58. Franklin Steele says:

    This blowhard is a loser. What he needs is a complete ass kicking, and I would pay good money to watch…or participate. Oh, and your career is over, Bobby. Get used to it.

  59. Reeper says:

    I calling on all of you people to stop watching CBS NBC ABC CNN don’t give them the ratings and call or text your local stations and tell them what you think about Hollywood and Biden the ass wipe. Please!!!!

    • Lay says:

      Yes, and while you are at it, tell all your repulsive Repubs to stop enabling Trump The PuSSY GRABBER.

      • Bobbi Chandler says:

        Hey, at least he loves beautiful women and not little children like that pedo clown bidey! Has he ever come out of his basement?!! 🙄 I can’t believe anyone even listens to the leftists fools in hollyweird either. Like they know what it’s like living in the real world. Let’s see if bozos fans like him after he’s totally screwed us all over!! He doesn’t care about you or any American 👿

        • Kay says:

          Wrong – Trump the Pussy Grabber does like little girls – even his own daughter – he is and will always be a perverted pig – he was in good company with Jeffrey Epstein. Makes your skin crawl.

  60. Slim Faster says:

    Hello Bobby dewierdo,do you remember me?I remember you.I live in PUKE YORK now & I am coming for u & your wife & kids & grandkids you filthy wop.Got that punk ass bitch or bitch as punk.You raped my 6 year old at “THE PARTY” & we have not forgotten pervert.Your just like Epstein,Clinton & Biden.Pedifile,baby raper,chester the child molester.Be seeing you

  61. Wil says:

    DeNiro appears to have been promoted to the status of “brainless Communist ass licker in Chief”. As evidenced by all that Commie shit falling out of his mouth. 2 words for ya DeNobody. . . MOLON LABE.

  62. John R Sadowski says:

    De Niro is an actor and as an actor he lives in a world of make believe, he always played tough guy characters. His life is a movie script written by someone else he has lost control over his own life and in as much is living in a fantasy land. He is losing his appeal with the public so in order to be relevant he has constructed a psychotic movie episode in his mind and projects his psychosis as Trump Derangement Syndrome. He is a sick man and needs intense psychotherapy and large doses of antipsychotics .Remember actors are just that actors they are not to be taken seriously they have perfected the art of impersonating characters and are for entertainment purposes only not to be the social conscience of society leave that to the clergy they are trained. Actors will do or say anything to get attention from the public, the problem with De Niro is he has lost touch with reality.
    If we just ignore him his antics will become worse so as to gain more attention; but if we pay attention to him and call him out as a tough guy actor who has become a psychopath he will become more irrelevant as time goes by. Other actors will not want to work with him nor will movie studios want to let him work there, directors want to give him a script as he will too difficult to work with. He will destroy himself and take his career with him. So avoid his movies and let him rave that all may know him to be mad.

    • Lynnett says:

      I hope everyone rebels and never watches another DeNiro movie or fake news. If we stand strong as Republicans and we will, people like him will no longer matter! I can’t believe someone can be so disrespectful and misinformed. I’m so saddened this is what the Democrats and their party have stooped to. The future will show the stand that’s fixing to take place by the people that believe in and love our country and President Trump! WAIT AND WATCH!!

    • Joseph Iuzzolino says:

      Robert De Niro, Sr. was a homosexual, Junior is as well, that’s why he needs to act and talk tough, the apple did not fall far from the tree. Nothing but a scum bag, pervert, shitface. same level as whoopee Goldberg and joy bayhard.

    • DiNiro is just drunk on high alcohol “Geritol” and is just having a senior “mass attack”,where ones mouth overloads ones ass!

  63. Lisa says:

    Robert De Nero is a complete gas bag . He is a big mouth evil excuse for a human being . Very very disgusting !!! He will find out when his day comes and God judges him for his evilness!!

    • Sandra Castonguay says:

      He should just stay in his little bubble world! He can’t even act!!! He’s just a washed up old man that nobody cares about! Is he really that naive to believe ANYONE cares what he thinks!

