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Supreme Court Rules on Final Trump Election Challenge

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed former President Donald J. Trump’s final challenge of the 2020 Presidential Election. The Court did so without comment or opinions.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted…

Please share your thoughts about this final decision by the Supreme Court in the comment section.


  1. Looks like Supreme Court turned on us also I am sure god does not like what he sees. He will have the last word be fore warned to who this does apply

  2. Joyce says:

    SCOTUS has failed the people of the USA. This shows that it is true that Roberts is part of the “DIRTY TRICK SQUAD” that started prior to President Trump’s entry into the White House to remove him. The swamp is so thick and deep, the American people can’t comprehend. Money is what these people are worshiping and their day will come when God makes his move.

  3. James Swearingen says:

    Most of the money to buy the election came from Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Parlor, John Matz Amazon, Jeff Bezos Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and all the Big Tech CEO’s they have trillions of dollars to throw away, what ever it takes to buy America!

  4. linda says:

    TOTALLY INSANE!!!!! THEY SHOULD RESIGN AND BE TRIED FOR TREASON. When you take a job to be on the Supreme Court (the final decision) you don’t deny the right of an American citizen (no matter who it is) and deny them the courtesy to listen and then judge…. not decide what the reaction of the gangs and misfits will be and chose which will be the worst outcome. That’s not right. this country is supposed to be better than that. If you are being blackmailed or took a bribe that’s worse. Its criminal and you should be penalized severely. I think at this point you should all be investigated and charges filed for dereliction of duty or treason. How can you take a pay check and look in the mirror every morning and not get deathly sick. You are disgusting!

  5. Duull Knife says:

    To the SCOTUS. I am really thinking that you folks have forgotten how things in your offices are supposed to interoperate the LAWS, not change or write them. We have a bunch of other folks for that. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, that sometimes gets real hard to swallow, REAL HARD. Dull Knife AKA 90+

  6. G.. Lee Saunders says:

    Does this mean that the communist party is taking us over?

    • Jennie Walsh says:

      Yes, the BRANCH of the Satanic, Globalist, international bankster-gangsters, oorporatist,communist, fascist Illuminati, New World Order ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE/KINGDOM OF SATAN KNOWN AS THE COMMUNIST PARTY HAS TAKEN OVER THE USA, by having their Satanic representatives in congress, the supreme court, the white house and government agencies, departments, bureaus,branches throughout the USA. SECRET SERVANTS OF SATAN ARE RULING THE USA.


  7. Alan says:

    The way I’m seeing the big picture now is, we’re down to the last two options to take our Republic of the USA back, especially now that we know that our votes will never count, the first option should be our military stepping in and taking control, especially now that President Trump has proven that every level and stage of the federal government is corrupt, including the highest court of our nation, and if the military doesn’t step in, then option number two and the only option left would be for the Americans citizens to fully excercise their second amendment rights to reserve and defend our Republic of the USA against our enemies, both domestic and foreign, it’s actually came down to this. Be prepared Patriots!

    • Miha says:


    • Charles Larson says:

      Alan, your leader and hero Trump bought his own private island in the Atlantic for a good reason. To run away from trouble and specifically troublemakers like YOU.

    • Michael G. Myhera says:

      I agree 200%! You are absolutely right.

    • Inez Bowman says:

      I agree with you 100%. Our forefathers fought the King of England with pitchforks, muskets and anything else they could lay their hands on. I guess if we want our country back we the citizens will have to do the same. Guns are being taken away from every country in the world, that makes it easier for the evil bastards to control every persons life. What life they will allow us. I read where the government wants to own everything of ours, our homes, money, very lives. If the supreme courts rule against us (TRUMP) and the army isn’t allowed to defend us, guess we will have to do it ourselves.
      I think the National Guard from Michigan who are in DC protecting the assholes should go home. I read where they are being feed raw, rotten meat and food with metal shaving in it. Boys go home your lives are more important to the nation than the DC assholes.

    • GJ says:

      The SCOTUS (Mostly Roberts) is in the pockets of Obama, Soros, and the Traitors, un-American, Terrorist’s that should understand that it’s NOT President Trump to be “AFRAID OF” it’s us; the True un-Socialist AMERICANS. We want “OUR COUNTRY BACK” not in 3 or 4 yrs from now. NOW!!!!!!!!!
      We will get it back one way or another!

  8. Rick Hall says:

    Supreme Court is part of the same corruption that congress is part of and sadly they want to destroy the America we know the America that people want to come here for in order to please the hierarchies of big business such as George Soros and others. But scripture is clear we are mystery Babylon headed for total destruction!

