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Robert E. Lee Statue Removed From U.S. Capitol

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Monday that the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee had been removed from the U.S. Capitol,” according to The Washington Times.

The life-sized bronze monument is to be moved to the Virginia Museum of History and Culture in Richmond after having stood for 111 years in Washington.

“State Attorney General Mark Herring tweeted Monday that the statue removal ‘is long overdue.’

“‘We must start telling our complete history and remove these monuments that venerate individuals who fought to maintain slavery in this country,’ tweeted Mr. Herring, a Democrat.

“Sculptor Edward Valentine gifted the statue to the collection in 1909 as a commemoration of the general who commanded the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia from 1862 until he surrendered in 1865, according to the Architect of the Capitol website…

“State Sen. Louise Lucas, Virginia Democrat and commission chairwoman, along with seven other members, voted unanimously this summer to recommend the statue be removed.

“‘Confederate images do not represent who we are in Virginia, that’s why we voted unanimously to remove this statue,’ Ms. Lucas said Monday in a statement. ‘I am thrilled that this day has finally arrived, and I thank Governor Northam and the Commission for their transformative work.'”

For more on this story, please go to The Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with the removal of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the U.S. Capitol? Why or why not?


  1. Mary Garrett says:

    Its a disgrace to c our history of our country removed

  2. Joyce Fox says:

    I know there will be nobody to read this – but I’ll say it anyway.
    Why hasn’t anyone removed all the Martin Luther King statues??? Check internet and see how many there are. Also I think all the cities should rename all the Martin Luther King Blvds, Streets and Avenues. He was only a “civil rights activist”. I think this is only fair and equal rights for all.

  3. jihn says:

    what idiota. dims fought to keep slavery. every dim in congress voted against freeing slaves.

  4. Edward Puddy says:

    It’s bad enough they changed history about the american civil war. This war was not fought to free slaves. If you think it was then why did Abraham Lincoln send escape slaves back to the south well after the war had started? He sent them back for years until one of his generals told him they help the south that is when he stopped and freed them.
    Slaves didn’t just go to war to serve their masters they protected them and fought along side of them.Slave were not beaten and mistreated like the moves all want you to believe. They were property like a car you don’t go out and kick dents in your car do you.

  5. Charles Arnold says:

    To all you snowflakes that want to remove our history and take down statues of The Confederacy. Just remember if we forget our past history then we are Destin for it to repeat itself. Lincoln was shot in a theater and the shooter went to a library. President Kennedy was shot from a book depositary and the shooter went to a theater.

    Becareful what you want for, it may not be what you get in return.

  6. Hildy says:

    Remember World War 2. . You better. Remember Hitler? He tore up statues
    destroyed books,put people in concentration camps all in the name of making a better country..There was no freedom of speech.actually no freedom at all . are we heading this way too. Our once great country goes down. Run by a bunch of liars. Our election was the biggest scam in this
    country.. we know who is behind all that, but those people will never be prosecuted.. some misguided fools love them. God Bless America
    and our President the best we ever had.

  7. Taylor says:

    You can’t investigate criminals when they are the investigators. At some point in time there will be another civil war. America will cease to exist and the country will be divided according to ideology or if you prefer political party. The political picture comes from the far right & far left : never shall the two views meet.

  8. Gary says:

    Those tearing down our Historical Statues are communists. American Patriots love our country’s history as all True Americans should. If you do not like our history, then leave, you are certainly not welcome.
    History has a way of repeating itself remember: “What Goes Around, Comes Around”
    GOD Bless the USA! GOD’s Country!

  9. Scott J. says:

    Quit tearing down our statues, they are part of our history, start taking all of the libtard teachers out of our schools that brainwash our kids into socialists. That is the real problem!

  10. Terry Cordova says:

    America didnt tolerate the destruction of historic items when the taliban was destroying item. Now we have the american tabilban destroying what ever they want all in the namev BlM

  11. Tim says:

    What a moron this Mark Herring is. It sounds like he was taught the same bull shit our children are being taught in our school systems. His comment was that the Civil War was fought over slavery, that’s bull shit. Look up the true reason
    for yourself, it was not because of slavery. The truth of what is being taught in our school systems today is that the white man is bad and as a black man you should despise him. The white man is the most endangered species on earth and
    the worst part is that a lot are to stupid to see it.

