Sen. Cotton: ‘Biden Bears A Lot Of The Blame’ – Video

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR)

( – In a stinging rebuke for what he perceives as a major failure on the part of President Joe Biden, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Maria Bartiromo on her “Sunday Morning Futures” Fox Business News program (watch the video below) that “Biden bears a lot of the blame” for the increasingly dangerous situation in Ukraine where Russia may invade at any moment.

As the Daily Caller framed it:

“Dismissing Putin’s stated complaints about NATO and a U.S. military presence near Russia’s borders as mere pretexts, Cotton argued that the Russian president was more concerned with reassembling a ‘greater Soviet Russian Empire’ and establishing a ‘non-democratic buffer zone’ in the region.

“‘That’s what Vladimir Putin has always wanted, so why is it now that he’s put more than a hundred thousand troops on the border?’ Cotton asked. ‘There, I think, President Biden bears a lot of the blame.’”

Cotton went on to say:

“For a year, he has been appeasing Vladimir Putin. He gave him a very one-sided nuclear arms control treaty the very first month of his presidency. He removed sanctions from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, which his own party opposed. He really did nothing about the colonial pipeline hack, and then in August, Vladimir Putin, like the rest of the world, saw Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan.”

And now, as almost everyone with a heartbeat expects, Putin will soon have his military cross the border into Ukraine in his quest to reassemble a ‘greater Soviet Russian Empire’ as Cotton put it.

Here’s the video of Senator Cotton speaking with Maria Bartiromo yesterday.