  9. Holly Rose says:

    We have absolute trust and faith in our supreme court system and what they say goes. I trust that the judgment to dismiss trump cobbled up election is just as they see things that we the public don’t see or understand. trump is throughly cooked and done for and he must CONCEDED or the public will revolt as they did in Jan the 6th in DC. Damn it trump be a man and give up.

    • DSK says:

      Just go drink some more Kool-Aid

      • Charles Larson says:

        Yeah, that’s what Donald J. Trump wants YOU to do….> drink HIS JIM JONES/ DAVID KORESH KOOLAID.

    • Miha says:

      H.R. Why don’t you give up and go to where you came from where your words will be excepted by the nomad intelect’s…………Destroy you’re origination of communism!!!!!!!!

    • John says:

      Holly rose. Go back to sleep in bidens den after you sew your lips shut.

    • Michael G. Myhera says:

      What rock do you live under?

    • Inez Bowman says:


  10. Sam B. says:

    According to the USA Today & others back in December..: “159+ MILLION” ballots were cast in the 2020 presidential election…but only “155 MILLION” voted!! That’s a difference of 4+ million phantom votes!! Now add in ALL the illegal ballots cast & the shady corrupt crap that went on at the election offices in the swing states!! This is why ALL true patriots on both sides r ticked about this. The obvious fraud is so massive & confusing the courts don’t know which way to go.
    I’m a registered barely left leaning democrat..NOT EVER A SOCIALIST..who knows dozens of others not in denial & not afraid to say “The obvious corruption is blinding.”
    It’s gunna take the rush to legalize the millions & million of illegal aliens(+ more on the way)…& the new ”H R 1” voter/voting bill to try to “fix” future elections since the cat is outta the bag with ALL the shady BS from this past election.
    The choice is so clear: R we a patriotic, pro America..America FIRST, honor & respect our constitution & bill of rights people/citizens…??….or r we against all this..& pro America second-last etc etc?
    NUFF SAID! 🇺🇸

    • Charles Larson says:

      Sam B., where do you get your numbers about the election? Every news report I heard and read gave final counts of some 80 million+ votes for Biden and some 74 million+ votes for Trump equaling some 153 million + total votes. I’ve repeatedly posted these numbers, give or take a few hundred or so to be more precise. There may well have been 159 million total registered voters. One of you Trump suporters claimed that total was only 133 million which any person can see if that’s true, there’s no way Biden’s win would’ve been certified, REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS WOULD BE FIGHTING THAT OUTRAGE of the obvious fact of some 20- 25 million + votes ARE OBVIOUSLY FRAUDULENT. I’m one of the 6 million of 159 million registered voters who did not vote. Thank GOD the Supreme Court finally dismissed Trump’s LYING CLAIM OF A STOLEN ELECTION WITH THE ZERO COMMENT IT DESERVES. HA HA HA HA. YOU LOST, LIAR!

      • John says:

        Larson. Sounds like you flipped your coin.

        • Charles Larson says:

          John, I corrected myself below, it was 154 million+ total votes. See a shrink, though, since you can’t accept the truth and reality. There’s no need to die from Trump’s koolaid.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Sam B., where do you get your numbers about the election? Every news report I heard and read gave final counts of some 80 million+ votes for Biden and some 74 million+ votes for Trump equaling some 154 million + total votes. I’ve repeatedly posted these numbers, give or take a few hundred or so to be more precise. There may well have been 159 million total registered voters. One of you Trump suporters claimed that total was only 133 million which any person can see if that’s true, there’s no way Biden’s win would’ve been certified, REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS WOULD BE FIGHTING THAT OUTRAGE of the obvious fact of some 20- 25 million + votes ARE OBVIOUSLY FRAUDULENT. I’m one of the 6 million of 159 million registered voters who did not vote. Thank GOD the Supreme Court finally dismissed Trump’s LYING CLAIM OF A STOLEN ELECTION WITH THE ZERO COMMENT IT DESERVES. HA HA HA HA. YOU LOST, LIAR!

    • Sam B. says:

      Poor LOST Charles…drinking the in denial-delusional kool-aid.
      USA TODAY: 159+ million BALLOTS were cast in the 2020 election. However only 155 million PEOPLE voted!!!!!!! Plus add in ALL the other documented shady crap that went on that was also backed up by hundreds of signed sworn affidavits by election workers…70+ % of these people r Democrats…to back up all these claims. The fraud is so massive the courts/investigations would take forever to figure out..& the country can’t wait.
      So Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden aka The Big Guy was the presumed winner of a FRAUDULENT election! LOL.
      With what his administration has already done to the country with his “truth over fact agenda”…mr executive orders & chief will b voted out in 2024. Several psycho-socialists will start loosing their positions in 2022. C-ya bye…America second-last hacks. LMAO.

