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Rupert Murdoch To Trump: ‘Stop The Insanity’

As most everyone who follows politics knows, in addition to owning Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and several other conservative media outlets, Rupert Murdoch – a longtime supporter of President Donald Trump and a fellow billionaire – owns the New York Post. It’s also well known that Murdoch uses the editorial page of the New York Post to send messages to Trump.

That’s why it came as a shock to Trump and his supporters that Murdoch used the New York Post to publish a blistering attack on President Trump in the Monday morning edition of the paper.

The editorial headlined “Give it up, Mr. President – for your sake and the nation’s” begins:

Mr. President, it’s time to end this dark charade.

“We’re one week away from an enormously important moment for the next four years of our country.

“On Jan. 5, two runoff races in Georgia will determine which party will control the Senate — whether Joe Biden will have a rubber stamp or a much-needed check on his agenda.

“Unfortunately, you’re obsessed with the next day, Jan. 6, when Congress will, in a pro forma action, certify the Electoral College vote. You have tweeted that, as long as Republicans have “courage,” they can overturn the results and give you four more years in office.

“In other words, you’re cheering for an undemocratic coup.

“You had every right to investigate the election. But let’s be clear: Those efforts have found nothing. To take just two examples: Your campaign paid $3 million for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, and you lost by 87 more votes. Georgia did two recounts of the state, each time affirming Biden’s win. These ballots were counted by hand, which alone debunks the claims of a Venezuelan vote-manipulating Kraken conspiracy.

“Sidney Powell is a crazy person. Michael Flynn suggesting martial law is tantamount to treason. It is shameful.

“We understand, Mr. President, that you’re angry that you lost. But to continue down this road is ruinous. We offer this as a newspaper that endorsed you, that supported you: If you want to cement your influence, even set the stage for a future return, you must channel your fury into something more productive.

For the rest of the editorial, please go to the New York Post.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Are you surprised that Rupert Murdoch attacked President Trump with this editorial? Do you agree or disagree with Murdoch? Why do you think he decided to publish this editorial urging Trump to “give it up”?



  1. April Duchene says:

    Agreed, there in the basement with Joe, the rest have there heads burried in the sand!! Dont you ppl get it…….IF TRUMP LOOSES,WE THE PEOPLE WILL LOOSE “EVERYTHING”…our freedom, our values, our HUMANITY and no more UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we will remain devided,one question….”DID MY VOTE GET COUNTED” WILL YOURS, TO PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE…..GOD BLESS YOU ALL GO TRUMP 2020

  2. A real American with sense says:

    O wow reading the hate and vitriol in these comments is almost scary. These Trump supporters are like cult members, angry, crazy, deceived cult members. Trump isn’t draining the swamp, he IS the swamp. Remember the Lords saying, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye on a needle than to enter the gates of heaven. Trump LOST, he needs to face that and stop continuing to divide the people. To stop acting like a spoiled child who was finally told No. Even the Supreme Court, which he stacked with 3 of his handpicked judges, has said it. There wasn’t “widespread voter fraud”, mail in ballots have ALWAYS been available and a way for ALL Americans to voice their vote. Windows were boarded up because of THREATS to ballot counters. There were people with guns TERRORIZING ballot workers. I watched multiple news agencies on election night til 6am EST. Biden was in the LEAD all night except for BRIEFLY at 8pm EST where Trump was in the lead. Trump tweeted at 8pm est he won when polls werent even CLOSED YET. I knew at that point this was going to go bad. Trump didn’t even win the popular vote in 2016 so Americans were going to make sure their voice was heard LOUD and CLEAR this time. No electoral college to save him again. True, educated, rational, AMERICANS have spoken. Even without a strong candidate we the people decided he was a better choice than another 4 years under Trump. What’s the Trump supporters favorite saying “your party lost, get over it. Biden IS (going to be) YOUR President”

  3. jkryanspark says:

    So much copium being consumed by the great whining class of America. Trump’s landslide loss is vindication for the good and decent citizens of this country. The real Patriots rejoice while the absurd flag hugging degenerates lick their wounds. We the People win again. History will thank us.

  4. With due respect, I disagree with Mr. Murdoch . Trump won it fair and square ! He won by a LANDSLIDE ! On the other hand, Joe Biden NEVER really campaigned : he just sat in his basement. I have seen with my own eyes, the amount of VOTER FRAUD Biden was engaged in ! His lawyers engineered the most extensive VOTER FRAUD in history ! Bundles of ILLEGAL VOTES delivered all over the country by his lawyers ! I have not seen such FRAUD perpetrated in over 50 yrs. Check with the Thomas More Society and they will tell you the extent of Voter Fraud that was perpetrated by Mr. Biden and associates . OR contact the OAN ( One America News) and they will show you the extensive VOTER FRAUD perpetrated by the Biden’ camp ! Trump won by > than 65 million votes , the largest in History ! Best regards. Charles Parke,M.D., F.A.C.C.

    • MrsDianne Lynn Kirkwood says:

      Yup, Trump will never give up, he loves America and refuses to let the idiots steal the election to take us down the path of socialism which turns to Communism, so dangerous, never has worked, always causes massive poverty, starvation, no medical help, often genocide of those who oppose this insanity. Think Venezuela, eating their pets, China dominating the world, Cuba, massive human right violations in these countries. What’s to love? NOTHING!

  5. LaDonna Newton says:

    I think he wants Americans to just sit down and shut up so they don’t have to address their own corruption of election fraud. And that a group of people should be able to just get what they want from dishonesty and cheating. I don’t think we should sit by and wait for a socialist agenda to take over where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I mean really are you going to share your wealth? No, that is why socialist countries are considered 3rd world and poor…because the government controls the $ which does not go to the people

  6. rugby says:

    Oh my God, Are all you Trump loving ASSHOLES on some serious medication or Kool-AID. He will go down as the worst president this world has ever encountered. He is a LIAR, woman hater,

    • Crackerjack says:

      You are full of crap you had to much to eat at the holiday go to the bathroom get some pressure off your brain sorry but Obamany has all ready got that vote trump 2020 buttercup

  7. ee says:

    Murdock. Geraldo, I am ashamed of you….. leave President Trump and his supporters alone. We know the truth, we know about the fraud and if you were not deep in someone’s pocket, you would know it too………there are over 70 million Trump supporters that do not want him to give in to a loss that is not his……..take a look at the map.see how much blue there is compared to how much red……We don’t like either one of you & pray for your business to fail………which if you do not take the high side you will fall, back into the swamp……….and I am tired of people like you saying there is no evidence……..there is evidence……….the courts have not listened to any evidence to make a ruling on……they are scared to because they know that there was much voter fraud and they don’t want it brought out……Sidney Powell, you hang in there……we are all backing all of you over this fraud….we also know that the only thing between us an a socialist country is President Trump and those like you…………..please do not give up the fight……if you do those in GA won’t vote because they will believe that their vote won’t matter because there will be fraud………Remember we are 70+ million strong that are Patriot and will not be quiet or go down without a fight…………….Please President Trump stay the course, hold your ground, tell us what you need from us & we will be there ready for whatever needs done……………..

