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Scarborough: Trump ‘Accountable for Every Last Death’

There are some who believe that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski played a significant role in propelling Donald Trump to the top of the primary field during the 2016 presidential election race. Certainly, he was on their show more than any other Republican candidate. But, over time, what seemed like a friendly relationship soured and now the three are, seemingly, arch enemies. Scarborough’s words the other morning, aimed at Trump, will do nothing to mend the rift.


MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Thursday ripped President Donald Trump for not sharing information with Joe Biden’s transition team as he continues to contest the 2020 election results after Biden was declared the winner by the media,” according to Breitbart.

According to Scarborough, Trump is ‘making sure that everyone holds him accountable for every last death” associated with the coronavirus.’ [emphasis added]

“‘I mean, 250,000 lives lost right now,” Scarborough stated. “That number is going to go up. We have got the highest incidence of coronavirus cases ever. This is a disease that we didn’t know about a year ago. Now a quarter of a million Americans are going to be dead. Certainly, you know, we’re going to be most likely close to 300,000 by the time Donald Trump leaves office. He has by continuing to sit in his office and do nothing and not allow the transition of power to begin and not to key the Biden administration into where they are on vaccines, on strategy, he is making sure that history holds him accountable for every last death that we have during this time frame.[emphasis added]

“‘It’s time for America to move forward,” he added. “Get out of it, start swimming back toward the shore, and get on firm ground, start planning for a peaceful transfer of power, start planning for distributing vaccines, start planning to win this war on the coronavirus, start having our commander in chief talk to our allies and our adversaries. It is past time. Obama gave Trump that advantage. Every president has done that in the past. There is no excuse for Republicans to not start moving forward now. Lives depend on it, and their continued foot-dragging is not only wrong, it’s un-American.‘”

Watch the video here.

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  1. Hello Morning Joe!
    I have to tell you that I have never watched your show. I saw enough from real news to disway me totally from subjecting myself to your absolute stupidity, along with others sorrily involved. Do you realize that your stupidity and ignorance over the air culminates into strife and hatred by those who think you know some type of reality? You know that you are on a very narrow path of self important egotism, which always leads to destruction!

  2. Sharon says:

    Yes it is time to move on, so all you Trump haters shut the H___ up and let the man do what he has to do to prove to you, Democrats are the scum of the earth not only do they lie the same lies over and over, they hate any one who disagrees with them & are the biggest bullies we have ever seen. They turn things around that they have done like Obamagate and tried to impeach Trump for it when it was all Hillary & Obama etc. Biden & Harris repeated the same lies through out their campaign & never told us what their plans are because they are all horrible ideas. Now they have committed voter fraud to the point it will take a new election to get to the bottom of this & get it right and have the nerve to tell Trump to concede the election. I have heard from a lot of Democrats who voted Biden (all 10 of them) that they wouldn’t have voted for him if they knew about his son & his doings with China etc. Plus how Hillary paid a Russian spy to make Trump look bad & Obama knew all about it and even got involved and helped her, guess CNN and all the other major news outlets did their job spreading lies, gee I thought you were suppose to give us true and impartial news facts and let us decide what our opinion is. Sorry but you may have fooled some people but you haven’t fooled this proud to be a deplorable chump.

  3. Laura Sarvey says:

    What Trump to blame and not China and the WHO? China is more to blame since they started it and not leving the world know

  4. Linda says:

    Pos n more all blame everything on our President Trump even things that happened years ago when obama was in but that all bowed to that fraud.