  11. David says:

    Thank you Editor(s) for putting my little brain comments on the site Not that it maters much. But I am glad you at least give free speech even if I am wrong Thank you and God bless

  12. GFlinn says:

    What a shame, we thought we could depend on the SCOTUS to make a decision that was justified and not biased. Those days are gone as all in Congress have gone against their pledge of honor. They have been corrupted by money, influenced from other countries and even threats from providers of dark monies both local and abroad. No more are the days of a fair and legal election. Most everyone in our government need time limits and most need to be replaced hoping to get someone that takes the honor to serve our country asa loyal and honest person. But again how can we feel this would be done as an honest election as there is so much cheating and our judicial system does not even want to look or hear if this cheating was a possible issue…YES IT WAS DONE. Just because you do not want to see it does not mean it did not happen!!!

  13. Lawrence Wright says:

    Sadly, our government has become corrupted. The Supreme Court, and the lower courts, who had the opportunity to at least hear the case and rule on the merits have chosen, without reason or comment to abrogate their Constitutional duties. Now the Biden Administration is carrying out everything the Left has wanted to do knowing full well it will destroy the country. I ask – at what point does the oath they took to protect and defend the Constitution mean anything? Not that the mechanism is no longer functioning to rule be law – we have become a lawless state. Maybe Texas will finish the wall and if necessary leave the Union.

    • John says:

      You’re right LW.

    • Anthony says:

      As a Texan I hope so. The federal government is completely corrupt, and we the people will never have a voice again, if we dont stand against this communist parties radical takeover.

      • DeeJay says:

        I don’t know how they can sleep at night, knowing that they turned their backs on the Truth, Justice and American’s voices.

  14. BootsOnGround says:

    Fight and fight hard, write and speak to your representatives and Senators, for our 2nd Amendment rights, brothers and sisters. This is the one and only protection we have left as Americans that leftists are afraid of as they try to eliminate us as “a band of ‘deplorables’ and terrorists.” This is reality, folks.

  15. Thomas says:

    It’s all fun and games until you wake up to a china man telling you not to leave your house until you are told to do so. If the President has his way … shot gun shells don’t match automatic weapons from 500 yards. Besides, all President Putin wants is a piece of Barak Obama’s snuddy behind LOL

  16. Bill Arndt says:

    Why even vote as our voting system is as corrupt as it can be. The evidence of fraud was very clear and it showed that 100’s thousand of votes were manipulated. Unless Trump can some how come back, we are toast as a Country. The DOJ SCOTUS is a joke, without pair! All the justices need to resign, as they are useless.
    I guess I just may have figured it out as to why they all sit on their hands, this way Biden won’t have to pack the court.

    Russia is laughing at us, but they will be even more happy when we buy their oil.

    • Candy says:

      I think many of them are being bribed and blackmailed. The deep state is good at this to get the votes to go their way and in this case not even hearing them. I still don’t condone it no matter the reason. That’s their job and they’re not doing it.

      • Dan J Saunders says:

        Real unity being done by the Biden Harris administration. I’ve never seen so much soft pedaling of this by the media. Who is behind this what is their reason. To destroy our Republic Nation? Throwing money at everything does not solve anything. Good rules legislation and courts must not be biased. We will lose our freedom according toEx President Reagan who said is only one generation away if we don’t contend for it.

    • Kandace Nederhand says:

      Not all SCOTUS Justices are Corrupt! Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t hold back on calling out chief Justice John Roberts for not proceeding forward with the PA election law suit! If I remember correctly it was Justice’s Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, that wanted to hear the evidence. They only needed one more Justice to come through! That’s when Thomas slammed chief Justice John Roberts!!! Rightfully so! Remember he is the justice that overheard President Trump’s first impeachment case! Thank the good Lord That Republicans held the Senate!

  17. tj says:

    If there is no interest in investigating even the possibility of Fraud in our
    elections what would they consider important enough for them to look into? If
    for no other reason to insure our elections are fair? Under Chief Justice John
    Roberts leadership we got Obama Care and now this.

    • Terry says:

      Absolutely agree. The two justices with children(Kavanaugh & ACB) have been thru HELL already with FAKE allegations/LIES about their lives and they are NOT willing to have the HATE of DemocRATS at their door again!
      But this will come back to bite the whole country in the ass for their childrens future will NO LONGER be a FREE country under the CONSTITUTION.

