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Texas Asks Supreme Court To Overturn Election

Happening Now: The State of Texas has asked the United States Supreme Court to overturn the election by throwing out the results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the grounds that they violate the Constitution.


The State of Texas filed a lawsuit directly with the U.S. Supreme Court shortly before midnight on Monday challenging the election procedures in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the grounds that they violate the Constitution,” according to Breitbart.

Texas argues that these states violated the Electors Clause of the Constitution because they made changes to voting rules and procedures through the courts or through executive actions, but not through the state legislatures. Additionally, Texas argues that there were differences in voting rules and procedures in different counties within the states, violating the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause. Finally, Texas argues that there were “voting irregularities” in these states as a result of the above.

“Texas is asking the Supreme Court to order the states to allow their legislatures to appoint their electors.”

This is a Breaking News story and will be updated as warranted.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe the Supreme Court should throw out the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin?


  1. Jim Rosa says:

    Yes, AND charge those responsible with treason for attempting to overthrow the U.S. Government. NOW is the time to pull the big plug to drain this swamp of corruption of elected officials, both DemocRATS and Republicans. Get it done now! How can democRATS ask all of American to work together now after they’ve been destroying our elected leaders and dividing our Country every day for the last four years. Time for corruption to be exposed and sentenced.

  2. Joseph Garland says:

    Yes How can the supreme court sit there and do nothing. all those voter counter be given all the testimony about illegal voting and say there is know voter fraud. Did they all go on the democrat payroll.

    • Kay says:

      Yes,the votes should be thrown out. And this bunch of stupid leftist need to go live in a communist country and see what hell it really is. Each day our country gets closer to that end. When are these brainwashed liberals going to wake up and realize the fiction of socialism, communism.

  3. Born in the USA says:

    Florida stands with Texas! We got it right this time.

  4. Hal Lemoyne says:

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides👍💥❤

  5. Jacqueline Taylor says:


    • vincent k joiner says:


    • Don Cessna says:

      President Trump needs to do the right thing and declare limited Marshall Law for a revote! One person, one vote, on a paper ballot counted by hand. Then we’ll see what the outcome will truly be like. Common sense says it will be a landslide for Trump!

  6. Tim says:

    This election should have been stopped months ago! When the “corrupted” FBI got Hunter’s laptop, that should have put an investigation into this corrupt family into full-swing. And none of them read Peter Schweitzer’s “Secret Empires” that told of the Burismo, Ukraine, China money deals that Hunter made for daddy? Hell, Hunter flew to these places on AF-2 with daddy. And daddy “knew nothing” about Hunter’s business deals? How corrupt is our DOJ??? And now I hear the corrupt Supreme Court just turned down the case. Damn all of them!

  7. Carl Snay says:

    Yes I do

  8. Kenneth Malott says:

    Here are some facts about the presidential election of 2020!

    1. Joe Biden yeah the guy that never did truly campaign and stayed in his basement all summer got 80 million votes, 80 million! Ovamit the most beloved president the demwits ever produced got 65 million, 65 million? How? No way!

    2. Trump got 75 million that is 10 million more than 2016 election ! No incumbent president in over 100 years that received more vote the second time around and did not get re-elected! How ?

    3. No president in the last 60 years did not get elected without getting both Florida and Ohio! How?

    4. Bell weather counties in past elections the president elect have had to carry these 19 counties however Trump carried 18 of them in 2020 and did not get re-elected! How? Again No way!

    5. Biden only did better than Killary in 4 major cities ! You guessed it, the nightmare demwits cities latent with systemic voter fraud since forever! Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta! The states Trump knew he had to have and he campaigned in religiously! Knowing he would have to have Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia in order to win this time around!

    6. Other news or facts you need to know 8 republicans held their seats in Congress and all 27 tossup elections went to you guessed it republicans! Now tell me how if all down ballot win for republicans, how does Trump lose?

    These are all facts folks and facts do not lie! There is only one way yet all we are getting from all the talking asses out there is Biden got voted legally for president? I can tell you statistically there is NO WAY! There were dumps made after the voting closed, in the middle of night and somehow statistically impossible were all for Biden? Again NO WAY! If you read this and somehow truly after applying common sense and knowledge about everything you have ever learned and can logically answer these questions, I got to hear it! I certainly can’t understand how none of these judges in those states say there is no proof? Just these facts alone should offset any question about who won and who lost! And the why?

