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Sen. Hawley Will Force Congress To Vote On Election

Breaking Now: Sen. Josh Hawley has announced he will force Congress to debate and vote on the presidential election on January 6th.


Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) announced Wednesday that he would object next week when Congress convenes to certify the electoral college vote, a move that all but ensures at least a short delay in cementing President-elect Joe Biden’s victory,” according to The Washington Post.

President Trump has repeatedly suggested congressional intervention as a last-ditch way to reverse the election results, despite opposition from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and other leading Republicans, who have conceded it is bound to fail and will put their members in an awkward position.

“In a statement, Hawley said he feels compelled to put a spotlight on purported election irregularities.

“‘At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and adopt measures to secure the integrity of our elections. But Congress has so far failed to act,’ Hawley said.”

For more on this story, go to The Washington Post.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with Sen. Hawley’s decision to force Congress to debate and vote on the 2020 Presidential Election? Do you believe Hawley’s decision will make any difference in who is sworn in on January 20th?



  2. George E says:

    Trump won in 2016 because people voted against Hillary……………………………. Biden won in 2020 because people voted against Trump……. and the pandemic, and the broken economy, and record unemployment, and 300,000 dead Americans, and the unstable , inconsistent government. ………………. Pretty simple why trump lost!!

    • Joe Blow says:

      That is patently UNTRUE,and you know it ! Trump won by a landslide, and you liberals are just dead set on getting your way, even if it means you have to lie, and cheat to get your way. There are little more than 125 Million registered voters in America, but somehow:Over 150 million votes were cast. Hmmmm ?? Now; The very place (AT&T Building), where the voting machines were to be examined (Nashville,Tn), is Blown Up prior to them being examined?? No voter fraud?? Not so!! There was plenty of fraud involved, and many people should go to prison, and that includes a lot of Pole workers. Wake Up,if you can!!

    • Eloise says:

      Troll — You are wrong. The economy was booming under Trump’s presidency before the CCP-Deep State cabal’s preplanned PLANdemic caused a worldwide lockdown of businesses and everything else. Unemployment was at it’s lowest numbers ever under Trump. Biden did NOT win the election — his Deep State controllers stole it for him through massive voter fraud, and Biden was complicit in that fraud. Biden, his son Hunter, and the entire Biden family have enriched themselves for many years through play-for-pay schemes tied to foreign aid kickbacks and corrupt business deals orchestrated through Biden’s political positions. You are a leftist puppet, paid to come on this pro-Trump site to spew your lies, but you are wasting your time. Trump supporters are truth-seekers and know that Democrats and RINOs no longer care about preserving our American Republic, the Constitution, and liberty. They are all sellouts to the evil, ungodly CCP, as are you. Repent, or suffer the consequences of the coming judgment of the Living God.

  3. William H. Wilson Jr. says:

    You election deniers have so many false hopes I don’t know how you will be able to live with your selves when the election is certified and as far as blaming the entire Democratic party for DJT’s failed administration I can only believe that it is he who is to blame for these failures.

    • Robert F says:

      Americans (the Conservatives): regarding “william wilson” comments.
      You are obviously one of the demented “left” who does NOT want the truth that we did not have an “honest election” because it does not serve your blind-why-rant of “get rid of Trump”, no matter the REAL cost to our Country.
      The “leftists” will, predictably, be the loudest and first whiners when the L-O-N-G D-A-R-K 4-Yr Winter of obiden bite-me could set-in to strangle our Country. Then what, leftists ? Kerrful, you might get what you paid-for. And, pay for it you will. Unfortunately, the whole Country will pay for it in the demise of the USA with the obiden bite-me “America Last” and “foreign countries, illegals, cheinna-first before USA citizens” sellout to hand the keys of Our Country to cheinna.
      The demoncrat leftists, with you, have foisted “THE BUM’S RUSH” onto our Country trying to “push this BOGUS election under-the-rug. AND, they have been CAUGHT, the evidence is OUT-THERE for the six swing states. BUT, the complicit leftist state courts, in the biggest fraud election conspiracy of our history, merely “look the other way” with admin BS “rulings” to not even look at the evidence staring them and our Country in-the-face.
      If you hate our Country, as it shows…LEAVE IT.

  4. Steven says:

    Trump knew enough to impose this Executive Order on September 12 2018

    Looks like our leader still remains 10-20 steps ahead of the Democratic Luciferian Organization. I would not doubt it one bit if on January 6th 2021 Trump has it set up for the FBI to Raid Congress and the all the media stations that were involved and get all the Traitors in one big swoop. Totally surprising anyone. HE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE SERVING THE “DLO”. That would be the best way to ring in the new year…..Decade? Century? 😀 …..Here’s your Fucking Certification slo Hiden & Kamama Hairless

    • Aug says:

      To Sen Josh Hawley: In failing to show any evidence of extensive voting fraud, you are creating a contention, inciting chaos and violent riot in the streets which is criminal. What is your object in doing something illegal and chargeable? So much for your hypocritical law-and-order posturing. Evidently, while at Stanford and Yale, you carefully studied the writings of Joseph Goebbels.

      • Joe Blow says:

        If you really don’t believe the tens of thousands of people who have witnessed that Voter FRAUD with their own eyes: Then you Rrally ARE Blind! Stop listening to the mainstream media who only knows how TO LIE, and Start Thinking for yourself, or die with this Great Natiin under the blinden, and hairless tyrannical government, but know this: When the powers that be, are finished with jerk blinded: They will simply kill him, or make certain that he cannot continue as POTUS. Mark those words. That is exactly what they WILL DO. My heart is clean, and I KNOW Where I WILL spend etetnity.Do You?

