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Supreme Court Denies Texas and Trump

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, the United States Supreme Court rejected the request by Texas, President Trump, and more than 100 Republican members of Congress that the Court intervene in the Presidential Election. All three of the Justices who President Trump appointed to the Supreme Court joined in the denial.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted.

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  1. Diz says:

    The Supreme Court has just used our constitution to wipe their butts! Our constitution may as well have been an old Sears and Roebuck catalog as far as they are concerned. They have just done away with justice in America. It is a sad, sad day.

  2. D says:

    This is what the AMERICAN people deserve from every State Court, Federal Court, or Supreme Court to answer for us, where is the balls that the people who wrote the Constitution so long ago for “We ThePeople” had when they drew it up, wrote it, or just threw ot around to decide on it? When you are handed not 1 or 2 things, but a mountain of things wrong with this vote and you choose to ignore it, you say FU to the people who ultimately in some way put your ass in that all so mighty seat your sitting in and or paid for that robe youare supposed to call sacred, or even pay your salary and you say “We The People” now means nothing. We are upholding the Constitution because it would be for Trump and The People. When whistleblowing was out for the Dems or again the Reps it was all good, now ita actually in your face numerous times PROOF what you asked for and you are scared of the dems? You at this point NO longer represent “We The People” get your ass out of your head and do your jobs for US or get the hell off the bench and let someone who is going to work for US do their job. You need terms to, no more old people whe have grown cynical and don’t want anything but a paycheck. Time for a total clean out of useless people!! WE THE PEOPLE need to bombard SCOTUS with our grievances and make them hear US!!

  3. These so called judges are all back stabbing spineless snakes. Who said money can’t buy your PRIDE. Well just look at it this way, when Biden & Harris sell the country to CHINA, who’s ass are they going to kiss for more power. I served in the ARMY in 1966–1968 for these jackass’s to sell AMERICA to the SCUMS that control our courts. SAD

  4. Sheila Tucker Fulghum says:

    I don’t understand the people of the United States. Has everyone gone crazy. Everyone knows that Trump won the election and the election was ridged. Everyone needs to get on their knees and pray about this

    • Rev Paul N. says:

      as a man of God I know what God is capable of doing he is Just only Judge and he has his Angels to act when needed so yust have faith Psalms 11:4 says his eyes sees everything amen

  5. wayne says:

    Well, I do not think the people will put up with this fraud, and there may be blood for those who have cheated to achieve a Socialist way.

    That being said as Rush said it, there may be a mass succession from the USA or a new party to take control of freedom, it may leave CA, NY, IL, and MN all by themselves to deal with the Socialists, watch them go down when the rest of the country won’t do business with them. We true Americans do not need them.

    • Gary Lasister says:

      Sad but true! The positive will be the elimination of the useless unsupreme court. They now appear to be controlled by the left and our main stream media!We will support that Kansas succeeds from this political union!!!!!

  6. Barbara Mobbs says:

    Sad day for America , Supreme Court obviously the Constitution means nothing to them the election was stolen from the American people everyone knows that Trump won won’t be long now and will be a communist country.

    • Gary Lasister says:

      We certainly do not need this type of court that will not make sure that our elections are honest! They can all get new jobs on fake news stations!

  7. Barbara Mobbs says:

    This is a sad day for America the Constitution means nothing to the Supreme Court a proven that won’t be long and we’ll be a communist country Hunter Biden Anne Harris I stole this election there’s no way by anyone and everyone knows it.

  8. Judy Carter says:

    Biden should go with his son to prison. He knows all about this and he has received plenty of money, too. He is locked up back in his basement again shaking in his shoes. Kamala is laughing al the way to the bank. She can now teach her communist ways. Supreme Court you should all be ashamed and bury yourselves alive. Never could I believe this. Hopefully, we can find a way to get rid of all of you because you stink so much we can not even stand to look at your sorry faces. If any of you believe in God, make sure you confess to him what crime you did and don’t expect forgiveness for you will rot in Hell for what you have done. Every one of you know Trump won this election and it was taken away illegally. Too bad, the United
    States doesn’t have a legal branch to handle the Constitution We have nothing but a bunch of crooks.

    • Kay says:

      Takes a crook to know a crook Hope you have a good attorney

      • Rick says:

        Kilo Mike Alpha – Alpha Sierra Sierra Hotel Oscar Lima Echo

      • Jaybo says:

        After this decision from the radical unconstitutional Supreme court, I’m thoroughly convinced after years of lies and corruption,it is done! No hope! LOCK n’ LOAD.There is now NO one to righteously uphold constitutional laws. Be careful what you say! Tell no one what you think or what you do. Hide your stuff! Watch your back!Be ready always and don’t let your guard down!

        • Jaybo says:

          I now trust no one! I believe they will use the vaccine as means for total control. Mark of the beast. If you refuse the vaccine shot, they will MAKE us take it. If we still refuse I believe they will stop your social security checks, stop your ability to buy food,get medicine,pay bills,etc…This is all EVIL and you can see they want TOTAL control and will stop at nothing in order to have it! And all who hate President Trump and voted for Biden also voted for all that is bad and ruined our country.You fell for this deception from your brainwashing caused by demonrats politicians and fake news media .Youve sold your soul to communism and Biden’s Chinese buddies are going to EAT you alive!

