Supreme Court Chief Demands Police Investigation

( – In a new embarrassing high-profile court leak, the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Annette Ziegler, has urgently requested a police investigation following the unexpected disclosure of a draft order concerning an abortion-related lawsuit initiated by Planned Parenthood.

This draft was prematurely exposed to the media on Wednesday, National Review reports.

The lawsuit seeks a judicial affirmation from the state court that the right to access abortion is protected under the Wisconsin Constitution.

Wisconsin Watch, an investigative journalism organization, reported that the draft document indicated the justices’ agreement to consider the case; however, it was not a final decision.

“Today the entire court was shocked to learn that a confidential draft document was ostensibly leaked to the press,” remarked Chief Justice Annette Ziegler in her statement.

“I have contacted law enforcement to request that a full investigation be conducted. We are all united behind this investigation to identify the source of the apparent leak. The seven of us condemn this breach,” she added.

Chief Justice Ziegler further communicated to Wisconsin Watch regarding the leaked draft, stating, “This is not a public order. I am not in a position to release any further information.”

The draft left unanswered questions regarding which justices supported or opposed proceeding with the case, as it contained no expressed opinions.

The recent shift in the court’s composition to a liberal majority of 4–3 occurred after Justice Janet Protasiewicz’s election victory, which was significantly influenced by her support for abortion rights.

According to the draft, the justices intend to deny intervention by pro-life groups in this case, although these groups will be permitted to submit a brief opposing the lawsuit.

The litigation by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, set in motion in February, argues for constitutional protections for abortion and the safeguarding of physicians who perform these procedures.

Should the Wisconsin Supreme Court formally hear this case, oral arguments are likely to be scheduled for the court’s next term starting this fall, just as the current term is about to end.

This case has its origins in a separate lawsuit from Wisconsin’s Attorney General, Democrat Josh Kaul, who contested a 19th-century law widely interpreted as prohibiting abortions.

In related developments, the U.S. Supreme Court inadvertently revealed a draft opinion on the prohibition of emergency abortions in Idaho hospitals, which was quickly retracted after media exposure.

This draft suggested that the Court would dismiss related appeals without addressing the fundamental legal issues.

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