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Schumer Demands Trump Be Removed From Office


Presumptive Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office,” according to NBC News.

‘What happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday was an insurrection against the United States, incited by the president,’ Schumer, D-N.Y., said in a statement on Thursday. ‘This president should not hold office one day longer.’

“Schumer joins a growing contingent of lawmakers from both parties to call for Trump’s removal, either by using the 25th amendment or through impeachment.

“‘The quickest and most effective way — it can be done today — to remove this president from office would be for the vice president to immediately invoke the 25th amendment,’ Schumer said. ‘If the vice president and the cabinet refuse to stand up, Congress should reconvene to impeach the president,’ he added.

“Under a provision of the 25th Amendment, the vice president can invoke the the measure and declare Trump unfit for office, which could lead to his early removal.”

For more on this story, go to NBC News.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. After yesterday’s attack on the United States Capitol, do you believe President Trump should be removed from office? Why or why not?


  1. 1LTLos says:

    Chuck Schumer is a pawn – spineless siamese twin still attached to the tit of Nancy MOmmy Pelosi. Schumer lacks the balls to say or do anything unless his Mommy Nancy approves – If anyone should be removed that person is Chuck Schumer the foul, corrupt sack of manure!

  2. Richard says:

    All the DemocRATS will fall like rotten fruit from a tree ! GOD is in charge of this nation and only the good will prevail!!!!!

    • Kay says:

      That’s right Richie – God did prevail and that is why we have President Biden. Your prayers are answered – now say thank you and shut up. God is tired of hearing you whine.

  3. Douglas says:

    PRESIDENT Donald Trump just went through four tuff years of his term he tried
    his best and did many good things for our country with what he had to deal with.
    he beat 15 long life politicians in the debates and the worst of all to become
    President of the U.S.A. He had to deal with people like Pelosi and Schumer and
    Nadler and all the others who were wrong when they tried to have him Impeached
    they should have all been put out of office. a man many years ago told me about
    guys like Schumer but nobody would believe him so that is the way it goes.

  4. Jim says:

    Shummer should be removed from office before he and Nancy get into office together both are crooked as Joe Biden remember that what you now have you will have less than half in 4 years, and those living off your 401K you will be in the poor house, social security will not excist after them three get done, you assholes who voted for this jackass will be crying the blues before the year 2021 is over.

  5. Liberty Bill says:

    Chuck U Schumer!!!!
    No one cares what you or Pelosi Galore thinks or demands. You are all guilty of High Crimes and Treason! You all do Evil and blame President Trump and true Patriots. Too many know now–You can’t lie and hide anymore. The cat’s out of the bag and you’re all exposed. Get used to the fact that it’s time for you all to pay the price–You so called “Elites” are NOT above the Law of the Land.

    It’s about time!!!!

  6. Don says:

    I wanted Scummy removed 20 years ago.

  7. Linda says:

    Stfu chuckie boy , only ones really need to be removed are you n your sweet heart pelosi. All you trash did in 4 years was harrass our true president . Hes the best we have had in many many years actually helping OUR country n American citizens. While you braindead pathetic trash want to destroy our country.

  8. That whole mess at the capitol building was a scheme of the Democratic. Shame on you. What’s going on with China buying up the farms on Oklahoma n buying a military base in the Bahamas??? You jerks have something else up your sleeve. Your a disease to our Great America. Very pissed off Republican!!!

    • Glamigrami says:

      Well said!! I don’t believe for a second that these were TRUE Trump supporters. Are the shameful Dems ever going to stop??

    • Dorothy O'Callaghan says:

      Yessssss! Antifa mixed in with Trump supporters to cause trouble, just what dems wanted. President Trump was always against violence n every rally was peaceful!
      Civil war is about to happen. God help us!!!

    • Kay says:

      We don’t care that you are pissed. In fact, we llove watching the Pussy Grabber Brigade become more unhinged than you already are. If you want to stay out of jail, you better follow the law.

