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Should a Special Counsel Investigate Hunter Biden?

Is it time for a Special Counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son? At least one congressman believes so.


Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) told The Kyle Olson Show this week that a special counsel needs to be appointed to continue investigating the allegations against Hunter Biden,” according to Breitbart.

In a segment that will air Saturday on Michigan radio stations, Buck said the probe into Hunter Biden’s business dealings while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president must continue, regardless of who is sworn in as president next year.

“’I think the special prosecutor has certain protections from the regular political change that occurs in administrations,’ Buck said.

“‘The special counsel has authority to investigate and is given independent resources, and I think, in this case, the subject matter is absolutely significant and important for the American people to get to the bottom of,’ he said, adding it is “impeachable conduct” if then-Vice President Biden knew his son was selling his “authority and access.”

“Buck said the issue has the potential to “cloud” a Biden presidency if he actually does take over the White House.

For more, go to Breitbart.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe a Special Counsel should investigate Hunter Biden?


  1. Don says:

    With our corrupt justice system I won’t hold my breath


    Arest Joe biden for anything, get him in jail, Hillary and Bill for sex trafficing, and all fired FBI people from Trump’s administration. They are all from the same swamp.

    Marion Bowser too, she gave a 1200 stimulus check to just DC residents, that’s discriminatory act. That is against the law to give to some and not to others!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SUSANN says:

    Hunter should be in jail along with Joe Biden, (the big guy), Obama. Hillary. A lot of the FBI. If the Supreme Court doesn’t award Trump victory. In 2020 election with so much fraud. We have lost our country. And civil war will Take over. We better. Pray a lot.

  4. Bonnie says:

    This election has been nothing but a large lie. The Democrats are so corrupt I believe Obama, Hillary,
    The Biden’s, Pelosi, and Schumer. Should all be in
    Jail. They Tryed to Impeach our President and lost they should be made to pay back our Tax dollar’s they used.
    To try and discredit Mr. Trump. Biden’s son Hunter is
    as guilty as the rest of them. God Bless Our Country
    if this mess isn’t fixed and Trump isn’t President in

  5. Hank says:

    Hunter should be in jail along with his father Obama. Hillary. A lot of the FBI. If the Supreme Court doesn’t award trump viictory. In 2020 election with so much fraud. We have lost our country. And civil war will Take over. We better. Pray a lot.

  6. Can you Believe that Joe Biden is that dumb he want let it happen again DAH.

  7. Joseph Garland says:

    Hunter Biden should be in jail now, but the AG been drag his feet on the hole thing he must be afraid of his old man commie joe

  8. Robert White says:

    Joe Biden said he knew nothing of Hunter Biden’s activities. Yet, today he says, if I am elected I will not let it happen again!!

    • Camille says:

      Looking at his current mental status as he reads from a teleprompter along with incomplete and questionable statements his thought process appears disorganized and incoherent. Depending on the day and who is prompting him with a response he would agree to his be hind the scene mentors.

  9. Where is the FBI report on the computer??? They have had it since December 2019!!!! Plenty of time to establish that both Hunter & “the big guy” were as corrupt as the demonrats that probably paid off the FBI to keep it under wraps. They have NO RIGHT to hide ANYTHING like this from the public!!!! They could have revealed this corruption when the dems were trying to impeach Trump for NOTHING!I knew Wray should have been FIRED long ago. He’s as USELESS as a piece of sh..! Hope they all pay a stinging penalty for their gross behavior! NOBODY is ever going to trust them again! (JUSTIFYABLY SO!) PRINT THIS!!!!!

  10. Where is the FBI report on the computer??? They have had it since December 2019!!!! Plenty of time to establish that both Hunter & “the big guy” were as corrupt as the demonrats that probably paid off the FBI to keep it under wraps. They have NO RIGHT to hide ANYTHING like this from the public!!!! They could have revealed this corruption when the dems were trying to impeach Trump for NOTHING!I knew Wray should have been FIRED long ago. He’s as USELESS as a piece of sh..! Hope they all pay a stinging penalty for their gross behavior! NOBODY is ever going to trust them again! (JUSTIFYABLY SO!)

