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Schumer Just Let the Cat Out of the Bag

Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear honesty from a politician. Often, it’s when they’re excited and therefore not guarded in their comments and statements.

That may be exactly what happened when Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was recorded admitting what he wants to do if the Democrats win both the presidency and get a majority in the Senate by winning the two upcoming runoff elections for Senate seats in Georgia.

Schumer said, “Now we take Georgia, and then we change the world.” But, he wasn’t finished. He added, “Now we take Georgia, and then we change America.”


Watch the video and see Schumer admit he wants to change America and the world. Then share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page. Is that what Americans voted for? Did Americans vote to empower Chuck Schumer to change America and the World?


  1. Don says:

    Scummy Chuck needs to be in prison. We don’t want your vision of the world, Scummy.

  2. Russell Hunter says:

    Chuck Shumer Sounds just like Hitler, Today Georgia Tomorrow The whole country, Hitler said (today Germany tomorrow the whole world).

  3. Mick says:

    That’s the Democrats modo: win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.

  4. kevin oleary says:

    stand and fight or lay down and die that it do nothing and china and russia will own america no oil in america then half to by from russia china will be buying every thing in america then move in it will happen in 2022 if biden get in so good luck

  5. Scarlet says:

    We love our guns in Wisconsin. There’s no way Biden took our state. We will not become a socialist state no matter what. I don’t know how Democrats voted in by their constituents can follow Pelosi, Schumer Waters, Aoc in the way they think. How can they look themselves in the mirror? They should be ashamed. They are followers. Pelosi says jump and they ask how high. Don’t have a brain among them.

    • Donald Anderson says:

      Well I think it’s time to let y’all go , Y’alls term time is up get your things together and get. And I’m going to see if I can get back PRESIDENT Trump first term.45th PRESIDENT two terms and 46thpresident one term.

  6. Kiran G Mehta says:

    We all Republicans needs to stay together unlike some republic Senators.

  7. Sam B. says:

    Chucky chucky chucky. Do u really believe that nonsense BS propaganda spewing from that hole in ur face?! As good ole “quid pro quo JOE..the Democrat nominee running for the U.S. SENATE says..”C’mon Man! Now that’s truth over fact!
    Folks…we can shut ALL this down with continued support for Trump…count all the legal votes..”&” supporting the re-election of republicans Kelly Loeffler & David Perdue to the u.s. senate!!!

  8. Jodi Moon says:

    Who does SCHUMER think he is? Guess he thinks we forgot about him rolling around with Heidi Fleiss… what makes him think for even a minute we trust him let alone like him? Why is he even still there? He should have been voted out with Pelosi Cuomo DEBLASIO and schiff! Maybe an investigation should be done..

  9. president trump is the best president we have ever had and done more for this country than any president ever has or will he needs to stay our president biden is claiming presidency but he cant be as of yet i pray they find a way to stop him for the democrats want to distroy us cant understand anyone who would vote for biden but they did for they are already putting things forward to distroy the republican party in the senate needs to catch and stop them fd

    • JOYCE says:


      • Ellen Stewart says:

        Amazing isn’t it? Separate laws for each party. Today “good is evil and “evil is good”. I think God warned us of this.
        Isaiah 5:20
        Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  10. We will not let Schumer break America. Trump – we are with you, we will protect our country from traitors!

  11. cynde mitchell says:

    Wasn’t it Krushchev who said that they didn’t need to attack us because all they had to do was wait and we’d destroy ourselves? It was something like that plus he also said that you accuse the other side of all the things you do. That really sounds familiar.
    I pray every day that this mess is gets straightened out because I remember one of the accusations against Trump was that he wouldn’t leave office. I fear that’s what they are plotting that very same thing.
    I believe that we ought to start setting a limit on how many terms all the Senators and Reps get too.We have too many career politicians but we’ll most likely never see that either!

    • Bud. morrow says:

      The only problem is the rabbits are in charge of the carrot patch, how are you going to get a law passed that they must vote for ? Conceptually this is a wonderful idea and I believe the majority of voters would vote for this kind of solution.

    • Pegs says:

      I totally agree. They ALL need limits!!!

    • pauline gonzalez says:

      I agree. How do we go about doing that ?