  18. Corri says:

    How fickle all the comments are here. The same republicans who totally supported getting Trump’s republicans on the Supreme Court are now demonizing those republican leaders that Trump appointed just because they are following our constitution in their decisions. What the heck are all of you complaining about? Anyone supporting Trump supported the current Supreme Court majority that he put in place. Stop acting like victims. Trump is getting exactly what he ask for. Trump knows this, too. Supreme Court has an obligation to our country, not to a particular leader. It’s the constitution of our beloved country that is based on checks and balances to keep it stable and on track with our country’s founding principles. Republicans and Democrats alike should be proud of our Supreme Court’s commitment to fulfilling their role in holding our nation’s principles sacred.

    • William Wilson says:

      Amen and well said. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

    • Darrel says:

      Apparently some folks don’t seem to grasp that this isn’t about their hatred for President Trump but hatred when fully embraced is blind to facts & they lose the ability to make sound logical decisions based on reality. A nation that rejects the truth happily embraces lies. Truth is what I say is truth forget reality & facts. A mindset in this condition can only end in ruin to themselves & sadly our whole nation given the right position. Let’s seek our creator God’s face through the Lord Jesus who is absolute in truth & we can be healed from hatred & all things negative as well as have sound minds restored, then we can have a solid hope in the future.

  19. Chris Brewer says:

    At this point in time, looks like Government just answered a Question I’ve been waiting on.Thanks for comment space.Found the truth out here.This exposes the truth to every American! Now let the People be the judges!

  20. Jim says:

    Anyone that has a basic understanding of our Great US Constitution knows that section 2 article 1 was violated and the yellow bellied cowards refused to do their job. What a total disregard of their responsibility to uphold an absolute abuse of power. Resignation of everyone of these cowards is the right thing for them to do. We’re now officially a Banana Republic thanks to these cowards. They are solely responsible for what’s going to happened to our wonderful Country in the very near future.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      It just goes to show the whole country the worthlessness of the Trump presidency in the minds of the majority of Americans.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      And I have say so too! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!🕝 3-8-2021

  21. SuzyQ says:

    That’s treason by our great democratic leftists. Unconstitutional and there is NO American Constritution left.!! Every election going forward has the potential to be “stollen” by whomever has the biggest and most powerful bank account! VERY SAD! Trump should have beat them at their own game, play as crooked as they do to win back what “rightfully” belongs to the American people. So Sad…..

  22. David says:

    Well my last letter wasn’t allowed LOL Guess I mouthed off to much Take care and good luck America you will need it

  23. David says:

    I hope the people who voted the democrats into office are happy. But this started way before Biden I remember back when they shot and killed the rioters in Kent State where was White Lives Mater then??? And of course who could forget the Gulf Of Tonkin lie that let our government and big corporations kill 58,000 Americans The we had the Kennedy murder from Oswald LOL I am glad I have my boots on the sh_t is getting deep. and then we have the Iraq war more BS. then Afghan war more BS they were after the treasure of Lithium corporations wanted that also And if you believe the 9/11 attack was done by terrorist think again you are just fooling yourself and the Pentagon LOL a Plane did that LOL They sure cleaned up the mess real quick LOL And the plane crash In Pa. Just a smoking hole with no plane parts And the oil well explosion in the gulf of Mexico LOL an accident LOL I was born in the dark but not last night Sad to say back then during the 60’s and 70’s some of us like me still believed the BS the government said Sorry I don’t now you all can write about how you feel but when they can fix the votes to put a puppet into office you have no vote you are in China Sorry but the pen is not stronger then a sword I will be in a third world country soon I hope with my Russian fiance and her daughter It is the only place I can afford to live on social security and a small pension check. Plus I am getting to old to fight in a not so civil war that will happen soon in this country I read some BLM people were giving some young girls a hard time at cheer leading well BLM come give my daughter a hard time and I will show you what white supremacy is all about Well good luck America while your government supports the world and lets thousands of illegals who will kill and commit crimes in while you suffer Like Gump said Stupid is as stupid does

  24. Only the name remained of the Supreme Court. Previously, such a institution was called – Brothel. Only the girls for sale were much younger, more beautiful and cost much less. But they imitated love and devotion much more reliably. …

  25. Melba Mediz says:

    Well now you all know that Hollywood John Roberts doesn’t want to lose his in with his Washington square buddies the Democrats. He will sell this country down the River for them. I would like to know if there is a way to get rid of members on the Supreme Court. Roberts needs to resign if he can’t do job he was elected to do. All they are doing is making the situation worst by not reviewing Pres. Trumps Appeal.

