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Sean Penn Compares Trump Supporters To Al-Qaeda

As noted by Breitbart, “More than 74 million Americans voted last November to reelect President Donald Trump. Now actor Sean Penn has compared supporters of the president to al-Qaeda, the radical Islamic terrorist network, in what is the latest example of the left’s attempts to demonize conservatives as homicidal terrorists.

“Sean Penn also likened President Trump to Osama Bin Laden in a tweet on Wednesday.”

And Penn isn’t the only one making inflammatory accusations.

Check out the tweets below and then share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.


  1. Sean Penn is living proof you can speak while in a DRUG INDUCED COMMA! Just look at his picture, nothing there says anything about life!

  2. GITMO says:

    There you go again! Obama created al Qaida and isis so 2hy isnt his camel jockey ass in Gitmo! Not counting all his other crimes agaist America! Hollywood twits dont live in real America they live in a fantasy land full of luxury we create for them by going to and buying there movies!! Heres shawn Robin was smart enough to get away from running his mouth about something knows nothing about like Robert D and other hollywood big mouths! They believe fake news since they dont think for themselves! Anyone who believes in fake news like CNN and MSNBC ownes by Soros shouldnt be allowed in America! Shawn was running around with Mexican drug king pin goosman and it’s a wonder they havent came after him! Califorina is gonna get a taste of the real world soon after all the big company’s and tech are moving out to mid west for better deals and more central in america after getting reamed by California for so long by the likes of Pelosi and Newsoms failures!! Shawn go crawl in your hollyweird hole and shut your hollyweird mouth! Nobody needs you nor will they miss anything you do!!

  3. JOHN UHR says:


    • Ellsa says:

      People in Hollywood have completely succumbed to China’s XI.I DO NOT buy or watch their GA movies. Cannot understand the their garbled of English.
      Sean Penn and others that do not like this country should ‘get their ass out”, money holds them here to whine!!!

    • Ellsa says:

      People in Hollywood have completely succumbed to China’s XI.I DO NOT buy or watch their GArbage movies. Cannot understand the their garbled of English.
      Sean Penn and others that do not like this country should ‘get their ass out”, money holds them here to whine!!!

  4. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    Hollywood is for ppl who live in a fantasy land.They are so out of touch with real life,
    So, I personally am no longer paying taxes, no taxation without REPRESENTATION, since the government no longer represents the will of the 81 million voters who where silenced voters. WE NO LONGER HAVE TO SUPPORT A FALSE PRESIDENT….FUCK BIDEN. NO PEACE ..NO UNITY. SINCE THEY THINK WHATS BEST FOR US . THEY CAN SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT. NOT MY TAX MONEY.

    • Kay says:

      Good – get your sorry ass out of this beautiful country. You are a terrorist and your presence will not be tolerated.

      • Ran Winr says:

        You must of been one of the four beeping support for Biden.

        • Kay says:

          Wrong, dumb fuck – I’m one of the 81 plus million that voted for Biden.

          • Ran Win says:

            One of 81 million imaginary supporters.

          • J.S. says:

            one of the 25 mill. that voted for him, we don’t count the dead on this side of the aisle. Trump got more vote than any other EVER, and the dem’s stole enough votes to beat him.

      • d says:

        If you want to see who the real terrorists are they have the majority in the House of Representatives and Senate. There is where domestic terrorists live!

        • Ellsa says:

          Kay u are brainwashed!indication of low IQ.

          • Kay says:

            Not brainwashed or of a low IQ. I just have to dumb up my responses for you bitches. All of you repulsive Repubs are responsible for the pathetic attempt to overthrow our democracy. We will never let you get away with that, and you will all be hunted down like the terrorists you are. You are nothing more than rotting carcasses and you are even dumber for thinking the Pussy Grabber is going to save your sorry asses. The Mother Fucker has left the building.

          • Ran Win says:

            Keep the kids away from creepy joe.

      • J.S. says:

        You dumb ass, if you keep poking a junkyard dog, you WILL get bit bitch

  5. Ran Win says:

    When is Hollywood going to understand that we the people ( use to be their customers) really do not care what they think.

  6. Roger says:

    Sean Penn is a severely mentally challenged moron who from appearance seems to be stoned out of his mind. Hollywood and all the small-minded morons who roam its halls really should have been told a long time ago that We the People, who they are not a part of, could care less what they have to say. Acting is such an easy thing to do, so what makes them think that they are so intelligent. Hey Sean, shut the fuck up, idiot!!!