    • Ellen Stewart says:

      I was 11 in 1956 when I heard Krushchev say that Russia could not defeat the United States military; but they would defeat us from within. How? The communists flooded our collages with liberal/Facists professors ‘First’…so these future parents would not correct their children when the elementary and high schools were flooded with the next wave of liberal/Facists teachers. Then the news media, commercials, Hollywood movies, TV shows put forth propaganda and moral corrupting filth to further denigrate our society so our citizens would have no regard for truth and moral decency. Did Krushchev succeed? Unquestionably!!!

  12. steve clendenin says:

    This is why term limits are so important. Also, when they leave office , no pensions and Cadillac health care in perpetuity for them and their families. Ever wonder why a person would spend five million dollars for a position that pays 179,000.oo dollars a year? Doesn’t take a rocket doctor to figure that one out. The very reason this Covid 19 hit when it did was to do just exactly what they did in insisting on mail in ballots , easy enough to cheat or just not count the ones you don’t like. Like Joe Stalin said “It’s not how many votes are cast , it’s who does the counting. Sound familiar? Also the so called “glitch” was a computer program set up for that very reason , to kick over votes cast for one candidate to be given to the opposing candidate. No “glitch” here , it was-is a computer program. Dirty SOB’s.

    • Grace says:

      Biden worth over nine million and owns 4 million dollar homes. He still takes money from China and the Ukraine. How greedy can you get? He’s a crook and a traitor.

      • marnie says:

        Exactly Grace. He wants to raise taxes-how about if he donated some of his money he apparently acquired illegally from China.Selling out America. Who would vote for him?? People just like him.

    • Pegs says:

      You’ve got that RIGHT Steve. DIRTY BITCHES!!!

    • Sandy says:

      I am a firm believer in karma and it will absolutely come back to bite them tenfold. If it hasn’t already started!!!
      Trump fights harder than the whole Democratic Party….

  13. Your friend says:

    Did you notice that Shumer was NOT wearing his mask until the camera was on him and he quickly put it on. He wants to take the entire world into Communism and if Democrats can turn America, the greatest nation in the world to communism then they easily will take the rest of the countries. Democrats all are traitors and do not believe in the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights, period. China is waiting in the wings for Joe Biden to be declared officially the President of the United States of America. We should NOT be in this position at all. Americans and Citizens of the United States and yes, there is a difference in those two term, have been warned for two years that this could happen and many were asked and told to step up to stop this from happening. What did you all do? NADA. Nothing-just waited for someone else to do it for you and all of you are now getting what YOU allowed to happen. You cannot rely on government alone to run America. We have rights that you ignored. If Joe wins, so be it, but you better prepare for a life of misery just like what Venezuela and China is and what they did to their countries. None of us exercised our rights and now we are losing them. Hopefully The recounts and lawsuits will be fruitful and Donald Trump will still be our President for the next four years. Did you know that Trump did NOT want to be president? He was approached by the military because of who he is, his money, prestige, celebrity and his position on right from wrong. The military had to approach Trump three times before he said yes. The purpose of the military to get Trump to be President was for Trump to drain the swamp because the military is more than any president and they knew what was happening. The military is to blame for all the draining of the swamp, not Trump. Trump is doing what the military tells him to do. It is about time you all know the truth of the matter. If you do not agree with what I just told you then you are yourselves traitors. I have contacts in the Pentagon and the White House and KNOW what I am talking about. President Trump needs our help more than ever and I am not talking about donating money to his cause. I am talking about all of us forming our own coalition and militia to help take down the evil Democrats, Antifa, Blm along with certain Hollywood whores, big mouth talk show hosts, Ceo’s of corporations, the LGBTQ that are on Democrats side, Pro ball teams members that are traitors, Social media oligarchs and dictators in main stream media.Get you friends and relatives to help you do this and we can go by the millions to do the above and stop them cold. Don’t do it? Then do not cry your woes to anyone because you have asked for you own lives, your families lives to be destroyed. And it will be destroyed. Northern California suffered millions and millions of acres of fire damage to purposely get people out so China can invade us at the California coast and come to kill as many of us as they can to bring their communism here. Even lower California is not out of the line of destruction because there are bombs deliberately put in the San Andraes Fault ready for someone to push a button and destroy the rest of the state. The San Andrees Fault is an earthquake waiting to happen anyway and may quale due to the bombs. Reread what I have told you people. It is the truth, the total truth-or die. Going back to something else I said- Hopefully Donald Trump will reign supreme and we will be okay. Even so, there is a lot of protesting and destruction from protest groups that have said they will continue no matter who wins the 2020 election so none of you are out of danger anyway. Good Luck, you are going to need it.