  9. Lezly says:

    God dont like ugly. So Pelosi, shmuck schumer, nadler, and schiff God knows your evil hateful intentions and you will be judged. You better start praying NAncy. Your gonna need it

  10. Sic&Tired says:

    SO MANY….Outstanding Comments from the True and Faithful Americans, who know that this past Election was the Biggest Farce there Ever Was.!!! Biden and Harris have been Dumb and Idiots from the Start….AND – IF, they actually think that the majority of the people in this country are going trust their leadership for this country….They have absorbed a Volume of Stupidity that is beyond comprehension. We now will be having an Extension of the Obama Years – Lord help us….With the Two Clowns of the Democratic Party – Biden and Harris…Let alone the two biggest Morons of Pelosi and Schumer. The Congress and Senate are now FULL of the Most Deceitful People in this Country and they are and will be trying to make Laws and Lead this Country…….. Wish they all could drown in their own Swamp Mess.!!! I have never been more Disgusted to be an American, due to I have to Hear, See, Listen, Read About, these Disgraceful Democrats and ALL that they Represent – Everyday now and I just want to Throw Up.!!! We Now Have a Pathetic Government and being Ran By the Most Distrustful People on this Planet.!!!!

    • Lezly says:

      So all the lies, shenanigans,betrayal to ALL AMERICANS now the democraps got what they wanted.cant wait to see what state this country will be in when they take over. Socialist PIGS!!!!

      • Kay says:

        Better than the Pussy Grabber and his bitches that we had to deal with for the past 4 years

    • Glamigrami says:

      Thank you for your post. It sums it up perfectly!!

    • Kay says:

      Trailer trash – leave if you don’t love my beautiful country.
      Maybe the Pussy Grabber will let you join him. It is already starting to smell better

  11. Jean says:

    Schumer and Pelosi need to be removed from office along with Biden/Harris.

    • Sarah Horne says:

      I agree. A coup against the President should NOT be allowed! Perhaps they should remember the old adage, “What goes around, comes around”. Not a good or fair precedent to follow.

      • Kay says:

        That’s right Sarah. No coup should be allowed. So all you Pussy Grabber Bitches stop complaining and support our wonderful, duly elected President Biden. Get you head out of Trump’s ass. It’s quite nice in the fresh air.

  12. Pamela Hawthorne says:

    When what looked like police, allowing certain people access to the capitol, we know the left employed antifa to look like Trump supporters and pull off this disgusting behavior, to make President Trump and the rest of us look like the traitors, which THEY, the left, are. To walk away from a dying man in the crowd, police don’t deserve our support. To video shooting people, pepper spraying them and laughing the whole time is the epitome of what the left has fallen to, just to gain power after the fraudulent joke of an election. Schmuck Slimer is totally deranged and needs to be removed, as does mafia mam Pelosi. She’s drunk on more than alcohol. China bought and paid for every single one of them. Republicans who turned on us and accepted the votes, should be lined up and shot as traitors to this country. After all the evidence of fraud, they still turned a blind eye. Shame!

  13. Paul Anderson says:

    I wish I could have respect for Democrats, such as Schumer and Pelosi, but they exhibit levels of corruption, that shouldn’t exist in the halls of Congress.. Their Political positions demand a level of integrity, that is terribly lacking in such a crucial role. Their willingness to destroy another servant of the people, borders on demonic. The attacks leveled against President Trump during his term of office are just not deserved.
    Thankfully their is a natural law that addresses issues such as these. The Law of the Harvest, one reaps what one sows…The reaping is in God’s time

  14. Tim says:

    I just saw RINO Governor of Maryland asking for President Trump to step down. I wonder what job he’s trying to get from that corrupt Beijing Biden? Hey Hogan, why don’t you step down. President Trump had nothing to do with the Antifa/BLM that infiltrated and made the attack on the Capitol.

  15. He should have been out of office years ago with his lies and not even reading his breefings.
    He is a psychopathic narsocisistic maniac, unfit for the job.