        • camille says:

          Although not a resident of the state he represents, I admire Hawleys integrity and determination to respond to the anguish of 70 million voters. Too much FRAUD occurred, The easiest way to address this fraud is to have a new election with no involvement of either party collecting and tabulating the results with 24/ 7 survellance of the votes and premises.

  5. William H. Wilson Jr. says:

    They are saying that this show and tell is just for the parties to bring in big money for them to throw around and run a dog and pony show.

  6. William Wlison says:

    You are all sheep for Trump.

  7. I thank God that finally someone steps up and decides to do what is right and honest that let’s the American people know that there is a least some honest politician on Capitol hill that knows who really won the election after all of the frauf that took place and to think that our president has to fight for our country after all that they have put him through the past 4 years and all that he has done it really makes me sick k to my stomach to watch these crooks try and steal the election after being caught up in mountains of fraud and no one wants to be held accountable and the biased media dont want to publish the truth this election is something that you might see in a3rd world country but not in America so thank you senator Hawley you are a good man God bless you

    • John Wolverton says:

      I keep seeing all you Ultra-Trump FANATICS talk about a stolen election and voter fraud and 59 judges have looked at all these “accusations” yet not one shred of evidence has been produced. You call members of congress who are literally standing AGAINST the constitution and trying to overthrow a fully certified election. Every lawyer that filed these garbage lawsuits with no evidence should be sanctioned and I keep hearing about the 74 million people who voted for Trump feel wronged because they don’t want to consider 84 million voted for Biden. Watch these Trump followers do damage after the 6th and Trump comes completely unhinged after his last ditch effort goes down in flames. Every act of violence is the responsibility of Trump, Mcconnell, and McCarthy along with Hannity and Limbaugh, this will all be on your heads for inciting these cult like followers who probably have never read the constitution and because these far-right extremist, literal domestic terrorists(i.e.Nashville bomber)are simply looking for an excuse to commit violence. History is watching, will you be able to show your grandkids you were on the side of right as half the country decided there are “alternative” facts are real and the laws only apply to the poor.

      • Mark says:

        Every act of violence has been the direct result of democrats and their selected storm troopers (the pathetic blm, the candyassed antifa) and all the other homegrown mindless assholes of soros, the powermad d.a.’s who refuse the charge the criminals acting out, the mayor’s of democratic slum cities who scream “defund the police” until THEY need them, can you say Seattle Washington or Portland Oregon? The democratic party and everyone of the followers make me sick. YOU are the ones ruining this country with your insane ideas of socialism and marxists views that history repeatedly demonstrates DO NOT WORK and ALWAYS FAILS.
        Brain dead idiots, everyone of you assholes are brain dead idiots.
        Have a good day

        • Klady says:

          I believe Sen Hawley is absolutely doing the right thing! If roles were reversed the democrats would actually be rioting! Can we please just get the truth!!!

      • Mark says:

        Every act of violence has been the direct result of democrats and their selected storm troopers (the pathetic blm, the candyassed antifa) and all the other homegrown mindless assholes of soros, the powermad d.a.’s who refuse to charge the criminals acting out, the mayor’s of democratic slum cities who scream “defund the police” until THEY need them, can you say Seattle or Portland, or Detroit? The democratic party and everyone of the followers make me sick. YOU are the ones ruining this country with your insane ideas of socialism and marxists views that history repeatedly demonstrates DO NOT WORK and ALWAYS FAILS.
        Brain dead idiots, everyone of you assholes are brain dead idiots.
        Have a good day

      • Carol Guffey says:

        Can’t wait untill Biden’s administration send jobs to China, and starts making America a Socialist and communist country. We will be just like China and venusuala

      • friar tuck says:

        Now; Isn’t that just like a hyper libtard (Like YOU), to start saying “There is no voter Fraud”, when there is a mountain of absolute Proof that there WAS FRAUD ! Listen to something beside the FAKE Liberal, Socialist, communist (News?) Networks!! If Trump is such a bad president: Then you tell me this: Why dose he NOT take a penny in salary,or why would he allow himself to be raked over the coals for 3.5 years, abd Still want to be President, when he already has more money than he could spend in 30 lifetimes? If 44 years of jerk biben’s career: Just name ONE THING HE HAS EVER DONE TO HELP AMERICANS!! JUST ONE THING . Anything. If, and that is a HUGE IF; jerk bidumb does take office: The Republican controlled Senate will never pass one thing he puts through them. If you think Trumo had a bad time: Just wait to see what all the Senate will put Bidumb through.

  8. Candyce Clanton says:

    I appreciate Sen. Hawley’s plan but I don’t want him to block the 12th Amendment of the Constitution whereupon the House will vote for the President. If the House votes, then considering the fact that the Republicans have 9 more seats than the Democrats or represents a total of 26 states, forcing a vote in the Senate would screw Trump. If the House votes, with the Republicans representing 26 states, since the 12th Amendment says all have to vote on Party lines at 1 vote per state, then the Republicans would win because they represent the most states!

  9. Mark says:

    This election fraud happened 2 other times . It is time for the senate to do what it needs to do Mitch must take the first step to over turn the election.
    Otherwise they will always be looked as the group of senators who did not have the courage to do what was needed to be done . No matter what good they have done in the past . I and many other people have lost faith in free fair elections in the US . What will Mitch do to restore our faith ????????