  7. Jeff says:

    It’s just Incredible to me that with all the Hate, Death, Violence and Destruction the Democrats have already Been responsible for to Achieve their Political Agenda of Stealing the Presidency that now instead of trying to Quell the Fires, They just keep Fanning the Flames to create More of the Same, When is it going to be enough!. Pelosi’s continued Quest to try and remove President Trump from Office with another Attempt to Impeach Him with again some Totally Ridiculous B.S. Charges is just another Waste of Time and Money. The only real purpose it seems to Serve now is to Antagonize Trump Supporters and to try to create more Violence. How much Blood is Enough? How much is it going take to Satisfy the Democrats Lust for Power. Wasn’t the Innocent 14 year Air Force Veteran enough? She was unarmed, standing in plain sight and Posed a threat to No one. Murdered by a Capital Police Officer, Shot down like a Rabid Dog. But She was White, If that same thing had happened to a Black Female, BLM and Antifa would have Burned the Capital Building to the Ground. What would have Happened to them? NOTHING, not a Damn thing and because of this Double Standard that exist it only Serves to Divide us as Human Beings. Everything Biden and the Democrats are doing is for this Reason, They want to Divide the Races, They want us to hate each other, Look at his Policies for Example: Biden Pledges to Help Black and other Minority owned small Businesses shutdown due to Coronavirus, no White owned, and WHY? Because, Quote: I Honestly Believe Identity Politics and Racial Division is the key to Economic Recovery. end of Quote. (Biden’s Words not Mine) Gee, I don’t know about you but that Sounds very much like Discrimination, Racism, and Segregation to Me. Which only Reinforces the Fact that Joe Biden is a Racist, He was, is and has always been a Racist. The Democratic Party has Always been Racist and has been Manipulating Minorities, Especially the Black Race for years, Keep them down, Keep them Poor and Keep them Dependent on the Government for Food Stamps and Welfare Checks, And all they have to do is Make more Babies to be future Voters and Vote Democratic and the Checks will keep on Coming. It’s Disgusting and Perverted, and Scumbags like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have joined the Party Keeping their Own People Down and getting Rich off of Their Pain. If they really gave a Damn about Blacks and other Minorities They would have helped them get an Education, created Programs that Teach Viable Skills so they could get Decent Jobs, Of Course if they had done that they would have not only lost the ability to Manipulate them, But they would have Lost the Majority of their Voter Base too. So Sad that even now with All of the Information that has been revealed about the Democratic Party the Blacks still continue to Drink the kool-aid of the Democrats and vote them into Political Office. In the mean time the Democrats continue to keep Driving that wedge between Us, creating more Hate and Animosity Between Us. I believe in Hopes of Starting a Civil War Between Blacks and Whites, And Sadly It’s Working to a Large Degree. I just Pray that every American will Stop and Think, And Lets not only Use the Brains that God gave Us, But Lets use Our Hearts to, To Remember that each and every one of Us are Human Beings, We may Look Different on the Outside but on the inside Were all the Same. We all breathe, We all Bleed, We all Feel Pain, We all Love and We all Die. We are all Created by the Lord God in his Image. Genesis 1:26 If we all Carry that in Our Hearts and remove the Anger, Pain and Hate and We Treat each other as Brothers and Sisters in Gods Family Then their would be no need for Anger, Fighting or Killing each other. Whoever sheds the Blood of Man, By Man shall his Blood be shed, For God made Man in His Own Image. Genesis 9:6 May God Bless us all

    • Kay says:

      Yeah, tell all your shit to your so- called brothers and sisters. They are the same ones that have tried to destroy our democracy. You fucking pigs are not patriots, you are Yrump’s little bitches sent to do his dirty work. Didn’t work for him and it won’t work for all the wanna be terrorists you can pull out of the garbage pile.

  8. Boogertait says:


  9. Elizabeth says:

    These people are beginning to believe their own lies. It takes a real intelligent person to believe their own lies. The left must have a very unintelligent following to believe some of the things they believe. The leftists are the haters and the violent ones as evidenced by the rioting, burning and killing that has gone on this past few years. All they have to do is watch the video of the peaceful protest and they will see the Trump supporters were not violent, but the Antifa that snuck in later were. I’m sure the left knows full well who hired them too. We all know who hire them.