    • buzz busby says:

      your are 100% right. this action is killing my heritage im fucking, done no more do nothing,it is time for black items to go down all of them and they are evil doers its in there d n a, look up blacks IQ you will see it for your self.but the teachers union. is teaching a lie. the north was a way to get food for there sorry ass north.and control, abe put top brass in jail that didnt agree with him before they invaded the south.look at the north east of the u.s what a bunch week cock suckers. NOW IM GOING TO SAY SORRY FOR THE CURSES im just ready to go to war. are you? GOD BLESS YOU.BUZZ

  12. Candy Clanton says:

    General Robert E. Lee was history & there is nothing wrong with history. What is wrong is a bunch of Democrats making decisions for the population of Virginia! We want schools to go back to teaching history – history of the world, history of our country. Removing statutes is a cheap shot by a bunch of stupid people!

  13. Val Hicks says:

    A bunch of Liberal CRAP, god help us.

  14. William M Penland says:

    Robert E. Lee had more smarts than this whole bunch of moron’s put together. He was a true patriot of the first order. I am close to passing off the scene and am glad I won’t have to look at these idiots any more!!!!

  15. Sam B. says:

    I totally disagree with this. Robert E. Lee IS & WILL ALWAYS B A PART OF OUR COUNTRYS HISTORY!
    It’s absolutely appalling that anyone in government bow down to the sissyass gentle snowflake..woke..cancel culture crowd & allow them to pull down statues(until Trump put a stop to it)..& now the politicians once again r bowing down to these clowns & taking down statues because these folks..(a small percentage of our overall population)..r offended of our history?!?!! What about the 100s of millions of us that like/want our statues?!?! I guess the MASSIVE # of us don’t matter?!?! PATHETIC!! We r not a perfect nation nor with a perfect past…but our past/history has built & made our awesome nation the best on earth. To bad these “gentle sissy’s” aren’t properly taught this in school these days which is a huge reason why these gentle sissy snowflake brats…woke wimps..& the cancel culture quacks act the way they do. If u folks don’t have respect for the evolution of our great country then shame on u. From our past to imperfect as we r, we r still the best! If u gentle sissy’s & spineless politicians don’t like it nor have respect for it then leave! The corrupt dictatorship socialist government of Venezuela would love to have u!!! BYE FELICIA…C-YA CHAD! We’ll all gladly help u pack.

  16. Chris says:

    Gen.Robert E. Lee was more of a patriot than any of the Democrats today. They should read REAL history, not try to erase it. This just makes me sick. That governor should be lynched!

  17. Barbara M. Powers says:

    This is OUR history! If you remove this statue, you are removing OUR history! LEAVE THE STATUE ALONE! Down with BLM!!

    Hey, I never posted this comment before!!!

  18. Barbara M. Powers says:

    This is OUR history! If you remove this statue, you are removing OUR history! LEAVE THE STATUE ALONE! Down with BLM!!

  19. Robert Hunt says:

    Why do we, as Americans have to be in f2f influenced by a–holes from Virginia? Let’s eliminate these clowns

  20. David Smith says:

    I wonder would they have removed the statue if Lee was black how about they ban the BLM flag like they did the Confederate flag I hope they get rid of the virus so I can go to Russia and be with my fiancé and daughter They are very smart and very loving contrary to what we are told we have been talking and Skype for 4 years. then after Russia I plan on moving us to a warmer climate and explore a new country. America is now worse than a third world country Until they get rid of these politicians and put a working class person into office we will never be free . God bless you all and please be careful with this virus We pay the most for health insurance and pay out of this world for medical help and we brag we have the best health care in the world. Really???? Then why didn’t we come up with a vaccine first. More lies

  21. francis little says:

    round 2 coming up leave the fucking statues alone start reading your history books

  22. Renee Smith says:

    I’m very offended by this move, That statue has been there over 111 yes. And now you take it done, this is our History. So yes I’m very offended!