    • DazzleMe says:

      Something wrong with you dims

      • Kay says:

        Wrong Bedazzle – once again your stupidity is showing. The Pussy Grabber is going to jail and all of you Pussy Grabber bitches can’t do shit about it. It’s a great day

    • Glamigrami says:

      I think not!!!!! He’s done more good for this country in 4 years than Lyin’ Biden did in 47 years. Trump was absolutely right:China owns us now. Biden and his family are too involved with China. They announced yesterday that they (China) will be world power sooner than 2028, as was their goal. Why? Because Biden won. His administration is a joke. Sit back and watch him destroy America. The illegals started their way over here November 4th, and why not. They get FREE everything: health care, jobs, education, whatever they want. It makes me sick!!!!! God help us! 🙏🇺🇸

      • Kay says:

        Cry a river. You are pathetic. President Biden will take care of you, but you must behave

        • Gary Weldon says:

          He will TAKE CARE OF US alright….but not in a good way…GOOD BYE FREEDOMS…HELLO COMMUNISM AT IT’S WORST…
          And You Anti-American Idiots will suffer along with Us DECENT AMERICANS…

  16. Andrew says:

    Schumer needs to be relieved from office

  17. Aug says:

    Donald Trump must resign the Presidency immediately for his attempted coup / intentional act of insurrection and violating his oath of office.  If he does not, the Cabinet must immediately enforce the 25th Amendment and at the same time, the Congress must immediately bring articles of impeachment.  Remove Trump from office before he does any further damage. Sedition and selective Law and Order are more dangerous than SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19 being out of control (370,000 dead and >600,000 predicted).

    In the aftermath to the killing of George Floyd in May, President Trump had DC in a total lockdown with police and National Guard during the June protest demonstrations. He also singed EO 13933: Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence and he called for demonstrators to be sentenced to 10 years in prison if they vandalised federal buildings. 

    On the day Congress assembled to certify Biden’s Electoral College victory, Guliani said, “Let’s have trial by combat,” followed by Trump instigating demonstrators to rally, march to the Capitol and telling them to “fight like hell” to “get rid of the weak Congress people”. 

    MAGA diehards – the Storm, WildProtest, Homers, TheDonaldWin, MillionMAGAMarch, Turning Point Action, Tea Party Patriots  Stop the Steal, The Rule of Law Defense Fund, along with militia groups Three Percenters, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers followed the exhortations. Only after both chambers of Congress had to be led to shelter did he tweet the demonstrators to “stay peaceful”.  Only after the Capitol had been ransacked and a young woman shot to death did he tell demonstrators to “go home”.

    • Donna Joy Bizony says:

      I agree.

    • DazzleMe says:

      You dims are the worst kind of evil

    • Lucy Johnson says:

      Donald J. Trump had nothing to do with the violence that erupted in yesterday’s riots and march in DC. Tell me why it is just plain convenient for y’all to constantly blame him? Yet last summer when riots broke out in major cities, NO one responded from the Dems, NO one took a stand to denounce Antifa & BLM. The DEms, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer were all ‘mute’ on every point, many died, cities were destroyed. It is easy to place blame on Trump, yet those men and women rallied for him. No one from this group ‘fired’ a first or even a second shot, and the police watching hundreds of thousands of supporters marching to the Capitol were clearly NOT prepared for what could have happened.

      • Glamigrami says:

        Well said!!

      • Kay says:

        Well, YOU’ALL don’t know reality when you see it. Deny all you like, but the rest of us are going to make sure the trailer trash will be dealt with. You’re going to need a lawyer – Call Rudy – I hear he’s looking for a job.

    • Glamigrami says:

      No they need to DO THEIR JOB FOR ONCE!!! They have spent the last 4 years doing nothing but trying to figure out how to impeach Trump spending millions of $$ of our money and found NOTHING!!. He will be gone, unfortunately, in less than 2 weeks. I’m ashamed of the Democrats. Who are they? Despicable, shameful and disgusting. The Kennedy Democrats are dead. What happened at the capital WAS NOT TRUMP supporters. It was Antifa thugs brought in by the Dems to once again hurt Trump. Enough already!! Just stop!! Do your friggin job for once PLEASE!!

    • MW says:

      The violence was caused by antifa acting like Patriots. The cops brought in (4) busses of antifa. It was all a set-up. If you look up, it comes up Biden/Harris. If you look up antifa,it comes up the government. Schumer, Piglosi, Biden & Kamala all should be arrested. We will no longer have any rights. And, for Trump, he should never have done Operation Warp Speed. There has been at least (7) kids died from the vaccine in Africa, & (5) health care workers.

