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Sharpton Demands Chauvin’s Conviction before Trial

Evidently, Al Sharpton doesn’t believe police officers charged with crimes are innocent until proven guilty. Sharpton has already convicted former police officer Derek Chauvin of murdering George Floyd.


Al Sharpton called for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction on Sunday night at a prayer vigil ahead of the murder trial in connection with George Floyd’s death,” according to Breitbart.

Sharpton hosted a prayer vigil the night before Chauvin’s trial was scheduled to begin, where Sharpton and Floyd’s family called for Chauvin to be held accountable for his actions, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

“‘We must show with this case that a police officer must face the law just like anybody else,’ Sharpton said.

Floyd’s brother, Philonise, added that the jury should find Chauvin guilty.

“‘I have faith that he will get convicted. Just like everybody who’s seen that video because the video is the proof,’ Philonise Floyd said.”

For more on this report, please go to Breitbart.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Is Al Sharpton right or wrong to call for the conviction of Derek Chauvin before the trial has concluded?


  1. Honest says:

    Al ~ ! You are Almost a BIG Biggot as Biden~ Looks like you may have AIDS~

  2. S. L. Trout says:

    He’s nothing but an old, washed-up racist publicity hound. Go away, tax evader!

  3. Phillip Owens SFC (SS) Ret says:

    Al Sharpton has a long history of commentary 99% of which reflects his personal bias! He has proven time and time again that he is a RACIST of the GREATEST MAGNITUDE, his inability to recognize anything but that based upon race is the perfect indicator of this fact.
    Not only is he a racist but he has been and probably still is a tax evader according to various reports and sources, if true then he is even more deficient in his opinions as he fails the basic Tennent of a participating American Taxpayer.

    I find in my opinion the vast majority of his rantings despicable!

  4. Next time listen to cops. Al is the biggest racist out there.

    • Dilly Sims says:

      Why does this person show up at ALL the BLACK related EVENTS. He surely is a rabble rouser !

  5. America must boycott the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul as neither wants law enforcement. Don’t go to the Mall of America or any sporting events. This may send a message to the brain dead in Minnesota that they must get rid of the drug ged primates and establish a city that is safe for their citizens. I will not go to anything in the Twin Cities until reforms are made and in place for citizens safety.

  6. David Smith says:

    maybe you all might be interested in a book called Seeds Of Fire written by and Israel spy

  7. Patay says:

    I guess due process only applies to “them”. Sharprton has fallen longway way from his clerical days with forgiveness as the Bible teaches and not throwing the first stone unless you are without sin!

  8. Jeff says:

    Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend of what? Reverend of Racist, Hate Baiters and Opportunist, The only way He Cares or gets Involved is if it will Put some Bucks In His Pocket. He doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass about anybody Black or White. Not to Mention Did AL ever pay His BACK TAXES. First I completely agree the Officer was wrong to put His Knee on the Guys Neck. Did He Intentionally Mean to Kill the Guy. NO! There isn’t a Cop Alive today That is going to Intentionally Mean to Kill Someone, Especially with all the Cameras, Cell Phone Cameras, Surveillance Cameras, ETC, all over the Place and every Cop knows it. Besides with all the Evidence the Medical Examiner has found in the Autopsy, No Bruising on Floyd’s neck, Even Deep Tissue or Muscular Bruising and the amount and Combination of Illegal Drugs in His System It’s more Likely He Died of an Overdose Than Asphyxiation. Of course It doesn’t Matter what the Verdict is The Animals are still going to Loot, Steal, Rob, Burn and Destroy Property. The Govt. needs to bring in the National Guard and Tell the People anyone Caught doing any of that will be Arrested or SHOT!….Period

  9. ck says:

    Watched the trial today. That cop is fucked! He’s going to jail!

  10. Bev says:

    Floyd instigated the whole thing. He tried to pass a counterfeit $20, the store called the police. Police arrived, did not know he was on illegal drugs, know that he had medical issues, nor how precarious the situation was. In my opinion, he was meant to die!

    • Mary Moncrief says:

      The cop never intended to kill floyd. The George floyd case is RACIST and the black people think they can convict him if they protest and challenge our court system. Floyd did the CRIMINAL activity of the 20.00 and he swallowed the drugs keep from being convicted. And it was a set up that went wrong for the black felon. Color don’t MATTER white PEOPLE die too but BLM ISN’T THERE WITH THERE VIDEO CAMERAS.AND SHARPTON IS A RACIST PIG .