  10. Howard Rex Dinger says:


  11. Steven New says:

    Anyone that’s for the commie’s is a enemy of america…
    Yeah I see what’s going on
    Cut america out of the picture
    Make it were we have to import gas including are cloths we wear
    We don’t need to import a damm thing from china are from anywere…
    Ive tried my best to buy american all my life
    It’s impossible to do that because of the shity trade deals are government has made…
    Trump has put China on notice and now a bunch of idiots are going to screw us again
    The democratis are about more government and more government
    Pretty soon its going to be just government period

  12. Sam B. says:

    Ya know…all the adolescent name calling & divisive messages from the elites politicians & most definitely the horrible divisive news networks MUST END! ENOUGH! It does nothing but turn up the temperature of “we the people!” If people have that much hate & can’t change &/or relax with all the divisive nonsense then move to a country where ALL the bs is the norm. We r a nation of strong proper standards & governed by a great constitution that all must b respected for our success. Adolescent name calling & all the negative divisive messages ain’t it!!!!

    • Kay says:

      You are a fucking hypocrite. Preach your message to the traitors that tried to overthrow our democracy. You are wolves in sheep’s clothing. None of you can be trusted. You are who you are and will be called every time.

  13. Linda Burns says:

    Hollywood is so out of touch with reality. They can’t stay married, have more money than brains, have kids out of wedlock and they think American patriots -like those of us who believe in the Trump ideology – are to blame for the mess in this country. Let the BLM and Antifa riot in their neighborhoods and see what they say.

    • Wendy Maison says:

      100% Sean Penn just lost my respect. Actors should go find God instead of judging all the time. Pathetic excuses for entertainment…I STOPPED watching them years ago.

  14. Perry says:

    Who knows Trump is responsible for brokering peace agreements between Israel and United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan? I’d bet Sean Penn doesn’t know his azz from a hole in the ground. What a piece of work.

  15. B J Thomas says:

    Okay, Sean Penn, it was okay with you for anarchy in the streets all summer? Where were you Sean Penn? Did you help out and try to stop this, I mean aren’t you the tough guy? I think you have had too much crack saying respectful Trump supporters are comparable to al-Qaeda. I used to like you, now I hate you. You are trash, and so is Eric Swalwell.

    • Kay says:

      And you are a rotting republican carcass. Sure that neither Penn or Swawell give a fuck what you think.

  16. James says:

    I bet you a dollar Penn is related to Biden.

  17. AJ says:

    Start facing reality!!! Democrates intend to destroy OUR COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION and turn you into a communist slave. Anything they learn from you will be used against you.

    DO THIS WITH “demoncrates”:
    Don’t be congenial.
    Don’t be honest.
    Don’t share personal information.
    Don’t admit you have guns.
    Don’t talk about your friends.
    If you ignore the above you/family/friends are an easy target. And OUR COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION too.

    • Kay says:

      That’s right dude. If you break the law, the law will come for you. We can smell you rotten republicans

      • Ellsa says:

        Kay, what garbage. Funny Boys Institution(FBI) will not arrest Harris’s destructive antifa and blm lapdogs that she told them ‘don’t stop’. Look it up!!

        • Kay says:

          My, what a clever wordsmith you are. You are just one of the Pussy Grabber’s Bitches and sooooo sad that the he lost. Don’t worry, even though you are not worth the air you breathe, our wonderful President Biden will keep you safe. Say thank you, loser

  18. Gary says:

    Sean Penn is incorrect and an idiot! But then again what would you expect from the PEDO world trying to expell their last breath before GITMO…

    • Kay says:

      You should know Gary – your neighbors suspect that you are the neighborhood child molester. They are keeping their eyes on you.

  19. Tsetse says:


  20. Duane Bowen says:

    It’s been stated, that terrible things happen when enough good people stand and do nothing. How many newspapers that printed anti-Trump messages did you write and object to? How many who are in the “MOB” did you demean and insult? Or were you too afraid? Because “FEAR” is the left’s biggest weapon. Don’t be a “Mouse” be a “Lion” and “Scream Foul!” Otherwise, get used to saying Heil Biden

  21. Jane Holland says:

    I read every comment and agree that Donald Trump is the best leader we have had in my lifetime (over 80 years). He , like many conservatives, saw what needed to be done and Just Did It. Anyone with any sense can see that. It is too bad that we have sooo many in Congress that worked against him. I wonder if God stepped in to shake things up when many in Congress worked against the President who didn’t hesitate to call on God for direction. All they seem to care about is preventing Trump from being our leader and working to MAGA .