  18. Kevin Koebert says:

    Schumer is a idiot. I would like to know how he was able to BS someone people to get ware he is today. Di he sleep with NANCY? That hasto be the answer. Ther is no other way he be ware he is at today he is not that bright. So he is going to spend more of our money to impeach Trump. Didnt the democrats spend over $60,000,000 of tax payers money to impeach Trump and failed that took 5 years so it will only be &10,000,000 for 14 days. Now that spending our money wisely! His parents must be proud of him. NOT

    • Glamigrami says:

      Impeachment visa vie the 25th amendment is only for a medical condition, so that’s never going to happen. Too bad they couldn’t impeach Pelosi and Schumer:. They both psychotic nutjobs!!

    • Kay says:

      None of your business who he sleeps with. Verified that you sleep with YO MOMMA.. Now that is creepy

  19. Jo says:

    Schumer why dont you n polise get s room somewhere n get on with it. I’m glad I’m not as stupid as you two are .Praise the Lord.

  20. Jackie says:

    I am heartsick knowing Trump will not be our President. I am appalled as to how the Dems and the press have been treating him. He has been such a wonderful President and has done more in his 4 yeas in office to make “America Great Again” than Biden and all his cronies have done in the past 47 years!! Biden is an idiot and just a puppet. He will not last one term and then we will have that awful, two-faced female for president! I am just sickened by what is happening to our country and I feel HELPLESS. I feel a Revolution is coming and it is scary! This whole scenario reminds me of what happened to Christ – except there is more than just one Judas out there today! Shame on all the commie traitors! May God help us all. Amen!

    • Lucy J. says:

      And just a reminder Jackie; “God is still very much in control”, and just as in the days of Noah, and Abraham, David etc. HE is sovereign, HE is Lord over all and HE will take care of the evil doers of our time as well. WE know how the last chapter and verse work out in the Bible for His ‘overcomers’! God Bless you1

  21. Patricia Shaefer says:


  22. Annrace says:

    Shoeshit Schumer , Pisslosi, forget it. Not going to waste my time naming them all. They can ALL go EFF each other. Like they have done for many years.

  23. Paul Anderson says:

    When Democrats Marxist took control of the White House, and The Capital: I seriously doubt Capitalists will regain control. I important to understand, Democrats are Marxist and not Capitalists. The goal of the Marxist is to destroy Capitalism, and eliminate God. ( see Marx Manifesto ). Both Socialism and Communism are classless Ideologies. Social Justice is classless. A Socialist or Communist government, will confiscate all privately owned property and turn it over to the government. These items pay for all those free thing the fool thinks he is getting….FREE. No such thing as free. Companies and corporations are taken by the Marxist government. The previous owners manage these companies. Capitalism fuels a country, Marxism sucks the country free.

  24. Karen Ogalsbee says:

    schumer needs his head removed from his ass

    • Cindy Wright says:

      Amen.My cousin went to DC and walked up to a girl and a guy with maga clothing on and she told my cousin that they were paid alot if money to be bused here and do this.So if they do anything to our President I will forward her taped conversation and pictures

      • Kay says:

        Well stop suppressing evidence if you have it. You are running you mouth just like a true Pussy Grabber Bitch. You gonna have some explaining to do when the FBI comes knocking. You are full of shit and so is your cousin

  25. David Smith says:

    I aid I would never write again on this site which made everyone happy but I have to write to ask all of you no mater what side you are on to say a prayer for the veteran who gave her life for what she believed in and for the other people who died won’t take up your time again thank you for your prayers

    • Kay says:

      Has nothing to do with her being a veteran. Try crawling through a window and wrecking havoc and this is what kind of force is used to repel it. All of you gun happy 2 amendment whores who manipulate the amendment to suit your needs understand this violence very well. Stop trying to fake your surprise at the outcome. You should feel bad that she was so misguided by the Pussy Grabber. Her blood is on all of YOUR hands RIP

  26. BILLY BATES says:

    Why is your hate of Donald Trump so deep? He has done more for this country and its diversity of people than any president ever.
    If you will examine the video’s I have seen reported on tv you will know that ANTIFA infiltrated the TRUMP GROUP going to the congressional building and they are the ones who began to destroy everything in sight.
    The TRUMP faithful were seen praying, heard singing gospel songs, etc. Yes some of them went into the buildings and on to the outskirts of the buildings but do absolutely no damage.
    Antifa knew if they could do something bad the TRUMP marchers and TRUMP would be blamed.
    So sad that your life is in such a mess that your brain cannot fatham what your eyes are seeing.
    I really feel for you….
    and I pray for America. Under the incoming president and vice we will need all the prayer and help from God that we can get to hold this nation together.