  8. Neal says:

    Obviously this butt hurt fool is incensed as he sees his once great empire fall like a deck of cards!!! His rant against the President only proves he is part of the Deep State that is looking to steal this election from 75 million who voted for President Trump!!! Have no respect or sympathy for this back stabber and hope he and his sons continue to see the business they enjoyed with the support of most of those 75 million fall like a lead balloon….the Days of Americans being lead by the corrupt news media are over!!! Would be wise for Twitter, Facebook, Google, CNN, MSNBC, and all the other deep state identified operatives to take heed and beware of what is coming…..they have ALL been exposed for who and what they have become and will soon follow Fox News into the sewer!!!

    • I agree with the previous writer. I do not understand why democrats would not want to
      know if the election was deinitewly honest. If they believe it was fair then let Trump pursue his right. If NOTHING happened then no reason to worry.

  9. Melody Wittman says:

    no i am not surprized the fox man is not a christian, Stay the Course Mr President Trump you will Win Win Win. don’t give in to these swamp creatures.!!!

  10. Kuh Shise says:

    The truth about the election and the truth about the spread of Covid-19 both suggest the use of a truly random sample of the American population to understand the extent of the deception being practiced in our country. Those of us who have made a living in the world of quality control understand that a real unbiased random sample of the population will absolutely reveal the real truth about the extent of the deception that has been perpetrated upon Americans. I do NOT trust Rupert any more that I do any other politician who is spewing biased opinions disguised as facts in an effort to sway public opinion. The sad truth is we have a large swath of the electorate that have been poorly educated, are easily influenced and inclined to make decisions on emotionally charged issues and propaganda. If you have taken the time to read this far, please take a little more time and make an effort to encourage one of your friends or relatives to do a little research into the real issues facing America before they stand in the voting booth the next time.

  11. Just one question, which member of the global elites, Bildeberg Group, NOW members paid you off Murdick! Let us all hope and pray bejing bite-me biden and commie kamala never see the inside of the White House. Delcare martial law, have the military be in charge if an election with paper ballots and identification to vote. NUFF SAID!

    • ee says:


    • Linda Fowler says:

      Amen. Clearly, the voting machines were rigged, and Republicans were denied access to oversee the votes and how they were being counted. They put up cardboard over the windows to prevent people outside from seeing what was really happening after shutting down the voting Election night, only to sneak back 3 hours later after more rigging. Totally a democratic coup, and sponsored by George Soros who is outspoken about destroying America. Mail-in ballots? I NEVER requested any mail-in ballots, yet I received handfuls of them in my mail, specifically addressed to me. They’re still in my possession. In the burn box, but we won’t be burning them for a while.

  12. Rich says:

    If you have nothing to hide, you don’t put up fences and board up windows so observers can observe. You don’t stop the count the night of the election. This is the USA not a third world country. If you have nothing to hide you let the voting machines be audited. Why are the voting machines hooked up to the internet against election law. The late night security video after GOP observers were sent home, tells it all. Mice, rats scurrying around after the observers were sent home. Murdock, are you bought off with China money? Soros money? Are you part of the globalist, communists? The fraud is UNDENIABLE!!!!!

  13. Vincent says:

    How much did the democratic party pay you mr Murdock to spew your False “opinions” in the New York post. You wouldn’t know the truth it it hit you in the face.

  14. Ruth says:

    When we recount fraudulent ballots over, we still get the same fraudulent results. Hold a new election with only in-person voting of legal citizens allowed nationwide.

    • Genaro G. Gacasan says:

      I totally agree that during a recounting of ballots, it would be impossible to determine and establish that the ballot under consideration is truly a legitimate legal ballot. The envelope used to carry the mailed-in ballot was already separated from its content and the said content can no longer be traced to the original owner-voter. In so doing, the “illegitimate” allowed to be passed by suspiciously biased poll workers will continue to be counted as they intended them to be. The cheating has already been committed forever never to be discovered!

  15. Candy S says:

    And who is bribing you Mr Murdock??? Your station is loosing people by the minute. Its a disgrace!!! This is definitely not a way to get people to follow FOX again. Keep having a sad life!!!

  16. Eloise says:

    Roger Pattison — No, he isn’t — Murdoch is not and never has been a true friend of Trump. He’s a backstabbing shill for the corrupt New World Order cabal. President Trump became president to clean out the entrenched, corrupt government swamp, but the swamp runs deeper and is more vast than he might have realized during his first four years as president. But the NEXT four years will be more productive in his swamp-clearing agenda, because many more of the swamp rats have been exposed and identified. Are you paying attention, Rupert Murdoch? The Living God knows the names of every single traitor in politics, in government, in industry, in education, in banking, in IT, and in the main stream media, and He is about to help His anointed and appointed servant, President Donald J. Trump, round them up and hold them accountable for all their evil sedition.

  17. Rhina says:

    We have plenty of proof only all the traitors don’t care to see it this was Plandemic! They love China not US! JAIL TIME! TRAITORS! ENOUGH!

  18. bob onit says:

    Street theater ,and not very good either

  19. ck says:

    Hillary was right! You people ARE deplorables!!

    • KEN GRIFFIN says:

      all of you demonrat liberal socialists should be escorted to the border along with your illegals and not be allowed back into our country

  20. Corri says:

    Unlike people who think with enraged emotions only, Murdoch can hold wild emotion in check in order to think with highly evolved brain instead. I hope that Trump can see that this man has a very smart head on his shoulders rather than reacting from a primitive runaway emotional brain stem that was meant for primitive cavemen to be able to register an enemy and react through a negative fear response. Murdoch is trying his best to help Trump – but maybe Trump is so swollen with emotion that he canno think straight at this point.

    • Eloise says:

      Corri Troll — Murdoch is a greedy sleaze with no allegiance to anything but money. You might believe he’s clear thinking, but anyone who bows down to the evil agenda of a godless, oppressive, freedom-hating Communist regime has scrambled eggs for brains. Were you well paid for posting your pro-Murdoch anti-Trump drivel? Shame on you.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. Murdoch is nothing more then a greedy elitist. He plays both sides just to get people to fight with each other. He is a war starter.

        • Since he has started so many wars in his native Australia I would where you get your news info. and he is 89. Name 1 please…and then I might believe you have a brain…….wait could it be Don Henley? The liar/hypocrite wrote in his own words”His best work” on a song called “The Last Resort” putting people down for messing up everywhere they go, mentions how bad Malibu is and then buys a home there? Again, I ask where you get your news from?

      • ck says:

        Eliose Troll, are you gonna cry when Trump goes to jail?

        • Eloise says:

          ck troll — Trump hasn’t committed any crimes, so, despite leftists’ and RINOs’ many futile attempts to remove him from the presidency, he is still the President of the United States. I will be shedding no tears for Trump because he will be re-elected by a landslide after the 2020 fraudulent election is overturned and Biden returns to his basement. By the way, Ukraine is going after Biden quite vigorously for corruption these days.