    • Alan Womack says:

      I agree with you and further more I want to see jail time for all those cheaters. Teach them a lesson in jail 101

    • Louise says:

      I agree 💯 %. FRAUD on the democrats side. NO WAY CAN BIDEN COME FROM BEHIND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WITH COUNTING STOPPED AND WIN. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. So, with all the FRAUD that took place, it is apparent that TRUMP WON the 2020 election. Only a bunch of uneducated people would vote for a demented joe.

  9. To my fellow citizens of our beloved country,
    We are faced with a massive crisis involving our presidential election. President Kennedy once said, “Written in Chinese, crisis is composed of two characters- one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity”. We are facing danger if we don’t recognize the crisis and resolve it. It represents an opportunity of our Supreme Court if they have the courage to help in the resolution of the crisis.
    Amit Ray is quoted “In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path- the path of passion, courage, understanding and love”. I pray that the Supreme Court takes the high road and have the courage and strength to listen to the voices of millions of American citizens and address the stains left by corruption in this election.
    We are living in a time where we have lost trust in our media, in our elected representatives, our government agencies and non government agencies to include but not limited to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency.
    Also our lives have been impacted with Covid-19 Virus which is a world-eide health crisis of its own. But our country is a country of laws. The law of our land is our constitution. Our constitution and laws does not allow this Coronavirus Pandemic to alter our election laws through executive actions. Our process of the law must be followed.
    State laws and state officials have been found to be in violation of our constitution. Arbitrary actions within the respective states deviating from the rule of Election Laws is neither legal or permitted.
    Since this indeed does involve our constitution and Federal Election Laws, it becomes imperative that the Supreme Court does what needs to be done. The Supreme Court can and should take their role in our constitutional system of government in resolving these issues. The court must chastise the states that have violated the limits of their powers.
    With the above in mind, we must insist that our Chief Justice, John Roberts and all the associate justices take the task of healing our nation by hearing this case and make a decision on its validity.

  10. Mitch says:

    Ya PA. Broke the law and then their is the Obama appointed judge that will not let us check the voting machines in question and a bunch of other stuff. But I would like to point out the fact that CA., OR., WA., NV. and Colorado sell Marijuana against Federal Law. All of which gave their vote to Biden. What is right about letting those Felony States vote in a Presidential Election?! One of the biggest crime against humanity; Marijuana Legalization. Even the drug addicted know it ruins life’s.

    • Shay says:

      Medical marijuana is no joke for many people…so do not condemn the entire process. Less side effects than smoking cigarettes. But Barr is responsible for all this procrastination and he took advantage of the president all this time. With Texas filing a lawsuit, this may be the back door way thats needed. The corruption is so deep and I dont think anyone was expecting how deep. Its so obvious but there are so many sheep. But California is finally regretting their Democratic decisions. Too bad it cant be taken back.

  11. Trina says:

    Just to let you all know that everyone dying in this country for no matter what reason, the death certificate is reading Covid19. A friend of mine had a nephew who was killed in a motorcycle wreck and the death certificate was Covid. They are jacking the numbers up in each state so they get more federal funding. These lockdowns are nothing but a ploy to keep Americans from trying to change this election. As soon as the election is called, lockdowns will ease, unless Biden wins and then they will get worse because they want to destroy America from within. I’m talking about the corrupt democrats. Canada is putting their people in concentration camps if they don’t get vaccinated.. they are taking their peoples property and everything they own. Look it up to what’s coming! Started out as socialism and now the Hunger games!

  12. Barbara Lairson says:

    This must go to legislation. We the people have the right to a fair and legitimate election. President Trump and voters was cheated and he deserves to continue to be our President.

    • Zane Everett says:

      The election was stolen through cheating by the Democrats with mail-in voting and rigged machines President Trump was winning in all those states one night and next day he lost, all. I can say is a great deal of cheating was going on and that’s been proven through video also in Texas they arrested someone for filling out voter registration cards.