      • Patricia Wall says:

        I agree. President Trump and VP Pence have done an amazing job for America in four years! He has earned the right for another four years but the liars and cheaters stole it away from him. I agree with Gae Clark in previous comment. May God have mercy on America now and cause a mighty swell of prayer to go forth for this nation.

    • Martha Ballard says:

      I do not believe President Trump should be removed from office. He really should stay 4 more years as our President.
      President Trump has done more for our country than the last 4 Presidents put together. He cares for the people of the USA.
      I have no confidence in Biden/Harris. They are for themselves and not the American people. Too many lies told and no one seems to care!
      I have lost respect for the way this election was done. Definite cheating going on.
      I’d like to know who is pulling the strings on this new leadership? They can be bought.
      President Trump cannot be bought. Leave him and his family alone.
      Go after the Biden’s who are known to have taken bribes! And bullying! Especially Biden getting that person fired for investigating his son. Too fishy.
      No confidence in the run of this country anymore. Sad where this country is going.

    • Kay says:

      Wrong Billy – Life is great and is only going to get better. The stench of the Pussy Grabber is disappearing. We plan on having a great country again. Behave yourself

  27. Mad as Hell says:

    After you Chuck, I have been wanting for you Pelosi, Schiff & several others to get kicked out for all the deceitful, rotten lies, hate & treachery you have done just this year alone. You all are a piece of work thinking we believe you didn’t have Antifa waiting to start all this trouble & blame it on Trump supporters,

  28. D. Rouse says:

    Unfortunately, everything that happened at the capitol has not only resulted in loss of lives, but has likely ruined ANY CHANCE President Trump had to keep the Presidency!

    Below are the events that SHOULD HAVE happened if he didn’t concede:

    Shane Vaughn teaches
    “What Happens if President Trump Does Not Concede the Election?”

  29. Dawn Lester says:

    Schumer is a purified, rotting Communist who should have been tried for treason decades ago. He and the Demon-rats have PLANNED ALL the riots, lootings, anarchy, and insurrection that has occurred. They are totally EVIL.

  30. Chuckie, we had about all of the Left’s “Peaceful Protests” throughout 2010 that the nation can stand. Why don’t you and Nancy just sit down and shut up, because the National Spotlight is on your antics now!

  31. Larry & Catherine McAdams says:

    I think what has ben done to our President is atrocious acts by the people who disliked him because of what he did for we the people and America, something the democrats have not been doing for years. How can he not be recognized as one of the great men in the country of all time. Trump did not incite the riot in Washington, I think the democrats put in place antfia members acting as Trump supporters and they are the ones who started the riot as directed by the democrats. Why can’t the American people see that he was for a peaceful march and even got on tv and told them that we aren’t like that, that it had to be peaceful. Chuck and Nancy knew exactly what was going to happen! Who did they go after when thugs burned city after city and looted and stole and commited murders in these cities and Karala Harris stated that the riots would stop and nor should they. Is that not inciting riots????? Karma is going to come to all you non-trump people!!!

  32. dennis Ogalsbee says:

    democrats and their thugs killed and destroyed looted what ever and they are not guilty of anything dont sound right to me iam not going to forget this bullshit

  33. Kimberly Ellis says:

    Trump did nothing wrong! I believe he was cheated out of the election. The things that happened at the Capitol were just disgraceful but I, in no way, find it to be Trump’s fault! Those were just some crazy people! All of the people that were really there to support Trump left after all of that happened. They wanted nothing to do with it or to be associated with what those people were doing. Those weren’t true Patriots

    • Lonne says:

      Trump is NOT responsible for others actions. Leave him alone..and give the man some peace‼️
      Schmer only wants him out so more of their dirty work can prevail.
      GOD OWNS YOUR HEART BEAT.and HE ain’t happy..Schmer..forgot that one ..didn’t you❓❓

    • Eileen says:

      The aged politicians are due a case of some kind of illness to take them our of public life. And now is the time.

