Russia Threatens The West

Russian President Vladimir Putin

( – On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced in a statement that the country would take “appropriate measures” if the West did not respond constructively to Moscow’s security demands.

This statement follows a report by Reuters that reveals the U.S. agreed with Russia that it would answer questions about NATO’s military presence in the region, as the Kremlin accused the West of military expansion that was raising security concerns for Moscow. The report also detailed that Ukraine did not object to the U.S. responses.

But, Russia’s top diplomat seems to be sending veiled threats to get answers they deem “constructive” as Russia’s Foreign Minister said, “If we do not receive a constructive answer from the west on our security demands, Moscow will take appropriate measures.”

In previous demands, Russia has requested extensive security measures in addition to a guarantee that Ukraine will not be admitted as a member of NATO.

Lavrov’s statement comes after a list of actions the U.S. pledged to take to prevent a military crisis were approved by Ukraine. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the soviet country supported the U.S. and President Biden’s negotiation efforts.

Yet, these negotiations may not be working on Russian President Vladimir Putin, as Fox News contributor Daniel Hoffman noted that Putin had a “menu of options” when taking hostile action against Ukraine.

He went on to list the actions, which included blockading “the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov,” pointing to the 100,000 Russian troops stationed at Ukraine’s border. He also mentioned the possibility of Russia launching a “full-throttle assault on Kyiv,” adding that Putin could use “special forces guys” who were already in Ukraine to “topple” Zelensky’s government.

But Hoffman, as many others believe “Putin will do something,” but he mentioned that “As far as what that is, I’m not even sure if Putin has decided yet.”