  64. Sherry Chase says:

    Is that a threat? If it is! Arrest him.

  65. Duane says:

    All of these Hollywood pantywastes are idots. They don’t know their ass from a buttered bun. They live in a bubble, I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. Maybe Deniro can get together with Joe Biden and they can talk over a bowl of pudding.

  66. David A says:

    I’d like to personally kick the living shit out of your fake Hollywood ass your probably another one of them Hollywood petterasses and you will someday rot in hell you come to Missouri and I’ll show you what a real old American tough guy is all about not a fake movie tough guy you commie pig

  67. Don says:

    I can’t use the appropriate language to tell you what I think of you deNiro…..loud mouthed Follywood punk that you are.

  68. DON says:

    De Niro will suffer, for eternity, in HELL !

  69. Fletch says:

    What makes this idiot think that we care what he thinks.
    Let’s boycott anything this jerk bag does and cancel him.

    • Kay says:

      All of you must care what DeNiro has to say because you sure as hell are spending a lot of time frothing at the mouth. Get a job.

  70. Brenda says:

    It looks like the bag of s- – – looks like it already hit Diniro,s face!

  71. Tmac says:

    How Un American and Un Patriotic You are De Weirdo De Nerdo! Why don’t you head on back to whole you crawled out from! It’s funny that the prior President did Nothing for this Nation and he’s out Spewt his Crap 💩 too. What a bunch losers! Hollyweirdos, big mouth Sports talkers, all mixed in with blm, antifa, and the rest of socialist Dems!

  72. Reeper says:

    I wish I could come face to face with that fucking fagit’s, I shove my fist down the queers mouth and pull his ass over his fucking face. Go FUCK your self Hollywood and New York.

  73. john says:

    When the new civil war starts Patriot verses socialists I hope this POS is the first one to take a hit from a hot piece of lead. Come to SC– see how fast you are smacked down. Your career is over hopefully your life will be soon.

  74. Billy Adams says:

    This is just another disgusting example of the liberal agenda. Democrats are pathetic and they will do anything to gain power. Deniro is just as has been actor who comments mean nothing.

  75. sue says:

    Poor little de niro and the people like him, their so low they could crawl under the belly of a snake.

  76. George Blackshear, III says:

    If I was De Niro, I keep my grease ball comments to myself, b/c I already hear on the Dark Web that they are going to make De Niro into a sissy, must be going to introduce him a to Timothy O’Leary cocktail, and several days of paranoid introductions, I tried to explain that De Niro was already fagged out, they said you haven’t seen nothing yet, until we are through with this little cheese eating Fredo!!! Good Luck Goomba!!!

  77. Theresa Hansen says:

    Go away, you stupid idiot, President Trump will go down as one of the best Presidents in history, hope you live to see that, you are a useful idiot for the left

    • Mary says:

      You are so correct!Trump will go down as one of the great est President in history. The only problem is the recognition will come from Russia!

  78. Neal Lovell says:

    HAHAHA….The LAST person I am afraid of is this Has Been!!!!!!

  79. margaret fish says:

    Someday you will be punched, and it will not be in any movie! Why didn’t you go into politics since your so well versed with them?

  80. Hollywood says:

    DipNero is a huge slug, and millions of people won’t watch any of his movies ever again after seeing what a no class hateful mouthy waist of skin he really is. Trump is certainly living in that dipshits mind rent free every minute of everyday of his miserable life. I’ve got a neighbor that hates like that and he is a miserable lonely man with a pathetic life ahead of him too. Deniro… you are a looser.

  81. Matt says:

    Deniro is a good actor, but an ignorant blowhard loudmouth as an excuse for a humanoid life form.

  82. Michael Rollo says:

    My pie is waiting for his face.