          • ck says:

            You’re so ignorant, his whole life has been a life of crime. We’ll see who’s laughing on Jan 20th moron!

  21. Holly Rose says:

    Murdoch is absolutely right. Didn’t know he was a friend of trump but doesn’t this tell you something that Murdoch and people near Mar a Lago don’t like trump? Something is wrong and Murdoch is so right, stop wasting time fighting this losing battle. It is so obvious that Biden is the better man as he is kind, gentle, honest, upright, refined and an outstanding citizen which trump is NOT. trump is a spoiled rich brat who never matured and needs to be taught a hard lesson. Wait and see, trump will be humiliated Jan 20, 2021. When that happens, America will celebrate. My sisters and I will.

    • Eloise says:

      Heidi Rose Troll — Your anti-Trump, pro-Murdoch nonsense will not get you, or Murdoch, or the Democrat Communist Party, or the Chinese Communist Party, or Iran, or the treacherous self-serving RINOs, nor all the evil high-level and low-level elected and unelected government officials what all of you want—a Trump defeat. Trump will be re-elected for a second term, and America will be saved from a corrupt Biden presidency. God loves America. MAGA!

    • Discusted says:

      Your are blooming idiot to think bumbling Bidon can do anything for this country. Hes too stupid!!!!!!! He deserves to rot in HELL!!!!!

  22. Debbie says:

    So Mr Murdock, what is it that your hiding? Every time a democrat turns on President Trump, its because he is getting close to something that will embarrass them. Sooooo, WHAT DID YOU DO????

    • RITA B says:


    • RITA B says:



  23. Phil says:

    I used to like fix news, I spelled that with small letters, because they have just became small time news no more revelent then that slime sucking cnn also spelled with small letters. But no more. You supported the President but then just like that SORRY WORTHLESS DIRTBAG RINO ROMNEY AND LIKE ALL COWARDS DO YOU STAB HIM IN THE BACK. Did you notice all that capitals that’s because I AM SHOUTING AND YELLING JUST AS LOUD AS I CAN AT YOU A SNEVILING COWARD. I here by now call on all REPUBLICANS to boycott your sorry worthless network and newspaper.

  24. Diz says:

    Hey, Murdoch! What in the hell do you think Trump has been trying to do ever since becoming our president? He has been trying to STOP THE INSANITY (which YOU are a part of)! All of you “DEEP STATE LOVEBIRDS” have made his work almost impossible, but he has made a TERRIFIC start on it!

  25. Rhoda Brown says:

    Murdoch just another traitor. President Trump keep fighting! You won the election. The democrats cheated!

    • RUTH BELL says:

      murdock likes money and soros got to him !!!!!!!+

      • Grace says:

        Why does Soros home country, Hungary refuse to let him meddle in their politics while we let him buy judges and District of attorneys. If we can’t kick him out of the country at least kick him out of politics before he ruins the country.

  26. Betty says:

    Murdoch showing true colors. Hates Trump and his supporters

    • Phil says:

      I liked fox news, but I will now and forever boycott fox news, spelled with small letters because they have just became a small time WORTHLESS GARBAGE SPUEING NETWORK JUST AS WORTHLESS AS CNN!!! It was nice the way you seemed to support the president, but you turned on him the way of a coward STABBING him in the back like that WORTHLESS RINO ROMNEY did. I ask all republicans to likewise boycott fox news.

      • Phil says:

        President Trump, just a suggestion. Why not declair marshal law, then declair a new presidentual election and all voting will be done with in person votes only way no mail in votes allowed, only absent ballots, then we can count all votes by hand, no machines allowed and equal number of republicans counting and no stopping the count and only one day to receive the votes.

        • Benjamin C. Freeman says:

          Great idea, Phil! It would surely prove Trump to be the

          winner. United We Stand… maybe only allow early

          voting at the county building.

          What do you think about having to put up with four

          years of constant Trump bashing on every late-night talk show? Nightafternightafternightafternight…

  27. Dale says:

    Just give it up Mr. Murdoch for our sake and the country and tell your buddies and controllers, the chicomms, they will never have this country, Period!!!!

  28. Debbie says:


    I have a simple answer/comment — I’m not surprised that the old prune, who has long made it clear he wants to rule the world made such a comment (he can’t in any way compete with Trump’s populist popularity and that just kills him)

    But I have no intention of supporting his position. I am 100% for Trump fighting. The important dates haven’t passed yet. There is still work to be done.

    And it’s not just a matter of wanting Trump to be president. It’s also a matter of the death of our Representative Democratic Republic that will occur if the left gets away with demolishing the accuracy of and the trust in our democratic principles. In elections, “We the People…” give the pols permission to rule us. If people don’t trust the veracity of these elections, the government has no right to tell us what to do.

    • Lillian D Harvey says:

      Murdoch is insane if he believes there is support for his complicity in destroying free elections in this country. He needs to shut his disgusting mouth. We are done with the legacy media. Time for him to cash out, retire and SHUT UP!

  29. Susan says:

    Rupert Murdoch seems to be a fan of censorship. He seems to want to make sure that election fraud is covered up. Possibly, does he have something to hide? Makes you feel that he does.

  30. Steve Cook says:

    This was not an ordinary election of a President. This entire election, especially in the key and contested states, was and is a Communist coup on Democracy and the U.S.A. If this election stands and it’s fraudulent evildoers are not punished, who will clean up the FBI, Justice Dept., NSA etc and other rotten government elements? No one and all of those government offices and resources will be the tools of wicked men and women. If this election is not overturned the keys of our nation will have been handed over to enemies we have been shedding blood to fight since the close of WWII. Once those keys are handed over, all there is to do is turn off the lights of freedom. May it never be!

    • Bill says:

      If bidet/hoeass get in control, they will further their power by installing more communist puppets in key positions to finalize the doom of our country.
      Stalin’s purge will be overshadowed by the mass killings the new regime has planned for any that won’t tow the line.

  31. David says:

    I believe that every single Democrat in Congress is complicit in the fraud that was perpetrated on our election process. It began with the demand for “mail in voting.” Actually it began before that but they needed the “mail in voting” for their plan to have a greater chance of working. With the billions and billions available from China, Ukraine and Russia, the conspirators were paid off to build the plan to commit fraud within the election. If not for the hundreds of whistleblowers, we would not have a chance to change the outcome.
    If the entire Democratic Party was not involved, would there be at least one honest person in their Party who would step forward and demand that the election process was thoroughly investigated to, at least, try to prove that there was no fraud or if there was that it be reported and fixed for the sake of our Country? Who, in their right mind, would stand by and watch as the election process of the U. S. is turned on it’s head by cheaters and thieves.
    It is a very safe day when you can say, without a doubt, that Congress has cheated the American public to benefit their own pockets.