  5. Sam B. says:

    Good ole morning JOKE. The lowest rated morning news show…wonder why. True honest journalism is 90% dead because of extremely biased hacks like this asshat. Maybe morning JOKE, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Crazy Keith Olberman, Roswell Rachel Maddow & others alike should all start their own biased/negative narrative show called “as the stomach turns”..brought to u by pepto-bismol. When heavily biased narrative haters like these assclowns spew divisive propaganda from their does nothing positive or constructive for the country. Unfortunately there r some that believe in all this negative conspiracy BS..including the easily influenced weak minded. Hopefully these folks can b rehabilitated. Stop living in denial!
    Morning JOKE & others alike please remember the deaths & illnesses of this virus ISN’T TRUMPS FAULT..(even though u spin it up that way)…this is ALL CHINAS FAULT!! “CHINA!” This virus started & spread quietly(at first) from corrupt CHINA! It’s so sad that morning JOKE & others alike have bought all in on this anti anything & everything trump, conspiracy etc etc nonsense that u can’t turn back now! Your denial of truth & reality has sunk u in to believing “truth over fact”. Your now in quicksand. So sad. At the of the day..What’s un-American is the fake news biased info u spread is divisive & beneath pathetic!
    Oh…& btw I’m a moderate Democrat…however a proud patriot FIRST. How’s that taste?! There’s 100s of MILLIONS of other Patriots out there like me that r over ur nonsense & have “changed the channel”.

  6. Kasi says:

    Joe’s an IDIOT…….

  7. Franklin Steele says:

    Scarborough will and does suck up to anyone with a checkbook. Now, it’s MSNBC. He is a disgusting person with a death on his hands and an idiot wife who calls the shots for him. He was a loser congressman, and a loser TV host. These are the nicest things I can say about him.

  8. Barbara Bogart says:

    Joe, Potus has everything under control right up to distribution of the vaccine. Joe doesn’t have to concern himself until he is sworn in. Until then he should butt out, sit in his basement & think about confiscating our money in a unique way. There will be a peaceful transition & Biden will get his info in plenty of time. He was VP he knows the works, unless he forgot. As far as potus not conceding he shouldn’t until electoral votes are in. Myself & thousands of other voters want him to get to the bottom of this very irregular election & make the presidential election nationally uniform. Very important!

  9. DANNY K says:

    Danny K
    November 20,2020 at 1700 hrs


  10. Larry says:

    Hey Joe,You and should NEVER talk about other people being responsible for deaths.You have blood on your hands you disgusting hack and are lucky your worthless smug ass isn’t dressed in orange.

    • Grace says:

      Sick and getting sicker, Joe. When the rhetoric becomes savage it’s time for you to live in a rubber room.

    • Grace says:

      To be attacked by this skank, Joe Scarborough, is a complement. Crazy Joe is reaching the pinnacle of his condition. It’s all down hill from here.

  11. Andy says:

    Unbiased comment:
    Yes the cops had a right to shoot. Cops would have to assume they were harden criminals since they were threatened by a moving car. Big time felony. Plus the criminals could have had a gun. I put this on the parents, or lack thereof. I bet they were constantly putting down the police as the kids were getting older. they were probably taught to disrespect the police and yet the parents want to blame the police when they should blame themselves. I would bet money on that.

  12. RON KNOX says:

    live and let die, all you unhealthy MFers

  13. Cheryle A Northern says:

    you cannot blame the President for the lives lost of COVID. Biden and Dems called him racist for closing the doors for all international travel. This most certainly held the deaths down to what it is today. Nobody knew how serious this virus was and we all did our best to find out. President Trump did the best of what knowledge was known and it should be CHINA who is held responsible.

  14. Rebecca Fuchser says:

    People are responsible for their own actions not the President!

    If people gather in large groups when warned not to that is not the President’s fault.
    It they contact COVID and die that’s not his fault either.
    People do what they want to even if it is risky.
    Then they look for a scapegoat

  15. AFreeAmeracian says:

    This guy needs to pull his head out of his own ass. Donald Trump is doing the right right thing by not turning secrets over to basement Joe. That’s all we need is to have him sell them to our enemies. Especially if he can cheat to win an election.

  16. are you forgetting that it was all democrat governors who sent covid patients to retirement homes to infect other senior citizens and so many deaths? Get real already.this is the first time posting this. what is wrong with you people?

  17. are you forgetting that it was all democrat governors who sent covid patients to retirement homes to infect other senior citizens and so many deaths? Get real already.

  18. C.A Lease says:

    Joe ,you are another liberal that does not understand the SCIENCE of the virus. If you were
    in charge you would not have stopped all the dying due to covid. Your statements are false and untrue. do you even understand the “fight” for America we are having? It is our freedom that God had given us. You will be held accountable for all lies and falsehoods you tell.