  23. john strawbridge says:

    Hitler done the same thing with history books and other items that allowed His followers to jump off the cliff. You can give the black families of America ALL the money in circulation and what we can beg from China and they will still complain, and be broke in a years time, that white people are mean to them and not be HAPPY. Removing a statue from the capital has done absolutely nothing and will do nothing to appease anyone, especially the black community, except maybe the Fools who recommended to have it removed. Robert E. Lee was a man who fought for what he believed in and not for the $$$$ he could steal from the American people, unlike the trash that was just declared winners of the biggest voting scam in AMERICAN HISTORY. Just wait and see America just wait and see.

  24. Lemont Cranston says:

    Who gave these morons permission to remove any statue from the Capital???

    Maybe it time for another recall!!! I don’t think there would be much trouble getting rid of him this time.

  25. paul says:

    why not put a bronze statue of nancy chuck and the rest of the dirty democrats up there . but put them all with pitchforks in their hands so we can really write history for who they are and what they are

  26. David Smith says:

    People need to understand the civil war was not about slavery it was about the north telling the south it was going to join the north and let the north rape and take their resources The south told them don’t think so very American way of thinking they stood up and fought against a government that wanted to over take them. I think we need to take down the statues of Martin Luther King and a few others. Lincoln did not free the southern slaves just the northern slaves. there were white slaves also they just had pretty names Share croppers Tenant farmers and a few other sweet names. The Indians were abused ten times more than the black man and the people who came from other counties didn’t have a picnic either. It was the chiefs of the Africa tribes that sold their people or helped the English kill and kidnap their enemies read between the lines of our history and see the truth But this is the new USA Liberals and hatred is the main goal for our politicians. The old divide and conquer plan and it is working. If you think you are free in this country you are dead wrong These politicians and their juvenile children commit more crimes than the average American will in his or her lifetime and don’t get in any trouble for it Sad state America is in no wonder people are leaving the Titanic ship called America I will be another one is the virus lets me leave. It is strange that after the civil war the freed slaves went right back to doing what they did before because there was no work. If African Americans funny term because if you were born in the USA you are an American LOL But with the hatred for whites African Americans can go back to Africa any time they want. I think things have changed our ship went to Africa back in the navy in the early 70’s and the Africans didn’t want anything to do with the African Americans. Did anyone see all the money this new stimulus is giving away but can only afford 600 for the average American?? And did anyone see the guy from El Salvador the liberal and nuts in California let this guy loose he was in jail with 6 felony convictions and for killing a child so he went and killed two more people.ICE had paperwork to take him. If that was my family he killed I would make a bunch of cops and judges and people who let him go would be explain to God why they did it. This country has gone off the deep end and if you try to defend yourself you go to prison. Sick society

  27. William Lehr says:

    JFK tried to warn us of the pitiful mess this country has become. The Democrats killed him for it and so far have gotten away with it. It set a precedent that still hangs in the air. If you do not go along with the agenda you may likely end up dead. To clean up this mess will more than likely take spilling some more blood on our soil. It will also take removing the Rothchilds and all those associated with them clear down the line. I have been in war before and will do so again if that becomes necessary to stop this demonic evil moving toward one world government. I pray our Lord and Savior,, Jesus Christ, intervenes before that has to happen. MARANATHA !!

  28. Bill says:

    Those who chose to ignore their history are destined to repeat it. With that said, civil war is brewing once again.

    • Sue Breslin says:

      And to complete your comment…..
      “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” –Plato

  29. Glenn Heath says:

    They best NOT consider putting Barack Obama’s statue in there! We don’t need to be celebrating a lying socialist Muslim of any kind in our capital. Lee may have been a Confederate, but he is also a part of AMERICAN history, and a representation of mistakes of the past. Removing his statue is a dumbing down of our people.