  32. ROBIN FREEMAN says:

    I totally agree with Rupert Murdoch on this issue. He is a educated man who has been behind Trump during his entire term in office when in fact he should of been impeached long ago. He Trump has turned our country like no other President before him into a nation of radicals on both sides. Just look at these comments on Murdock who has given him millions and his news channel Fox news kissed his butt but as soon as he tells the facts his base acts like he is the enemy. He is just stating the facts you don’t have to like them but he knows he lost. Don’t you think he wanted Trump to win? Trump only cares about his base and they don’t care how much he disgraces the office and other people and that is not what a president does. Look how hw (and even his base) turn on anybody that don’t agree or go along with his antics. No reasoning at all. Like a child that doesn’t get it’s way but he is a grown man. His followers are irrational to the point that like no other president or even in the primaries that lost his followers come up with so many conspiracy theories to use to try to nullify the election. The saddest part is that they truly believe them. No reasoning with them at all. Republicans are so afraid of his radical base that they go along with his tirades to save their seats. He has disgraced the republican party and because of his irrational base it will take years to get it back to the Reagan republicans that would of never put up with Trumps antics. In fact none of the former Republican President approve of him. I believe god ( not Trump who thinks he is god) had a hand in this and it’s a sign that he has to go.

    • Eloise says:

      Robin FREEMAN — You are wrong on every point you make. I and all freedom-loving patriots will be elated and smiling while you and Murdoch, the Democrat Communist Party, the RINOs, the CCP, and the Deep State leftist cabal are all disappointed and sad as America’s wonderful president, Donald J. Trump, is sworn in next month to serve our great republic as President for a second term. God will not allow America to be overrun by Communists. Period.

      • Benjamin C. Freeman says:

        Dear Eloise,

        I agree with you! You are an American Patriot!

        All President Trump wants to do is get the Democratic hand out of the

        cookie jar…but it got so fat…the only way to get it out is to break

        the jar.

        It is time for all good Americans to drink the red Trump Kool-aid!

        P.S. When the “I voted” sticker comes with a number that corresponds

        with our ballot……..we will all be winners!

        God Bless America!!!

    • CG says:

      You keep referring to Trump supporters as radical, yet we don’t burn down businesses, destroy public property, seek to change US history. These actions are done by your people…the democratic socialist communists. These are actions done and supported by the CCP, Maduro, Castro, and communist nations. But your denial of historical and current truths is evident. The democrats are liars and cheaters and power mongers that will do anything and everything to win power, and as Schumer says, “…CHANGE AMERICA!”

    • ck says:

      You’re right Robin, you can’t reason with Trumpers, cause they are all sick in the head. Trump is a LOSER!!! A SICK LOSER!!!

      • Darth Pinzo says:

        Fuck you, Asshole.

      • Susan Ifland says:

        CK You are an idiot of the highest regard! It is the hateful, radical people with TDS that you can’t reason with! You follow a China sellout pervert! What is more crazy than that! If you traitors want Chinese rule I suggest you move to China. Us patriots WILL STAY AND FIGHT FOR AMERICA!!

        • ck says:

          No you need to move to Russia, cause the POS in the white house is so far up Putins ass, he can’t see straight. He’s a liar, a cheat and a fraud, oh and don’t forget, a great big LOSER!!!!

    • Susan Ifland says:

      It is like no other President because Trump has awakened the patriots to the scum of the left who have been selling out and destroying our great country! People hate him for showing the truth and not just going along with the evil status quo! We are no longer complacent and we want our country back! We will not give in to the radical left. To the traitors of our country, all you democrat voters, GET OUT OF OUR WAY!!

    • Stacy says:

      Amen Robin. These Trump cultists are insane. Trump has divided this country so badly I sadly don’t think it came ever be repaired.

  33. Carol says:

    Donald, if you give up now, all will be lost to this guy who can’t think for himself. You & everybody else knows he will be our doom, no schools, no more police officers, no hospitals, no nursing homes, no more jobs, no more anything. There are plants in the wild that works better than what a doctor prescribes. They are free for everyone, just grab a Native American and study them, remember them and what they look like. But that is beside a whole diff thing than this democratic situation. You have the proof, just have somebody else to take it to court. I am talking about a citizen, not a lawyer. If that fails, bring in the martial law before it’s too late.

  34. Candyce Clanton says:

    It seems to me that all Republicans don’t care that the machines were fixed & that the Democrats purposely cheated the election to make sure Biden would win. It’s been proved by many mathematicians, including some from MIT, that the algorithm was fixed in the machines to give Biden 1.13 of a vote while giving Trump .87 of a vote . . . this was proven in two states that I saw the report on. Georgia & Michigan. Many ballot workers came forward & said there was foul play & everyone wants to blame Trump!!! Why??? Are you all that jealous of him??

  35. David Smith says:

    I am shocked the FBI could find out so fast about the RV bomber who he was and why he did it but can’t catch our politicians in their dirty illegal acts and prosecute them

    • Walker says:

      Just Fukoff Rudeprick Murdoch

    • ck says:

      So amazing David. The FBI found no massive fraud. Neither did over 60 judges including SCOTUS! Instead of thinking, “Wow, maybe there isn’t really any election fraud going on.”, you want to believe Trump, who is a known pathological liar. You can’t see how utterly brainwashed you all are? That’s what’s amazing!!!

  36. Eloise says:

    I sent my vehement objections to the editorial staff of the New York Post this morning regarding it’s obnoxious and unpatriotic urging for President Trump to concede. President Trump must NEVER concede, because he won the 2020 election in a landslide, but there is a preplanned plot in place—orchestrated by the Democrat Communist Party and it’s RINO accomplices—to steal the election for corrupt CCP shill Joe Biden. The Post’s claim that there is no evidence of fraud is laughable. There are MOUNTAINS of evidence. And to write that Sidney Powell is crazy is 1000% wrong. She’s a smart, skilled, experienced, determined, honest, and loyal attorney. Unlike some of the CCP-paid off advisors who surround Trump, advising him to concede while they stab him in the back, Sidney Powell is fighting for him. Trump must not give in to liars, cheaters, and thieves. If he does, Communist China wins, and freedom for Americans is gone. God will soon intervene to put President Trump back in the White House for four more years, and retribution is coming for all the many traitors who have bowed down in greed to the ungodly, oppressive Communist Chinese Party. MAGA! Trump 2020-2024!

  37. Carole says:

    I agree with ALL of the Above! Murdoch is part of the SWAMP. Pres Trump was put in Power BY God Almighty. & God will Reign Eternally. He will uphold Pres Trump
    In all he Does. It is NOT OVER!! You Murdock can take your newspaper & FOX news and SHOVE where the sun Doesn’t shine!!!
    This is still America the land of the FREE!
    Millions of Americans are with Trump! WE DON”T GIVE IN OR UP!