    • Carol S Howland says:

      Mitch McConnell has already congratulated Joe Biden on his win of the Presidency. The disloyal, politician is only looking for his next win. I sent Mitch a Tweet telling him I wouldn’t vote for him as Dog Catcher. Thank God someone had the courage to Stand up for Justice, for The Republic, for the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump,and yes for the President.

      • John Wolverton says:

        Guess the 81 million that voted against Trump just don’t matter. This is a democracy. Congress doesn’t pick the president, the senate doesn’t pick the president, the courts don’t pick the president. We citizens pick!!! Accept the fact that you loss and do as the dems had to do and work for the country to succeed and get this virus under control so the economy can get back on track.

        • Klady says:

          So you say…what is the real number of legal votes? 1854-61 Ks Jay Hawkers vs Mo Bush Whackers…its not the first time this has happened, last time it provoked the Civil War

  10. Gary D Holder says:

    I support Senator Hawley and President Trump in their endeavor to ensure fair and legal elections are held to the letter of the law. Changing the rules in the middle of any crisis with total disregard, public input or acknowledgment, should be considered criminal. A single illegal vote results in an illegal election. All voting; local, state and federal, should be conducted the same set of rules and laws with sworn monitors and harsh repercussions for violators. Term limits should be mandated for all governing positions as it has become obvious “WE the PEOPLE have become WE the OPPRESSED”.

  11. Hank Hollman says:

    I KNOW there is election fraud. In 2012 I was approached and asked “Want to make $10”? I joked and asked ‘who do I have to kill’. At the time I was volunteering to cook at a homeless mission and was leaving my shift when approached. Turns out they assumed I was homeless too. But, when told all I have to do was VOTE and they would give me instructions how to, I was curious and followed along. I was directed to follow this fellow into a van where they were several people and the 2 leaders each had a thick stack of voter registration cards. The one said, “He looks Anglo, what’ve we got”? He flipped through several and handed me one and told me to memorize the name and the birthdate. I said my ID won’t match this and was told they don’t ask for ID. I was given a small business sized card with WHO and what I was to vote for. All were democrats starting with obama. As I didn’t want to commit fraud and vote twice – knowing I always exercised my right to vote, I knew I would need the “I VOTED” sticker to proof to them I did vote, I voted only for the propositions on the back of the ballot (and then did not vote for those when I voted 2 days later). I went to the police, described the van,l the 2 leaders as best I could, etc. That was almost a futile effort; they didn’t care. The best they did was run the plate number I gave them and that turned out to be stolen. A white Chevy van was also too vague for them to bother searching for. I suggested staking out the polling places and was treated like I had 3 heads. Later I checked out a book at the library titled “Steal this Vote”. I learned in our great history there have been 354 incidences of voter fraud, stealing elections. 32 by Republicans and 322 by Democrats. Interesting read, I recommend it.

    • V says:

      I’m pretty sure this minion is talking out his ass

    • Carol S Howland says:

      Thank you for this information. Please submit it to the Supervisor of Elections in your state. I volunteered as a Poll worker in Florida this year. Even the Democrats in charge of elections in Florida still care about Fair and legitimate elections bur then we have a Republican Governor. Also send this information to the officials at the Republican Party.

  12. MYRA says:


    • Candyce Clanton says:

      Myra – I agree with everything you said except the Constitution has only been around for approximately 220 years not “over 300” years. But I love everything else you said. Get yourself a pocket copy of the Constitution – it is very interesting & if you don’t know where to get one, e-mail me & I’ll send you one.
      Candy Clanton – [email protected] – Happy New Year.

      I am very happy Sen Hawkins is standing up but I think he’ll find a few others with him but probably not a majority – you all are right, most of the Republicans are definitely not fighters in any way, shape or form of the word!

    • V says:

      Are you just that dumb an blind that you don’t see the bullshit your all mighty orange one has pulled over your eyes

      • John Wolverton says:

        Hes just another Trump cult member, redneck stupid, white grievance, and no good at math, pretty sure the constitution isn’t 300yrs old and Biden inst a socialist. Blind idiot being led along by a spoiled child who is so scared he is finally going to have to accept responsibility for his crimes.

  13. rick says:

    Good for Josh Hawley! We’re about to see whose got a spine & who deserves to be shot as a traitor to the Constitution! I have a feeling there are a lot of traitors!

  14. Dacid Smith says:

    LOL I remember a guy who I thought was going to stand up for what was right he went after Hillary His name was Trey Gowdy He got told to shut up or have an accident and so will this senator the only way to change this corrupt government is to line them up. This government is much more evil than you think. It is being control by the best liar and deceiver known to man and they have all sold their souls to him. I am glad I don’t have a gun because if I did I know some politicians who would be pushing up flowers. Good luck people I hope to be in Russia or another country as soon as the virus let’s me The bible tells you what is going to happen I hope God blesses you all and makes your bullets go straight

    • Carol S Howland says:

      Tell your (Republican) Senators to Stand up with Sen Josh Hawley or you will NOT BE VOTING FOR THEM IN THE NEXT PRIMARY. I did this. If we all did this they would start growing a backbone. Don’t ever give them any chance to slide. Tell everyone you know to contact their Republican Senators and Congressmen and tell them to Stand up with Congressman Mo Brooks and Sen. Josh Hawley or they WILL BE PRIMARIED OUT.