  83. Rand says:

    So , Robbie boy , where is your hiding place, you knowwww, when the CIVIL WAR begins and some very mad , patriotic MEN are coming for you? Do you have a basement? Will not help you. You see , your place in a movie as a “tough guy” is just that , a movie , you will hide along with the rest of the rats , cringing in horror. I can see you and your boy[?]friend Michaela Moore , shaking like a scared puppy . Will you survive? Hopeful you will last until you beg for mercy . Hell is wanting for you two .
    Oh , wait , one more thing . How are you gonna like the 55% more taxes you are gonna have to pay.

    • margaret fish says:

      Very good one,I must commend you!!!!!
      Why do these mere fake tough guys, even voice their opinion…real tough guy in the movies…hate to see him with a real confrontation!!!

    • Kay says:

      My, you sound so threatening. No one is afraid of you and your imaginary platoon of buffoons. Calm yourself down. You are going to be okay.

      • Lynnett says:

        Looks like you are way outnumbered!

        • Kay says:

          I could care less if I am outnumbered by these crazies. Just think what a toxic home environment they live in. They all have their heads so far up Trumps fat sss and are willing to do his dirty work. He is laughing at all of them because he has complete mind control over his trailer trash fuck heads.

    • Frank B. says:

      Poor Bobby will be hiding in his ivory tower with the rest of the phoney Hollywood assholes, they spend their lives in a world of make believe, I would love to see these assholes actually work for a living.

  84. John says:

    De nothing, is a crackpot loser who talks more sh*t then MSM.
    Just because he played a badass doesn’t make him one. He can eat
    my ass out. Punk

  85. Bo says:

    I hope our president never concedes. The time has come for someone to stand up to the “pay to play” party and their corrupt socialist bedfellows. America can hold her head high among the nations of the world because of President Trump’s work of straightening up the mess made by previous corruption on both sides. Folks who have no intention of putting America first or honoring their oath of office should be deported to somewhere the will like better.

    Mr. DiNiro, should concentrate on being a good citizen and an actor, he is allowing himself to lose his grip on both.

  86. Wilma says:

    Keep your thoughts to yourself. I think the last four years would have been fine if we didn’t have to live through all the shit the left tried to do to Trump. I don’t want to hear one democrat cry about how high their electric, gas or oil bills will be when the left gets done with their climate change crop. And when their taxes go up when they roll back the Trump tax cuts. And when the Companies that came back to the States leave again, they and we will be taxed more. Love it when they say tax the rich. It’s the rich that enable us to have jobs. The morons run with that. They don’t see the forest for the trees. And when there aren’t any jobs, the first to cry out. They are so dumb, they listened for 4 years to the phonies on CNN, MSNBC, 3, 6, 10 and 12.,and believed their rhetoric. The stock market may be up now, but wait and see if the dems get what they want and start destroying this Country. All the good President Trump has done will be destroyed.

  87. TMLEDOUX says:

    Nada di niro! Never cared much for him ever since I was a kid. He’s even more insignificant now spewing the hate coming out of his mouth.

  88. Iris Sapovits says:

    DeNiro should drop dead. The world would be a better place.

    • Ruth jones says:

      Don’t worry civil wR is coming
      Us military is on trumps side
      If supreme court don’t help Trump civil wst is coming if not all liberals still will die communism will kil them we are losing freedom of sp e ch

  89. Dm says:

    I just looked up the word narcissistic PRICK and a picture of De Niro popped up. Why am I not surprised? I never liked his movies and he reminds me of Andrew Cuomo. They could be brothers! 2 pieces of shit. Hmmm … both are awful actors.

  90. Dan says:

    And where would you like the Karl Marx statue positioned, in Liberty Park across from the White House? And, where did that Blue wave go? The Donald may have lost but what have you won?

  91. Ronald E Greene says:

    De nerio is a stupid with a big mouth and nothing comes out but filthy garbage. someone hit him with the bag because he doesn’t have the balls to due it.