    • Dale says:

      Why have a court if they don’t want to up hold the law for the people were going to be a communist country the little people don’t have a chance

    • Sherry Boddy says:

      Totally agree with you. I just KNEW our SCOTUS would (at least) LOOK at all the evidence, see how corrupt the election was & DO SOMETHING! But, they are OBVIOULY on the left’s payroll & with Kamala parading her Socialist/Communist self around, undoing all the things President Trump corrected, we are about to take a nose-dive as a country. I don’t believe that ALL Americans are onboard with the corrupt left, so I think there will be bloodshed before all is said & done. I hope & pray I am very wrong, but like the Fall of the Roman Empire & the Greek Empire, the American Country (as we know it) is heading for a HUGE FALL! God Bless America & all the GOOD Americans in it!!!

  9. Marianne says:

    Shocked! The amount of fraud was monumental. The number of people who witnessed fraud was mind blowing. Saying that it was not a big deal enough to take to court shows that our country is done. It`s like 1000 people were shot in cold blood and 1000 people saw it happen, but it wont go to court. Maybe someone threatened their families with death if they took the case. Good bye America

    • Cathy G kuplic says:

      You’d have 1,000 bodies as evidence. You need EVIDENCE! What is it you people don’t understand?

      • Tod Congdon says:

        Fuck you. Evidence was EVERYWHERE. Too many people sold their souls, and this country, to the DEVIL.

        • Cathy G kuplic says:

          Fake evidence Tod. If there was any real evidence Trump would have won at least some of the over 50….yeah 50 suits brought before the democrat appt judges AND rep appt judges. Even the highest court in the land, including 3 Trump appt justices, told all you cult followers to pound sand!!! Send some more money to that crook you gullible little guppies!!

      • Gary Lasister says:

        Democrats and now the former supreme court have provided all the evidence needed!

      • Glen says:



        • Lisa says:

          Don’t waste your time arguing with stupid people – if they are Biden supporters you know they are brainwashed and stupid and you will never be able to reason with them. They will be sorry – be careful what you ask for……..this country is done and it’s an embarrasment!! Even though it’s 100% wrong, I can’t say I’m surprised by the Supreme Court because they are too afraid of what BLM & Antifa will do if they admit the truth abouth the fraud in this election. Biden is NOT my president and I will never support that corrupt party

  10. Kathy L Carter says:

    Let the states decide on this matter our legislators will represent the voice of the people. The Supreme should have ruled this case.

    • Kay says:

      They did rule, idiot, judges read it and threw it out because it was baseless. The Pussy Grabber is lost

      • Nicki L Ahrns says:

        YOU ARE A SICK PERSON what manners did you learn from your mother and father.

      • Rick says:

        You need a good bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush…

      • DONALD says:



  11. Tim says:

    I learned a few years ago that our US court system was corrupt when Vringo filed and won an infringement lawsuit against AOL, Google, Gannett and Target. They had a 12-man jury find these companies guilty on every story Nile charge 12-0. Unanimous. Those companies would be paying Vringo huge royalties for years. But the dirty Google told the others, “Don’t worry, we’ll take this to the appeals court”, which they did. 2 of 3 judges decided they didn’t see the findings and tossed the case! The only judge with a computer background, “Judge Chen” who formerly ran the US Patent Office highly dissented. Vringo took the case to the communist US Supreme Court, that wouldn’t even see the case! Many of us lost our asses as the stock dropped to nothing! I pray that we do what the Democrats preached. Find them and their families on the street or in restaurants. Give them some medicine that they have let the dirty Dems give to our Republican government. Time to abolish the Supreme Court. I’m sure nothing will happen to dirty Hunter Biden and his corrupt crime family. How sick this country has gotten. Sorry I ever served in our military. Why would anyone serve after this miscarriage of justice. Dirty all the way to the top. And all our soldiers killed defending the car nstitution are turning in their graves!

    • Kay says:

      If they are turning over in their graves it is because they are shamed by you. Just because you put on a military uniform does not make you a good citizen. Your behavior is a disgrace. Shame on you asshole

      • ShaSha Parker says:

        Kay I also served in the Military & ots YOU that is a DISGRACE to this Country instead of a so called pussy grabber yall voted in a Rapist & a Pedophile lmao you are a disgusting PO💩 I wont even call you a female or a woman because Real Women don’t do the BS you do which is try to shame another person so I hope you have a good means to protect yourself & your family because if you have daughter I hope that they see how disgusting you truly are & are ASHAMED OF YOU you are exactly what’s wrong with this Country & I can only pray that you find Jesus & if you dont its only because the Devil has a hold on you you are an evil PO💩 PERIOD

        • Kay says:

          Oh She/He looks like I struck a nerve – you fucking Repubs think you can say all the vile things you want and there will be no response. You are nothing but a raging hypocrite and closet whore. I don’t care what you think, I only care that you lost. You are a loser. God is watching you too. Sorry for your family if you are the best they got. We are all laughing at all of you.