  38. Dr Jonpatrick Anderson says:

    I understand what Rupert Murdoch is saying on the one hand, but on the other hand the President has the right to challenge the election results of the 2020 election to the fullest extent of the law. Then and only then would I leave office if I lose the challenge if I were him. While we’re on the subject, there is no cooperation from the left and many Republicans as well to get to the bottom of the election results investigation. We also know that evidence has been destroyed and/or covered up to prevent a full investigation including suppression by the mainstream media. This election is not just about Donald Trump, but it is about whether we will have free and fair elections in the future. Perhaps we will never find out the truth in the future about this 2020 election. Again, in all fairness, this President should allow this election investigation play itself out and then leave if he doesn’t get the results that he wants. Finally, we need to remind ourselves of the 1960 Presidential election.Two sets of electors were chosen to decide the winner, and after further debate, the Democrat electors were chosen for Kennedy and the Republican electors for Nixon were thrown out and Congress declared John F. Kennedy the winner of the 1960 election, and no, I do not think that the electoral college should be thrown out even though 14 States have agreed to do just that. If the electoral college is abolished, there will no longer be any free and fair elections.

  39. Toni Baker says:

    President Trump, if you happen to read this, sounds like Murdoch has been paid off. If the senators in Georgia can’t put their crap together and win this Georgia race along with the republican party then they have some problems. You on the other hand need to fight. That Biden did not win by a long shot. The evil Democrat machine did not win by a long shot. Not only are your Republican supporters behind you libertarians, independence, and Democrats are behind you and want to see a fair election. If this Election is stolen and we allow it to happen evil will rain forever. Continue fighting the fight we are with you more than 100%.

  40. Roger Pattison says:

    Murdoch is right about the need to focus on the Georgia Senatorial runoff and he’s right to suggest that President Trump can have a positive influence on that outcome. He’s still a supporter of President Trump and he’s right to suggest that the focus on the Electorate result is damaging to the Georgia election. Overall, I found Murdoch’s letter to be ‘tough love’ from a friend of President Trump and an appeal to focus on what might be salvaged instead of trying to force the result that he finds personally affirming.

  41. Amelia E Hullander says:

    I give you a comment if you want one. This was my first election in 40 years. I also have some background in telecommunications. I’m not an expert. But, I can understand how data is processed. I spent most of the night awake waiting for the results. I watched on CNN the numbers switched from Republicans to Democrats in more than one occasion. After 2 am,I saw Google maps changing erratically from Trump 410, Trump 270’s, and maps set to Trump 228. I know the election was a fraud. You Sir., are another fraud if you tell the people who witnessed the votes given to Biden that we are lying or misled. I guess you would become the rich communist man holding a position in society after Biden and his socialist allies take over. You would be better off telling about what you gain from it than calling us liars. Trump is not lying neither am I. I saw the fraud happening and even took screenshot. DO NOT CALL ME A LIAR.

    • skipp says:

      Ground crawling Snakes will never change, They more than often bite the hand that feeds them. Murdoch is such a Snake. Anything he does or says is for one purpose…..His own gain. He’s just another one that needs to be sent to Gitmo for all his misdeeds. Trump nor We the people of Trump’s party will ever forget your backstabbing Treasonous agenda. You will be taken down at some point, All you SOB’s are going to get what you don’t want, Justice from the Patriots of these United States.

    • ROBIN FREEMAN says:

      You aren’t a liar but an idiot because you really believe it was rigged with no proof whatever. His own Supreme court that he put in 3 members have ruled against him twice on this issue. Trump has gotten you brain washed almost like Jim Jones did to his followers. I truly believe and I know Trump does that his small base would drink the same kool-aid (except he wouldn’t) to make a point and that’s a sad thing to say. He has even said straight out of his mouth that if he shot somebody on the street his followers wouldn’t care. great man he is huh? Can’t you understand he doesn’t care about you at all just wants your votes so he can stay in power. Obviously you don’t care about his pass before he even ran for president or you would know what kind of man he is. A liar,cheat a complete disgrace to our country.

      • ck says:

        Agree with you 100% Robin. Not only is he the worst president we’ve ever had, he’s just a despicable person in general.

        • Susan Ifland says:

          Robin and CK, you are both idiots who could not see your hand if it was in front of your face! If you think a pedophile who sells out his own country, molests his own daughter, thinks his son that is a rapist, a child molester, deals in human trafficking drug head is a descent guy I really feel sorry for you! Guess you did not see Hunters videos or you are sick perverts just like China Joe and his putrid excuse for a son!

    • David says:

      Apparently the Chinese and/or the Democratic Party got their hands on some dirt about Rupert Murdoch.
      There are over 1,000 witness reports about the fraud that was blatantly on display in at least those 5 States. It would not surprise me if every State had some fraud performed during the Election. Whether it was by ballot, by machine, by intimidation whatever the fraud may be. But I’d bet it happened all over the Country. The Democrats could not afford to lose this election because many of them would end up in Prison for any number of crimes. From money laundering, pedophilia, lying to Congress, covering up other crimes, illegal wiretaps, these turds have committed all sorts of crimes. Name a crime and at least one of them has committed it. And they were all going to pay for their crimes if only Trump had a legitimate Attorney General. It would not surprise me if William Barr had been given a few million in cash. It could have come from any of the many slush funds that the Democrats have. It could have come directly from China, Clinton Foundation, Ukraine, anywhere or anyone, who knows?
      They are trying to restock their slush funds with these overblown payments to the Smithsonian and all the Countries they were going to send money too. Nothing but thieves in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans.
      But who gets screwed? True Patriots.

  42. LD says:

    How blind can you be Mr. Murdock. The eye witnesses of thousands have been documented with so much evidence that YOU must be part of the problem as well! If we don’t get this right now, no one will EVER trust an election again! The average person thinks of what makes America great Mr. Murdock, not what enriches the billionaire class more!🇺🇸

  43. Patricia Daugherty says:

    Recounting illegal votes of course doesn’t provide validation without verifying the legimacy of the voter which was not done

  44. Daniel says:

    Poor Rupert. You’ve gone to the dark side and will never come back. Recounts of fraudulent ballets yields a fraudulent recount. The owner of fraudulent news who cares nothing about fair and free elections. All the choice words for you from the people’s responses have no impact on you do they? Go back under your rock, poor little Rupert.

  45. Michael G Warren says:

    ALL patriots and honest U.S. citizens will have TRUMP PENCE for four more GREAT years in the WH. Murdock and Biden to the basement to play with Biden’s dogs.

  46. David Smith says:

    If China can take over the USA which they seem well on the way of doing it Don’t these rich people like Murd rhymes with turd realize they will be the first to go. The Chinese will get rid of any competition and take over all the rich people’s wealth for themselves that includes you Hollywood and you people who riot and burn will be dead or in re education camps LOL How do these rich ignorant people get into power easy they sell their souls to the devil and they know if they keep American poor and struggling to make end meet they have little time to start fighting back but they forgot about the internet in 5 minutes you can get people ready to fight back. get ready for a fight America and it will be fought on our land this time. Veterans get ready to fight some more and maybe we can get rid of the murdering Veterans Administration and clinics

    • Diane Tewari says:

      Satan is known as the Prince of Liars. Those who have sold their souls, were lied to.

      Prophecy tells us:

      “In The Last Days, the Elite among us, will be deceived”.

      “In The Last Days, The Constitution will be hanging by a thread”.

      “In The Last Days, good people will save and uphold the U.S. Constitution”.

      All these prophecies are coming true.

