‘Sound of Freedom’ Passes Huge Milestone

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – To the applause of conservatives all across the United States, the faith-based film “Sound of Freedom,” which tackles the topic of child trafficking, has surprised $100 million in revenue, becoming a little anticipated hit and surprising establishment film industry pundits.

The action film, made on a $14.5 million budget, stars Jim Caveziel, Mira Sorvino, and Bill Camp and is directed by Alejandro Monteverde, a Mexican film director.

It tells the story of Operation Underground Railroad, a Christian group conducting sting operations to save children from sex trafficking, and its leader, Tim Ballard – played by Caveziel – who went on a mission to rescue several hundred abducted children in Colombia.

The movie, released on July 4 as a “sleeper hit,” has now passed the $100 million revenue milestone and has sold close to 9 million tickets, its production company Angel Studios announced.

“The new faith-based film about child trafficking has flipped the script on the traditional Hollywood summer blockbuster formula,” NewsNation comments, as cited by The Hill.

It notes that “Sound of Freedom” had to “overcome significant obstacles” even to get produced because Disney, which initially took it up, decided to drop it five years ago.

The report notes that on July 4, the movie raked in more revenue than the latest Indiana Jones film, surprising Hollywood.

Then, it ranked second in proceeds in the July 14-16 weekend, generating $27.3 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

“Critics have said the movie amplifies conspiracy theories about trafficking, and experts have warned it doesn’t paint a realistic picture of how sex trafficking works,” the commentary claims.

It adds that the above-mentioned “experts” are worried the film “perpetuates myths about trafficking that could have very real consequences for victims.”

The commentary criticizes not just the film but also Operation Underground Railroad.

It notes that “some” have slammed the covert sting operations of the organization because they tend to use citizens who don’t work as law enforcement officers.

Further criticism argues that the group has “overwhelm[ed] local authorities who were not prepared to deal with the aftermath of the stings.”

Yet, the report also quotes viewers who have seen the film as saying it helped them get a sense of mission for spreading awareness about child trafficking.