      • DON says:


        • Kay says:

          Wow Donny BOY – you are so brave. I bet you’ve served time for domestic violence, and some big strong dude made you his BITCH. I am laughing because you are worthless

      • Kay says:

        No one cares about you. Be quiet.

    • Sam B. says:

      Kay…U & Holy Rose r 1 in the same. U have got to b saying the delusional things u do just to get a rise out of people LOL. Ur a real beaut. Sad.
      R u an American citizen?

      • Kay says:

        None of your business whether I am a citizen or not. You should worry about being a good citizen and respecting the constitution. Douche Bag Donald lost and we are all so

  12. Constitution says:

    Kay you have a very small brain therefore can’t even remember that you and your people spent almost 4 years crying about Killary loosing to President elected Donald J Trump on a fair and clean election, now you come out to tell us to shut up well gets what we the people are not going to shut up, burn, looting or do temper tent runs , we are going to claim what we got even going over the Supreme Court, we are taking our country back it was stolen and we are taking it back whether you pea brain like it or not God bless America and our Commander in chief … your president to be is not yet so shut up and wait for the fireworks

    • Kay says:

      Well, I guess you told me. NOT – you are brainwashed by a Pussy Grabbet. You know you were wrong to follow along with this lunatic, but you are too weak to admit it. You have no choice but to continue following him down
      the rabbit hole. NOTHING you say or do will prevent the rest of us from celebrating and supporting President Biden. He’s raising money for himself on the backs of clowns like you. Trump looks at you like the dummies you are, and you are a joke to him. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. You are getting played – pathetic

      • Mark says:

        Kay – laugh your way to your own destruction.

      • tmo says:

        kay lest see how you feel when you no longer have the simple freedoms because they will be gone with the new president.

        • Lisa says:

          We really don’t have to argue with stupid people like Kay. She obviously has no class the way she is speaking and we just need to sit back and watch them all start crying like they did (over Hillary losing) when this country goes down the toilet. They will get what they deserve with Biden – unfortunatley, we are going to go down with them even though we didn’t vote for this crooked administration,

    • Cathy G kuplic says:

      Ironic you use “Constitution” as your handle. Maybe you should read it, I don’t know maybe………a hundred times!!!

  13. Corri says:

    Whew! are we finally done beating a dead horse? Angry energy and sore losers has never proven to be productive. The Republican party needs to get their act together and be civil in honoring life of every individual. Anyone who does not see that does not really honor their own life and therefore boils more anger. Let’s be cool rather than frenzied and work toward a nation that honors life rather than destroying it.

  14. Alan says:

    Our Republic has been sold out by these cowardly treasonous judges and politicians, the good people of the Republic of the USA had better be in good with God, because it’s about to get really ugly in the coming near months. We have many many traitors within our state governments and our federal government that truly need to be marched upon the gallows and promptly hanged. I don’t know how true it is, but I’d read earlier that China and Russia has plans to invade the USA by the end of this month, regardless of who won the presidential election, that’s the reason president Trump has been bringing a bunch of our military personnel home, along with positioning military units throughout the USA, along with aircraft carriers, battleships, and submarines positioned along our coast lines, also president Trump will declare martial law, perhaps as early as December 14, so Keep your powder dry, that time is nearing. May God Bless President Trump, Our Military, and the USA.

  15. Wes says:

    What good is the Supreme Court? If they would have heard the case and then ruled against it on the basis of Constitutional law, then I could have accepted their decision but not this way. At a time when voter turnout is the largest in American history and at a time when America has never been more divisive than since the Civil War era, the Supreme Court failed to show and uphold that America lives by “the rule of law. They proved to the world that they are more interested in self preservation from court expansion than they are in rendering justice for American Citizens. I now understand and know why some speak about succession from the Union. When neighboring States do not abide by law, they have undue advantage over the other States in the Union. Laws are passed and enacted in order to provide confidence and equality for all Citizens within the Union of States. We the people and States lose faith in the fabric that binds the United States of America into a Union. There appears to no longer be freedom for all Citizens in America. Illegals have more rights than the tax paying citizens of America. We no longer have the right to gather and worship, protect ourselves, operate our businesses or to even make decisions to gather with family and friends to celebrate our holidays. We have States with sanctuary cities that protects illegals, not citizens. We have people who are illegally establishing and occupying land (Portland, OR) within the borders of the United States and establishing rule over citizens thereby lessening the safety of all Americans. We also have looters who are allowed to terrorize the Citizens with impunity from prosecution. We have elected officials who actively consort with America’s enemies and are not held accountable equitably as other Citizens. Our freedom of speech has been taken from us by social media platforms because the anti-American movement has granted immunity to these usurpers of your freedom by granting immunity by section 230. Where is the hope for the American Citizen? The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land and Citizen’s last bulwark of freedom, spit in the face of Americans by failing to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Is America still governed by the Constitution? Is the United States still governed by the “Rule of Law”? Why is the “Rule of Law” not applied to all Americans equitably irregardless of status or position in life? Now Is the time for American Patriots to rise and come together!!