  22. Rhina says:

    Funny thing the American people have been living a nightmare treated like President Trump did for decades and it has yet to stop. American citizens are not the domestic terrorist just think – The mask mandate stupidity is a perfect example? I am sorry, think about it how many times your walking alone or just want to go buy a candy bar and some how some one you never even ever met in your life starts yelling at you for not being part of the mob mentally? No one but God has the right to tell another adult what they have to do it doesn’t matter what you think how many people I will kill by just being me. Masks are evil covering your face is so against humanity it is totally the opposite of who we are. Americans we aren’t this weak and is an assult against my civil rights, religious rights, human rights and those who suggest such wrong is completely against freedom. So who really is the terrorist?

  23. Candy Clanton says:

    The propaganda on this site is unbelievable! Everyone knows Trump is against violence! He ended the wars; bringing our military home & his speech to his supporters on the 6th at the White House said nothing about violence, only to walk down to the Capitol peacefully & patriotically! He’s no one near Osama Bin Laden or Hilton – he doesn’t want to kill anyone unless it happened in defense of our country by the military! I’m sick of listening to this celebrities that know NOTHING! I think it is pure jealousy of Trump that they couldn’t do what he has done & have so many fans! I can guarantee them their fan base is going DOWN!

    • Jane Holland says:


    • Dorothy says:

      I completely agree. Sean Penn is a drug addict(probably alcoholic too) and idiot – always has been. Several years ago I enjoyed watching movies. A few months ago I trashed all videos and CDs that were liberal celebrities and vocalists. That left me with a small number of videos and CDs. I do not attend movies nor support Hollywood. Every day I include the Trump family in my prayers. It is a disgrace what has happened to our wonderful USA.

    • Kay says:

      Right Candy Ass. Keep your head up the Pussy Grabber’s
      Maybe we will get lucky and you will run out of air

  24. Alexander says:

    I. Don’t know how Americans can find this best president we have had in30years so bad as to compare him to a terroist. He has done more for this country and the working American family than Obama did in 8 years . He did it in 4 with every one against him at the same time . God bless this man and family and screw all of you who don’t agree. Remember pay backs are hell. Look out Biden crime family America is watching.

    • Ellsa says:

      Alexander, it is all about money!! Congress and corporations are losing a little money that is coming to us. They are greedy!!!!

  25. Edward Holland says:

    Nobody cares what these hollywood morons think anyway.

  26. Lynn says:

    I know all Democrats are not evil…some are just totally ignorant! This is the party that tears innocent babies apart piece by piece in the womb & then lectures us on mortality.29 million black babies murdered and even more of of other races. Number one loss of life! This is the party that purposely leaks anonymous lies & then has their comrades in the media push the narrative over & over again. They frame the competition with lies & they don’t care if they destroy innocent lives in the process. The left has ravaged our country with violence for months…allowing savages to beat up an kill innocent people, they have burned down businesses and destroyed neighborhoods & livelyhoods of people who have worked their whole lives to achieve something. They have allowed criminals into our country & out of jails to further hurt our children & destroy poor communities while they sit in their mansions with walls & armed guards. These rich elites have manipulated their base to fulfil their agenda. Democrats haven’t said a word about the violence in our streets or our nation’s capital in fact they have encouraged it! They lied & even framed our President…that is a fact! They stormed the capital when Cavenaugh was nominated…it was ok then, when Trump was being sworn in riots were not a problem….no righteous indignation then!They have encouraged the testing down our our monuments & history. The country that people from other lands have risked their live to come too is supposedly so awful. They have encouraged the violence & have planned the violence with the complicit media backing them up all along. This is all part of their playbook. They think they are superior in itelect to the rest of us… They don’t care about the American people they want money, power & control & they will use all these useful fools to get it. These people accuse everyone of what they themselves are guilty of. They are lovers of themselves & wicked as they come… pure evil…they may be winning now but someday they will answer for what they have done. Someday they will be judged by the God the have denied…Justice will come.