  19. says:

    oe, apparently you have nothing else in your wheel house but to find something to bash trump with the Virus. You are a another misguided liberal that does not understand the SCIENCE of the virus. If you were in command you would not have been able to stop all the deaths in the pandemic . Say tel me the exact way you would have started the search for a vaccine. You and mika will be judged for any lies and falsehoods you tell.Not by your public but by God.

  20. Bill says:

    So, with that liberal logic o-abysmal/biden are responsible for the 65,000 deaths caused by H1N1. Wait, that is logical so it can’t be “liberal logic” since they have no real logic.

  21. Edward Janow says:

    Joe you & Mika have to be the two biggest ass holes in the media & that’s saying something!!!!!

  22. Jay says:

    And to think I wanted Scarborough to run for President years ago. He WAS a Reagan Republican but now he’s morphed into a hateful, nasty leftist who would sell out our country just because he hates Trump. Can you imagine how many deaths we would have had if Biden were President when the virus first hit our shores? I can guarantee we would have had at least 1 million deaths by now because Biden, as you may remember, was totally against the blocking of Chinese nationals coming to the US in JANUARY of this year. Bidenc called Trump Xenophobic for that. Also, remember Cuomo saying it wasn’t the Chinese virus when it came to NY? The genius said it came from Europe on the east coast. Well, he was right but do you know how the Europeans got it? It came from the tons of Chinese workers that the Italian clothing manufacturers imported to Milan because the labor cost was cheap. Well, the Chinese infested Europe through Italy and then it came to New York and the Eastern US. If it weren’t for Trump we would have been totally ruined, and a vaccine would be years away. Biden has no management experience whatsoever and his remedy, as he said he would do from day 1 of his Presidency is to, “form a task force” full of Obama beaurocrats. Trump has to keep control up to the last day, January 20th, so the speedy distribution of all of the certified vaccines is implemented. Biden and his Obama retread community organizers would ruin everything, just like they did under Obama. So, Joe, is your hate for Trump so deep that you would sacrifice our country under a Biden administration? I think, yes. Joe, what happened to you? Ronald Reagan is rolling in his grave over your ignorance and hate.

    • Tim says:

      Correct! President Trump is President until January 20th. The communists who are pushing early change over, are doing so for one reason only, to dismantle our great country with unthinkable vile acts of change to socialism while they force us to shutdown and render us out of their way to complete their mission to complete power and greedy wealth. As long as Trump is President, we still have a chance to be a free country! What a shame for anyone to vote or protest against our freedoms! Oh, he said something I didn’t like! Boohoo! Everyone says something that will disagree with someone else. I would rather hire the right one for the job who pisses me off then the wrong one who can only provide a verbal passifier and get nothing done. Sounds like terrorist Biden’s last 47 years of nothing done for us! That’s why Obama and Biden were a great slick talking sell outs team, especially to our enemy Iran and China and Russia. Trump is always fighting for Americans. He fights every day for you and me! We have desperately needing a business minded president who loves this country first and foremost! How dare anyone think to say he cares not and is doing nothing. The lack of progress lies on the hands of the democrats who obstructed his every step! The blood money to be a traitor and speak against Trump and America is incredibly vile. If these actions causes us to become in an open civil war, I hope all of you wear your socialist Biden and Harris shirt. The line is being drawn, you are either for freedom or you are a disgrace.

      • Doris says:

        Tim, very well stated!!! Sad situation this Biden/fHarris team. Someone forgot to tell Morning Joe he is NOT in charge of anything, he cannot even report the news accurately. Honestly….!


  24. 9MM says:

    Do Not let skanks who are paid to slam The Pres over any damn thing. They are the bunches the commies have used over the years as on the air liars to promote the down fall of America for the likes of the CCP and Russia as both fear us but more so are jealous as we’re top dog in the world not promoting wars to overtake other countries willing to help others and promote freedoms while they on the other hand want powers over the other countries and their peoples. This is the ToDay problem we are for MTWB and not wanting to govern the Word ,well except for the Socialist Devilrats who would love to govern the world think how this crazy world would look with Ovomit or worse Schumer and Pelosi as as world dictators that’s a true world wide nightmare. This is now all for World Powers a fight between the CCP and thier greatest enemy, The USA . Biden is a second team player for the CCP as is Pelosi and Ovomit,he tho is a cheerleader of Islam and Iran to have a world of Islamic loons to run us into the Moslem cesspools of hate and deaths .