    • pauline gonzalez says:

      How do we make this happen. I am only a lone voice in the wilderness. Show me the way.

    • Teresa Kelly says:

      I’m in complete agreement with you. The biggest issue is to form a coalition of citizen’s that will not be arrested for their beliefs and exercising their constitutional rights.

    • jack cortez says:

      OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY.IT WAS THE PARTY OF Adolf Hitler. And this American political party is no better.

  14. judith therrien says:

    they need to change the Democratic Party to Demon Rats. then gather all the Democrats and the democratic Governors and chain them all together and ship them to a communists country to live with out their money, food, housing, and see how they like it to be controlled and not have any freedom. that is what biden wants to do to Our Country. make us slaves, wear masks all the time. the whole democratic party need to be locked up and throw the keys away.

  15. Linda Anderson says:

    All Republicans need to ban together, go to Washington d.c. and take back our country before it’s too late. Back President Trump in his effort to expose this fraudulent election! We need to ACT now.

  16. Pegs says:

    SORRY ASS chuckie !!! POS DIRTBAG!!! EVIL!!! they are pushing for SOCIALISM !!! they ALL MUST GO!!

  17. Sandra says:


  18. Sandra says:

    Schumer will go where the sun does not shine, because his faith in our God has diminished! He and all the Dems in Washington are EVIL AND THEY HAVE LET THE DEVIL IN ON THEIR SHENANIGANS !! GOD WILL WIN THIS ELECTION WITH THE HELP OF HIS SERVANT DONALD TRUMP. GOD,PLEASE HELP US ALL, IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY !!!

  19. Roberts says:

    Oh yeah tic tok the hinese silly site . Oh it is ok it is just5tfun like harry potter bull the guy flying his boom co.mericialSo Pfizer is the one the DUMBACRATS had on line for the supposed vacine . Well I am not taking it untill it is expmained what is in it . They did agent orange the DUMBACRATS back in the day and said buck up and take it like a MAN ! OH REALLY WHOS MAN johnson was a dumbacrat too !!

  20. Carol Bartlett says:

    I have never been a fan of Schumer! I personally believe he falls into the category of a crook! I wish I could believe he has the best interests of the country and the people of his own state at heart! Alas, I believe power has gone to his head! I will stop ranting now!

    • Catherine Snyder says:

      It is time for Schumer to retire along with Nancy Pelosi – way too old to be in politics or anything else. Someone should tell those two that their days are gone and there are very people who want them involved in this country.

  21. Billie Howell says:

    The Democrats will lead the downfall of America. God help us. I mourn for our future and our children’s futures. What were the voters thinking! They cheated in the election! Pray pray pray that President Thrump can overcome and prove that they stole the the rigged election.

    • Cathy Floyd says:

      The democrats want to destroy America as a free nation and turn it into a communist nation, where the government controls every aspect of our lives and where the freedoms that we have enjoyed for years will no longer exist. No more honest elections after they have cheated so much in this one. They will then choose who they want to run the god forsaken country which they will turn America, we the people will no longer have any say in anything. I too, pray for our nation and am sad for what my grandchildren will face in this horrible future that the left will bring to our once great nation. We are seeing the start of the fall of America.

      • American Patriot says:

        WELL SAID . . . !!!!
        I believe it was Nikita Khrushchev that stated back in the ‘60s that America would fall without ever firing a shot.
        To all who voted for BIDEN / HARRIS: YOU Have Successfully Started The Downfall Of America.
        I may have to live within the confines of Socialism / Communism but I WILL NEVER ACCEPT IT !!!
        I don’t know what you thinking about but it certainly wasn’t about a better life for future generations.
        I now understand why the symbol of the Democratic Party is a JACKASS.
        Prophecy Fulfilled . . . .