    • Terry says:

      Time to take back OUR country by whatever means necessary! Wake up America before there is no America as we know it!

    • Cathy G kuplic says:

      Go drink some more Koolaid. You’re delusional!

    • DazzleMe says:

      That would be to easy, Supreme Court is a bunch of wuzzies and I feel are NOT doing their job!

    • Shay says:

      You are correct. I heard something about needing to see direct effect. How much more direct effect do they need. It is effecting every citizen, no matter what side you are on. It effects our confidence in the voting system…which is a direct effect. Let alone the legislators that bypassed their own state rules and constitution. The backlash will be tremendous but everyone better be prepared for the ruination of our country

    • Michael Rollo says:

      This America we live in is far gone. I am elderly, and see more clearly the many evils this country has been challenged with. Prayer to the almighty is of course the ultimate in hope we have. If we must try to take back the many freedoms we have lost. It may come down to having to physically do so. I am weak but I will not be led like an animal. I wont be forced into a system that does not recognize its people as anything but mindless slaves. Ordered to obey ridiculous rules of any kind. I will not accept lies. I will never accept anything other than a free country. One that is led by our God. We like minded people need a way to communicate our wants and do so with action, not with words alone. We need to stand for the good we once had. I remember those days, Lets bring them back.

  16. Sam B. says:

    This is unbelievable…but the way things have gone this year it doesn’t shock me. How the hell this voter fraud BS gets overlooked is mind boggling. Why the hell the Supreme Court wouldn’t even hear the Texas & several other states lawsuit case is “mind boggling x 2!!
    There is so much documented voter fraud in several states like: approximately 1500 deceased people voted in Nevada..& 42,248 ballots in Nevada were scanned multiple times…Pensilvania had PALLETS of ballots sent to them from New York the day after Election Day…Georgia changed several ballots for quid pro quo JOE 10 to 1..+ all the ballots on the security cameras hey show being brought out from under tables & scanned multiple times as well after most everyone was sent home!! These r only a few examples! Yeah…there’s no voter fraud. None at all! This is pathetic & ridiculous to ignore the obvious!!
    Even IF looking in to these votes don’t sway this election..WE MUST INVESTIGATE THIS & NAIL *ALL* THE BASTARDS INVOLVED SO THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN AGAIN!! Seriously…how can Trump b in the lead in Georgia by a very large margin when the poles were “closed” on election day..but when they reopened the following day Trump had fallen way behind! IF THE POLES WERE CLOSED…HOW?!?!?! This is all such BS. Only those in denial, never Trumpers & anti-patriots will dismiss all this.
    I’m a Democrat(very moderate) that knows dozens of others. We ALL r also patriots of this great nation FIRST..who r NOT IN DENIAL OF THE OBVIOUS!! Yes We all also voted for Trump & numerous others on the right because we wanted nothing to do with the radical progressive unhinged socialist left party that was formerly the democrat party. Let’s b honest..The obvious voter fraud is blinding!!

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Preach! Well said Sam. TOTALLY AGREE. I too am a moderate dem who knows others. None of us voted for any of the whackass socialist destructors either. Whether or not this blatant voter fraud: corrupt voting machines, corrupt software, thousands of deceased people voting, hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots cast, hundreds of thousands of ballots scanned multiple times etc etc…whether or not it changes anything in this election is yet to b seen. It was reported that the vast majority of the HUNDREDS OF SWORN AFFIDAVITS GIVEN ABOUT ALL THIS CORRUPTION R REGISTERED DEMOCRATS! All of this voter fraud crap must b investigated & the idiot perps must b jailed!!!!!
      *Ps: ALL this voter fraud is the only possible way quid pro quo Joe “hide’n” Biden who has a “truth over fact” agenda..& says he’s running for the U.S. SENATE against George Bush can win!!!! I’d really like to think that there aren’t that many idiotic people out there like Kay & Holy Rose(that have left messages on this site) who r drunk on the whack job socialist kool-aid. Sigh.


  18. Judy York says:

    I just counted the remarks FOR the truth (79)
    Against (6)
    Couldn’t figure out (5)
    Kinda like the election had it been done right. 79 FOR
    6 Against
    and 5 couldn’t decide.

  19. Faye Roberts says:

    U dems r sick people. We have the best president we ever had and we love him. He has done more in 4 years than any President we have ever had. U dems blame everything on racism, tear up anything if u don’t get your way at least a republican has sense and doesn’t destroy stuff. God help us all if the dinginess go in

    • FRANK J. says:

      You think that this human scum bag is the best president we ever had? And they let you vote? Really? Founders were right: they would have disallowed the vote for several classes of citizens and you qualify.

      • DazzleMe says:

        Why are you trying to suppress a certain class of people you idiot, sounds like you need suppressing.