  30. Mad as Hell says:

    You can not change HISTORY no matter how hard you try idiots!! Statues remind us what was good & bad in history like or not that is what happened, you can not change it but certainly can learn from it. If you want to put another statue up great but leave the ones we have alone, you are discriminating against us who love history!

  31. Franklin Steele says:

    And, when will all references to Robert Byrd be removed? He was a big wheel in the kkk. I’m waiting, Pelosi?…Biden?…any democrat? I didn’t think so.

  32. scott home says:

    These idiot democrat are just trying to cancel and re write our history. Shame on the entire party

  33. Janet W says:


  34. lct says:

    HISTORY is HISTORY…as for Robert E Lee he could have commanded the Northern Army and was offered the command but his loyalties were with his state of Virginia…deserves to be in the Capital…getting tired of those who think they are God and want to enforce their beliefs on the rest of us who are History loving Americans.

  35. Paul Shea says:

    Kamala Harris – Relatives owned 200 Slaves ! ! !
    Should she be removed from her Position ? ? ?
    I would think because of how you are treating
    General Robert Lee ! ! !

  36. Corri says:

    Our country was established for freedom for ALL. Robert E Lee did not think that people with black skin are humans with inalienable rights as people with white skin are. That’s ridiculous. Even Jesus came from black decent. Robert E Lee believed in slavery of whatever people he decided to enslave. That is not freedom for humans. In that case, he himself could be labeled a slave with a simple turn of the tables. Be careful what you think because it can turn on you. All men are free. He should not be honored.

    • Veronica says:

      Jesus was born in the middle east therefore he is of middle eastern descent. Not black. Lol

    • J says:

      Well, uninformed lemming, you seem to conveniently forget what has been previously stated. Robert E Lee was a graduate of West Point with honors. He WAS offered the command of the Union forces at the start of the Civil War but chose to stand with his home state of Virginia.

      He chose to fight for the individual rights of his home state, not just slavery as you have been brainwashed to believe. The north had implemented many repressive laws to keep the south mostly agronomic and they could reap the profits. These laws severely limited the south’s ability to have industrial business. It got to a point where they had enough and seceded rather than abide by the repressive and restrictive laws.

      Lee, unlike many spineless wimps today, took a stand for what he believed in. Right of wrong, he should be understood and people should learn from the real truth.

      If you erase his memory, what would you consider doing with Arlington National Cemetery? The many brave soldiers that defended our country since the civil War are buried on Robert E Lee’s property. Do you demand they all be exhumed and moved elsewhere? Where do you sensibly stop your irresponsible, feel good actions?

  37. David says:

    What’s next on you socialist list of removing History?
    Will you be going house to house and collecting all of our books, especially books on History.
    You DEMORATS amaze me with your shallow minded, pathetic betrayal to the American people.
    The democRATic party is swiftly killing itself. If Trump wins this election, hopefully we will never see another demoRAT in the White House.

  38. W. C. says:

    Quoting State Sen. Louise Lucas, Virginia Democrat, “‘Confederate images do not represent who we are in Virginia, that’s why we voted unanimously to remove this statue,’ Ms. Lucas said Monday in a statement. ‘I am thrilled that this day has finally arrived, and I thank Governor Northam and the Commission for their transformative work.’”
    Those statues truly may not represent who we are in Virginia today. Perhaps we should erect memorials to all the aborted babies, memorials to all the lies being perpetrated from Richmond, and memorials to the “transformative work” of the evil that masquerades as our so-called leaders in Richmond. Their goal is to reduce citizens to subjects of the state. All the rhetoric about the evils of slavery just does not add up when their plans are to enslave us all.

  39. John says:

    These are the people that don’t believe that you learn from history and don’t repeat it. The same people that don’t realize the history of socialism is nothing but failures.

  40. W. Shields Jett says:

    Mark Herring and Ralph Northam are ignorant of Virginia History.

  41. John Coleman says:

    The main purpose of history is to educate the ignorant people. It’s main purpose is to insure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes. Removing a statue does nothing to change history only hide the errors that were made. Seems that democrats think if they erase history it will be easier to force socialism on America. Most of the American people are not that stupid and will fight to preserve the American way

  42. Don Butler says:

    This is just wrong. Robert E Lee was a great man.