  11. Lesly says:

    Like father like son. Dodo biden knows his democrap friends bought this election because they could mold dodo

  12. James Skapik says:

    Should not spend another cent of tax payers money. Instead throw him in jail, they have enough on him to do so, everyone does what they want anyway the elite that is, thanks to our banana republic. The founding Fathers are turning over in their graves.

    • jari davis says:

      Yes, they surely are ever since trump made his first move to subvert the law and the constitution. It’s a relief that the American people clearly saw what a dangerous man could do and made sure he was stopped – even though the efforts to negate a free election continue unabated.

      • Clayton Neconish says:

        This will include a word for Kari Davis and the comment about the president. Yes a special counsel should investigate Hunter Biden . Then his father will be exposed and brought to justice as well as the other law breakers in the Obama admistration. The illegal activity took place under Obama and his administration. “Change Has Come To America” We will Fundamentally Transform America”.

  13. Reeper says:

    Like Father Like Son, two of a kind. Fagit’s

  14. David Snith says:

    Get real so they waste a lot of time and money investigating the Biden’s what do you think will happen if they find they did wrong illegal things LMAO ROFFL Look at what the Clintons did and they didn’t even get a parking ticket LOL And let’s not start with the Obama’s If you want to blame any one blame American’s We are to blame for letting things get so far out of control.

  15. Pegs says:

    HELL to the YES!!! he’s NOT ABOVE THE LAW!! I for one am sick to death of the CORRUPT DEMS getting away everything that you are I would be under the jail for. Will that happen? I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT!!! t will be the same ole same ole in DC! they NEVER PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES!

  16. Sam B. says:

    IF there is a legit investigation in to zero experience hunter it will also most certainly show the evidence on how good ole “quid pro quo JOE” was involved. ALL the evidence so far shows what all hunter was involved in & how the “Big Guy” had his influences in on the deal. There’s already been witnesses stepped forward with the proof! The corruption is so obvious as the evidence shows…& the lamestream, biased, fake news, pathetic narrative networks say/report nothing on it… like CNN. Speaking of CNN Check out “Project Veritas.” Jeff Zucker/president & chairman of the Corrupt News Network really shows his networks true colors by being so heavily biased.
    This zero experience Hunter Biden scam first surfaced back in 2018 but got swept under the rug..”ShOcKiNg”. Only because of National security issues is the reason why this story started getting strong attention again. “Where there is smoke there’s flames! This is yet another reason quid pro quo JOE stayed out of site before the election! He avoided serious questions about this & everything else etc etc but SOMEHOW got 14 million more votes than Obama did..& Hillary in 2016?!?! HOW?!?! This is a guy that has said several times (among other things LOL) that he’s the democrat running for U.S. SENATE!! WHAT?! How does quid pro quo JOE get 14 million more votes than Obama ever well as Hillary in 2016! HMMMM.
    Because of national security issues we absolutely must investigate zero experience hunter. Tooooooo many other shady sketchy leaders/adversaries of other countries got way to close & to “cozy” with us. NOT COOL. Investigate!!!!

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      Joe Biden, is owned by China along with corrupt son Hunter and his brother Jim. Biden has corruption with the UKRAINE with his partner in crime John (traitor) Kerry. Not one moron in the “media” will evrr confront this guy. He is also suffering from DEMENTIA and he will be the ” wind up doll” for the DEMORATS to use along with the phony Harris. These people are out to destroy out Country and sell us out to China. They are not only dangerous but they are evil. WAKE THE HELL UP FOLKS, OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS ARE AT STAKE.

      • Camille says:

        Mr Soros who is pushing for a one world order and 13/ 14 foundations along with china are working to destroy the US.along with Kamala/ Planned Parenthood working with Obama behind the scene to destroy our republic so Bezing communism becomes the law of the land
        Speak to refugees from Eastern Europe and they will identify the parallel events occurring here.

  17. Yes must have special counsel investigate..No One is above the law!

  18. Yes,him and the whole Biden Family.

  19. Paula S Strodtman says:

    Yes he absolutely should be investigated he done wrong so it should be investigated it would be if it were some one else. No one is above the law

    • I agree! I’m sick of the the democrats getting a free ride! They have a rude awakening coming! No one is above the law! If I or anyone else pulled half the crap they do I’d be in Jail or waiting for my execution! I live a clean life, I’ve earned every penny! I feed and clothe my kids and I’ve never conned or cheated anyone, They let their kids run with communist! Money laundering for China and God only knows what else? Hunter is an idiot! He’s not qualified to shine shoes! Yet Millions of dollars are sent to his account! They don’t even try to hide it any more! It’s time the swamp was scraped out! I mean literally throw them out! The corruption is so deep, They’ll turn America into a socialist country to cover the theft and lies! Our Social security has been robbed! Socialism is one way they’ll hide the truth, Americans won’t have a right to question anything then! There’s going to be a civil war! Every American needs to stand up NOW!