  34. Ed says:

    I was a Trump supporter but the last 2 weeks have made me re-think my position. What happened in DC was a disgrace but I have a few concerns. Knowing what happened over the summer in several cities and knowing that there was going to be thousands of angry citizens how could we be so unprepared to handle this situation in the capital. I also am tired of reading comments from Hollywood and the likes of Schumer, pelosi, CNN, and others who ignored all the killings, destruction and fires created over the summer . I thought Pelosi would have been removed months ago for ignoring the chaos and then holding up the money to help ur small business people. How can we not realize that the hoods who led the Washington chaos are the same people who created the chaos all summer. They are not Democrats or Republicans but people like Omar and AOC who hate America. It’s time to stop all this back and forth in Congress and get some work done for America. Biden if you really believe we need to all join together as Americans then step up and show it.

    • Len says:

      Where was all the Political Class for the last 5 months when Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle were being destroyed. Not a word was heard when 10s of millions of businesses were being destroyed. When senior citizen diners in DC were being harassed at dinner did we hear a peep out of Schumer or Pelosi or any of the other loud mouths speaking now. More than 600 sworn affidavits were filed about this election yet not a single judge wanted to hear the details or rule on the merits. If they were smart they would move on and try to get something done, but these politicians have not been smart for years. They have long since outlived their usefulness and would be wise to retire.

    • Eduktor says:

      Ed, great summation of events. Biden will NEVER ‘call out’ blm & antifa because they do his bidding. Never heard Biden condemn the rioting, destruction of public & provide property, looting, vandalism, burning down city blocks & other atrocities. These events took place in cities across the U.S. for 157 days & they were referred to as peaceful protests, disgusting!

      • Wanda says:

        All summer long they were peaceful protests, NOT. Yesterday as soon as it happened it was violent. They were not Trump supporters, if you people, (the
        news people and the ones in congress) can’t tell the difference you guys need a new job. Those are the people, the person you want to run your country have hired to wreck havick over your country and blame Trump. You people need to get over yourselves. You have so much dis respect for your country and the people it’s a crying shame. You say Trump has ruined this country NO, it is you people if you would have let him do his job, you would have seen great things. But no you are all on such a high horse, I hope you get bucked off and find out the truth

    • stephen c. kreie says:

      Sounds like your balls just dropped off and your spine melted. GET SOME.

    • kay says:

      pelosis, shumer and the rest of corrupt represenatives call the blm, antifa riots – the summer of love…. doesn’t that beat all! Yet republicans are called insurrectionists-they are a disgrace and everything that happened was caused by the media and pelosis and shumer

    • Darlene says:

      It would be extremely the best thing until this is truly settled or it recalms down. The way the dems are talking they are not interested in settling.. they want Pres.Trump impeached so he cant run for office in 2024. They and most of fake news hate Trump supporters and think we are beneath them. So dont expect anything good for us but the reward for being a Biden supporter is you will get the same bury the middle class revenge. AND u may realize Trump was a good president and wanted the best for hard working americans. At least he is not a crook like Biden with his China money.

  35. Karen says:

    The entire swamp should be in jail for what they’ve done and haven’t done in the last four years. If Hilary is free trump has the right to stay in the white house until January 20th. He did more for this country without being a politician than the politicians have done. The worse is yet to come and you can’t even see it coming.

    • Steve says:

      amen to that Karen, the American people like myself is so fed up of the wasted time they wasted on just harshening the President during his whole term, what happened yesterday been a long time coming.

  36. Holly Rose says:

    Never liked Schumer but he has a valid point in removing trump post haste. I do believe that trump has gone completely mad and must be institutionalized right away. He is an endangerment to America and the DC riot proves it. I said in a previous comment that the demonstration to support trump the chump was going to wind up in a riot and that we must incarcerate trump now to keep him from inciting an insurrection. trump must be jailed now before he does more harm to America. trump doesn’t have American’s interest at heart at all. If he did, he wouldn’t be pushing for 5G, 6G and the deadly “warp speed” vaccine. Do a thorough study on that vaccine and if you still want to take it, take it at your own risk.

    • Betty says:

      Yesterday was not President Trump’s fault. There were some antagonizers who joined in (probably planted by dems) to make the President look bad and then throw the blame at him. Just think of all the President has had to endure the last 4 years of his presidency. None of this has been fair to him and esp. not to Vice President Pence.