  92. Vikki Watson says:

    Until de niro started spewing bull about our President I was a fan. No more, he should learn to have had his say than shut up. I have lost all respect for him as an actor & a human being. Now are you (de niro) threatening us (Trump supporters)? If so crawl back under the woodwork. Does he think the dems will allow him freedoms & freedom of speech. Again even de niro will be looking for a place to hide.

  93. Cathy says:

    These rich bitches shouldn’t threaten the very ones that made them that way . De Niro is a zero along with alot of others in Gollywood . All these Demonic Rats and communist can kiss my ass .🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  94. Thomas Dan FREGIA says:

    I Love to put you in your place?Traitor Come to Texas get a good ASS WHIPING. You nothing but Hot AIR. You Trashed M. F

  95. Todd Nicholson says:

    Loud mouth pos nobody cares what you say,Trump supporters are not scared of you or anybody you stand with🖕!! TRUMP 2020 better start getting use to it🤣

  96. Ron Lombard says:

    Bob…give it up.

    Your career is over your in your 70s and you look like shit…im 69 and I’ll put the gloves on any day with you….look me up im not hard to find…
    You ain’t the raging bull no more…..

  97. al says:

    DeNiro would need help to put in his false teeth

  98. Patricia Lea Rosenberg Stancer says:

    Who cares about Cares about the idiot. He’s a horrible disgusting piece of crap.

  99. Jaybo says:

    We trump supporters aren’t afraid of anyone especially scum bag demon rats. They are so far left I’m hoping they fall off planet earth. Punch deniroid in the face for me please. SEMPER FI.

  100. Ellen stout says:

    Hey pussy boy I hear in real life your nothing but a big mouth .all you demonrats need a big dose of decon .
    You anti American,murdering lying crooked commies need to be illinimated.(medaforlicly speaking i think)
    You better watch out i smell the patriots coming for you

  101. Thomas Bruffy says:

    DeNero is as far down the living chain as you get. A slug has more intelligence.

  102. Gary says:

    De Niro is one of the biggest pieces- bags of shit in Hollywood.

  103. sue says:

    You are an old feeble man now, you need to be afraid, old man!!! TRAITOR!!!!

  104. Maryb says:

    Well said throwing his toys of the prom and shouting does not make grump a good president he has no social graces de Niro is right I full agree

    • Lonnie says:

      Go fuck senior in his ass better yet let him duck you in the ass BITCH

      • Kay says:

        Ooh – you are so macho. Sounds like you are looking for a fight. Be careful, your mouth is bound to get you in trouble. Trump can sit on his fat ass and laugh while you little people do his dirty work. You are just one of Trump’s bitches.

    • Michael Rollo says:

      See how very alone you are? kind of says it all.

    • Shay says:

      A businessman, not a smooth talking, corrupt Democrat politician. DeNiro certainly criticizes Trump, but he was one of the first to put his hand out for PPP…his restaurant took a hit. What a shame. What is horrible, he’s worth millions. Him and Kanye West should have to give that money back. Hypocrisy at its best

      • Johnysails says:

        Internet explorer AOL Robert De Niro is a piece of shit I stopped watching any movies he has his head up his ass Donald Trump has done more for this country than any other president Democrats get in will be like a socialist country here

  105. Anita says:

    No one cares about you Deniro go make another loser movie!

  106. Karyn Stoneking says:

    LOL, ROFL. He is the one who should be afraid how many bad things has this man done? Way too many just like all of his diabolic friends in Hellywood. We are done with Hellywood they all just need to go to an iland somewhere oh that right I almost forgot their heading to GITMO for their crimes against humanity.

  107. Connie says:

    It may be De Niro doing the crawling once he finds out what a communist government is like and he won’t be allowed to make movies and spit on the people that made him rich .

  108. Donna says:

    Wouldn’t even waste my time responding to this elitist has-been! Nobody cares about him or his evil, sick opinions.

  109. Jaybo says:

    Yes we might be afraid that we haven’t punched you in your ugly face enough.

  110. Jaybo says:

    Somebody is going to punch you in your mouth de niro