  25. Joseph Burns says:

    Morning Joe needs a punch in the face to start his day.A big mouth loser who only morons listen too.Would like to know what his thoughts are Trump promising vaccines before the end of year and delivering like all of his promises and then the pharmaceutical companies don’t announce until days after election just to make sure Trump doesn’t win . And they still had to cheat.

  26. Betty H Wind says:

    Mornin’ Joe’s no different than ‘Ole Joe’ – they’re both so full of IT that it makes me sick! Our President has done ‘more to combat this disease – and History will prove his fast and unprecedented actions to get a VACCINE would NEVER have happened by anyone other than him – and for him to recognize that “SHUT-DOWNS” were and will be the most disastrous actions for “our Country! Mornin’ Joe doesn’t mention the actions of the ‘Serial Killer Cuomo’ who is responsible for ‘the deaths of Sr. Citizens in NY’ by the thousands – hopefully the families of those lost will hold him responsible for those murders! As to President Trump, I supported him reluctantly in 2016 BUT acknowledge his ACTIONS 2016 TO 2020 will also go down as an Historical Period in History . . . with Promises Made and Promises Kept and I now strongly support him for WHATEVER THE OUTCOME OF HIS ACTIONS TO UNCOVER MAJOR ELECTION FRAUS IN THIS 2020 FIASCO!

  27. Jackie Sr. says:

    Let’s be real,how many regular deaths is counted in this 250k virus deaths. Like cancer, heart attached, TB, you get the drift. You tell me how any one person could stop a virus, hell I get a flu shot, and get the flu. I could blame that on the president. The news media if that’s what you call it, (News} I call it bull shit. The people like Joe gets paid big bucks to put somebody down. The elected president, is still the president until the last day of term. I bet we the United States of America is the laughingstock of every country in the universe.

    • David Carter says:

      You are so right!! MSNBC and CNN are BOTH so full of BS that I feel every time I turn either on, I need to keep an eye on the TV in case all that crap starts running out in the floor!! FOX is the only one that even comes close to telling the real truth with the news, and occasionally I’m afraid they cross the line on some news.

  28. Don says:

    Little Joey is one of those abortions that should’ve happened. Just a waste of human flesh that cannot see the forest for the trees. His commie friends, as well as Biden’s, in China developed the COVID bug by mutating it with SARS and the ONLY reason to do that is to create a biological weapon. So pull your head out, little Joey, and grow up…..or save us the bother and grow up.


  30. Michelle says:

    I think it’s time the Dems start trying to help heal the United States of America,,instead of always driving us further apart.if my grandma and grandpa were alive they would be totally embarrassed by their party. Grandpa always told me Shelly the democrats are for the hardworking man, the republicans are for the rich,and powerful, now it is turned around, it’s all a power grab by the democrats, sure ther is about half of them that truely want tohalp people,. The other half is in it to get their selfs and their family’s RICH. THE MEDIA HAS been HORRIBLE to President Trump and his family we used to watch CNN quite a bit 5 years ago, I always thought Cooper Anderson was a good newsman, , now he won’t even take time to listen to the other side, now all he does is spought lies and enundos on whatever he does not agree with.. that morning Joe guy they are just a total joke, The Republicans did not start all this hatred, this all falls on the democrats schoulders.

  31. T Beach says:

    There were 850,000 abortions last year performed and sponsored by the Demorats Where is all of their outrage over those deaths of complete inocents.