  20. FRED says:

    Did these idiots not realize ruling for the democraps just put them out of a job

    • Kay says:

      Blah blah blah – you are soooooo boring

      • Shay says:

        Obviously you dont remember 2008. Be prepared for bankruptcy, huge loss of jobs , inflation, more lockdowns, people abandoning their homes that they no longer can afford; just like 2008. So while the Chinese take over and continue to make Biden and his cronies rich, remember you voted for this fraud and corruption. I suppose you think Hunter Biden is a hero. Stop watching the brainwashing MSM. Be an individual instead of a sheep

  21. In the great movie “Lawrence of Arabia” where Sherif has just come upon Lawrence and his guide trespassing at a water well in the middle of the desert. Sharif shoots & kills Lawrence’s guide, then confronts Lawrence & asks him: “what his name is.” “My name” Lawrence replies, “is for my friends”. That line of course is a courageous stand for the truth and against tyranny. Those who are not worthy, those who wielded power without just authority or with impure intention, will never pressure many of us nor to betray our principles. It is an affirmation of certain philosophy of love and friendship.

  22. Ken says:

    The Supreme Court just called all the witness’s to the election fraud a bunch of liars!!! Unbelievable!!!! What a worthless bunch of traitors to our Country!!! I’m in shock to this betrayal. What has this country become!!! And the social media platform that censored the story about Biden. I’m really shocked at the Supreme Court!!!

    • Cathy G kuplic says:

      So Ken, if a bunch of people said you murdered someone but had no evidence of said murder, you’d be shocked a judge would rule you innocent?

  23. Ken says:

    The Supreme Court just called all the witness’s to the election fraud a bunch of liars!!! Unbelievable!!!! What a worthless bunch of traitors to our Country!!! I’m in shock to this betrayal. What has this country become!!! And the social media platform that censored the story about Biden. I’m am ashamed of the Supreme Court!!

    • Frankie Justice says:

      Be ashamed of Trumps, all TRUMPS.

      • DazzleMe says:

        You need to go troll somewhere else!

      • Shay says:

        You obviously didnt watch any of the hearings. Those people were there under oath and were very credible. The video of Georgia fraud was especially documented proof. Audits of the corrupt Dominion voting machines have shown flipped ballots. You too need to stop watching MSM. Too many examples of fraud to list here. May you be happy with your decision when Antifa shows up and youre not allowed to protect yourself. And dont call the police…you voted to defund them. Go to California or New York and live under the people you support. Dont come to all the red states with your crap.

  24. Mildred Sheldon says:


  25. Terry says:

    The Supreme Court is a sham! They are useless old farts with no honor. They deserve no respect of any kind. Clearly the law was broken , not even a question. But they ignore the constitution that they supposedly represent. Proof positive of democrats cheating their asses off and if not enough obviously the constitutional law was broken by these states. So I guess that means we can all just do as we please like them with no regard for laws or government institutions. So everybody just do whatever you feel is right for you and do as our government officials and the courts do which is whatever you want. Screw Biden and his crooked family, that pos will never be the real president, court jester maybe.

    • Willard says:

      Amen! Nobody in this country has the guts to defy the powerful media and the left wing policitians and do what is right. Sounds to me like the SCOTUS is a bunch of cowards who are afraid that Antifa and BLM will come down on them if they get out of line. If the Red states secede from the union, I’m with them.


    • Kay says:

      Why don’t you ask the Pussy Grabber. He thought he bought himself the Supreme Court / wrong asshole – it wasn’t for sale. Trump got played and he did it to himself.
      What a sucker. Justice won today.

    • Sam B. says:

      Kay/Holy Rose…u still try’n to get a rise out people? Try’n to ruffle feathers? Ur comments r sooo delusional I think ur pathetically hilarious! LOL. It’s ok if ur driveway doesn’t go all the way to the street. We won’t hold it against u.

    • Cathy G kuplic says:

      I bet you thought you had it made when Trump appt those 3 justices! You can’t buy supreme court justices. They ruled appropriately.

  27. John says:

    For all that are happy about Biden and the Camel .Don’t cry the day you try to gotoo Atm nothing comes out don’t worry the camel will send you a check.Trump is the man!!! Always will be.

  28. David says:

    This whole country has sold its sole to communism. Biden and Harris will never be a legit president and Vice President. The Supreme Court is wrong. There’s proof of cheating. Simply said, America was sold out!

    • Cathy G kuplic says:

      No proof has come out in any court David! It’s all a pack of lies you’ve been fed and now you’re brainwashed! History will reflect this.

  29. Ike Woods says:

    The Supreme Ct. has rendered itself an irrelavant , antiquated , & tired old so-called institution . They could have saved the country , but instead they have made a 2nd Civil War all but sadly inevitable .

  30. Dale DuBois says:

    The only thing that can save the right is the Senate if they remain in power. But the two Republican Senators have to win the the runoff election for this to happen. This runoff election will just be more fraud as the left now knows that their fraud will win.