  11. Honest says:

    Kiss ~ Off Al

  12. TroopAbn says:

    Reverend Shop’ton,

    The charges against the police should be dropped. The city was 1/2 burned, and now they have paid the family $27,000,000.00. Case should be closed. Or the taxpayers should take the city to court for making a payout before a trial outcome. Reverend Shop’ton need’s to pay his taxes and stop agitating.

    • Mary Moncrief says:


  13. Bob M says:

    Sharpton should pay his taxes like everybody else.

  14. Jack Spring says:

    People like Sharpton, Schumer, Pelosi, Harris, Biden, Obama, and others seem to all be riding in the same boat and it should be towed out to sea and sunk. Antifa should be also be welcomed aboard.

  15. Bring back Trump says:

    Why is it that Sharpton has never come forward when it’s a black on black crime to try and help,it’s because there’s nothing in for him that’s why,the man’s a greedy lowlife POS

  16. George E says:

    AL Sharpton “America’s Best known negative thinking Poor Peoples PIMP !

  17. Pat says:

    Floyd was nothing but a drug addict & a thug. Worthless piece of 💩. If it was a white person I would feel the same.

  18. Chuck Smith says:

    Al should be found guilty of income tax evasion, then let him prove he’s not. I know he’s a racist, let him prove he’s not.

    • So Al thinks that the officer should be found guilty before the trial. Does he know anything about how an arrest, trial, etc, works at all?? He needs to remember that in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. He should have found this out when he should have been tried for evading his income taxes for years. We think he’s guilty so he should just go right to prison.

    • Jack Spring says:

      I live in Charleston and was here when the crazy white kid went into the church and shot all those people. There were no riots or public disturbances. The people, regardless of color, pulled together over the incident and, with a little time, moved on. The best part of all was that neither Sharpton nor Obama was allowed to speak because cooler heads knew it would cause trouble. It seems like the people screaming ‘racism’ are the worst racists.

  19. Sharpton Demands Chauvin’s Conviction in Court. Clearly, Al Sharpton does not consider the police charged with crimes to be innocent until proven guilty. But thousands of Republicans simply demand that there be a trial against Pelosi’s guard, who for no reason killed the Republican girl, the American army soldier Babbitt. But the Congress and the court are silent – they do not hear! ! ! Sharpton – they hear, but the votes of many thousands of Republicans – do not hear !!!

  20. Alan Loncto says:

    Al Sharpton hasn’t the right to demand anything until he pays his taxes!!!!

    • Gregory Rorex says:

      He should have been taken out in 68.

    • Maureen says:

      He should be in jail…
      I know if I owed millions of dollars in back taxes I’d have been locked up years ago….but I’ve come to learn he doesn’t want “equal” treatment….he wants Special treatment. I guess I just have to bare the burden of the delusional white privilege…poor me! (Sarcasm)

  21. Michael J Korger says:

    “Prayer vigil”???? How many prayer vigils has Sharpton held for the thousands of Blacks killed by Blacks every year. This proves beyond a doubt how much of a race-baiter he is.

  22. Donnie Morrow says:

    Sharpton is just a racist,ignorant doesn’t care about anyone or anything unless he can profit from it,, he’s just a pile of shit,,little bastard.

  23. Maureen says:

    I demand Sharpton pay his back taxes or go to jail and shut up!!!

  24. Susie Bell says:

    Sharpton and Jessie are idiots.They love the limelight and follow the cameras,pieces of shit.

  25. Susie Bell says:

    Sharpton and Jessie are media whores.Nothing but media whores.They are so ignorant.Reverse discrimination.

  26. Susie Bell says:

    Sharpton and Jessie are media whores.Nothing but media whores.

  27. rick says:

    Al “The Race-Card Sharp” Sharpton, a dried-up, little dog turd, just can’t keep his oversized mouth shut when it comes to spewing hate! This moron should have been sentenced to prison long ago, but as long as there is a Criminalocracy in charge, not one damn bit of justice will be meted out. Pathetic!

  28. Holly Rose says:

    Which Chauvin are they trying the younger one in the mug shots or the older one with the knee on Floyd’es neck? I’m confused and not amused.

  29. David Smith says:

    LMAO After reading all this I think and I was called a racist LMAO Read the column from David Horowitz in Breitbart News very interesting article And remember if a bunch of people are destroying your car or truck don’t you even pull a gun to make them stop or you will go to jail but it is OK if they have things that can be used to kill you and damage a metal vehicle

  30. OldGoat says:

    Sharpton is an ambulance-chasing race-baiter


    • Lyd says:

      So much for being a preacher!He is an idiot.He will be the cause of any attacks if this officer is innocent.