  32. Morning Jack says:

    Morning Joe is upset and showing his intelligence o how things should happen.
    Someone needs to ask Joe and Biden Joe the question: If you had been in charge how would today’s results be any different.
    Yes, there are procedures for Transitioning the office of President,once a true result has been declared. Why is everyone so upset because they are not providing Covid 19 information to the Biden team ? there is no secrets and it is national news of where we are today ,if you watch the correct News Media.
    They have not communicated for 4 years now and my guess for wanting the Covid 19 Plans is so they can take credit once the Vaccine is distributed and then a success. Do you really think Mike Pence or President Trump will be praised?
    Not in the least and if the Vaccines do not work 100% and many side effects show up, then they will Blame President Trump all over again. Morning Joe, You need to start watching some Fox News and see what Rudi had to share yesterday. Biden is not the President Elect using legal voting methods.
    Get your facts straight before you open your mouth. Is Covid -19 the only thing the Democrats have to complain about ? What have they contributed to the cause ? Nothing but complaints and skepticism and putting blame on President Trump. Don’t forget it was Joe Biden friends in China that started all this mess. Why don’t Hunter donate a few million dollars of the China bonus $$ he got to the Covid-19 research. Sure Biden can state he did not receive any Money directly from China and he is correct because it came from the Biden US developed company that funnels money from China to members of that company. How stupid does he really think we are ! Really Joe ! or should I say “Joe’s” Now lets see who Joe Biden threatens if the FBI starts to investigate Hunter. In closing, Yes he left and right need to get back to work together and stop all this he said she said crap! We pay their salaries and benefits to do good for the American People. Right now I feel like the Democrats owe me 4 years refund since they have done nothing but complain about the ways things have been handled and don’t seem to like the success that President Trump has had in the past 4 years. How does your 401K look today compared to 4 years ago ? How do you think it will look 4 years from now if Joe Biden is in office. Better yet, not Joe , but Kamala because she will be telling Joe what to do anyway. He will be the Dems puppet and they will convince him its time to dismantle things. Hang on tight folks, we are in for a very rough ride ! Can you tell I am not happy with our Government and how they have let our country get totally out of control ? Don’t believe me ? Just research how the Voting became fraudulent everywhere. What a disgrace to other countries we have become. Letting Germany count votes for Michigan polls. That’s just sending a message to countries, saying our doors are open, come get whatever you want. I’ll shut up now , Have a blessed day.

  33. Paul Parker says:

    What you fail to realize Joe is Biden is not our president Donald Trump is and furthermore Donald J Trump has done more and is still doing more than you idiots on the left will ever do. There are two sets of books here The ones you and your peoples dictate and the ones we don”t follow. Grow up

    • T Beach says:

      Every single bit of this voter fraud and the Russian collusion load of crap and Covid all leads back to Obummer,the Clintons, and Soreass. Hopefully everything is on those servers they confiscated a few days ago and we will finaly see some heads start to roll.

    • D says:

      Amen for that well said

  34. Carrol S Keller says:

    what exactly, does everybody think he should be doing right now? I get it about the Coronavirus but he cannot do anything until it is cleared with the FDA. I am as saddened by the death toll as everyone else is. However, if you’re told to maintain social distancing and you choose not to,then you have to accept responsibility yourself. This is not the fault of the president.

    • Pat says:

      Thank you for saying what so many of us haven’t. Shamers and Blamers checked for their common sense and found it wasn’t…
      NO ONE could do more than the President has and he didn’t do it in his basement bunker with a junior genius chem set.
      He told us from the jump that healing this nation would take time,it wouldn’t be about what he knew but rather the brain bank of people he knew and that’s worked really well

  35. Scott Hodgkiss says:

    Joe is obviously mentally retarded. First off this virus is like the flu has any President ever been blamed for deaths associated with the flu? No never and speaking of the flu why are there no statistics on cases or deaths associated with the flu? All of a sudden the flu no longer seems to exist. Every thing is being labeled as covid19. This thing is a sham I am not saying covid19 doesn’t exist but it is being used to bring about a new world order. The total dehumanization of mankind. The devil is hard at work.

  36. Dennis Dwyer says:

    Can someone please tell me why President Trump is hated so much by so many people and for what?

    • T Beach says:

      Because he already has money and they cant buy him off like Soreass has done with all the Democrats. And he isnt a life long swamp rat leaching off of the people.

    • Jim says:

      Because they cannot understand how a person who was unknown to politics before 2014, took a country who was heading for disaster and bought it back without taking a dime in payment. The Democrats had tried for 8 years and it was in worse shape after than before. Now they put a feeble old man in who can’t remember his own name and can get him to do what they want which is to make a thriving country into a socialistic one where they control every move anyone makes. I am an old man who has probably lived my last good years but leave behind 2 generations which will suffer from this stupid jerk.