  15. I was edited so I’ll make it simple just resist dementia joe every day all day!

    • V says:

      Go on keep suckin your orange one, yall are e so freaking dumb. This dumb ass has done nothing for this conyry except for divide it. An send shit to the dumps. Now I know yall are gonna blame the the covid for it. Well guess what you mental people he knew about this shit 2 months prior an chose to keep yall blind to it, this asshole who is a draft doger talked shit about our brave men an women who risk their lives for us to live in the free country we do. But you keep supporting that jackass

  16. Thomas J Seibert says:

    Yes the senator is right the act alone is the least that should be done. The Congress in general can’t agree on the color of crap, so why the stealing of the election would surprise anyone.Four years the left resisted President trump now I get to ask all 74million trump voters to do the same to dementia joe.

  17. I’m grateful for Josh Hawley who truly has the upstanding morals to support the American Patriots in this battle. God is with us 100% and Victory will prevail. We may see many dark days ahead but our Lord will never leave us without some sunshine and rainbows. We love our President Trump and we’ve waited a long time for this show…..

  18. WILLIAM HARNED says:

    All you dumb bastards , take a look at the election of 1876 . Hays won over Tilden in an election where almost everyone thought Tilden had the presidency ! If Biden wins out due to Republican wimps , you are witnessing the rise of an AMERICAN SOVIET TYPE UNION ! OUR MEDIA IS JUST LIKE THE OLD SOVIET UNIONS PRAVDA NEWS ! YOU ARE WITNESS TO ” THE LATE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!!!!!!!

  19. Linda Ruslie says:

    The whole thing is bogus, let’s vote again and see who really wins if no more cheating goes on, it was a slam dunk for Trump before the cheating intervention!!!! Seems like what the people want is not counted at all. We should have a voice but where is it being hidden?

  20. Roger Wright says:

    Yes i agree with Hawley any body in there right mind could see that the election was Fraud and the Politians in the Repuelican some not all have no backbone they are just worried about getting elected again. rather than do the right thing. I hope those that are up for election again lose. Hawley and a few others have backbone what bunch of babys get some backbone Republicans

  21. Doris says:

    Senator Hayley and President Trump have my vote anyone who doesn’t vote for fair elections will never see my vote,I hope all Republicans know that.

  22. JP Halegan says:

    The fix is in… sorry folks, I am a Trump supporter and I can see the handwriting on the wall. If Congress investigates, it will be the usual suspects doing it …. Pincil-neck and Little Lindsey … nothing will happen!!!

  23. Duane says:

    Any Republican that does not support fair elections, and will not contest the electoral votes are signing their own political death sentences. We will remember them when they are up for re-election.

    • Elaine says:

      Trump is the best president ever. Senator Hawley is the bravest of all. There was definitely voter fraud with the absentee ballots and all senators should object to biden.

      • JP Halegan says:

        You are correct, but … the fix is in!!!!

      • Sherry Smith says:

        Hats off to Senator Hawley! It’a about time someone stands up to the radical left and all the cheating and stealing of this election! It’s a shame the rest of the republicans are all talk and no action. More need to get behind Hawley.

    • John says:

      It doesn’t matter what you do they will just continue to lie cheat and steal elections unobstructed with the pos politicians parasites that feed off America and the stupid Americans that allow it you have no voice you have no real choice keep doing what your told by the lame stream biased media and for safety wear your mask for the next 3 years

  24. Julie M Gowin Jones says:

    I back Sen. Hawley and all the other brave patriots who stand with him. I despise the spineless Senators who are cutting ties with Trump. Half of them owe their status to Trump. How quickly they forget. I assure you I will be looking for my Senators, Graham and Scott to back our President or I will not back them.

    • JP Halegan says:

      We can see who and act later …. yes! But, by then, we’ll be under the control of big tech and high finance (I’ll call “Big Daddy).

  25. Holly Rose says:

    A gallant and valiant gesture but a waste of time and tax payer’s money.

    • Larry says:

      To do nothing is to condone! We have wasted millions on many other bs items and this is blatantly obvious so, I say do it!

    • Donna says:

      Don’t be so negative! That’s the problem with everyone who won’t do ANYTHING about this obvious fraud. Im totally disgusted with our do-nothing, paid off “leadership” and citizens who look the other way. Our Founding Fathers would be sick about this too I’m sure and so ashamed. My adult children don’t want to live in this country anymore and I can’t say I blame them!!!!

  26. T Beach says:

    Everybody keep the faith. Trump once again is 10 steps ahead of these mortards that think their so smart. He knew they were gonna try to cheat. They have phone calls, emails, and everything from the servers that were grabbed in Germany. He just has to let it play out this way to flush out all the swamp rats. Its better to get them all in 1 big swoop than to grab 4 or 5 and have the rest hide somewhere. Im pretty sure thats what he is going to bring out on the 6th. He is a showman and likes doing things in a big way. Keep guns and popcorn close. Anove all keep the faith

    • Virginia Bradshaw says:

      I’m ready for the show!! And, I think it will be a winner!!

    • CintiCB says:

      Throughout his administration, we often heard ‘Trump’s right, AGAIN!’. ‘Trump wins, AGAIN!!!’, and things like this.


  27. JAMES says:


  28. JAMES says:


  29. Jewel says:

    FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT unto the last breath! There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

  30. Lynnett says:

    It’s about time one of the senators stepped up to force a debate on this election. Thank you Senator Hawley!! It’s a shame that more senators haven’t shown the courage! All the evidence needs to be heard, as this election is crucial moving forward for the American people to have confidence in the future. If all the evidence found goes on deaf ears, I pray the American people will stand up when these politicians come up for re-election! The power will then be back in the voting Americans, as it should be! This election is a disgrace to everyone who lives in this country! PAY CLOSE ATTENTION AND DON’T VOTE FOR THESE CORRUPT POLITICIANS!!