      Prophecy is the word of God, spoken through his prophets. God gave us prophets, to guide us, in these Last Days.

      Evil will not win. God will not allow America to turn against him or Christianity.

      • Phyllis Corrigan says:

        Perfect comment. Biden and the bought and paid for Democrats and I believe now, some Republicans. So sad. There will be no America if the Socialists take over. Why isn’t anyone being punished for spying on Trump. It’ll never happen cause all the Left want is power and money. We, the Republicans of the USA will not back down to them. God will intervene and I can’t wait to see the look on the faces of all the evil that’s going on. They are sinners. Devils in disguise. Lord help us

  47. callwell hutson says:

    I am 82 years old and President Trump is the only one of the truly wealthy persons in the USA that has cared about the average person and has truly worked for him. No other “so called rich” person has used his lifetime gains to benefit the citizens of this country like President Trump. Only hope that the super-rich have not brainwashed too many people to the extent that they only follow instead of looking at what is and has happened during these four years. YES, THE SWAMP(CATTLE OF THE RICH) NEEDS TO BE DRAINED!!!

  48. La Ora says:

    Murdoch is another back stabber in the SWAMP. A true friend supports at all times! His just another fool!! Full of nothing and nothing to offer, he can rot with all his money because not even all his money can keep him from going to HELL. His just another fool that is shouting Crucify Him, Crucify Him, Crucify Him!!!!

  49. Richard says:

    Et tu Brute?

  50. Murdoch and the Rest of the unloyal backbiting dogs that are circling around President Trump, need to realize there is no such thing as half way cheating it not horseshoes where you just need to get it close Joe is the leader of his party so if his team cheated then he has to pay for it. The team of libral Communist Demoncrates cheated and Joe is disqualified so his votes don’t get counted he is done his race is over and he should be brought up on charges for Treason,joe is compromised also because of his Son Hunter and him selling influence to Chinese Communist Party. Joe also sold Stinger Missels to ISIS in Libya and then ISIS took the Stingers to Syria and used them against our Soldiers there, that is Treason in my book Biden,Obama,Clinton,Coummy,McFadden and all the rest of the Chinese Communist Party Slaves ought to be hung for Treason they should also have to pay for the Death of the American Hero’s they caused, the Ambassador of Libya his Staff and my Brothers the Soldiers that called for Backup three times and Clinton ,Obama, and Biden let them get killed, which is something Joe has a bad habit of doing, he Cowardly, braggerdly told the names of the Seal Team at a State Dinner, don’t lie joe I heard you say their names and Seal Team was Killed in a suspicious Helicopter Crash the weekend you were wrong for that joe, you are a 3x Lying Traitor buffalo pony and I believe you Clinton and Obama are also all demons, the Whip Masters in a child pornography Sex Slavery Ring. The Truth will come out joe. I believe Durham has the evidence on you and the rest of your demon crew now and he is just getting all his info straight before he lowers the Boom on y’all. I hope and pray we the people make sure y’all face Justice for what you have done and are doing to America. I see y’all for the true Communist Demons that you really are, and I hope the American people punish you.
    God Bless

    Brett Franklin Swain Inventor

  51. 1-Eddie-1 says:

    Actually Mr. Murdoch, the undemocratic coup was against the President. The courts did not review cases upon their merits and dismissed them on technicalities.

    Joe Biden said on national tv that he had assembled the largest fraud organization in American politics. Another time he said on national tv that he didn’t need our votes to win. Then there is Eric Coomer who works at Dominion voting machines, he said that he made sure that Donald Trump would not win.

    Color me skeptical, but after 4 years of the Democrats throwing one hissy fit after another with investigations up the ying yang and a bogus impeachment, and admissions of voter fraud, you expect America to believe that Joe Biden won fair and square? C’mon man.

  52. Becky says:

    Please give me a break It is the American people that ain’t gonna take a slap in the face or stand around and let our voices and votes be stolen or robbed of by a bunch of thieves by the deranged Dems that is what is wrong with them they can’t stand the fact American people voted and love our President Trump and we will be there every step of the way to see we get what was stolen .As for as evidence goes their is overwhelming proof of that or put it to you like this if I did only a fraction of what has been proven by first hand wittiness on national tv I would be in jail with no bond !!! Where is this justice system we supposed to have so far they ain’t been there or act like see no evil hear no evil speak no evil what the hell is this country coming to ? Sorry Murdoch I ain’t falling for this and will never call Lieing Biden a President or have respect for any of his cabinet so please keep quiet and let the American people get back their votes and voices WE WAS ROBBED

  53. Jack Dies says:

    Rupert is having trouble making money when the markets are volatile on a daily basis, so he wants things to calm down. Yes he’d like the Republicans to win Georgia because that would calm things down even more, but he’s really only interested in his own bank account. And if he would read the Constitution, he’d find out that President Trump is following it – unlike the Democrats, the MSM and himself.

  54. We need honest fighters to put forth a powerful effort to save the country that Trump has has made great again.
    Every freedom loving American should continue to fight hard to demand that the cowardly Courts lookt at the
    overwhelming evidence that Trump was the very favored choice to continue to :Make America again again.
    It is a disgrace that any Republican, Independent or even a lot of clearer thinking Democrats are joining the cowards that are saying move on. Trump made then all look bad and they are having a jealous fit and will sacrifice our freedom and prosperity. Anyone who truly believes in justice should join the growing effort to
    force the. Courts to stand up and serve their true purpose to see that justice is done.
    This from a Social Studies teacher and then 21 yrs. public Vo-Tech Administrator.

  55. Craig says:

    Mr. Murdoch, you are part of the deep state trying to take the free and fairly re elected President from claiming his rightful place. You are the fake news media who says everything you think the people need or want to hear. Your billionaire and political class folk are sitting back laughing and eating out at your French laundry, while small business goes under!!! You get rich investing on insider trades, while average jo’s 401 if lucky enough to have 1 will collapse!! You say that Antrim Co was an anomaly, well WTF about the audit they just done in a Ga county that show’s the shaving of 13% of every Trump vote over to the crooked old half dead stuttering guy you say is the President elect. And we are to trust what your elitist Azz says get real a•• wipe!! You say the President and 75 million people are dead wrong about voter fraud, you say general Flynn is borderline treasonous!!! Let’s just pray that when a general Flynn type gets the masses to rise up, that your Murdoch media empire crumbles to the f•••ing ground. Chuckles Todd, Andersin Pooper, Chrissy Wallace and the rest of the fake news media have seen nothing yet. AKA cars and buildings on fire… with a reporter standing there telling you it’s a mostly peaceful protest yeah rite!!! God bless 45, God bless general Flynn, God bless the USA!!!!

  56. Donna says:

    Wow! With friends like that who needs enemies. I am done with Fox news and the New York Post. I am so disappointed in Murdoch.He was supposedly the presidents
    friend.What a horrible thing to do.