      • Kay says:

        Right Betty – it’s never Trump the Pussy Grabber’s fault.
        Just ask him – he’ll tell you the same thing. The rest of us could care less. He is a liar a thief a traitor and now the pig is going to jail. You’re the same trailer trash that gives your kids a blank check to bully other kids. You’re just Good Old Boys right? You are done and so are all of the other repulsive repubs

    • Wanda says:

      That is BS that it’s Trumps fault. Those people are Antifa, you could tell just by how they were dressed. You could tell who was there to cause trouble and it wasn’t Trump supporters. Biden is probable the one who ordered them to do it. They were put there to make Trump look bad. They need to get rid of Pelosi and Schumer what have they done for our country for as long as they have been in there? Nothing but cause trouble. People need to wake up.

      • Russell Shaw says:

        amen to that President Trump in my opinion was the best president we have had in my life time. He did more for this country than anyone of those swamp rats.
        He didnt incite that riot the Dems and their thugs did. Anyone with a real brain could see that.

    • william robert davis says:

      the president is not to blame for what happened in washington. the dem. are to blame. all the things that they have done to the president is shameful. they have tried to impeach him from before day one. continual harrashing him is what caused the people to do the things they did. it was not right what they did in washington, but it is not right what the dem. party has done to the president. this should be a wakeup call for the dem. party. i do not condone what happened in washington. i also firmly beleive that more of this will come if the dem. party does not stop doing the hateful and stupid things that they are doing . the american people has had enought. i hate to see these things happen, but i really think that it is not over. i think that a lot of bad things are in the near future. i hope i am wrong.

  37. Sic&Tired says:

    HEY…..Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer..??… HOW ABOUT WE TOSSE YOUR PATHETIC A _ _ …OUT.!!! How Do People of HIS KIND….Get into Office..OR,
    EVEN EXIST.!!! AND…These People are in charge and try to Run Our Country.??
    IF, there is a HEAVEN…. Heaven Help Us.!!!!!!!!!!! To Belong to the Democratic Party is signing up to be ONLY – “TRAITORS”.!!!

  38. Dorene says:

    Schumer & demo are still trying to ²impeach trump. They think they are in control. Just watch & see them go down in God’s fury

  39. Judy Duer says:

    The President did NOTHING wrong! Stop trying to crucify him. He has 2 weeks. Leave him the hell alone. Schumer and Pelosi, just shut up!!! You’ve done quite enough to this man.

  40. Steve says:

    Trump has a right to express his opinion about the election. He has more reliable information than any of us, so his claims of a stolen election should investigated. It’s interesting to me that just when the house and senate were taking up their objection to certification of the election this situation occurred. The democrats have been so dishonest over past 4 years that I believe they will do anything to gain power. This thing could have been set up with a tidy leading the sheep to pasture. A complete investigation to identify these folks should be conducted to determine who these folks were. If anyone should be looked at for impeachment it would be Charles Schumer. He has been on camera twice threatening Supreme Court justices and saying, We take Georgia and we change America. That’s a treat against the constitution, something we just can’t stand for in America. Freedom at all cost.

    • Sandra says:

      Good statements……
      Let us hold on to our freedom
      AMEN or A-woman?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      • Jimmy says:

        DEMONUTS In the Bible “AMEN” means “So be it” Pelosi read and follow your bible. There are only two genders. Why is it so hard to understand? Should be easy to call them either MEN or WOMEN Girl or Boy!!!!!!!!

  41. I think Schummer , Pelosi are in charge of BLM and antifa intermingled them in with the republicans. Sorry this happened but it is not Trumps fault. We wilol lose the best President ever and God help us with the ones coming in. Why wasn’t this taken care of with all the looting, burning? Harris said she is with the looters . This whole country is fuc—.

    • I agree. Pelosim & Schummer probably set up Trump. That’s why the police were slow to act. They wanted to blame Trump & his supporters but the TRUTH will come out eventually. Italy has already confessed that Biden & Obama paid them to act corruptly concerning the election. Will FAKE NEWS report this LOL

    • Kay says:

      And we know you “intermingled” with your daddy – that’s called incest – or do you call that “sharing the Love”?
      You are too stupid.