  31. Rhina says:

    We the people will never allow Biden China lover back into government. FUCK NEVER Democrats belong in jail been on China bed for decades we did not go this far to loose. You don’t see fraud of course Not! Just like you keep wanting us to believe there are no illegal aliens right? God Bless America

  32. Rob says:

    All the folks that ride the Trump train need to get together down in Texas and s*** all over these Democrat faget motherfukers


    • Kay says:

      You are a piece of shit. You don’t live this wonderful country, get your sorry ass out of it. You sound like you are a student of communism. Majority rules – asshole

      • DazzleMe says:

        Apparently you Dims need to leave US. You don’t think it is wonderful or you wouldn’t be trying to change it. You make no sense, YOU LEAVE!

        • Kay says:

          Bedazzle – I told you to take your meds and go to sleep. Sounds like you could benefit from a 72 hour mandatory stay in a psych ward. You sound as unhinged as the Pussy Grabber. Go to sleep

  33. Rob says:

    Just declare martial law they won’t know what the f*** hit them…. the president needs to walk away and let the vice president pardon him

  34. Cliff Henning says:

    This is the saddest day in my life. My father and uncles and other family members on his side and my mom side served inWW II and others wars to protect our freedoms religion , speech , & etc. to not be a communist country or dictatorship. Here we are thinking nothing of the sacrifices they made and the lives of them and our allies. We have a Supreme Court to have the balls to uphold the constitution .

  35. I could not agree more!! I served in the United States Air Force in the mid-1960, and was
    discharged with an Honorable Discharge. NOW, it makes me wonder WHY I served??!! I could’ve ‘ran ‘ to Canada like a lot of cowards and probably DUMBOCRATS!! But I couldn’t live with myself, if I did that! Can the cowards on WHAT USED TO BE THE SUPREME COURT, live with themselves?! I have no doubt!!! I will destroy my Honorable Discharge! I am totally disgusted with what I THOUGHT was a good and honorable cause!!!!

  36. Gerald says:

    I can not believe the u s Supreme Court turned Down this case . I guess the constitution don’t mean anything anymore . There is plenty of proof of fraud in this election. Of. Course Democrat’s always get by with everything .It should be a law everyone should have to show a ID to vote in EVERY STATE and no early voting _no mail in ballots .should be ’Mandatory to show ID to request absentee ballot I’m totally disappointed in the justice system along with 75 million Americans PLUS

    • ruth shull says:

      the supreme court should have taken the case. the country is going to become a communist country. the supreme court will not exist anymore. this is the last straw. law and order will be gone you will see the 2nd amendment gone and the abortion clinic kill more babies and people will live under a dictator. there is a saying be careful what you wish for those that had their head in the sand and did not really understand what would happen will now get a reality check

    • DazzleMe says:

      Totally agree Gerald, dims doesn’t want it, they would loose!

  37. linda says:

    I am so disappointed and ashamed of SCOTUS I had hoped you would not get payed out I will never will ever trust any of you. their is 80 million trump followers and we have had our votes switched and given to that horrible Biden/Harris. The democrats have committed fraud and theft and you think we are stupid. We thought you were honorable but so sad you are all so evil you sold your soul to Satan/demonRats Your karma is coming I vomit on all of you you make me sick you will have blood on your hands as Biden says we are all going to be locked up and all our childrn will be taken from us sold to sex trafficers Biden said on national TV he payed $50 million dollars to win and he did not need our votes, but we need our POTUS he is the best President we ever had you are a nigtmare to trat us so bad tears of saddness for the hell and demons you have become for allowing all of our votes to be given away and fraud for Americans to be cheated and you have killed our America and the people

    • Kay says:

      Wrong, Loopy Linda – This country is better than ever before – inspire of the lowlife repulsive Repubs. 80 plus million spoke and kicked the Pussy Grabber out the door. Just say thank you.

      • DazzleMe says:

        You are so insignificant! GO AWAY

        • Cathy G kuplic says:

          That’s your problem Dazzle. You get your info from people of the same mind as you. You don’t listen to anything but the mountain of lies spewed to brainwash.

  38. Bill Gandy says:

    When the supreme court can’t be bothered to even consider the fact that the constitution was violated I say what good are they. They apparently think it is ok to ignore the constitution so I say ignore the constitution and fire all of them. Nothing but a bunch of over paid stuffed shirts that don’t have the guts to take on cases they damn well should. Useless as boobs on boar hog. Solution to this entire problem in three words …. “DO ELECTION OVER” only this time with strict oversight ( use the military if necessary). These damn democrats want to act like a third world country treat them as such.

  39. Bill says:

    When the supreme court can’t be bothered to even consider the fact that the constitution was violated I say what good are they. They apparently think it is ok to ignore the constitution so I say ignore the constitution and fire all of them. Nothing but a bunch of over paid stuffed shirts that don’t have the guts to take on cases they damn well should. Useless as boobs on boar hog. Solution to this entire problem in three words …. “DO ELECTION OVER” only this time with strict oversight ( use the military if necessary). These damn democrats want to act like a third world country treat them as such.