  20. Tim says:

    What’s really scary is that our DOJ is their personal security. I laughed before Hillary was interviewed on a 4th of July (government 3-day weekend). I pictured her knocking on the door with her friend and confidant, “Huma”. The janitor opened the door, took them to a side room, offereded a cup of coffee and said, “The tour starts in 10 minutes Mrs Clinton”. That was as much as an interview that she gave to Comey, Strozk, McCabe and the rest of those corrupt members of the coup d’Etat. Biden and family should be in Leavenworth for selling out our country while being paid by the US government in an official capacity and accepting payoffs from foreign countries. Our corrupt court system and all the way down the ranks are just as bad. Hopefully “we the people” will do something that those overpaid crooks won’t understand,. “Revamp our government without their direction”, and ask those members of the coup d’Etat the question when they leave the people’s court, “Blindfold or no blindfold”?

    • Larry says:

      I believe the Biden family should be jailed, including his wife, who should be seen as complicent to his crimes.

  21. Honest says:

    Bidens Son will NEVER GO Down For Shi_

  22. Joe says:

    Does ANYONE honestly believe Hunter Bide CANNOT change his spots…he is making too much $$$ for him and his family and don’t you think it is going to be a GINORMOUS problem with hunter selling the Biden name especially if the father should “god forbid” and heaven help us if he should become potus? The investigations won’t stop if the republicans do their job and then tragedy will strike as he would have to step down and Harris steps in 😱😱😱🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Joe, Kamala will never be Vice or President She’s not qualified! Biden is Senile! You can bet Speaker of the house PELOSI” will be running this country! God help us! I’m tired of the corruption! Congress has robbed us BLIND! Our Social Security is practically gone! They take our money and never pay it back! America once was the wealthiest country in the world! But Thanks to the Democrats were nearly broke! Exactly why they want Socialism. So we won’t have our constitution or any other right to question what they did with our money! They work for us! We pay their salary! And yet it’s never enough! They need to be thrown out! Literally right on their butts! After we take back the money they stole! We’ll all stop paying taxes! They can’t put us all in JAIL! They’ve pushed Americans too far!

  23. Bobbie J Brooks says:

    I believe no one is above the law. The Biden’s, Obama, Clinton’s and more and likely part of the Bush’s are all in on this mess that is about to be blown out of the water. But just watch none of them are going to be charged with anything. The e-mails that went on by H. Clinton nothing done. Biden’s son taking money from over seas nothing to be done and Joe sure did know something about it as they are so close of a family as they say. They are 100% guilty all of them but this is just my opinion. I also go along with the statements about China that has been written. They all should be charged to the fullest of the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kay says:

      Well said! I’ve been thinking this for a couple of years!

    • ian fleck says:

      of course nothing will happen the DOJ,FBI and cia are all corrupt why isnt kilery in jail ohmar for tax evasion no nothing will happen bidens family has been prptected for 30 years corrupt old bastard

  24. MICHAEL says:

    I will believe it when I see it. No one in Washington is ever held too account. Most Politicians break the law everyday. This has been true for well over 150 years. You go into Office with a few $$$ in the bank and they get out of Office as multimillionaire.

  25. cris says:

    Definitely,Son and Dad should be investigated, they did corruption to the country which lead to China interfering with the elections

  26. Peter0527 says:

    Damn corrupt turd, Hunter and China Joe NEED to be jailed along with Camel Ho. Call the election, illegal, and start over. No mail I ballots unless you’re US military overseas.

