Shocking Poll Numbers for Trump

Donald Trump

( – Here at Red Alert News, we see political polls almost every day. Pollsters often fill our inbox with the latest poll they have published and want to present to the American public.

Most of the time, we ignore those polls, and we delete those clogging our inbox. However, on occasion, we come across a survey that gives us pause and that we believe our readers should see so that we can see what they make of the poll. Today, we have just such a poll.

The conservative Washington Times has published a poll about former President Donald J. Trump that has Republicans on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, talking. The poll was commissioned by the Marquette Law School and has a good track record, according to polling experts we spoke with this morning.

The Washington Times characterized the results by saying, “The prospect of former President Donald Trump making a return in 2024 is music to the ears of Republicans, according to national polls that also show the rest of the electorate would rather he stay on the sidelines.”

Here are the numbers within the poll that have GOP officials in a state of shock:

  • 60% of Republicans want Trump to run in 2024
  • Among all of those polled, 28% want Trump to run, while 71% do not

Bottom line: If the poll is accurate, less than one-third of the country wants Trump to run again in 2024. As one GOP congressional aide told us this morning, his boss was “shocked” when he saw that result.

What do you think? What is your opinion about whether former President Donald J. Trump should run for the presidency again in the 2024 Presidential Election? Do you believe Trump could win in 2024? Would you support him above and beyond all other potential GOP candidates? Or, is there another GOP candidate you would prefer over Trump? If you’re a Democrat or Independent, who would you like to see run in the 2024 Presidential Election? Please share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good weekend.

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