    • Cathy G kuplic says:

      The judges DID rule for the constitution! I think they know it a little better than you Bill! You people are brainwashed. I now have first hand knowledge of how Hitler came to power.

  40. Sonia Vega says:

    Declare Martial Law

  41. Sharon Neal says:

    This is a disgrace to the American people. You judges should be ashamed of yourselves. You all know this was a rigged and FRAUDULENT election. Your going to let a alzheimers person and a communist take o er this country. You are dispicable and should never be elected judges all of you in these five electoral states. DEMOCRATS governor should be fired and so should judges in supreme court. YOU PEOE WON’T EVEN HEAR AND WATCH THE TRUTH

    • Edmund says:

      Wow we just watched a fixed election!!!! Those “4am mystery votes” – awful

    • Lynne Sohalski says:

      What good is the Supreme Court?
      Turned their backs on our country.
      They were presented plenty of fraud evidence and they screwed America. What good are they.😡😡😡

      • May says:

        You are just pissed because the judges Trump thought he paid for, weren’t for sale after all. You should be thanking them for not allowing Douche Bag Donald to buy our judicial system. You are in a cult, and that never turns out well.

    • Cathy G kuplic says:

      Who’s the dumb bunny Sharon? Why was there no, none, zilch evidence shown in any of the courtrooms? I’ll tell you why, THERE IS NONE! Drink some more Koolaid!!!

  42. Jeffrey Karas says:

    Amazing, the stupidity of right wing America. Trump wants you to believe that the Democrats somehow managed to conspire to fix an election which a Trump appointed overseer carefully monitored after a year of the degenerate President screaming it would be fixed. That’s like robbing a bank the police announced was being watched. Nor did the “fixers” bother to rig the much needed Senate races. AND, the Republicans won seats in the House. Donald Trump is a con man. He asks how Joe Biden can garner more votes than Obama. We the People, the decent Americans that can see through Trump’s con, voted not for Joe Biden, but AGAINST an incumbent POTUS who will go down in history as the most incompetent and hated of all time. Get out of your bubble and you’ll understand the intense hatred we rightfully have for Trump. Stop projecting your own biases onto your enemies. As much as you rallied in 2016 to reject Hillary Clinton, we amassed in legions to stop Trump from destroying the country we love. Live with it.

    • Ab says:

      You are an idiot. The policies the president put in place to protect our country alone is more than the previous 5 presidents did. Get off your soapbox and stop crying because he speaks harshly and you pansies can’t handle it. The pensions going forward are going to be taxed so harshly that everyone is going to be crying about what happened to our money and that because you voted for more taxes, more immigrants, less jobs for our children and more control by our government.

    • Bill Gandy says:

      You are a certifiable a-s-s hat. Wake up and educate yourself.

    • EOD says:

      Hey stupid person who called rightwing wrong you’re truly Stupid BC it’s been proven that numerous states had dead people voting & others double & triple voting & people who aren’t even legal to vote in America like Illegal Alien’s So Shut Up Stupid before someone else comes up & kicks you’re six

      • Kay says:

        Oh, you really are stupid. Biden won and the Pussy Grabber lost so stop you fucking whining. You take care now.

    • Kathleen bolyard says:

      When China takes over and all you gays, trannys, and blacks are wiped out don’t fkin cry you commie piece of chit. At least we Patriots will go down fighting not on our knees sucking Asian dks like you. You will begging for your lives

      • Kay says:

        You are a pig and I hope God punishes you. I bet you fell off the back of a tomato truck. Your stupidity must be unbearable for those that have to deal with you.

      • Kay says:

        Right. you are on your knees sucking the Pussy Grabber’s dick Oh, correction – he doesn’t have one – Putin cut it off

      • Cathy G kuplic says:

        Wow Kathleen, is there anybody out there who meets your criteria for a person? I can feel the hate in your heart. You have my sympathy!

      • DazzleMe says:

        Amen Kathleen

    • Judy York says:

      YOU are one sick person if you think things will go well with Obama back in office. Biden hasn’t sense enough to complete a sentence therefore we will be sold out to the Chinese because the Bidens owe their souls to China and will take everything we have and give it to them. They will have to and you think Trump was a bad egg. The Bidens are criminals as well as Obama’s, Clintons, Gates, Soros.They ALL need to be in jail, but never fear, their day is coming. God will put them in their place along with all the devils in our Government. They can take their laundered money and lies and deciets and God will put them in their rightful place. Trump did more good for the USA than any other President OR PERSON EVER. But people like you can only see what you want to see, like all your Democrat friends, selfishness, power and money. You, my friend, fell right into their trap and you will find out just what communisim is, and you won’t enjoy it. But you will deserve it for being blind and STUPID. However the rest of us will suffer along with you,but only until God gives you your reward for voting for a criminal.

      • Kay says:

        You are in a cult and you need an intervention. Get some help. The Pussy Grabber lost. Done deal.

      • Sam B. says:

        Communist Kay! LOL. Venezuela welcomes u! The socialist dictatorship corrupt government needs ur delusional outlook/ideals to b a part of their lost direction. MOVE! You’ll fit right in. BYE Felicia/communist Kay!