    • Thomas kellum says:

      To me a 30 yr vet. I think his last words here said it all. To the American people who go for the left are just as sick as there leaders. I believe in GOD THE FATHER and for our country. But now been they voted and support the left 100%. I hope GOD comes faster then they can think .. GOD BLESS THE REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE ON THE RIGHT…

      • Kay says:

        You got it wrong – we pray to God and you assholes pray to Trump. God answers prayers Trump just empties your pockets and slithers out the back door like the traitor snake he is.

    • Michael J Korger says:

      Who is Sean Penn? I have heard multiple quotes from him in the news, and I have yet to hear anything from him that sounds intelligent.

    • AJ says:

      I hope their judgement will come sooner, especially if some one ignites the flame of 1776.

    • james cooper says:

      Everything you said is true Lynn. Jesus came and healed the blind and lame. We need HIM today. This is a battle between good and evil. Must be fought spiritually. We all know the truth and must be fervent prayer warriors.

  27. Diane Listman says:

    Well, I’m not a terrorist, KKK, or a Nazi as the CNN reporter said today…I’m a middle income wage earner and tax payer. These Hollywood stars only want a moment in fame. It makes me sick that we are being called names for our vote for President Trump. The US is a very sad state of affairs.

    • Jay says:

      Hollywierd know that CHINA owns 60% of LA… SEAN Penn needs a paycheck like lifetime Do Nothing Congress twitts & incumbent traitors… Vote them out!

      Primary combo eviction / elections.

      • James Crowell says:

        What a buffoon, when did ANYONE ever CARE what this “actor” said or did ? Irrelevant actor(s) always feel as though someone out there really wants to know what they are thinking. WRONG AGAIN.
        What needs to happen from now on during elections is when the LIARS pull up in their vans with all of their “mail-in” ballots, they mysteriously disappear. Getting the trash out is as easy as that. As joe biden says “We have established the most extensive corrupt election organization in history” or something to that effect. Not a direct quote but similar to what he said. They always want to wait until the majority of ballots are counted in order to know how many “mail-in” ballots they need to DUMP at the counting facilities to insure a victory.

      • AJ says:

        No more life pensions for elected officials.

    • Ginger Morrell says:

      Seriously? So far off base with this. Shows how bright you guys are … I can see you’ve done your research lol! So, we pay politicians to do a job. They aren’t doing it and haven’t been for years. We are finally made aware how bad it truly is by trump, pelossi and her troops of priviledged congressional leaders (and I use the term.loosely), and that makes us all terrorists? Your an idiot. We the people ARE guilty of trusting our congress to have our best interests at heart. Trump only showed us how far from.the truth that is. He has issues. So do you I obviously as do we ALL. He was unfortunately the pick of the litter and I mean that in the nicest way mr. trump. He proved what it takes to be a strong leader that we’ve been missing for some time. And that makes us terrorists? You make me laugh. Never judge a book by its cover or throw titles on people or put those titles in a basket as being the same. Every individual is unique and makes their own choices. Good and bad. Pretty sure youve made some as well, but show your party still comes off as self-righteous and all knowing. Pretty sure I can’t change your mind with blinders on as you are, but I’d you want to see what real and the vast majority of Republicans are like, take a walk and talk (not info shoved down your throat as gospel) on the wild side with the enemy sometime. You might just be surprised at what you find from us intelligent, common sense, kind and humble folks. But if you choose to remain closed minded, well, you will forever be less educated. Stay self-righteous!

      • karen says:

        Well said and with much humor.
        Seems to many Actors get mixed up in acting roles and don’t know themselves after a while. For them to stereotype other people is a role they can’t pull off. No Oscars there!!Like he knows us. Ha Ha

  28. rick says:

    Sean Penn is the smartest guy I know when it comes to spouting oral butt-gas! Good thing he’s an “actor”, because he ain’t smart enough to pour piss out of a boot! Moron!

  29. Gregger says:

    Boycott Hollywood! I did years ago. They are now in bed with China more than ever. As if anybody cares what actors have to say anyway. All they can do is read a script. Much like Jobama.

  30. Joseph Black Jr. says:

    He ;is a washed up actor looking for 15 minutes of fame.