      • Maritza Cruz says:

        The video itself is proof enough that George Floyd was murdered by derick chauvin. So stop making excuses. I am sure if George Floyd was a white man Derick would of not put his knee on his neck!!!!!!!!! You could tell by the video how he was enjoying putting pressure on George s neck he knew the out come of putting pressure on ones neck he knew that will cut off your breathing and will die. When the ambulance arrived he did not even take his knee off his neck the paramedic told him twice to get off of him. So what is that telling you right there .

        • Marie says:

          Were you here in Minneapolis when this happened? Have you seen all the different camera angles that they have? Are you just watching the cellphone pictures and images? If the cellphones are what your watching, you will be surprised. It’s not what it looks like. I’ve got an idea for you, why don’t you join Al Sharptons racist group and spread more crap to stir things up so the real racists can burn Minneapolis the rest of the way down. Have a great day RACIST.

          • MC says:

            What ever angle you see it it is clear that he killed George Floyd again the man said so many times I can’t breath Chauvin just ignore him he had no right to stop the flow of oxygen by putting his dam knee on his neck and to just enjoy it he knew that putting his knee on his neck will stop him from breathing!!!’ There is no excuse to intentionally stop someone from breathing not even a police officer that has a suspect in cuffs.. Chauvin Murdered George Floyd. The racist here are the ones that are justifying the actions of Chauvin. What he did was wrong. Have a nice day

  31. Holly Dutton says:

    Heaven help us if Derek Chauvin and his fellow officers who did nothing to stop him are not convicted.

  32. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Trump will take America back again in 2024. He’s selling hats “take America back again”, an a huge flag, that says the same. If you see it,buy it. Let’s show we are not standing alone, and we’ve had it.

  33. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Here comes Sharpton, out of the woodwork, Jesse Jackson is next. The Constitution says trial by jury, no matter who it is. Regardless of the outcome, not guilty or guilty, there will be rioting, looting, and burning. This will be an excuse to do so. When the riots in Newark, N.J. in 1968, they were shot. Let’s get with it, and do the same.

    • Arthur Howard says:

      If there is money to line Sharpton pockets, he will be in the middle of it. Only wish he would pay his back taxes. Several million by now.

  34. carl styen says:

    This man of color is only looking out for the best of his interest and taking a free ride on the black lifes matter train to fill his pockets with some degree of wealth.As known to many colors of society that his feed back as always been racially motivated towards the color white.

  35. Issac says:

    The top 5 racist,crook and don’t give 2 craps about black people unless it can make him money phony bastard

  36. In this busy tax season, I thought the REv. would be working on his income taxes. Maybe he will pay this year like so many other American citizens. Oh that’s right Black lives matter for something. Al would like to eliminate the police so that his fellow brethren can rule the country. No going to happen BRO! When will America wake up and dispose of the trash? We can not move forward with the trash holding the country back at every opportunity. This summer should be very exciting as the ANTIFA and BLM burn the cities with sleepy hiding in the basement trying to allow the vermin to enter where ever they please.

  37. Sherry Chase says:

    Hey Al! Pay your taxes yet? You steal black folks $$$$$ to live high off them. Your what’s Wrong with this country.

  38. MIKE says:

    IS RACEBAITER AL WRONG??? That Race Baiting slug was born wrong!!
    GO TRUMP 2024-2028-2032————-

    • ck says:

      If you want to live in an autocratic country, try Venezuela. Not gonna happen here loser!

  39. 3Xe1ioaiNITxtqNW5CaZEzpxpY4ggtEQJVxO4x0v98I= says:

    al go back to your grave, you need to shut the F98k up, your one of the biggest racist and cheaters, go back to where ever you have been

    • rm says:

      Bill Frailey… Al Sharpton is just another jungle rat IMO….Probably hasn’t paid his taxes either…

  40. Bill Frailey says:

    Al is a major crook. He needs to shut the F up. What about all the black people that shoot each other every day. A guess that is OK since that is black on black. They are there on worst enemy. The want to blame all the white people for there failures. What a shit world they live in. God be with them.

    • Nyleve Nonnel says:

      That’s exactly what they do, kill each other. More blacks kill blacks, then whites kill blacks. They say stop the violence, check out “the hood’. It’s OK to kill each other, never here about that.

  41. Bill Keck says:

    Sharpton is a trouble making rectal orifice. He swings like a pendulum, which ever way he thinks will be best for him. And he does have a double standard … One for blacks and one for whites. That’s why he prepping for riots if the jury finds Chauvin not guilty.