  31. N. E. Wren says:

    Our vote is essential to our freedoms and rights as Americans….There were wa-a-a-y too many irregularities in the 2020 Presidential/General Election….Kudos to Senator Hawley — may his number increase!

    • Lo king OutforUSA says:

      December 30, 2020 at 12:17 pm
      Fully agreed James…
      Go instead to the right people…the ones with exceptional moral values, incorruptible and with pure hearts.

  32. Susanne Tracy says:

    It seems even some who initially supported Trump have abandoned him but the reason eludes me. I am disappointed in Mitch because he was heretofore a staunch Trump supporter and I really thought he stood for an honest and a fair election. What could possibly lead him to support a man who has dementia and who cheated to gain a fake win in tbis reaction? This injustice will not stand!! Even if Biden is certified by Congress, the people believe he cheated and do not support him.Such an abomination!! The Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves!!

  33. Lorri Denman says:

    Do this to fight voter fraud and the integrity of our future elections,Now!!!

  34. BJ says:

    I have no confidence in this election. You can’t trust the politicians and you certainly can’t trust the media to report both sides. I do not understand with all the various election issues; ballots found in the trash, videos of unguarded ballots during the recount, signatures verified or not? , and with the supposed testimony of citizens, why the courts will not at least listen to the presentation of evidence. Whether you are a Biden or Trump supporter, the truth needs to come forth.

  35. Nancy Gaffney says:

    I am in agreement with all the American Citizens that this election was stolen. They are turning America into a third world country with the anti american tactics. No wonder Hilary didnt win. They didnt use enough fraudulent votes. Praise God we have afew rep tgat are true to their word and the Constitution. Plus why ste they giving m money to build wallsnin orher countries and leaving America open to the Cartels and sex slave traders.

    • T Beach says:

      They thought Killary was a sure thing so they didnt activate the algorythm to switch votes and it bit them on the ass. Seems to me that Democrats would want to prove they won fairly if they werent hiding anything. Should just send Obiden to Ukraine. Im pretty sure he has a warrant and felony charges over there

  36. Vanessa Standerfer says:

    Senator Hawley has my support as well as PresidentTrump. No election laws should be allowed to be changed during the election process nation wide.

  37. Kathy Watson says:

    Thank you!!! At least Missouri has one Senator with some backbone. Don’t let the corrupt politicians (dems and reps) steal this election from our President Donald Trump!

  38. Judy says:

    I believe that there was so much wrong with the November 2020 election.
    Frankly I think the fraud is one reason as a Georgia voter we are having a run off for David Perdue who clearly would have won.
    The election was stolen not just by the stooges paid off by the Democrat Party, they will probably be the ultimate fall guys when people start turning on each other. After all they were the ones on the video, talk about a set up! The truth always comes to the surface no matter how deep the hole. I believe a major part of the blame lies with so called news outlets whose idea of fact checking is tweeting their colleagues and if enough heard the same rumor and it fits their narrative then it is a fact. Every single one of these networks and sites should carry disclaimers stating that they are only giving their opinions on world events. For actually facts people should be referred to the verifiable source of the information. These outlets should explain how they are shielded and whose political campaigns they are supporting and if as individual board members or employees they have made contributions of more than$10,000 annually to parties or individual candidates. Twenty-four hour news channels have way too much time on their hands. So they constantly find ways to fill their time wether it be by hawking their books or auditioning for late night TV slots. Americans are being propagandized on a hourly basis. I am not sure if the senators and representatives will be able to right this terrible injustice of a phony Joe Biden win. However if I were in the house or senate regardless of my political affiliation I would want to be able to someday say yes I stood up on January 6,2020 and said “this election is not over, the people who voted deserve answers to why no one is willing to make sure only legal votes were counted “. The Media nor the billionaires who “ are looking out for us and want to take care of us” can not control our country.

  39. Becky says:

    Never back down to a bunch of deranged and liar’s and thieves and that is taking place now American people and President Trump should have better protection than this bag of garbage .only the guilty ones would object to what was stolen and robbed from .we deserve better than this

  40. Rita Regan says:

    I agree with him 100%. The election was a big fraud and the democrat’s were deep into it. They do nothing but cheat and lie.

  41. G says:

    If they wanted a fair election those states would not have circumvented the election laws to make it easy to cheat. They would not have put drop off boxes out or eliminate ID checks or signature verification. They wouldn’t have ignored the documented problems with Dominion machines and software vulnerabilities before the election and used them. They would have allowed poll watchers to do there job and when challenged ballots gotten told to shut up or get kicked out. They would not have told people there was a water main break and send them home and immediately drag out suitcases from under a table and run them through several times, etc.

    • Bob carter says:

      Yes , Senator is doing the right thing.
      He has support from at least one more, Senator Tubberville of Alabama and others .

      This method of counting ballots that fall from the cloud as needed should never be used again.

      Since our voting system has not been scrutinized before, one would wonder how long others than ourselves have been controlling our elections.

      American people have had aggressors working from the inside our government for a long time and this blatant attempt with ballots from the cloud just forced them to show their hand. So now we know.
      But if we accept a fraudulent election without exposing it, we lose our ability to correct it.
      We also have the ability to discover if there is a dimes worth of difference between the Demos and Repos when they are forced to hear and expose the facts and we will know those who are calling themselves Republicans need to be re-elected as the Tea Party tried to do.