  37. Sharon says:

    What an idiot, I think you should blame China (the country Joe Biden and family are in bed with) they’re the ones that gave us covid 19. and the whole world came down with it, again stupid people who are on tv or news shows who think that gives them the right to tell us how they think this covid should have been handled cause they’re so smart. So if you want to blame someone blame CHINA, no head of any country in the in the world knew what this could do or did a better job than Trump!!

  38. Bell says:

    It’s time for our republican congressmen who were elected by the people, to stand up and support President Trump. The media is a joke, they aren’t telling the truth about anything.

  39. ronald says:

    joe your such an a hole so much shit comes out of your brainless head when you open your mouth bet your wife won t even kiss because of the shitty breath joe and hunter f..ker the american people sold us out and you kiss his ass how much are you getting payed MR sell out joe

  40. Robert Schultz says:

    Is it just me, or is there a very blatant piece of this missing?
    Obviously we all know that the commie crats and the lying msm have been rallying against the President for over 4 years now.
    Who has had the most to gain from this charade?
    Jeff bezos has quadrupled his empire since this plandemic was forced down our throats.
    How much of that goes to the commies? peloser,biden? hrc? obitchass?
    I bet if we were to follow the money, there is a trail of hundred dollar bills leading right to their back doors.
    I would like to see where bezos is “investing” his billions.
    If creepy joe sniffs his way into the whitehouse, How much more is the government going to give these mega-rich tech assholes for censoring the right? to the media for lying to us day in and day out?
    Or to big pharma for holding up the announcement of the fake vaccine for the fake plandemic.
    there is some serious bullshit afoot behind ALL of this covid crap and the commiecrats.
    It all needs to be brought to light, then dealt with accordingly.
    I hope I am wrong, and that bezos just got really really lucky. REALLY lucky.
    I’m afraid that it was all part of the plot to destroy small businesses like mine, to make it easier to impliment socialism in what is left of our country

  41. Dennis says:

    Joe needs his DEMOCDATIC head examined!!!!!!!!

  42. What do you expect from Morning Joe. He is just another left wing Democratic who is in bed with Pelosi,Schumer and the rest of the Democratic. Their only concern is how can they line their pockets!

  43. Liz Mulkey says:

    This show has been so biased and hateful during all of Trumps Presidency. No need to watch…same thing everyday! Even the smirk on her face is the same everyday. Never seen such hate. I stopped watching long ago

  44. MorningJoe. Your bully tactic is not working on Trump. How does letting Joe take office he has not earned help with fighting the virus. Sit down and wait for the votes to be checked. Quit being a bully. 💩

    • Bilk says:

      Besides, Bidem is in bed with pfizer. They held up releasing the info until AFTER election day, AND they told Bidem about it first. BiDem’s team has the info on vaccines.
      Morning joe wants to count lives? How about the lives that NY gubner gummo murdered in the nursing homes? How about the lives at nutzy nancy’s chinese new years’ celebration? How about the lives the tyrannical gubners have taken by unconstitutional lockdowns?
      And just how many of those 250,000 deaths are really from covid?
      Trump stopped flights in from china as soon as he knew the source. Chucky schemer called him a xenophobe and a rascist.
      BiDem is already talking with leaders of other nations, even though he is officially NOT president-elect until the EC meets Dec. 7th. Until then, he is breaking the law.
      Stfu joe… Both of you.

  45. Junius says:

    Why does anyone give the Socialist a platform to spew their lies? Shut them down just like they do conservatives. All it does is give them legitimacy, when they are just lies, from the communist!

  46. gary Fernett says:

    Mr Trump is the elected President of the USA..cheating in our election is plain to see unless your a blind commie trying to steal this election give the President his day in court….what’s her name in Georgia was allowed a day or two in the supreme court…why does Trump not get his? There is so much fraud in this election and hate it can end nowhere but in war…elected officials of the people my ass..they seek nothing more then personal money and power…what a sad day for America.

  47. Franco says:

    Joe scumbouro is a little doushbag who hides behind his woman on his best day he couldn’t kiss Trumps balls .