    • Nancy says:

      They no that tje election was rigged and trump won who would vote for someone that has demencha and cant carry on a vonversation without forgetting what he is saying and says what am i doing here the whole world is laughing at the usa bieden needs to resign before he become a laughing stock

    • Nancy Van Curen says:

      They no that tje election was rigged and trump won who would vote for someone that has demencha and cant carry on a vonversation without forgetting what he is saying and says what am i doing here the whole world is laughing at the usa bieden needs to resign before he become a laughing stock

      • Andy says:

        The liar spent 4 years making us the screwball of the world. Give Biden his 1st 100 days at least. You’re blaming him for everything and he just begun his president. Dementia? They both have ith.

    • Denise says:

      thank you. I never thought I’d see this many leaders sink so low and sell out America & and their souls.

  26. Jean says:

    I think many people will never trust our voting system again. Very unfair decision not only to President Trump but to the majority of American People.

    • Susan says:

      I wonder who paid them off? No comment means they can’t come up with one. I for one will never trust the election people again. As far as I am concerned there is only one person on this planet to save this country from the disgraceful,pathetic and pathological corrupt Democratic Party, and that person is Donald Trump. He is not afraid to tell it like it is. He does not waste time kissing babies or other politician’s ass’s. He may make a few people mad,but better that than than the looney,loose screw[plurals] in the White House now. From the president clown and vice president and every House ,congress to the security people.

  27. Rick Martin says:

    Once again the Court shows how gutless they are caves to the democrats.So much for the fearless three Trumps Justice nominees.Hope the Country can hold on until 2022.God help us untill then.

  28. Ike H says:

    Most all these comments are “spot on ” . As to what can really be done about it — Repub.Congressmen could declare the current Congressional session “Illegit ” due to fraud , and they could return to their districts and refuse to participate & “legitimize” it. Why should they act like we have anything other than a 1-party dictatorship ? Repubs.better get their heads in the game and realize the mafiosi thugs they are up against . Old Marquess of Queensbury rules as personified by Senator Mitch McConnell no longer apply .

  29. AJ says:

    This is now normal. It will Only get worse. What do people do when there government and court system fail to protect their citizens’ rights? Read our Declaration of Independence! Apparently, these treasonist traitors don’t read our history. Eventually it will ignite re bellion. Take a look at Texas Gov. Abbott send national guard to the border to stop the illegals’ invasion. States have the constitutional right to act to protect their citizens from crime and lost of rights. Other states should offer Gov Abbott their national guard to help control the illegal border invasion. And resistance to the lockdowns is building all over the world. Just a matter of time when rebellion is world wide.

  30. Paul Lemay says:

    Shame shame,there is no law in this country and now there is only the Democrats. ITS a DICTATORSHIP. We all know that its the Republicans fault for never having the courage to stand up to the Dems.Only afew stand up against the many.

  31. Betty says:


  32. Nancy says:

    I thought the supreme court was supposed to here all cases for the American people. Not pick snd choose what they want to do. Ashamed to know they have been bought also. The highest court can not be trusted anymore.

  33. Concerned Citizen says:

    We are officially Venezuela. Our republic was sold out by our greedy and corrupt politicians. Few are fooled by what’s going on.

  34. Gwennie says:

    You people are all loony. How can you believe a dictator wanna-be, crook and liar like Donald Trump!! You must just LOOOVE all these conspiracy theories because you want to think you know more than the rest of us! What ever happened to plain old LOGIC??!! It has disappeared into a swamp of QANON and lunatic fringe woo woo thinking! Good grief people , try just plain old critical thinking to these off-the-wall theories.

    • Ronald lakatos says:

      Great info if you like Deep State. Who are you, and where does said info been proved true ? The HATE spued is actually true..