    • Irma Leport says:


  42. George Simons says:

    This election was totally encased in fraud. They totally covered the windows at on counting place after vote counting started which is criminal. This Dominion company is not even an American company so why were they even allowed to handle our votes? Why were our votes sent to Germany to be counted? We need to redo this election and do it in person no mail in ballots allowed.

    • Irma Leport says:


    • Bob Carter says:

      And our Senate along with the House can correct fraud and with a re-do can eliminate all doubt. And china, maybe

    • Robert F says:

      G: Hello. Agreed. BUT. Senator Hawley only mentioned clearly “Pennsylvania” in his statement about “…objecting to the electoral vote…”. He MUST mention all the other “troubled, fraudulent-vote-count states”…GA, AZ, NV, MI, WI, as well.
      AND. ALL the criminal demoncrats who participated in the planned, purposely miscounted ballots [ changing the ballots from Trump to obiden; foreign companies compromised voting machines recalculating votes in alorithms favoring obiden and disfavoring President Trump; multiple reloading batches of ballots into the counting machines; counting of ballots AFTER election day; counting ballots without signatures matching; INeligible votes from illegals, felons in-jail, dead people, people who moved before election day, people from the wrong county; ballots brought-in in the dead of night and counted without witnesses from political parties; paper ballots trucked-in
      brought in from other states; stacks of duplicate, xeroxed ballots all for obiden; stacks of obiden votes without ANY for Trump; over-voted districts and states, i.e., more votes than registered voters; more ballots “voted” than were ever sent-out; et al bogus votes for obiden ].
      AND, a quote from President Trump: BUY American, HIRE American. Yeah, that applies to extensive use of foreign company voting machines. Voting machines in OUR Country MUST be MADE IN AMERICA, and vetted.

      • Robert F says:

        ALL criminal conduct from the lowest…ballot handlers on the voting machines, their supervisors [ who conducted training on how to cheat–including multiple counting stacks of ballots ],district, county, city, and state election supervisors, the dnc, and obiden himelf: MUST go to jail.

  43. Ron says:

    Absolutely agree with Sen. Hawley. There was too many instances of voter irregularities that must be investigated. Over 1000 witnesses signed a legal and binding affidavit, if found untrue would mean jail time.
    Must be overturned or the future of our Republic is at stake. No future votes would mean anything!!

  44. RACHEL NASON says:

    Thank you, Senator Hawley for doing the right thing! We need to stand up against the fraud and lies….decetion and evil that the democrats represent. Stand strong….we stand with you! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT AND NEEDS TO BE 4 MORE YEARS!!! I WILL NEVER WATCH NEWS AGAIN 8F WE L9SE OUR COUNTRY TO BIDEN.

  45. Cathy says:

    The demonic rats have done EVERYTHING in their power to win .now blown up election machines.they will stop at nothing . If Trump doesnt get the recognition he deserves ,its over . This fraud will continue. Why vote ? Sen Hawley and whomever else has the balls to join him they are my hero’s. Along with our military ,whom Trump recognizes and hes brought out ALL the fake news and what congress wanted money on . God Bless and save our country

    • Jacqueline Taylor says:

      I Absolutely Agree With You, I Absolutey Believe There Was More Voter Fraud Than ANY Other Election In History, There’s No Way Biden Beat President Trump With Out Using Voter Fraud, I HONESTLY BELIEVE With Mail In Voting It Gave The Democrats All The Power They Needed To Cheat This Election In Their Favor. IT’S TOTALLY BULLSHIT.

  46. bruce says:

    There is nothing “purported” about election fraud, irregularities. Its a fact. Just the facts that in MI, WI, PA you had more votes than registered voters is enough to make them find the illegal ballots or revote. In GA. 460,000 absentee ballots that did not have requests for them is enough to overturn its election. The evidence of fraud is stunning. I am not even going into the forensic or eye witness accounts. The people in charge need to act. I don’t care if you don’t like Trump…this is garbage.

  47. A.Asistio says:

    Dominion & Smartmatic are the same companies that orchestrated the massive cheating in the 2010 Presidential elections, in the Philippines. That is their specialty, CHEATING. There is NO DOUBT that major voter fraud occurred in this election. God help America if we let Joe and Hunter BIden give our country away to China.

  48. Chas. Lawson says:

    Hawley was bought and paid for before he got to the senate. He is only trying to obtain Trumps favor ie more money coming his way. If Trump is put back in as president it will be a dark day for democracy, and more turmoil than you can ever imagine. Trump will be the dictator he has said he wants to be, and America will cease to be.

    • bruce says:

      Evidence please? You don’t know what you are talking about. Every honest citizen and every honest Congress person should be on this. Its so blatantly obvious that Dems are trying to steal the election it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

      • Charles says:

        Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows you can’t be a candidate for US President and stay in you basement the entire election cycle and get 80 million vote LEGALLY ! President Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Presidential election in a LANDSLIDE and everyone knows it .

    • Ellen says:

      How can you be so stupid Biden and the democrats cheated and lied big time it is all over the place you can not be an American!

    • Darlene Harrington says:

      Just remember:
      Trump is FOR THE PEOPLE.

    • Bob Carter says:

      If Senator Hawley was bought and paid for, he forgot to pick up my check.

    • Jaybo says:

      You are a media brainwashed demoncrap who says the same bullshit as the rest of you sheep do!

      • A friend of AMERICA says:

        Yeah and you demofucks will pay dearly. You see communist always kill their traitors and spies first!