  27. G says:

    The executive order (EO) Trump signed in 2018 regarding election interference says 45 days following the election the US Director of National Intelligence would provide an assessment based on the evidence if there is a National Threat to the US he would declare a National Emergency. Knowing this election would be interfered with and there are people in our law enforcement agencies, politics and in our court system who are corrupt, the President knew the wheels of justice would be slow to react which is why I think he signed this E.O. Once that happens I think that stops any inauguration and allows time for the SCOTUS to hear evidence and rule what next. However one outcome could be if the evidence uncovered leads to any candidate involvement in election interference it could mean a new election and a new candidate. This I think is the Trump card.

  28. richard e swanson says:

    many promises made pre election i keep seeing groups popping up saying hey what about us..give us our share. theonly thing i heard from kamala was “and legalize marijuana.” i think that was between hits!

  29. Mary Ellenogen says:


  30. Wayne says:

    A special council is most definitely needed to investigate the Biden’s for the sake of our country

  31. richard e swanson says:

    all ive been hearing is russia..russia..russia..wonder why?

  32. Geraldine L. Gambrell says:

    Hunter needs to be investigated. What scares me MOST, is if JOE gets sick and can’t be well wnough to be our President, the VISE-President, KAMALEA WILL TAKE OVER!!!! THAT IS REALLY SCAREY!!!!!

  33. richard e swanson says:

    i started screaming bloody murder when i found out the hotel chain i work for was owned by a communist chinese. i emailed every rep and senator i could find.

  34. richard e swanson says:

    i have heard of nothing but shady business from this family. investigate and prosecute as necessary.

  35. Ami says:

    I am beginning to wonder who is more corrupt…the Biden’s or the Clintons? Far as I am concerned, they all belong behind bars, NOW.

    • Bobby T from Joisey says:


      I agree with you 100%.

      Both father and son took ( extorted) money from foreign giverents which compromised the Office of th VP, potentially put our national security at risk, and thus putamrrican life’s at rush.

      Personally I believe their actions are treasonable actions. Jail time is to good for these jokers.

    • Bev says:

      Biden is definitely a crook, who needs to be prosecuted. Sorry but his wife is a first class shrew.

  36. Ami says:

    His life should be under a microscope, and his father’s too. My God, how much can you sweep under a rug and pretend it didn’t happen? Both of these “men” have been involved in deals with China, which makes them traitors and should be subject to prison for treason. And to think this bimbo’s dad thinks he is actually going to be the President of the United States, to turn us into a socialist, communist nation. Yeah, keep dreaming old man, damn pervert

  37. Allan says:

    The organized crime mob, now known as the Democratic Party are all convinced that they are “Too Big To Jail”.
    Soros has morphed them into the new National Democratic Party, of which he was a member. In WW2! Um, what were they called for short?

  38. Kaye says:

    I think the election should be disqualified because of the fraud. And this mess with Biden should be exposed and all of them go to jail.. anyone having anything to do with this fraud should be prosecuted to the letter and never allowed another government job! They should have to pay all the money back that they have been paid from this country!

    • MSSouth says:

      That’s just a drop in the bucket to what they make off of lobbyists. They don’t get THAT rich off their salaries.

  39. Garry Kanz says:

    having a trade office in Beijing and taken trade missions into China, Hong Kong the past 20 years ++ , can tell you that Hunter and possibility Joe Biden are OWNED by the Chinese Communist Government. The Chinese never give anything for nothing– they have what they want and will push it farther too. Oh- did you know that Chinese troops are in British Colombia Canada- check on that – Trudeau knows about it- things are going to get “hairy” if Biden is President for sure

  40. Richard Rivas says:

    Time to say, “Good Bi den”.

  41. Mimi says:

    They all are a bunch of crooks. It is just shameful that they are never taken to task over their crooked deals.t

  42. Pat says:

    Put there ASSES in PRISON. You just let the DEMONCRAPS go free. What kind of Hellish government do we have. If your not going to do anything—does defunding sound good since you don’t do anything. Tired of them not paying for there crime.

  43. Randy Lamb says:

    Yes, the Biden’s have gotten away with murder, gun running, and sex trafficking for years. They really need to investigate the whole Biden family.

    • Jaybo says:

      They’ll walk just like hellary,comey and all the rest of that trash. Money talks and bullshit walks!

    • Karen says:

      There are a lot of people out here in the US that agree!
      It is disgraceful that crooks may take over the White House and even more danagerous that China 🇨🇳 is able to possibly blackmail them. This is scary to say the least.
      We have to protect our Republic at all cost!