    • skipp foote says:

      Ground crawling Snakes will never change, They more than often bite the hand that feeds them. Murdoch is such a Snake. Anything he does or says is for one purpose…..His own gain. He’s just another one that needs to be sent to Gitmo for all his misdeeds. Trump nor We the people of Trump’s party will ever forget your backstabbing Treasonous agenda. You will be taken down at some point, All you SOB’s are going to get what you don’t want, Justice from the Patriots of these United States.

  57. Jd says:

    The democraps have been trying to take trump out since day one!They have created 1 lie after another and now are cheating an election. Hear trump out!

  58. Dave Pierce says:


  59. Richard says:


  60. Carol Miller says:

    Sadly for America’s patriots, the CCP has paid billions of dollars to mainstream media, newspapers, social media to spew lies, champion false narratives or suppress actual stories to control and brainwash millions of people. There are very few people in government that have not succumbed to bribery from China and other foreign enemies. The deep state is imbedded with people who are in alignment with the tenants of socialism and communism. Those people are all traitors to our country. The Democrats have been manipulating voter outcomes for decades, with the goal of a one world agenda. The traitors were blind sighted in their assumption that Hillary would win in 2016. Since Donald Trump was elected, hundreds of traitors have set out to destroy him. True patriots have been enlightened by Trump’s leadership, which finally exposed so much evil and corruption. Democrats failed at every attempt to destroy this President. The rigged election is the final straw. May God show us all the way to freedom.

    • Paula Ross says:

      Sadly, it just goes to show you that they’re some people who can be bought. But alas, it will not amount to anything on their behalf. God is looking for Believers not cheaters, and liars. This is just exposing it and them all. Light all ways exposes what’s hidden. 2021 will be a prosperous year and years to come🇺🇸🙏🏾🥇🎊🎉🪆🎺🎺

    • Judith a Tuhy says:

      Trump won the election. The MOAB is coming that will defeat the dems. Osshof is the senator that Georgians know he is a communist puppet. and Warnoff is a Communist and doesnt deny it and to top that off a wife abuser at least according to his long suffering wife. Both of these two are dangerous puppets. and should not be elected to dog catcher and I dont want to insult dog catchers by comparing them and their blessed job to these leftists.

  61. Carol cooper says:

    Give my email toMurdoch I do not care

  62. Mike says:

    This murdoch is a LYING, TRAITOR & POS!!! That is why nobody is watching fox anymore. odumbo, sorASS & all others should be put in prison to die there. If Loughlin can get 3 months, all these A-HOLES should be put away for life. To many COWARDS in the repulicant party such as ‘turtle boy’ who have shown their true colors. God has a special place for all you TRAITORS & sleezy joe who will be gone within 3 months!!!

  63. Stephanie says:

    Murdoch you and your opinions don’t matter right along with the rest of the big commie techs. The election was rigged in Beijing dementia SOB Biden’s favor. He’s your commie President. Do you have another country you like better than the USA? Then pack your f__king bags and leave. Fox news suck. It will never gain back the high ratings it once had.

  64. Inna says:

    What’s wrong with people in these days? Mr. Murdoch you are disgusting a lot of people with your talking about President of Anerica. Go to hell with your millions and guess what you gonna lost everything when communist and socialist people take over so what you did for Americans people in these critical time? Mr. Trump is a Patriot and our president for who voted 74 millions and you know the election was not right so you think 74 Millions are happy for what happened? You just jealous because nobody will stand by you if anything will goes wrong with you even your millions will not help you. So you are just regular person but Mr.Trump is our President and we will stand up for him and a truth and a justice?!!!

  65. Chuck Blouse says:

    Murdoch is just another super rich pos living in delusion.

  66. Carol Cooper says:

    Murdoch you are an idiot. People still work for you because of their contracts not because they care for the kikes if an old ugly pick marked man like you. Your money will get you into hell with Satan not Heaven. Shut your mouth already . Money talk Brains walk of which you and your sons lack. Donald Trump won wether you and the Democrats like it or not. Maybe we cannot get even , one man will and his name is Jesus Christ but you as a Jew do not know him

  67. Joyce says:

    I cry, for all the lost years of my time watching Fox,
    Never again,! uFAIR and FAKE!

    TRUMP won, so we have civil war, China moves to help fight,
    (R) wins, and we vote to have new country

    Long live KING. TRUMP!

    This isn’t a left or right fight, Nor a black, white fight, this will be
    A fight to keep America, all of us fighting for what is right for WE THE PEOPLE!

  68. KEN SAVAGE says:

    Oh Sure, buy into the FRAUD of the November 2020 Election. Just because judges close their eyes and cover their ears, does NOT mean Election FRAUD was committed. Conditioning 101: “That which is Rewarded, WILL be repeated.” The dems have been Rewarded. They will only get better at the election FRAUD. If anyone thinks the Georgia Run off election will be ‘free and fair,’ they are Believing a LIE. If guys like Murdock buy into the FRAUD of the November 2020 election, then they are as GUILTY as those who did it.

  69. Laura Mason says:


  70. Sue Katherine Rigler says:

    I believe Murdoch to be another traitor. Trump has been right on all counts in the past and no reason he should not be right on now. I think it is a disgrace what the Democrats have done and trying to do. Fox news only has few reputable journalists anymore. Tucker, Hannity, Waters and Judge Jeanne keep up the excellent reporting. Never give up or in!

  71. bruce says:

    I am disappointed in Murdoch, His media outlets were the only things that were giving honest treatment of conservative values and information. He brings up Wisconsin, they recounted the same illegal votes without actually checking them to see if they were fraudulent. In Ga. The recount did the the same thing. In both cases they didn’t check signatures or against the voter roles. They haven’t made a serious investigation yet into all the eye witnesses, video evidence or forensic evidence in the machines. Just looking at circumstantial evidence on the night on NOV 3 is enough for most courts to question what was going on. Instead of having your powerful media resources actually looking at these things, you bail, Mr. Murdoch. At this point its not even about who’s president. Its about a systematic, premeditated steal of the most important election in this country.

  72. TC King says:

    Watch this video to see how the poll watchers STATED that the recounts were FRAUDULENT too!!

  73. LeRoy Monson says:

    Go to:

    See what the Christians know as TRUTH and what they know about Biden, Harris, and the Democrats. The Democrat Party has been the enemy of the personal freedoms!!!! guaranteed by U.S. Constitution for over 60 years!!!!!!