  49. Douglas E. Darling says:

    At the very least this should incite a long overdue examination of our election system. Could this be an unexpected positive side effect of the time and attention that we have been granted by the COVID 19 Lockdowns? If so, we will not have suffered in vain and our children will gladly reap the benefits of a infinitely more honest and representative election process.

    Long live the ‘Doctrine of Unintended Consequences’!

  50. Wayne says:

    Thank you Senator Hawley, if we do not insure the election is fair the voters will no longer trust in any of the government, and most will never vote again. Once that happens the civil war begins, and trust me the true American’s will win. The cheaters will lose big time, some of them may be living in Iran or China.

  51. Ken says:

    I am all for it…. We need “FOUR MORE YEARS OF MAKING AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN” I would hope that the Government, from hearing what’s going on, will overturn the election. It was not an honest election. I don’t want cheaters and false people leading my country….. Kudos to Senator Hawley!

  52. Jimmy Fleming says:

    Thank you for cougar to do what is right for our country

  53. Carole says:

    Finally, a Senator with a backbone and one who will do the Right Thing for our country! With a New Year, we need President Trump to lead us, not the supposed one who is to be the new President! And for those who are with Biden, look at his record, he’s done Nothing for the people of our country and we’ll end up having another Obama administration!

  54. Joe says:

    I see that the President had no choice but to sign the bill for the 600.00 stimulus. Let me ask you what could you pay with 600.00. I will tell you that 600.00 would not cover my rent my car payment or my insurance, and what about my gas and electric and food for the kids. This lousy 600.00 is what your Goverment thinks about the American people. People are already getting evicted for non payment of their rent, and people are losing their cars for not making their payment, do i have to go on. Tell them to stick it up their ass and remember them when it comes time to re-elect them. Mitch McConnell this goes for traitors also.

  55. Kaye says:

    It is about time someone showed some AMERICAN GUTS and stood up and make these cowardly courts do their jobs! Everyone of them that turned their faces on this matter should be defunded and set down and never allowed back into an American court again unless they are sitting in the hot seat! How can people not see this corruption and sit still and let our beautiful GOD given country go down the swamp drain? THANK GOD HE WILL BRING US THROUGH THIS ! He is watching and He knows what is going to happen .. let all His people be praying!!! This is NOT about 2 men, it is about keeping or losing our freedom and our rights as Americans!

  56. Lenus Moore says:

    Yes I agree 100%

  57. Margo Quaintance says:

    Thank you Sen Hawley and all who have the courage to look this fraud in the eye and call it out. What is not clear and for some unbelievable that the vote on election night was halted to adjust the outcome? This election was totally compromised and stolen from our great President and the American people. Socialism is staring us in the face and President Trump has been fighting to keep it out of America. So glad there are other warriors. Be strong, fight on and God Bless!

  58. Ruth says:


  59. Honest says:

    Civil War #2 Coming To A Theater NEAR To You~

  60. Kathleen Phillips says:

    May the courage if those resisting the fraudulent election if Joseph Biden be a banner flying over america, the republic for which we stand, one nation under God, INDIVISUBLE. With liberty and justice for all!

  61. Mary says:

    Longtime “DEMOCRAT” Peter Navarro releases 36-page report alleging election fraud ‘more than sufficient’ to swing victory to Trump

    Easy to understand report. I e-mailed my Representatives encouraging them to read it and share it with everybody. NO REPLY. KEEP PRAYING

  62. Bob says:

    I totally agree. This election was the most fraudulent ever. The evidence is overwhelming if somebody would just look at it. We are now poised to put in as the chief executive in our country a treasonous, corrupt, lying individual. As our intelligence agency warns us that China is our major enemy, a president is about to be seated who is in China’s pocket and owes them everything. This man,as well as Kamala Harris, have to be stopped. As President Trump stated China will own the United States with this man in office. We will never have an honest election again.

  63. Gerald Hope says:

    Yes to Senator Hawley where is the rest of the Republican Party I hope and pray we all take note and get these so-called Republicans out of office thanks Trump for Shine the Light all these rinos no wonder nothing’s changed since Reagan they cornered the market for evil not good

  64. Roger Beckett says:

    Keep the second amendment close to you all, I gotta a feeling we will need it.

  65. alfred green says:

    the election became a complete sham in the later part of the election . In no way could it happen that way. there had to be some cheating going on and i pray our government will at least over turn the results and also investigate how that happened . Americans should have the right to a fair an honest election.

  66. Amber says:

    I agree with Sen Hawley. ANY Rep who let’s the disgraceful fraud go uncontested is as guilty as the ppl who perpetrate the fraudulent acts against our CONSTITUTION, our President and our COUNTRY. They will all be guilty of TREASON.

  67. Aniceto Lucero says:

    Yes, I sure hope and pray, that happens, Trump.won the election

    • Amber says:

      All counting was stopped to keep POTUS from reaching that magic number 270. He would have gone over that number like last time. When the Counting stopped at 10:30 pm on Nov 3rd that was why. They would have had to call the election b4 Midnite.

  68. Jan says:


  69. Roger Beckett says:

    We all know what, gonna happen if biden get in, he is unfit for president, so the Dems will kick him out and kalama will step up as obama as vice president. We as Americans can not let this happen.

    • Debi says:

      …and in all ways Harris isn’t qualified to step in for biden-the-lying-dirtbag. Eh…she’s a dirtbag, too.

  70. Carol says:

    I totally agree with Sen. Hawley . President Trump won the election
    On the night of November 3 rd he was so far ahead of Biden. Then the
    Democrats delivered boxes and boxes of ballots that were illegal.
    Lets make the right man win again and make American great again!