  48. Jerry Dauer says:

    Joe Scarborough is dam fool an could not grab his
    ASS in the dark with both hands he is so full of shit
    big time.

  49. Rick Marshall says:

    No Joe. YOU are the one responsible.

  50. Brenda says:

    Do you think Morning Joe’s mom was slapped when she gave birth to Joe because of his ugliness!

  51. Honest says:

    Hey Joe!!!! Before You Engage Your Big Mouth, Try Engaging Your Brain……… Look Closely at Your Hero in NY~ Your Brother in Arms ~ How many Great People did He Kill?!!! A Lot ,if not All of Your Facts are BS~ Why Your Brother in Arms Mr Cuomo, Even Got Himself a Healthy Raise for His Performance ~ I personally would enjoy kicking both of You in the Nuts!! Tell the Truth or Shut the Hell Up~

  52. Joseph Santacroce says:

    Morning Joe is such a fool. The truth is out regarding the election and he and the rest of the MSM cannot and will not accept the truth. IF this election and I say again IF former loser Biden should be given the presidency, what are they going to say when socialism lands on our great shores. They won’t be able to stop it. Are you all going to accept it and apologize for purposefully and blindly spewing all the lies that you have been doing for the past 4 years? Mr Trump has done more for AMERICA and its citizens than ANY POTUS.. has ever done. MSM can’t and won’t tell the people the truths of his presidency. Keep lying MSM journalism is dead in AMERICA as is all your credibility.

    • Bill says:

      They must be hoping that they will become rockstars in the new ministry of truth that President Hoeass will decree. Talking heads on the compulsory viddys piped into every home and shop, reinforcing worship of the State

  53. bruce says:

    Foot dragging. You mean like Pelosi holding up COVID-19 stimulus funds? Forcing a bogus impeachment while the virus hits and ignoring the corruption in her own party? Trying to undermine a president before he even takes office? You mean like the projections were 2.2 million deaths and we have 230K? But need to blame the president. Is that what you are saying Joe? Nobody cares what you say. You are irrelevant.

  54. Joey says:

    Mourning Joe is showing his disdain for this country and our Constitution . There is no such office as ” President Elect ” and even less so in this tainted election cycle . All those ballots literally showing up in the ” wee hours ” of the morning AFTER Election Day should be a Red Flag and we all should be complaining about it . Biden has already being PAID by China through his various ” pay for play ” corporations . Why would any of us want to trust him with The Nuclear Codes . He will SELL them to Ping in a heartbeat to get more money . Biden should never have been even allowed to run as he is so compromised .

  55. Brenda Folk says:

    Joe and Mika are both idiots, so anything they say should be discounted. How they even keep a job at all is amazing to me !!

  56. Patrick says:

    Blaming Trump for this is asinine. He moved this along as quickly as possible and provided everything the governors needed. They even praised him for it. Blaming him is obviously just an everyday political hit. Where have all the journalists and news people gone. You know what they say about opinions. . .

  57. Crackerjack says:

    Joe you are a nut why don’t you just shut up and go home shut the door and stay there nobody wants to here what you say we want trump 2020 if you don’t like that idea move go somewhere where somebody cares cause we don’t really care if you like it or not suck it up buttercup

  58. Hubert Spence says:

    Scarecrow you are an ignorant piece of shit, why should President give you scum including Sleepy Joe anything we know Joe did not win fairly and we will never accept the stolen election so shut your pie hole and mind your own business, and screw you ass hole.

  59. Jack McGuffey says:

    Morning Joe? Sounds more like Morning Dung.
    To blame one individual for 250K deaths is absurd. To say his adversary deserves to take credit for all his work sounds like the typical liberal that he is.
    I believe it is time to real in the press’s freedom of speech protections. Too much stupid out there.

  60. Kenneth says:

    Joe and his wife are full of BS! I believe there to blame for the virus along with the rest of the deep state!

  61. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    No president will be confirmed while votes are still in dispute.
    Pedo Joe is NOT PRESIDENT.
    Cheating is not allowed.

  62. Stella says:

    Lock Biden up! A bigger crook than even Hillary

  63. Franklin Steele says:

    Joe is a world class liar. He always has been. He sold out years ago.

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