  31. Sean Penn is like a popcorn fart, all noise and no substance. He has put forth all of his learning and it amounts to so little you wonder if he has any education at all. Makes you wonder about his education on Osama Bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda. Was he really acquainted with them, has ever been there or is it all made up? He actually sounds like a group of the intellectual make believers of California

  32. Kt says:

    I weep as I sit here and read all of these comments. No one should ever have to go through what you have had to go through Mr. President. For god sakes you are THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Sleepy joe talks about respecting the president even if you are in disagreement with him. Is that some kind of a joke joe? I think you and your swap need a little lesson in respect. That is why today there is a lack of respect by the younger generation. They watch what’s going on in our government and they see how all of you swap rats treat our president with such disrespect and how you let our city’s burn and encourage it. You certainly are not leading by example. Mr president you have walked alone through your presidency and you still walk alone. The Republican party sold their souls to the devil. You will always be the best president that I have had in my lifetime. Sleepy joe and commy harris will never even come close to what your administration has accomplished. My prayers are with you and your family. You are truly a wonderful man. I am saddened to what this country will become under this administration and I fear for my children’s future. What the swamp is and has done to you is absolutely evil. Their day will come when they meet their maker and beg his forgiveness. However they have all, and you know who you are, sold their souls to the devil and what they deserve is to be cast into the fiery pits of hell to burn for eternity.

    • Donna Carroll says:

      Very well said. He has never gotten respect from the American people. He has been attacked for 4 years. I say enough is enough!!!

  33. Lezly says:

    Lets be clear. The Democraps are sick demented people. They have no filter. Do as i say, not as i do. Lets see how far their madness can carry them.

  34. R. Binder says:

    Stopped watching any of the anti american vocal idiots, they don’t get it that’s why they are so called actors, they are stupid and only know how to role play. It’s a good thing they get plenty of time to remember their lines or they might have to get a real job.

  35. David Campbell says:

    Ever notice that all the Demon-Rats Marxists use the same talking point as if they receive DNC talking points. Its because none of these Demon-Rats Marxists morons can think for themselves. As far as Penn is concerned the Great American’s who support President Trump could careless what he or any other Marxists Demon-Rats have to say!

    • Jaybo says:

      Pelosi handed out ” manifests” to school all demonrats to think,say and do exactly the SAME things! ” I claim my time” for example.All of this was planned and shared across the USA. And there’s a lot more to come.

  36. For one us Trump supporters are not terrorist. The Capitol incident was a set up by the Democratic party. Matter of fact there are multiple videos showing crackhead Nancy Pelosis son. That was arrested for having sex with underaged girls. Also to police escorted buses with antifa and blm. Terrorist

    • charles west says:

      What I don’t understand is why they can’t see what a great president he is. and what great things he did for this country. Why don’ they prosicute the lawbreaker for what they are doing. Don’t listen to the communists in the senate and house. VOTE THEM OUT!

    • Tina Aliff says:

      Harris did a campaign calling for people to fund getting the ANTIFA and jail rats out of jail to lude burn destroy small business so Walmart Home Depot could stick the final nail in coffin all due to the Obummer administration and Fouci funding encouraging and outright saying in 2017 President Trump would face a Pandemic like no other. They saw how much President Trump was accomplishing in such a short time. Not wasting American Citizens money doing it all either. There was a video circulating instructing the media, governors, Healthcare workers, police all how to continue the mental panic and isolation of Citizens globally. This was done on PURPOSE for population control. President Trump was NOT any part of this evil plan. In fact he threw a hugh monkey wrench in the spread of the CHINESE man made virus and halted the spread by canceling travel abroad. EXCELLENT move. The media Creepy Pedifile Joe and Black Hitler Harris and Demonized Pelosi, Homo Como ALL critized President Trump. Then the CDC LIED and continues to lie to Citizens about masks. They DO NOT stop the virus! It’s a mental placebo and nothing more. The 6 foot rule is so your I phones, apple watches On Star can track your every move! Pretty soon Citizens will be arrested for not obeying their ridiculous rules via cameras, snitches. They want children to be behind in education and knowledge. The stupider the better. All to heard you around like cattle. Praise God for President Trump!!! The swamp can’t outsmart him, buy him, or own him. Instead Nancy Pelosi “smear campaign “was gobbled up like Thanksgiving dinner. The ILLEGAL ALIENS will have Immunity to ALL crimes regardless of the offense. This is to trigger Martial Law. Order out of caous, then gun, house, car confiscation. Defending police so Citizens all become vulnerable, then the kill of Constitution and Bill of rights. After that the rich can feast on us all. I pray God has that battle in Armageddon soon. God Bless ALL.