    • Tregar Shippey says:

      You obviously got your head up social medias ass! If you don’t believe in our constitution then get out of the country! Your just another sheep that loves this one sided democrat party! Its proven that there was fraud,Supreme Court is now working/paid off by the cabal! Obviously you’ve been vaccinated!! 🤣🤣

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL…Gwennie! U say..: how can u/we believe a “dictator wannabe” crook & liar?? We looove to believe all these conspiracy theories?? Whatever happened to good ole plain logic?? Well hell..that’s what ALL the non-corrupt..not in denial patriots have been asking!!
      The “executive orders & chief” Joe Biden has signed more already than Clinton, Bush, Obama & Trump combined! There’s ur dictator!!! Sadly Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden aka “the big guy” MOST DEFINITELY OBVIOUSLY is ur crook & liar!! LOL. As for all this voting bs..: back in December USA Today, New York Post, ABC News & others reported..& THEY raise questions about the 159+ million ballots were cast(fact) during the presidential election..but only155 million voted! 4+ MILLION PHANTOM VOTES?!?! Then add in ALL the illegal ballots cast & shady-corrupt vote changing is what frosts’ the ass of true patriots on both sides! Free & FAIR elections r a huge part of who & what r! And to Honor & respect our great construction!
      NOW the psycho-socialists want to focus SOOO HARD on finding a quick pathway to citizenship for millions & millions of illegal aliens(more on the way)…& to further stack the deck these low-life kooks wanna pass a voting/voter bill called “H R 1” to help socialists further implement their socialism dictatorship views & ideals. Let’s b honest.. These psycho-socialists r obviously doing all this so little to no efforts will b needed to “fix” future elections. I’m a registered barely left leaning very moderate Democrat..NOT a supporter of the America second-last socialist party…who knows dozens of others. I/we bailed off the socialist titanic years ago & voted for the “patriotic pro-America..America FIRST” party & feel awesome for doing so. Pretty liberating! U & other sympathizers in the “glass half empty” party should give a try! Don’t let ur pride overrule honest positive progress for yourselves. Jus-say’n.

  35. Concerned says:

    They dismissed, so they didn’t even review, the Supreme Court is definitely working for the Democrats and not the people. I wonder how much they were paid? This country is faking to look like a Democracy but really is just turning into a Communist Ruled country. Something needs to be done. I have no confidence in this country, we really need to take it back. BLM is on the streets scaring children that are white. But Biden and the democrats think that is ok. So much for unity!!!!!

  36. The way THE SUPREME COURT IS FAILING TO DO ANYTHING RIGHT, and put an EVIL person in charge, and is aloud to -not even look-at the most important decision that ever was presented to this court is the supreme example of UNJUSTICE.
    Three CANGES MUST OCCUR NOW. 1.They must be chosen by the people. 2. They must have term limit of maximum of 8 years. 3. If a justice commits a felon they are dismissed for life.
    I believe that with these corrections the Supreme Court would do a -more fair act of real justice, as they are required to do for we the people of this * United States of America! Thank you.
    Note– Weakness of & with appointments is- WEAKNESS and EVIL -selects weakness & evil!

  37. Syb says:

    Everyone in the US knows the election was rigged and who did it. Above all God knows and HE is in complete control.All involved in this travesty of election theft will be judge accordingly. Biden is not the legal president and every person the Supreme Court knows this and they will be judge for destroying our US according to God’s will. I wouldn’t want to be in any of their shoes.

  38. Robert says:

    MUCH easier to buy off Supreme Court than address the REAL FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS by ACTUALLY investigating the documented crimes that took place! States violated their own CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS and when there are more votes counted than actual registered voters there’s FRAUDULENT activity! DEMONRATS CAN TALK ALL THE SHIT THEY WANT BUT THIS WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE BIGGEST FRAUDULENT ELECTION EVER!!

  39. Jollee says:

    This is so sickening the election was stolen and the Supreme Court will not even look at the evidence there is so much corruption it is sad. The United States is in for a very bumby ride is horrible what is happening will not be the Great United States left soon as we have known it to be

    • Ronald lakatos says:

      Thats the exact way the “commies”,thru our republicans are planing to take over, becoming a Socialist Country.

  40. Reba Hays says:

    We The People have Absolutely NO Trust in Government , Now the high Court and our land has failed us to there’s no trust in them either it’s all corrupt from the very top supreme court to the very bottom there is all fraud it’s all corrupt, We were counting on the Supreme Court to stand for WE THE PEOPLE, like our Government they have let down. I watched all the hearings, I am just Educated citizen of United States and I seen fraud inside and out changing the times the mail in ballots the dead people voting counting balance over and over and over again I could see this but apparently the supreme court does not want to see the evidence. I have Absolutely no respect for the supreme court or government today

  41. Since the Chief “Justice” seems to control all political decisions of the Court, we know where this is coming from! Our “System of Justice” is looking just like the rest of the crooked “systems” of our government!