  13. gs says:

    Horray for TEXAS Come on you other states that were
    made fools of follow suite and do what is right
    I applaud Texas

  14. Tina says:

    Yes they should be overturned. There was massive fraud in all these states. Thank you Senator Ted Cruz for what you’ve done! I hope to God and for this United States of America that we get the people’s voices heard and Biden isn’t the President. He can’t even complete a sentence, whether alone run a country. He is corrupt and owned by China as well as other communist countries and sold us out while he was VP. Harris is a baby killer and was part of the Hunter/Biden corruption. The swamp in this country is very deep and we need to clean it up. Shiff and Schumer, as well as Pelosi need to go. We need to overhaul our FBI and CIA as well as the judicial courts in every state. AOC and Omar are as corrupt as well with lining their husbands pockets. AOC believes we should be under another terrorist attack and she can stuff her green new deal up her ass. The fraud in this election was overwhelming and deliberate. Clinton and Pelosi hired Dominion to run our election results. So there you go. Dominion gave millions to The Clinton Foundation to get hired.

  15. Kathleen says:

    This election was not a democracy the state of affairs in our country is unbelievable. Never did I think such a disgraceful presence of the media towards our people & Our President. Throw the votes out, let somebody try to straighten out this big mess!

  16. Kathleen says:

    This election was not a democracy the state of affairs in our country is unbelievable never did I think such a disgraceful presence of the media towards our government president what happened throw the votes out let somebody try to straighten out this big mess

  17. Charlie Kirkpatrick says:

    I learned this in high school typing class. It has never meant more to me than now. “It is time for all good men to come to the aid of our country”. It is time we took up our arms and marched on all our state capitals and demand a new Federally supervised National election. Never in our countries history has there been such election corruption by the states. We can no longer trust our state governments to hold fair and honest elections. We will allow observers from both parties. No mail in or absentee ballots are to be allowed. We already have lockdowns so declaring election day a National holiday with no employer allowed to remain open unless they give every employee time off to vote. We will see who the people support without question.

  18. Raymond ES Patterson says:

    In the final analysis, this election will not be about the personalities of those who ran for office. It will be about the integrity of the citizens of this country who have either stood for truth, justice and freedom, or surrendered to the wishes of America’s foreign and domestic enemies.

  19. Don Butler says:

    It’s funny you present day Republicans who used to be Democrats used to do what you are falsely claiming was done in this election stack the vote you did it to keep yourselves in power. That doesn’t work anymore. These rule changes came from your party. The fact is you lost. End of story deal with it. The funny part of all this is I am an independent that doesn’t go either way and this is forcing me to the left.

    • T says:

      Question is did cheating take place a little or a lot? Should you pass your college entrance exams if you cheated? Would your reasoning be you just cheated a little bit? Trump may be whatever he is but its no longer about him. Its about China & the vote. Cheating, even if by only 1 ballot, is cheating. No recounts. A new election without the dominion machines is the only recourse or the nation is done for good. Harris would have to crush the dissent violently because the people were cheated. A winner won’t need to cheat. Communists do that. Not a free people. In case you forgot. Democrats balked at election results too. Go left young man. We don’t need you.

    • Bobbi Chandler says:

      What are you talking about?!! I don’t know of ANY present day Republicans because we were always too smart to vote demonrat! I do know several dems that started voting Republican after 4 years with our great President Trump! No One in their right mind could have voted for that fool with dementia that hid in his basement and never told anyone what plans he had if he won! He forgets his pwn name and where he is but he even knows that he could NEVER have won without cheating and fraud going on 🙄

    • Jaybo says:

      Go left and keep going until you fall off the earth. One less shithead.

    • Don Butler says:

      Before the Civil War when the south was democrat you people had the same response to losing violence look what happened then you got you ass beat down. The Con Man Don cheated the last election with his buddy Putin that has been proven that was a communist dictatorship for 70 years so if you are pointing fingers you need to look in a mirror. I would recommend that some of you open up one of those strange things called books you would be shocked at the result. The term until the 50’s was Dixiecrat because the south voted Democratically that is fact.