  42. Sue says:

    There is a video of the police removing the barrier and allowing people to pass through. It looked as though the police were leading Into the building. Appeared very suspicious.

  43. Elaine Treadway says:

    Yea, did everyone notice that when Antifa started up the steps to barge in the doors, the door wasnt locked and the Security didnt try to stop them, something isnt right, and we all know what really happened yesturday,God will have everyone of you left’s in the Capital that stabbed Trump in the back down on your knees begging for MERCY

  44. Ann Jones says:

    I agree with all these posts.

  45. Robert Davison says:

    So sad! For four years the Dems have had the opportunity to assist the President Trump in improving our lives but all they have done is waste our money on investigations and false accusations. Was the election a set up? 70 million people say yes! So the Dems want to continue the harassment of our president up until the moment he leaves DC. Now President Elect Biden will uh! “You know the thing!” And Harris will become the first female president. It is time that we the people take a hard look at our leaders and speak up!

  46. W says:

    Be prepared for the darkest of times to come very soon in this nation’s history.

    Now that they have “control”, they are already starting to repress your first amendment rights by calling the event on 1/6 a riot. They have actively suppressed their opposition on social media for the last four years with impunity.

    The propaganda puppet machine and their talking heads are owned and operated by their democommie elites. They have relentlessly spewed their slanted lies to keep us from the real truth. And now they openly promise to go easy on their Chinese owned demoscum “leader” Quid Pro Joe Bribedem and the Frisco Ho. Impartial, unbiased press – ABSOLUTELY NOT!! To take the header from the WaPo, “Democracy Dies in Darkness” especially if you are a complicit dispenser of your owners propaganda.

    They will also destroy our second amendment rights by quickly enacting all of the gun ban laws that have been stopped in the past. You will now be the criminals while those that actually commit violent acts will be the “victims” of society. They WILL de-fund law enforcement and you will be the criminal if you even try to defend your family or what once was yours.

    At the very least your fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendment rights will be heavily stomped on by them. This will be done through “red flag” laws and laws in the name of national interest. Other draconian measures will destroy our rights and cost us billions.

    The tax cuts given by Trump will be taken away. They will immediately re-enter the Paris climate accord which will also cost us billions each year. It will also cost at the least over 400 thousand jobs. The jobs and thriving economy you finally saw before this contrived pandemic will be taken away and sent back to China. The taxes to pay for this will go through the roof. The shelves in the stores and items on line will be even more difficult to get than before the phony pandemic.

    The darkest days of this once great nation are coming fast and hard and will be shoved down our throats by the demomaggots. Those who do not comply will be dealt with accordingly. Welcome to the Fourth Reich, Amerikans.

    • Kay says:

      That’s right Big W – they’re coming for you and the rest of you stinking trailer trash traitors. You better hide behind your door because you will all be flushed out and dealt
      with the way terrorists should be dealt with. You keep your wagon hitched to Trump the Pussy Grabber because you are going down one way or another.

      • W says:

        Come and get some, I’ll be ready you loud mouth pansy troll.

        • Kay says:

          Right Big W – we are so terrified of you. You are nothing but a candy ass blowhard and would hide behind the first person you could grab. Keep threatening – we are all laughing at you

      • debra wardlow says:


    • Catherine Palmer says:

      I agree 100%. Sad, it can’t be stopped now. The socialistic, communistic, liberal democrats will have their way for four years. This country will look like communist China or worse. We actually did it to ourselves for allowing this liberal demon party to go on this long. It’s very sad, this should never have happened.

  47. Sid says:

    Schumer, Pelosi, and many Democrats should stop blaming Trump and look at the real culprits. The Dems have been after Trump every day before and after he was elected. He has a right to stand up for his beliefs.

    Schumer and Pelosi never spoke out against antifa and the BLM terrorist movement rioting in the West coast cities so they must have felt this was acceptable. They should be impeached or removed long before President Trump!!!

    • Bill says:

      I have word from someone that was there, that the antifa/blm people actually incited the break in. I will wait for more evidence to support the allegations… But it makes sense that they would use the false flag strategy to support rabid ppl like schemer and pedoski to demonize President Trump and his followers.