  43. Matt says:

    If they can have Robert E Lee’s statue. They should remove any picture of Obama because it offends me.

  44. maxibaby says:

    Removing or destroying statues, flags and other memorabilia has never changed one truth or fact! History is and will always be what it is! Even after we are all dead and gone history still is what it is whether prominently displayed or not! Do you marxist get the picture? You will die and we will die. What happened during the American Revolution, the Civil War, even integration and beyond will not change no matter what you illiterate degenerate America hating ignoramus do!
    People of intelligence understand what is going on here. This has absolutely nothing to do with social justice and everything to do with the marxist Democrat hatred of America and you have chosen this mantle to justify your ultimate goal…..the destruction of the Constitution, America and the American way of life! You do not deserve America so if you would, relocate to a socialist/communist failed country, you would be happy and fulfilled! You don’t really have any idea of reality in those countries! You have all been told fairy tales by teachers and professors! Do yourself a favor and research REAL history, every socialist/communist country has failed miserably and their people have died from starvation because there is never been enough money or food to sustain….these systems are doomed to failure!
    God bless and save America!

  45. Emma Nell Hirschfield says:

    Robert E. Lee and the Civil War are part of our history. Why try to erase it?

  46. Rick Hoskin says:

    People are mislead if they think you can just cut out the parts of History you do not like. True history can help the future generations to become better people. Maybe we should go back farther and rewrite history about slavery as if it never happened and todays problems will all go away… if we think like these current civic leaders think.
    Use your energy to look forward and protect our Republic, rather than looking back and blaming the past.

  47. rm says:

    I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Add governor Northam, Governor Whitmer, Governor Pritzker, Governor Newsom, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Reps AOC, Blumenthal, Ilhad Omar, Pressley, Schiff, Rashida Tlaib, and a few more in Congress to the list along with internet censoring types. Say your prayers, God needs to deliver another miracle like the “Passover of Congress”, the governors’ mansions, and Silicon Valley….

  48. Brian Poole says:

    Hey, they are just moving it to another museum. Not trying to erase his existence.

  49. Cathy Schmick says:

    I agree with all your comments ! I think it’s time to remove the traitors of America .starting with the corrupt ,election stealing ,liars who use people for their evil plots towards communism . The demonic rats and rhinos . The division of our country started 12 years ago .Obama suppressed the black people and Trump tried to make it right .hes not perfect but hes not a slime ball politician who can be bought by the billionaires. I’m praying pinochio Joe and Kamel toe dont tsje over . Merry Christmas and God Bless America

  50. jim sulzbach says:

    they did it because they are assholes you can not reright history , but those asshole can’t figure it out.

  51. Robert says:

    Will they dig up all the graves in Arlington National Cemetery, because that land was once owned by Robert E. Lee?

  52. Dwayne Oliver says:

    This statue as many other historical statues and monuments should be left alone where they have stood for years. Whether we are Republican or Democrat black or white, they ARE and DO represent a part of our history of these United States of America. To leave them alone does not mean that we agree with slavery or other wrong doing, it simply means that we portray our U.S. History just as it occurred and not be trying to right the wrongs done hundreds of years ago! And no I haven’t already said this before. If you are afraid to post the truth that is on you

    • rm says:

      Robert E. Lee was a LEADER. He helped the USA win the Mexican wars of the early 1800’s. The idiots in Congress forgot that! Hope God sends the Coronavirus to EVERYONE with a terminal result who had any part of the decision to remove the Robert E. Lee statue.

      One of Pres. Trump’s exec orders should be a total cutoff of welfare, food stamps, student loans, and other federal aid to residents of states where monument removal has occurred or historic places renamed.

    • Patricia Williams says:

      I like this response. It’s true that we cannot re-write history. We need to remember our history and not make the same mistakes again. Leaving the statue there does not mean we approve of slavery. It reminds us that we are not perfect and need to pay attention to the decisions we make going forward.

