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School Grade of ‘F’ Considered Racist?

( – For many years, conservatives spoke about the soft bigotry of low expectations. The phrase has been applied when someone argues that it’s unfair to expect historically disadvantaged individuals or groups – most often racial minorities – to be held to the same standard or level of accomplishment expected of the dominant race and culture.

A school in Minnesota is now providing what many conservatives would consider a classic example of what is meant by the soft bigotry of low expectations in that it has done away with giving the grade of “F” as the lowest grade for a test or assignment because, in the opinion of the powers that be at the school, handing out an “F” is systemically racist.

The school, Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake, has created an entirely new grading system. No matter how poorly a student scores on a test or assignment, they will not be given an “F” to indicate failure. Further, according to the school principal, a student’s behavior, attitude, tardiness, or even failure to complete an assignment on time will no longer be part of the grade a teacher can give a student.

According to Wayne Kazmierczak, the school district’s superintendent, if a school isn’t careful, the very act of assigning a grade to a test or assignment can be indicative of “systemic racism.”

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