      • American Patriot says:

        WELL SAID . . . !!!!
        I believe it was Nikita Khrushchev that stated back in the ‘60s that America would fall without ever firing a shot.
        To all who voted for BIDEN / HARRIS: YOU Have Successfully Started The Downfall Of America.
        I may have to live within the confines of Socialism / Communism but I WILL NEVER ACCEPT IT !!!
        I don’t know what you thinking about but it certainly wasn’t about a better life for future generations.
        I now understand why the symbol of the Democratic Party is a JACKASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pauline gonzalez says:

      In 2016 I prayed for a Saviour for America and my prayers were answered. Now , Lets join together and pray for that Saviour to be with us again. There is strength in numbers. Let our voices ring out in prayer.

  22. T Beach says:

    Isnt there something in the constitution thats says if we arent happy with the governing parties we can remove them??? Pretty sure it states that and by any means neccessary.

  23. Gregory says:

    The only thing Schumer is qualified to change is biden’s diaper. Stay strong president Trump.

  24. Wayne Lyle says:

    This man is an ignorant fool. If NY continues to vote for people like him and Cuomo they deserve what they will get. DeBlasio has already destroyed NYC now they are working on the rest of the state. I feel sorrow for the normal Americans in this state and others like Oregon, CA, MI, Il, and MN.

    • T Beach says:

      Thats just it though. Now we are seeing they arent getting voted in legaly. This voter fraud has been going on for a long time. Its like everything else. Its just getting exposed now since Pres Trump is trying to drain the swamp. When Obiden can hide in his basement and cant get 10 people to come listen to him and still gets more votes than Obummer in 08 you know something is up.

      • Sapphira says:

        Obiden said it himself: “I’ve put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” He accidentally told the truth.

  25. Curtis says:

    I was taught to have respect of my elders, but there must be a line drawn when the same figures we have entrusted to protect and look out for Americans interest, not just their own, commit treasonous activities as these guys have been engaging in. Not just Chuck, but seems there are many in government that have lost sight of why they have been elected to their post. Our elected officials, the gate keepers, those elected to protect us now abuse their power to control and make us fearful.

  26. Mike says:

    scummer is a disgrace & POS!!! If this election is stolen by sleezy joe & heels-up harris this Great Country will be over. piglosi & scummer need to be put away with a number of lying cheating demoncraps. Let’s start with sleezy joe & his dealings with china, then let’s get odumbo, hitlery, sorass, schitt head, mad max, little dick durbin & many more. Firing squads would be nice!!!

  27. Tyler Cholger says:

    Schumer is right, there needs to be change…first, we need to overhaul the out of control campaign financing “allowed” practices…what has been allowed to happen is disgusting, outrageous and unamerican. With all the dark money and “NOT” so dark money being allowed infusion into the election process…when did it become acceptable to have our representatives be openly bought versus be elected by popular vote which one would like to believe had something to do with merit and accomplishment(s) versus depth of funding and second, our voting process needs to overhauled and made uniform throughout “ALL” states, “NO” exceptions.

  28. Bill says:

    To Michelle Obama you really are a Stupid person .

  29. Bill says:

    I hope and pray that every Democrat that voted for The Pervert ,Pedophile sick ASS Pos Joe Biden all die soon.

  30. Audrey says:

    I will leave the country before I go socialist !

  31. Mark Allen Pearson, M.A. says:

    So what will this “changed” America look like? Like the “Changed” Germany of the 30’s??

  32. Donna Robinson says:

    I refuse to except the election they
    Are CROOKS liars and the only way they can win by cheating thats all they know how to do.TRUMP Stay strong we love you. You will beat them. Trumpster fan.

    • Mike Tanco says:

      Biden won’t last a year and that was the Democrats way of getting a woman in the White House.
      If you thought Biden is bad, Willie Brown’s mistress is worse. It was by voter fraud that they beat Trump and i for one hope he investigates the voting and the Biden family.

      • Roberts says:

        Even after the bought off politicians ceertify . I would help with that as long as JUNIOR TRUMP STAYS HOME , GO TO PUB, ANYWHERE NUT THERE !!!!

  33. F F Tramutola Jr. says:


  34. Mmmm Mmmm says:

    I’ll never go socialist

  35. Diana M Talmadge says:

    The best way to change America is to oust all of the ancient relics in Congress,and follow the Constitution.

  36. Robert Schultz says:

    cuck shumer needs to be removed from office.
    Personally, I would like to see him vacationing in a little spot at the tip of cuba.
    I hear that terns nest at guantanimo bay federal resort and spa

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