  37. maxibaby says:

    Every (D) on the face of the planet is insane! The only people who have made “heads roll”, literally, are islamic terrorists whom the Dems having a undying affection for, right?

    • Frank says:

      Sean Penn, Eric Swallwell, et tal, are all ABSOLUTELY Spot On! Listen to them, & get your heads out of the sand, already! What’s WRONG with you people who remain trump supporters? The Drumpf will throw you under the bus! Open your damn eyes! Look at all the damage he has wrought on our country! LOCK HIM UP! He is responsible for all the lies, distortions, & fear-mongering. He is the WORST President to ever occupy the WH. He has shown no respect for the office of the U.S. President, never had a CLUE about what to do as a leader, selecting people who were totally without experience, then firing them if they DARED to disagree with him. It has always been CHAOS! Then, spewing hateful rhetoric to incite violence to try to destroy our Democracy! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on y’all for backing this EVIL, CORRUPT, CRIMINAL! He needs to be held accountable, be LOCKED UP, & throw away the key.

      • Jackie says:

        Your so stupid! Stop watching fake news and start thinking for yourself! And by the way, Trump doesn’t tell us how to think, We back him because he’s a GREAT president!and has done all he’s promised.

        • David D'Anna says:

          Any Movie the fool was in always made him out to be a STONER..And that is all the left is! Screw them..I don’t watch their SHIT SHOWS and I sure as hell don’t give a damn about anything they say or write!.Hollyweird needs to disappear! Damned good riddance!.

      • Bill says:

        All the damage done to our country has been instigated by the deep state,,
        Abd you are just a pawn in their plans to pull off their communist takeover.

      • Charles says:

        You say he has lied, and caused damage to the country.
        Why don’t you tell me specifically what damage he has done to our country. Our president has tried to do only the things that are good for our country even as the left has thrown roadblocks in front of him as he worked for the American people.

        I am afraid you are about to find out who the ones are that will cause irreparable damage to our country and you may regret your decision to support the ones you do, if you are not too stupid!

  38. Carol says:

    Who in his/her right mind would consider this egotistical blow-hard an to be an “elite”? He is a mental midget!

  39. Frank Steele says:

    This guy is a complete idiot! He always has been. Anyone who listens to him is as stupid as he is.

  40. Micky says:

    I agree with above comments. Where was the media’s obsession when BLM destroyed lives & cities? Spoke with someone actually @ capitol. OUTSIDERS entered the group of peaceful demonstrators only when they neared the capitol. These clearly were “plants” to disrupt electoral college proceedings.

    Trump never remotely said anything about violence, violating laws, disrespecting, destroying. When saw on TV, immediately thought of the months of BLM. BTW, I’m a senior, & proud great grand-daughter of Civil War underground railroad heroes from northern border state who risked it all for the freedom of strangers escaping from the south.

    • KJ says:

      Paul Speary a reporter said that a friend in the FBI told him that a bus load of Antifa arrived at President Trumps speech.

      • Bill says:

        The antifa buses where allowed in before the MAGA buses were allowed in.
        One driver recounted on fb how he witnessed several people left the President’s speech early and headed to the capitol building. It was a setup from the get go.

    • Wanda MacDonald says:

      I agree with you totally I too believe it was all a set up to bring Trump and his supporters down.

  41. Bill says:

    Once again people….you have the power if you would only use it! When these people come out with this kind of attack DO NOT SUPPORT THEM IN ANY WAY !!! !! No movies where they appear, no tv shows where they appear, no publications they are part of. Make them a total toxic liability to any entertainment endeavor and a negative to any advertising. Hit them in the wallet !!!!!

    • Pegs says:

      ABSOLULTELY!!!!!!!!!! They do this to get attention!!! #HAS BEENS!!!

