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Scarborough: Trump ‘Accountable for Every Last Death’

There are some who believe that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski played a significant role in propelling Donald Trump to the top of the primary field during the 2016 presidential election race. Certainly, he was on their show more than any other Republican candidate. But, over time, what seemed like a friendly relationship soured and now the three are, seemingly, arch enemies. Scarborough’s words the other morning, aimed at Trump, will do nothing to mend the rift.


MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Thursday ripped President Donald Trump for not sharing information with Joe Biden’s transition team as he continues to contest the 2020 election results after Biden was declared the winner by the media,” according to Breitbart.

According to Scarborough, Trump is ‘making sure that everyone holds him accountable for every last death” associated with the coronavirus.’ [emphasis added]

“‘I mean, 250,000 lives lost right now,” Scarborough stated. “That number is going to go up. We have got the highest incidence of coronavirus cases ever. This is a disease that we didn’t know about a year ago. Now a quarter of a million Americans are going to be dead. Certainly, you know, we’re going to be most likely close to 300,000 by the time Donald Trump leaves office. He has by continuing to sit in his office and do nothing and not allow the transition of power to begin and not to key the Biden administration into where they are on vaccines, on strategy, he is making sure that history holds him accountable for every last death that we have during this time frame.[emphasis added]

“‘It’s time for America to move forward,” he added. “Get out of it, start swimming back toward the shore, and get on firm ground, start planning for a peaceful transfer of power, start planning for distributing vaccines, start planning to win this war on the coronavirus, start having our commander in chief talk to our allies and our adversaries. It is past time. Obama gave Trump that advantage. Every president has done that in the past. There is no excuse for Republicans to not start moving forward now. Lives depend on it, and their continued foot-dragging is not only wrong, it’s un-American.‘”

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