  71. Ann Bell says:

    Yes, I agree with Sen Hawley. So much voter fraud and corporate media, big tech as well as our judicial system, are trying desperately to cover it up. If this is not resolved Americans will be forced to take a stand for our freedom.

  72. susan says:

    Please Please look into this election! I have not faith in our election process and feel the American people have been deceived by our election process. There is way too much evidence showing fraud.

  73. robert donaldson says:

    Congress is a disaster. Why would we want to place the future of our country in their hands?

    Just look at the hundreds of billions of dollars they are wasting on the latest “relief” bill. Hundreds of billions of dollars for unessential programs.

  74. Trump won !
    Hopefully the truth will come out and President Trump will have four more years in the White House — which he was elected to serve!

  75. A.Patriot says:

    I believe there was fraud in the election. Trump won! If biden is sworn in there will be a civil war and many people will die because of the lying democrats. The Constitution should prevail!

  76. Reba says:

    At the very least, it should be debated and also investigated. If this election is allowed to stand without fully accounting for all the discrepancies, sworn affidavits of fraud, etc. we the people will no longer have any trust or faith in our government or the election process. I was 14 when JFK was assassinated, and that was the day the American people knew they could no longer trust the government to truthfully investigate and reveal the truth. This election will put the naill in the coffin. Why do you think Trump was elected in 2016? The public was sick of career politicians. Trump is a business man, who turned out to be the best president in my lifetime. Yes, that includes Reagan. The Swamp doesn’t want their comfy hell hole in DC cleaned out. Go Hawkeye!

  77. Larry says:

    I totally agree with these comments we know they stole the election.
    People are not that stupid.pervert Biden and Horizontal Harris would destroy America.

  78. Helen Teske says:


  79. Bonita Darkangelo says:

    I believe congress Should vote on the election, after they read what been going on . It was a fraud election. I don’t have any convince in our voting election after this election

    • Robert says:

      Nor do I have any confidence in Congress! Yes, there was election fraud, but with the demonrats control, of the house, i don’t think it will change the outcome—hope I’m wrong! we will probably be a communist country, by the next 20,30,or 40 years. If Biden gets in, our election process will go by way of Venezula!

  80. Angie says:

    Finally, a Senator with guts. I’ve emailed and emailed several of them. No response. To remind them they work for US…we don’t work for them. Email your representatives.

  81. Michael says:

    In life, if you lie once in a court room, your integrity as a whole is in question and your testimony is thrown to the wind. Same should hold true in this election. The integrity of several counties of several states is in question, with those “questions” in favor of Biden, and those “questions” equal the number of votes that he “won” by. By default, as in life and a court room, the integrity of his “election” is in question and should be thrown to the wind.

  82. Susan Vitale says:

    Donald J Trump is our President! God is watching over us I have Faith.


  84. Michael G Warren says:

    America needs and wants four more GREAT years of TRUMP PENCE!! STOP THE STEAL!!

  85. Mary Harris says:

    Yes, I agree that The senate should vote because Biden stole the election. Trump really should be handed the Presidency. According to what I have seen Trump won by a landslide. Biden even said on TV that you people do not have to vote because we have the most fraudulent election ever. Why aren’t people talking about this.

  86. Lynn Childress says:

    Yes, praise The Lord! Donald Trump is our rightful President

  87. Ruth says:

    Yes plenty of fraud
    If they don’t do it there will be a civil war and many people are going to die

    • Cathy Floyd says:

      This was the dirtiest election in the history of America and should be overturned, but with the democrat controlled congress, will this be any different? Can we really expect it to be unbiased?

  88. Beverly says:

    Finally some hope….we needed that especially now

  89. Rhoda says:

    I agree with Sen. Hawley. Keep fighting! Hopefully the truth will come out and President Trump will have four more years in the White House — which he was elected to serve!

    • Willie B Hadley Jr says:

      Senator Hawley is going to the right thing by objecting to the fraudulent votes cast in this election; represent all constituents, and his actions will highlight numerous irregularies that occurred before, during, and after the fraudulent election. As a US Naval Reserve Veteran, I find it odd that neither Biden or corrupt Harris have themselves responded to voter fraud claims/evidence. Nor do any of the evil socialists care about integrity, scruples, honor, and the clear guidance of our beloved Constitution! In my opinion President Trump should proceed the way former President Lincoln did because there is a very strong possibility that “civil war” will occur if this CCP controlled “regime (Joe Biden Hunter Biden/Kamala Harris are allowed to take office based on numerous fraudulent votes)!!!!!!!

      • If I were Joe Biden, I would want it to be proven if there was fraud or not. I wouldn’t want to be called a winner if America had doubt if I won the election fairly or unfairly. If anyone can not see there was fraud in this Presidential Election, either you don’t watch the actual true news reporting, or you just want Joe Biden period. He is corrupt, and Trump was cheated in this election. I am proud Hawley is brave enough and cares enough about our country to stand up and do what he is planning on doing. There doesn’t seem to be any one else wanting to stand up for the truth. I advise anyone to watch the Dec.30 Georgia Sub Committe hearing showing massive fraud acts of voting. Proof of several wrongful acts. And, I agree, someone should be held liable for all these wrongful acts that were committed. There will be riots no matter what happens because there always is. To cheat and defraud our President the way he is being done, is a disgrace to all America. I also say that other Senators should want to stand up the same way Senator Hawley is doing. If they don’t, they are only worried about their positions and not being a true Patriot!!