  53. Dwayne Oliver says:

    This statue as many other historical statues and monuments should be left alone where they have stood for years. Whether we are Republican or Democrat black or white, they ARE and DO represent a part of our history of these United States of America. To leave them alone does not mean that we agree with slavery or other wrong doing, it simply means that we portray our U.S. History just as it occurred and not be trying to right the wrongs done hundreds of years ago!

  54. Charles Collins says:

    Why don’t they tell the entire accurate history. They blamed the war on slavery. That did not come into play until later in the conflict. How many blacks fought and died on the side of the Confederacy? My ancestors that fought did not own any slaves and slavery was not the reason they joined.

    • rm says:

      The bums in Congress forgot about the Morrill Act of 1858 which was the spark of the Civil War…it was an 80 percent export tax levied on everything produced in the southern states…. God, this country needs your miracle, like the “Passover of Congress”, the courts, state governors, and state legislatures….I would care less if I read in the papers that governors like Northam, Whitmer, Pritzker, etc. caught the coronavirus with a terminal result, and add idiots in Congress such as Pelosi, Feinstein, Schiff, Swalwell, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, and a few more to the list…

    • William W. says:

      The History of the WBTS as told today is nothing but doctored hogwash. Slavery was not the main reason for its beginning, but rather an addition by Lincoln 2yrs after his ordered “invasion of a Constitutionally legal secession from what was a loosely tied group of locally governed states in a Union. Bound by trade treaties and financial agreements only, there were no other reasons for compliance or loyalty to a “central government “ except to honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Lincoln was a narcissistic, arrogant,, power hungry racist that knew if the South left the Union it would go bankrupt and lose its power and world standing. The overtaxed Southern States realized this and wanted to negotiate new , fair, and export ( the valuable Cotton exchanged between the two parties was considered an export from the South) tariff agreements. Lincoln refused fearing loss of his power, and ignored the Constitutionally specifically given “state’s RIGHT to secede with reason”, which he acknowledged earlier in his career as legal. When the South did write their Secession Declarations, Lincoln forced them to include slavery ( legal in every state, but controversial in admitting new states ) as another reason. After their secession, those states became a Constitutionally recognized Sovereign Nation, the Confederate States of America. Lincoln’s several attempts to restock Ft. Sumpter, which was now on “sovereign CSA land” and prompted a restricted attack, with safe passage promised if left, as a reason to
      invade the CSA at Manassas(Bull Run) ,Va. Slavery was made a point when Lincoln was being criticized for fighting then a losing war. He introduced the racist ladened Emancipation Proclamation to gain support from Northern states promising restoration of more imports , slaves included, and states ports of entry financial agreements with other countries. Thus ensued three more years of destruction and death, mostly in the Southern States, thus the emergence of Southern Heritage, Culture, and Values seen today from descendants of their proud, brave, and honored Confederate Ancestors and Leaders that fought for their land and families that will never be forgotten. Sadly , the illiterate, ignorant,, racist Revisionists over time through their distorted and egregious “opined versions of facts and truths has lead to Historical illiteracy beyond comprehension, and a racial divide never seen before, and the rise of the “victimization movement” du jour continuous presentation at every level of life’s experiences to satisfy so called “ emotional” effects of Southern History and its past events. Sad, very sad.

  55. Richard west says:

    Robert E. Lee was offered the position by both the North and South and chose the South because he did not want to fight his fellow Virgians. Removing his statue will not change history.. The entire Lee family was politically active including two brothers who signed the Declaration of Independance.

    • Vivian says:

      All statues should stay where they are. Accompanying text should cite the whole story. Who among us have been pure, made all the right decisions and have nothing to regret. Let those without sin cast the first stone

  56. Donald says:

    Of course this is a typical communist act to try and rewrite history instead of learning about it. Lee is an important figure in our history wether you agree with his motives or not. He did not fight for slavery but for states rights in defense of invasion of his state by Federal forces. If we learned anything about racial discrimination Joe Biden, who has proven himself to be the most racist politician over the last 50 years would never have been Vice President or been a candidate for the Presidency.