  42. Becky says:

    Someone needs to get these brain dererated people out of the Court System and give these positions to someone who is in need of a job at least they know right from wrong and what is true or false or what was earned or what was stolen and don’t need years of college to be able to see what is right all that takes is common sense

  43. Stephen Hunt says:

    In the Arena of the Supreme Court, the sum of 60 million + abortions blood is dripping from their hands and souls. If that emence wrong doesn’t bother their conscience then any wrong they do will seem right in their eyes. To whom much is given, much will be required. If the blood of innocent Able cried out to God how much more the cries of 60 million.

  44. Paul says:

    So now we have nine new deep state criminals running our Supreme Court justice system in the United States. Looks like it gives a new meaning to “inmates running the asylum”. You can’t make this stuff up!

  45. Laura says:


  46. Milan says:

    It appears the Supreme Court is part of the swamp. Most of the justices are too chicken and too afraid of losing their positions to give an opinion or take a stand. Most democrats are content to believe that all of the lawsuits that President Trumps’ team presented were lost. The truth is about 48 out of 50 were not even looked at. They claimed they lacked standing or did not have sufficient evidence. Again, the truth is, most of the overwhelming amount of evidence showing voter fraud has never been looked at in a court of law. Mike Lindells’ documentary “absolute Proof” needs to be seen by every person who voted in the 2020 election.

  47. As expected!!!!!. Attorney Powell does not give up. Don’t worry.

  48. Don says:

    I expected nothing less from the new commie trash.

  49. lili says:

    This is terrible…. Unfair….Will the bidens be brought to justice? so unfair…..They are all in on this….

  50. As expected. Attorney Powell does not give up. I hear other plans have not died. Don’t worry.

  51. There is enough evidence in all states to show all the corrupt things that happened during the election that were illegal and fraud I don’t understand how a supreme court can sit in their office and feel good about their self for deceiving the American people when we have seen it for ourselves on the web how much does the Democrats have to pay you to not do the right thing one day you will be judged and I promise you it won’t be good cuz God knows everything you do

  52. G says:

    This now allows the military acting under an executive order to step in and put an end to the charade. The SCOTUS was elected under the Corporation of the United States and not the Republic of the United States and they have no standing or legal jurisdiction. So it’s time to raise the curtain on the corruption and corrupt.

  53. Carl smuck says:

    Jesus Christ will soon come back to judge the quick and the dead. But, first God must send his son Jesus back for the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. America is the Babylon of the new testament. And the Roman Catholic church is the Whore Of Babylon. The pope is both the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic church and the emperor of Rome. Pope Francis went to Iraq which is It of the Chaldeans. And he and Rick Purpose Driven Warren started the religion of Anti-Christ know as Chrislam. Those of you who are already saved get ready to fly on out of here on flight 777. Those of you who are not save yet repent everyone of you and be baptized in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost for the remission of your sins and get ready to fly on ✈️ 777.

  54. Loyd Anderson says:

    Crisis on the Texas border. Biden doesn’t think so. So Governor, put all of the illegals on a bus (with a tent) and ship them to the White House. They can camp on the White House lawn. Then, let’s see if Biden continues to say, there is no Crisis on the Texas border.

  55. Patsy Carcuffe says:

    Seems the American People who what to be for what makes sense is not
    included in what happens .Where is Justice ?Our values going down the toilet.
    I pray God has Mercy for the people who are trying to take our freedom ,
    and destroying our country , God is still in control.

  56. Angel Hair says:

    Since there are a lot of the judges were nominated by a Republican president and approved by a Republican-controlled senate at the time, it shows that our judges decide without fear of party. We are fortunate our constitution thrives, we are not corruptand we do not live under a dictatorship!

    • Voldemort says:

      We are under fascist control. Shortly the gestapo will be executing honest Americans. Until concentration camps are built.

    • Paul says:

      We now know the “Republican Controlled Senate” was secretly controlled by a majority of RINO deep state criminals Kathey. And if you support them, you become one of them.

    • Gwennie says:

      Good for you! Yes, the republic is doing very well and our democracy has survived its most dangerous crises ( the threat of Donald Trump) since WWII, and the attack on 9/11. Long may she stand! Vote your conscience and keep the faith. America is stronger than kookoo theories and nutty militias running around in the woods playing war games. Try using logic. If it sounds too weird to be true, it probably is.

    • Carole B says:

      We are already under dictarship! I can’t spell, but I can read the writing on the wall.

    • Carole B says:

      We’re already under dictorship! Maybe I can’t spell correctly, but I can read the “writing on the wall”.