  43. Honest says:

    Sad State of Affairs, I NEVER knew America had so many Sad People with NO Brains~

    • Kay says:

      Right! Who knew there were so many misguided Repubs. Don’t worry – they can be deprogrammed

    • Sam B. says:

      Communist-Kay! LOL…Honest just described U! The socialist dictator government in Venezuela welcomes u! The way u & ur shadow holly rose get a rise out of people from ur delusional comments r pathetically hilarious.
      Venezuela is calling!!! Bye Felicia/communist-Kay!

  44. Craig Morrow says:

    Buckle up any one who doesn’t like America like it is!!! NEEDS to leave a go find your dream we have fought for a free country and should stand and die to keep it!!! Remembering peace always comes on the other side of the fight !!! I think we the people that love America should remove anyone who goes against the constitution in any way and the principles of the Bible this country was founded on that is enough law for us every other law is mostly a excuse not to comply with those. It may sound firm but I think it is True!! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA and Lord I ask you to for give us before we sin against you and give us strength to do your will in JESUS NAME!!!

  45. Patricia L says:

    People need to get real. Trump lost and you’re going to have to find a way to deal with it. Many people voted for Trump but many more voted for Biden. The real reason Trump lost was because of his own actions. There was no leadership with the Covid-19 virus. He lied to the American people about how bad it really is. He said he didn’t want people to panic. That’s a lame excuse. I’m an adult and can handle bad news. He said it was like the flu and would go away. I had it in February and was on a vent most of the month. I’m still experiencing the after effects. I lived but over a quarter of a million didnt. That’s a lot of blood on his hands and if you support that you also have blood on your hands. He set no example suggested by the CDC. No mask. No social distancing. He held super spreader events. It’s pretty obvious that the votes were more important to him than the potential loss of life. That’s just one way he screwed himself over and I can honestly post for hours. I don’t think all Republicans worship the ground he walks on but there are still so many that do that uniting our country is going to be difficult. I do have a question for diehard Trump fans. If you believe the man is so honest and aboveboard in his dealings why is there so much talk about him being able to pardon himself and his children? Or letting Pence take over the Presidency so he can pardon them. Obviously if Trump and family obeyed the law there would be no need for a pardon.

    • Mary says:

      Right! Like when he tried to shut down the border in January and Biden called him a Geneophob (sp). When did you get over Trump being president. Oh never mind I know the answer.

    • Sharon says:

      No, the Democrats cheated with mail in voter fraud , idiot.

    • Dale says:

      You’ve got to be a complete idiot if you think Biden won this election the Democrats have cheated forever and they did something very drastic this time and it’s obvious of what they’ve done and what is Biden going to do for this country he is going to steal as much money as he can just like he’s always done him and his boys should be in the penitentiary right now and Trump has done a wonderful job for this country

    • Mary says:

      And over 7 billion on our planet. Came from China. He tried to shut the border down. Left went crazy. Over 2 million Americans in the first year were support to die. It real for sure but even Obama said no president could have handled this virus. My daughter had bird flu when Obama was in. Should I blame him? It also was a pandemic.

    • Patricia says:

      Trump was a selfless man who cared more about the United States of America than you will see out of Biden. And you WILL see it. Biden and the Democrats cheated, outright cheated. And got away with it-because our government hasn’t got the guts to do anything about it. So sad. Goodbye America!

  46. GEORGE says:


    • Darci says:

      I can’t believe the Supreme Court ignored the evidence of fraudulent election computers, ballots from dead people, late ballots, multiple ballots from one person, and ballots from illegal aliens. If something doesn’t change and quickly, the people of this country will never be able to trust an election again. We’ve never selected judges based on bravery and that has proven to be a disaster.

    • Marla says:

      This is a sham. We are living in a third world country. I am so disappointed. The election was a sham. No one should be allowed to vote unless they are a US citizen, they are registered in only one location and they can provide a valid id. The first things Hitler did was disenfranchise the police and take away private citizens guns. Just wait until the liberals are trying to survive in a world without the police, socialized medicine, no jobs because illegals have them,and taxes they cannot pay. Congrats,the door is open.

      • rm says:

        Don’t forget the runaway EPA will wreck what industry is left in the USA through over regulation. That means more unemployment for Americans and more chinese made CRAP sold in the USA. Look at Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown, and other former industrial cities. Ruined! 50 years of EPA too long. And Mr. Biden wants to wreck the Second Amendment. The paperwork for Mr. Biden to be impeached should be prepared now and filed at inauguration.

        • Kay says:

          Figment of your distorted imagination. You sound absolutely unstable. 80 plus million Americans are happy the Pussy Grabber is gone!

    • Ike says:

      Hey there , George . You’ve connected with another Texan yearning to be shed of all the misery the Left & Right Coasts are bringing on everyone . You know a state legislator is poised to sponsor a bill in this next session for us to ” TEXIT . ” It would be great if some other states would join in too , but I guess they will have to decide that on their own . What are your thoughts .