  74. Christine Davis says:

    Donald Trump is the only pres in the past 40 years that stands for American. He is the only one who put our country first and held other countries accountable. We need to stand right beside him and cheer USA. As far as R.M. Turning on Trump I’m sure it has something to do with money. Because money always wants more money and money buys power. Money and power that’s all there is for most of these people. They don’t have the slightest idea what it’s like to be poor nor do they think about the backs of others that they themselves have broken to get what they have.
    You go Pre. Trump I’m with you all the way Keep America Great

  75. Grunt0311USMC says:

    Murdock, has proven he knows nothing about the Constitution nor U.S. law. He has also just shown his true colors.
    Or did he? This all may be part of another misinformation campaign designed to throw off the deep state. Part of a good military campaign is to keep your enemy confused about many things,
    Support, plans and so on. So far the deep state and the all the other commies against America and Americans have shown their hand and been out maneuvered time after time. This will be no different. We’ve all gotten to see the deep state review themselves all by their uncontrolled rabid hate of President Trump, and he and his team have used it with military precision against them. One to get them to out themselves and two, they show Americans who they are and the crimes and harm they’ve done to Americans and America. Just look how deeply the Demon-crats and rino’s have been involved with the Communist Chinese Party, putting our very National Security at risk. CCP have had decades to groom members of our politicians to work for them knowingly or unknowingly. Brides, sex, black male, all used on elected officials and corporations all across our country every since Nixon. Till the CCP and Demon-crats committed election fraud this last month. They were caught them and their rino co-conspirators. President Trump quit? Why when he and Americans are finally winning would we quit. No we are all ready to carry this out to its full measure no matter the price. We will have our country back, only reset we will settle for is back to 1776 and the way the founders brought forth this country. We will protect the U.S. Constitution. Quitting is not an American word.

  76. Tim says:

    It seems no one wants to fight for what is right and or is scared to take a constant solid stand! All the money in the world means nothing when freedom is on the line. These wealthy people seem to lack this knowledge because of their made easy street. No patriot wants to be labeled as a treasonous person. All the patriots who fought for our freedoms and made the declaration of independence were just as scared of being shot or hung! Here we are again, facing an enemy with its fingers in everything! So is everyone going to be half ass patriots? When an effort to stop communism begins, who will be a protector of freedom and who is going to stop with their words? Just who is willing to bleed or die for the best country in the world? This prized verbal trophy wants to be taken from our hearts and lips! Do you not get chills from the meaning of the soldiers bracing our flag pole and refusing to let it fall? Freedom Forever! I am veteran and I will bleed again for you! Without freedom, you all will be nothing. Without heroes, your hopes will perish! If this is the end of days, then let the final hours be free of darkness!

    • Paul says:

      Mr Murdoch has all your money warped your mind so bad, that you are unable to know the difference TRUTH and LIES? I would guess you’re afraid that if you took the responsibility to see that the TRUTH be told about what the DEMON-CRATES have done to this Country in the past 8 years, YOU Would lose to much Money. SO YOU WOULD BE MORE WILLING, to continue spreading THE LIES. That definitely so me that you are not the MAN, or CITIZEN you claim to be,all that money YOU HAVE! Has gone to your head. Just remember this,MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, don’t let that show YOUR ass. For the last 8yrs,that is what we have had to tolerate,with the OBAMA ADMINISTRAION. WE TRUE PATRIOTS that took the oath to defend the Unite States Constitution still stand behind that to this very day.We are not seeing that kind of COMMENT in MANY of OUR REPRESENTATIVES and SENATORS.Those so called PATRIOTS,SHOULD be reminded what that OATH means, OR be removed from office,the same way the Military Personal is. We the Patriot of United States,demand that same regulations we apply to the Military should other’s that take the OATH.This kind of thing that is happening is not right for ONE and not the OTHER. When someone takes a OATH to defend this Country and the Constitution we should hold them at their word,or remove them from their Office.

  77. Nurex35 says:

    I actually like the content of the NYP generally. Not this editorial however. Unfortunately, it’s owner is a globalist and a jackass. The fact is, if you are a globalist, you are “unAmerican” which means you hate the idea of “America first”…the mantra of the Trump administration. Globalism is actually a euphemism for Socialism which is dirty word to most Americans. So, don’t buy into this notion that globalism is some greater good because that notion couldn’t be furtherfrom the truth.

  78. Chalmer Cook says:

    Mr Rupert evidently you are not considering all of the facts, he was way ahead in many swing states and all of a sudden, he loses. I as a long time Tepublican and Christian don’t think this election was fair and also don’t know nderstand why Biden, Hillary, Obama are not in jail. We feel our rights were violated and if you would take the time to talk to people that came from a Socialist Country, you would soon find out why we don’t want it in our country

  79. Charlene Mcdonald says:


  80. rick says:

    Yeah Murdoch, that’s the ticket! Just turn a blind eye to the corruption, cheating, & everything evil you are a part of. Are you going to tell what’s left of your viewers about your corrupt connection to your butt-buddy Soros? You are a prime example of what’s wrong with America, & I hope you rot in hell, traitor!

  81. Steven says:

    Rupert definitely is with the swamp. Stealing the election is not democracy.

  82. Billy Coleman says:

    The Eagles did a song about him–Murdoch–Now I can enjoy all Eagles songs because I now know the song is right on–Murdoch is Left Garbage. Murdoch needs to keep his lying pie hole shut!!!

  83. Jackie says:

    You’re clearly in bed with Obama and Hellary. Shame on you.

  84. George Vining says:

    Rupert M. is part of the problem. We all got screwed in this election and President Trump should do whatever it takes to renew our Republic and end the corruption.
    Just because no court would review the evidence is no reason to give up!
    Judges, congress all corrupt, the honest politicians will back President Trump on January 6th, the others are bought and paid for by big tech, banks, owners of crooked media.
    The coup has already taken place!

  85. Debbie Galbraith says:

    I disagree. We need President Trump and it’s only the lies and manipulation of the corrupt that are fighting against the true outcome of the election. Opposition is afraid of the truth being exposed so they are desperate in their fight at this point. Let’s see some courage! America for Trump! Corrupt and uninformed for Biden. The line has been drawn and is extremely apparent!!

  86. Jeanne Ballard says:

    BS on Murdock…He is no longer relevant to me I watch Newsmax and am trying to get OAN

  87. Rosa says:

    This guy is the epitome of disgrace, evil, and disinformation. He should should shut up and go back into his cave!!

  88. Rachel says:

    If Rupert Murdock is such a staunch supporter of President Trump why didn’t he contact him personally or privately in a letter and not publicly?

  89. Jerra Alexander says:

    We all know Murdock is NOT a conservative and all his products are definitely NOT conservative no matter what he names them. He prom I tes socialism along with the others! He is a toxic negative person that should be considered a traitor against our rights to freedom of speech !!

  90. gls says:

    screw you Murdoch, Trump won Biden Lost and the corrupt dems cheated. Fox sucks and fox cheated with you boy Arnon Mishkil calling AZ for Biden when the votes were not all in AZ. Mishkil told Bill Hemmer on national TV that He is not letting Trump win and thats too bad for Trump. Yes Murdoch your BOY created the election fraud and he belongs in prison. He deliberated hand chose Biden himself well beyond all the polls were closed people were still voting and Mishkil belongs in prison. He called the election the way HE wanted it. You are responsible for your BOY Mishkil and if you dont turn him in the people will just watch and see.

  91. Joni Scott says:

    Trump is our President he will uncover the coverups. You are afraid to print the truth about the election. You has sold out America apparently the crooked Democrats have got to you!

  92. Susan says:

    Rupert Murdoch Is a lefty. Otherwise he would know the truth.

  93. Don says:

    And I’m supposed to listen to another Fox commie on a subject…as a matter of fact on any subject???