  57. paul says:

    our courts are a joke thank you deep state for destroying the country

  58. Patricia Bennett says:

    We the people should have the final say because they work for us. If lying and cheating is the new normal then our country is doomed. Any CRUPT politician that has sunk below HUMANITY shall be punished. None of them believe in God and out to hurt our country and our citizens

  59. LG says:

    At least they owe the reason WHY..
    Law, Bribes or Threats… We can only pray and hope it’s the Law.L

  60. Linda Will says:

    Military please take out the Supreme Court, all of them! SUPREME COURT WITH THEIR PEDOPHILES WILL NEVER GET BY WITH THIS!

  61. David Weston says:

    we are now stuck with socialism- communism now americans. demacrats got their way

    • DeeJay says:

      I don’t know how those Judges on the Supreme Court who turned their backs on the truth, the facts and any hopes for honest voting in the future can Sleep at night! How can you turn a blind eye to what happened? I don’t understand, makes us wonder if you have been threatened or paid off?

      • Carole B says:

        My thoughts are the Supreme Court is just too lazy to do what is correct. They know it would surely have opened a can of beans !

  62. Tom Hudak says:

    another sham by the supreme court. the justices have entered a point of no return from the deep state abyss!!!!!!

  63. John Boy says:

    Surely does not do anything to ease concerns about the election. What were they thinking? Do not the people that voted for President Trump deserve some answers? I keep hearing that there is no evidence, but before youtube took it down, you could see witness after witness testify to state committees about their observations of improper election actions. And some states just changed up their way of conducting elections quite illegally. Where is lady justice?

  64. Cindy walz says:

    This isn’t right! They are dirty also! Are country is F!

  65. Joseph says:

    And just to think. They supposed to be voted by the people by the people

  66. Carlene Bogan says:

    Get Rid Of Roberts’ he is a DISGRACE!! The Supreme court needs a “OVERHAUL” What is going on that the others don’t have a voice, President Trump went to Bat for the last three only a couple or three left !! Stand Up Clarence Thomas, Alito make your voices count ,don’t let one justice (with lower case) speak for all!!

  67. Mary Ann Johnson says:

    I always thought highly of the Supreme Court. Not any more! They are as dirty as the democrats that they work for. We should get rid of that trash too.

  68. Mac2512 says:

    SCOTUS is to political and refuses to take up constitutional issues. If the SCOTUS won’t do their jobs, then they need to resign. Election integrity is a cornerstone of our republic. They not want easy cases that they don’t have to defend. Make the rulings that follow the constitution and when ask why, reply. Constitution. Not that hard.

    • Roy says:

      An easy way to find out if vote was corrupted in each state & county is each has voter registration list and number of registered voters!.compare the number of registered voters to how many votes
      were cast to see if there are any discrepancies.

  69. Linda Wilson says:


  70. Allan says:

    The CommieKrats are extorting the Court with the threat of packing if they don’t play nice and ignore their sworn duties! Cowardice!
    The big tell will be if they hear the certain constitutional challenge of the Quag Hag’s HR1.

  71. Charles says:

    Looks like supreme court is on the take our GREAT COUNTRY is.going down the tubes and there is nothing we can do about it well there is But

  72. Tom. E Pezzano says:

    The supreme court has been compromised by the democrats. With so much evidence proving FRAUD in the 2020 presidential election and our highest court turning it away America lost its judicial system, time for our military to get rid of the swamp

  73. Peter says:

    The Supreme Court is a disgrace in int protecting America ! There are concrete law breaking activities which have determined our election results and they have NOT taken n their represent our country’s legal interpretation any longer.

  74. This saddens me. They were paid off With the democrats and big tech Dirty money. We now have a president that doesn’t even know where hes at And we can’t get the Supreme Court to help out America?

    • Robert j Fahey says:

      the chief justice and vice president are pedifiles per Lin Wood President Trump’s lawyer

  75. Bill says:

    The Supreme Court is in the BELLY of THE SWAMP
    How many on the supreme court lived in or near D.C. prior to being placed on the supreme court or did intern ship in the “Swamp”? The Supreme Court are weak people who think they are more intelligent than any one else.

  76. Ginger says:

    That should tell every American that some of the Judges are just as corrupt as the D are.

  77. Allan Pozdol says:

    The CommieKrats are extorting the Court with the threat of packing if they don’t play nice and ignore their sworn duties! Cowardice!

  78. Ziggy says:

    Supreme Court = KGB bs

  79. Tom says:

    The death knell of the Republic

  80. Ziggy says:

    Supreme Court = KGB

  81. Jeanette Kay Blackwood says:

    this is an absolute atrocity. Shame on every one of them. They are part of the big machine, paid off with dirty money! Liars and cheats. ABSOLUTELY, Sickening.