Shock Poll: Trump Defeated

Donald Trump

( – In a sign that former President Donald J. Trump may not be quite as powerful as he once was in his political party, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defeated Trump in a straw poll for 2024 presidential candidates at a recent gathering of conservatives in Colorado.

As Fox News reports in “DeSantis beats Trump in 2024 straw poll a second time at Colorado conservative summit“:

“Gov. Ron DeSantis once again swept a straw poll for 2024 presidential candidates at a Colorado conservative conference Saturday, beating out former President Donald Trump and other possible contenders.

“The attendees of the Western Conservative Summit, organized by the Centennial Institute, a think tank associated with Colorado Christian University, approved of a potential DeSantis candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination at 71%, with Trump coming in at 67%.

“The straw poll was conducted based on an “approval” system, which allowed attendees to vote for more than one candidate that they could support.” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion? If you are a Republican, would you prefer former President Donald J. Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the Republican candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election? If you are a Democrat, do you think Trump or DeSantis would be easier for the Democrats to defeat in 2024? Please share your thoughts and views by emailing [email protected] Thank you.