    • Born in the USA says:

      Hey Don, are you really that Incompetent?, go back to YOUR basement and play with yourself. Any honest and hard working tax paying AMERICAN would be upset enough to bare arms. This theft of the election was planned from 2016. We will no longer be able to trust any election going forward because of this. So you sit there with that smug self righteous incompetent and ignorance, and kiss my veteran gun packing ASS.

  20. gs says:

    The people have spoken. We are all tired of the Democrats and
    their nonsense. Investigations, impeachments, voter fraud stuffing ballot boxes. When will this come to an end. The
    Supreme Court must step in and show WE THE PEOPLE that they can
    discern right from wrong.

  21. When rules are consistent in all states, you have high validity and reliability. When rules are changed to accommodate another agenda, this defuses the validity and reliability of the results, as a result, these results of these specific states should be thrown out. The lack of validity and reliability skew the results incorrectly. This can be preprogramed into the software, however, it is deceptive and will cause low validity and reliability. Consistency in rules must always be maintained to produce high validity and reliability.

  22. Linda says:

    This is to Jill and Mary Anne. When will you realize that these Devilcrats are only using you. Why don’t you see all the good President Trump has done? Because you only have eyes for the fake news media. God will have His way with our nation and it won’t include the Biden’s. Joe and Hunter are only in this for their own power and money. That floosy Jill is no more First Lady material than Michelle Obama was. Please do the rest of us a favor – don’t ever vote again!

  23. Holly Rose says:

    All of this hope of trump winning is just wishful thinking. Face the music, trump lost and that is all to it. Here is an article detailing the “Safe Harbor” and nothing will overturn or override it. Sorry folks it is President Biden and he will make America what it should be.


    • Born in the USA says:

      It’s not over yet Dumbass, the US SUPREME COURT over rules Congress you fucking communist BITCH,

  24. Michael says:

    We the people need to stand up for what’s right and remove are corrupt government. Even if it earns going to war with the government stand up and fight if you don’t like it here then you can leave the doors is open. If you want socialized go live in China. Never give up your guns or all is lost the radical left is scared of a armed society our founders new this when they made the constitution.

  25. Reeper says:

    The Communist so called news media refuses to air the president’s speech at 2 today on the warp speed vaccine. That’s ABC CBS NBC instead they are showing the Talk and other shit that don’t mean anything.

    • Bobbi Chandler says:

      I will never watch anything on those networks again! They’re as corrupt and bad as CNN, MSNBC and the like! Unfortunately those networks know that demonrats can’t think for themselves so they spoon feed this crap against our great President Trump daily!! God help us all if that racist crook pedophile bozo does get in!

  26. Tina Moore says:

    This election was horrifying. Why did so many states change their election rules unconstitutionally 2 months before the election? They knew Biden could never win without fraud and cheating. The Supreme Court needs to throw out any ballots in states where video and photos show clear cases of Fraud. They should declare martial law in those states including Arizona and Nevada and redo the voting with military monitoring the polls. There is no way Biden won this election fair and square. He will never be my president. He is a corrupt, lying plagaristic pervert.

    • Bobbi G Chandler says:

      Did you see yesterday where they finally admitted that biden had more votes in one state than voters registered! They can’t stand it that we’re not being sheep and laying down to just let them cheat their way in! Evil demonrats

  27. rick says:

    I’ll say this again. We’re about to find out exactly what kind of nation we have, or if we are living in a banana republic. If the Supreme Court does not stand up & rule the election null & void in the contested states, we don’t have a United States! Everyone who has fought & died for this country & it’s values will be thrown in the trash; all for nothing! People like Mary Anne, the last time I checked, are FREE to leave this country any time they wish, & I wish she would! She & millions like her apparently have no concept of the Constitution or the rule of law! Where was she educated? Or was she just brainwashed? Mary Anne, aren’t you lucky to live in a country where you are free to be as stupid, blind & ignorant as you want to be? Please don’t foist your worthless opinions on real Americans! Dumb-Ass!

    • John Ryder says:

      I agree. We should not stand still for this rigged election. The court should look at it even if it doesn’t change the election it will show the fraud and rigging that went on. If we don’t who would ever trust an election again? I won’t.