  42. MICHAEL WYNNE says:

    In this “woke” progressive world in which we find ourselves today, it seems that Whites are never RIGHT while Blacks (and other minorities) are never WRONG about ANYTHING! That being said, whenever Al Sharpton holds forth on any issue, I always ensure that I have my boots on because the $hit 💩 tends to accumulate to a considerable degree in a relatively brief period of time! The man has not been referred to as a race hustler and a poverty pimp for nothing! Derek Chauvin will have his day in court, but his destiny does not rest in the hands of Al Sharpton (thank God)!

  43. Bill Hart says:

    Sharpton is a joke and he is a Black Hypocrite, using the race card to fatten his wallet. The Black community can’t be any dumber than to even listen to this hypocrite. It’s like saying Lincoln didn’t free the slaves, or that Lincoln was a Democratic. It is just remarkable how stupid people really are.

    Pray Pray Pray
    Bill Hart

  44. Dennis Sumner says:

    Yeah, so we been demanding Bobblehead be thrown out of our government for years!!

  45. John Deck says:

    Mr. Al Sharpton, isn’t a contributor to the Advancement of people of color, His method’s erode the Constitution which gives EVERY American the same protection under the law. Calling for or Demanding a Guilty Verdict before a court has the opportunity to hear all of the EVADENCE and allowing a JURY of the his pears hear all of that evidence is INCITING. Inciting to riot which is what he is doing and Al Sharpton should be held accountable, when it happens should the trial not end as He wants.

  46. Tim says:

    Hang the easiest bastard, Al sarpton that is!!!

  47. MATTHEW B HAYES says:

    Why this thugs comments even matter is a mystery. He’s a blah-boo racist.

  48. c. wayne craft says:

    If his lips are moving, he’s lying!!! Check out the Tawana Brawley fiasco of many years ago. Sharpton is a wart on society!

    • December Crowley says:

      You’re right. If his lips are movin he’s lying! Who the hell died and made HIM God?

  49. Alan Levine says:

    Sharpton has always been a racist asshole

  50. Muschi says:

    Sharpen is a criminal needs to be in jail he don’t count at all

  51. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    SHARPTON should be hanged. Racist, bigot, low life, thug, scum.

  52. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    Sharpton is a race baiting, racism, bigotry promoting good for shit scum bag felon. Too bad we are not what left likes to accuse us of, if we were, THINGS LIKE THIS WOULD GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.

  53. Franklin Steele says:

    Funny because I demand that Sharpton pays his multimillion Tex debt before he utters another word.

  54. Harry d Brown Jr says:

    Sharpton has always tried to crucify people with light color skin, before a trial, because HE IS A RACIST PIECE OF ANAL DROPPINGS.

  55. rlr7111 says:

    There’s not a whole lot of anything that comes from Sharptons voice box. Anyone who listens to him should seek immediate help.

  56. vinnie says:

    Al Sharpton is a Charlatan only interested in his ability to gain attention by his outlandish comments and appearances and he hasn’t done anything to advance the communities he claims to represent but he has managed to evade the “Taxes” he owes!

  57. brian says:

    all i can say is Tawana brawley. this moron should have been put in jail a long time ago for extortion/tax evasion and a bunch of other crimes that anyone else would be in jail for and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin but his lack of character

  58. bruce says:

    Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The burden is on the prosecutor to prove it. Its clear, it was an overdose of drugs that killed him, not the police officer. He was saying he couldn’t breathe even before the officer put him on the ground. But the police may have used too much force in subduing Floyd. Let the truth come out, not emotions.

    • December Crowley says:

      Thet’s true. He wasn’t the innocent lil angel folks thought he was. If you can speak, you can breathe. Why was someone filming this instead of trying to stop it? Instead of asking them to check his pulse, they should have physically got him off the person. So, I think this is a set up to make white folk look bad.

  59. Robert says:

    That is the Demoncrats way—Guilty until (never) proven innocent! Sen. Mark Kelly of Az. Said that Trump was guilty, even BEFORE the 2nd impeachment trial began!!
    Look up stupid in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of a Democrat!

    • December Crowley says:

      You tell em. Sharpton is a jackass. The only good democrat…… doesn’t exist.

  60. Jerry Emerson says:

    he should go to jail like Al Capone, for tax evasion, oh i forgot those were “old taxes”

  61. Robert says:


  62. Grovel-Hog Gungy says:

    Shoot this idiot