  57. Diane says:

    Robert E Lee had more virtue and integrity in his finger than these idiots will ever have.

  58. Thomas Murphy says:

    Taking down A statue does not change History. Changing a name does not either?
    None of these things change anything. Surely there a many much more important
    things our COUNTRY can do to make it better. If you don’t like it here in
    AMERICA why don’t you leave.

  59. Maria says:

    It’s long overdue to remove the statue of Obama!!! R.I.P. it down to pieces for the traitor that he his!

    • Tim says:

      Obama should be tied to his queer racist statue and thrown overboard in the middle of the ocean. I know, that’s littering! But good chance of volcanic activity that would dissolve the filth.

    • Jaybo says:

      We could do it at night like the pussy faggot demonrats do, or we should do it like the Patriots we are. Right in front of their lying,corrupt cowardly faces!!!

    • Dan LynchZ says:

      RIP it down! It will be soon enough oboma= coward

    • Dan Lynch says:

      RIP it down! It will be soon enough oboma= coward

      • scott says:

        I agree 100%. He did more to ruin this country than any president in history. Tear it down!!! It offends me as well

  60. Mike Howard says:

    The Demonrats with their puppets Commie Biden & his Ho strike again. Take down America & turn it into a territory of China. No free speech, no free will, no freedoms & no history before 2021.

  61. Joseph Mako says:

    History is History, stop trying to change it. We need reminders of what once happened so we don’t repeat it. Doesn’t mean we should have slaves now, or want them.

  62. Debbie Scott says:

    What a bunch of jackasses you are to remove history!! You even removed the President Lincoln statue who fought to end slavery. This has nothing to do with slavery it’s morans who want to change the history. What if the Indians stood up and removed all statues to include the black ones since this was the Indians land first!!!!!

  63. Angela says:

    Well then I guess we’ll just have to remove ALL STATUES, even MLK,civil rights activists, and any others that are up. NOT REPLACE WITH ANYONE!!

    • Jaybo says:

      Yeah. The democrats are tearing down our history but will put statues of Hitler,Stalin,Mao,marx etc… In place of our heroes.

  64. Cg says:

    They don’t like history and don’t want children growing to know history.It shows how ignorant Norton and herring are!
    Remember on voting day you want the current history removed!

  65. rick says:

    The commiecrats strike again!

  66. Dawn Matlachowski says:

    If we forget our past we will repeat it in the future. Dems stupidity has no bounds!

    • Dave says:

      Obviously, the DemocRATS have never heard that quote.
      If they had, they would not want to turn us into a Socialist Country.
      Because, Socialism has never worked in any other Country, EVA.
      And it won’t work here in the US.

  67. Connie Petersen says:

    Shame on them. You can rewrite history but that doesn’t change history. Offends me greatly.

  68. Richard T Van Bergen says:

    The Lee statue should stand, as part of an honest telling of the history of the U.S.A. He lead the military side of the British directed Confederacy’ effort to destroy our Republic. It is better removed from DC.

    • Dave says:

      The problem is, there is nothing HONEST about the democrats.
      They wouldn’t know honesty if it crawled up their leg and bit them on the ass.
      The most pathetic group of politicians ever.
      Since Clinton took over as President in 1992, the Democratic Party became a sludge fest of crime. I wish someone would begin an investigation on them. Then watch how many more of the Clinton’s friends and associates die mysteriously. To date, it’s over one hundred. Since the Clinton’s came into power, the rest of the democRATS have been scared into silence and are doing the Clinton’s and Obama’s bidding.
      Just look at Chief Justice John Roberts and his many acts of cowardice. And don’t forget Clinton was raping and abusing women while Governor of Arkansas, over two dozen women.
      And the two State Troopers who worked for him at the Governor’s mansion, have both died mysterious deaths. You know the old adage, “Dead men tell no tales.”

      • PAT K FOLSE says:

        You could not have written it better. It is terrifying to see what comes next. Thanks for your input

  69. Mark Zehner says:

    They are insane