    • Arthur Bevington says:

      I totally agree stop watching movies with these ingrates couple years ago. Have not watched the news media in 4 months. And have no intentions on watching it in the future

  42. Lizzie says:

    President Trump has been the best President in our country in history, the most honest, he loves this country. The swamp runs deeper than anyone ever thought. I pray we will survive this fake administration. Everyone knows sleepy creepy joe was just a front to get common harris in office She’s not black hello

    • Perry says:

      Lizzie, just go back and look at all the LEFTS rhetoric. Kathy Griffin holding a bloody head, Madonna calling for the White House to be blown up, Johnny Depp saying We Need a John Wilkes Booth,Maxine Waters calling for support to be harassed wherever they are, Joe Biden wants to take Trump out backorder the school and beat the hell out of him. My God what is going on. I never heard Trump say too bust up the Capital, I heard peacefully protest. What is wrong with the LEFT?

    • JLHart says:

      Trump made this country great again! Considering he was never a politician he was an awesome awesome President. He proved time and again that he loves America and put the people first! If the media had ever covered all the things he actually did for Americans instead of all the lies and BS spewed by the leftist and fake news, he would still be the President because NO one would have voted for Biden. Now we need to make it through the next 4 years…do not even want to think about what is coming now! Pray hard… get on your knees and hold onto God!

  43. Patricia Paul-Cyril says:

    The world is full of idiots and Hollywood seems to be their capital city.

  44. Kime Jones says:

    Does anyone care what Sean Penn thinks?
    Hollywood has been will say and do anything to stay relevant.

    • James Steelman says:

      Yeh and he is a terrible actor he couldn’t save his brother from cocaine hmm maybe his brother was a isis member as well😡

  45. Robert says:

    These people Are NOT patriots! They are all Commies! WE Patriots don’t give a tinkers damn what the think, mostly because they are not capable of thoght!

  46. I have never seen such bias in mainstream media in my life. I have also never the hypocrisy that is coming from mainstream media and the Democrats. Where was all this talk when Antifa and BLM were burning buildings,cities, destroying statues and killing 47 people.

    • K J Dudley says:


    • Arthur Bevington says:

      I agree

    • Perry says:

      Look at Makine Waters comments the last four years, how about Kathy Griffin, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Adam Schiff, Peter Stzrok, James Comey, Louise Dreyfuss, John Brennan, Governor Cuomo, Mayor Deblasio, the list of hate mongers goes on and on and on. I heard on January 06, 2021, President Trump say “Peacefully Protest”. Thank you thought Police for your interpretation. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. God has his eye on our World.

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        There were some who protested peacefully but others went too far damaging property, looting, planting incendiary devices and endangering attendees to a capital event. These are just a cause for a crack down by authorities.

    • Donna Carroll says:


    • Sharon says:

      Exactly,thank you

  47. Barbara says:

    Sean Penn, a far leftist, as well as Stalwell, who should star in a movie titled”sleeping with China”, are part of the problem. Their lack of knowledge greatly shows thru their comments!

  48. Geneww38 says:

    why does any person care about what these God hating, self aggrandizing, anti-American think.

  49. Jim Hall says:

    Just remember that there are (obviously) no educational or IQ requirements to be an actor or entertainer and that ultimately they contribute little to society. They are the children of the ‘fools’ of the days of yore.

  50. Patrick says:

    Where were these people during the blm riots like 80 cops dead almost 400 dead cities burned and are still under siege where were you. We don’t want to hear your one sided rhetoric I thought this country was based on being an equal right country looking awful lot like discrimination to me and many of my fellow countrymen

    • JLHart says:

      Why weren’t the BLM and ANTIFA prosecuted for all they did… oh that’s right … excuse me, I mean LEFT! they were PAID by the LEFT!!!

  51. tom polock says:

    sean pean another hollywood hasben did not like him to start with

    • kh says:

      Tom your so right about Penn. These Hollywood elites should keep quite and go soak there heads. I can’t believe they would even bother with us. They better start praying. Sin runs deep in the Hollywood elite.

  52. cynde says:

    Explain to me again how this will unite us? That’s what is wrong with the far side of any party. No one can disagree with them without being called names and being dehumanized.
    I wish more people would read Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini. It is truly an eye opener.

  53. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    Hollywood “elite”? YOU MEAN HOLLYWOOD never was, talentless dirt bag Weinstein blowing beta bitch!

  54. Gary Catalano says:

    All has beens making comments to get back in the media … which ( the media ) is as corrupt as they are … All losers … Sean Penn hasn’t made a dollar unless it was a rerun from Two and a Half Men lol

  55. Linda says:

    Swalwell is such a loser a——-hole.