  28. Sue Turner says:

    It’s about time now the other states need to follow.

  29. Kellie Smith says:

    TED CRUZ TO THE RESCUE !!! (He would make a great president, or Senator Graham.

    No doubt in my mind Senator Cruz is working behind the scene to SAVE OUR COUNTRY! A TRUE PATRIOT indeed, while Biden Harris and Kemp are TRAITORS.

    I pray God’s blessings on Trump, Senators Cruz and Graham and our country.

  30. Sharon says:

    This is a shame of what has happened to President Trump. This is not fair to him and violating his rights..
    If this was fair I accept it . How ever we all know this is no where near that point. This is why the democrats wanted mail in voting . How can you win if you stay in your basement? The size of the President rallies was over the top.

    Do the right thing. Please god bless .

  31. Judy Adams says:

    Throw those votes out. If they are not thrown out we can never trust our election again and the issue will never be addressed an we will loose the chance to fix corrupt elections.What happened here is disgusting an a embarrassment to our country. And the Supreme Court should see laws have been broken and the constitution is totally being ignored.We are not a socialist country.

  32. Mary says:

    The integrity of this election is already in question and we need as a nation to peruse whatever it takes to bring honesty and trust back to the American people. If we have to throw out these states or Re-vote carefully with transparency in the questionable states, then Do It! Too much at stake to just accept this without questioning why there are soo many glitches and changes. We need much better across the States unified voting practices put in place for the future. No other president should have to endure this ever again!

  33. Mary Brenkman says:

    If these states did make changes that concern the constitution & didn’t do it legally, those voters affected by these changes should have their votes removed or better still, redo the election. This election has been the worst I have ever experienced & makes me sick as I worked as a poll worker for 14 years (FL) & all this never even entered my mind.

  34. Walter says:

    Yes I agree .those states found a way to trick the vote to where they wanted to go and that was to Biden. It’s a disgrace to the whole contry as they made a mockery of our election process.

  35. Larry Chandler says:

    YES, THE VOTE in the States in question should be overturned.

  36. dawn says:

    Yes, throw them out

  37. Michael Rollo says:

    Throw out those votes! with all the wrong doing that went on with this election, the win easily goes to President Trump. A Biden win was never a credibility. We need what we saw in all of President Trumps Rallies, those were filled with tens of thousands of people that the Maggot media never wished to show, but you sure could hear them. Never seen the like with Biden. Could hear a pin drop with any of his rallies. Maybe a dozen people would show?

  38. YES, We should have the courts throw out all votes and start again using our military to count the votes,since the states themselves could not do it on there own. The American people have a right to have a fair voting system, and I truly believe if they don’t make it right we are going to have a civil war on our hands.

  39. DeannaSchuh says:

    These states have been making up their own rules as they go along without any regard to the constitution or consideration of the country as a whole. Complete confusion has torn this country apart.wake up, America!

  40. Ike H says:

    BRAVO!! I am so proud of my home state of Texas for having the balls & the good sense to file this Petition to the SCOTUS . Far too many irregularities in multiple states across the country & that Dominion Software is riddled with defects & has a history that precedes itself (like in Venzuela , no less ).

  41. Lisa Trantham says:

    Yes we all can see the fraud some people believe the lies on fake &made up stories about Trump and this has stop it’s bad even family’s house and deviated. They have such hate in their heart, I didn’t vote for Obama but when he won I stood by him. Need to stop the hate to a make them toss votes away.

  42. MICHAEL says:

    Thank God for Texas and for the hundreds of people who came forward. Trump won this election by millions of votes. My concern is if they do turn this election in Trumps favor which I hope BLM, ANTIFA will try and tear this country down like we have never seen. LOCK AND LOAD and be ready. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  43. Dora J Abel says:

    Yes, This election has been a farce, it needs re-done and closely monitored so that this cannot happen again!

  44. Reeper says:

    Mary Ann Mazzrarino I bet your in our country illegally and your a Marxist and from New York uh bitch.

  45. Deanna Schuh says:

    We have been blessed with a wonderful president. Anyone that agrees with the left needs to consider these options: compare
    Save the babies vs. murder them, freedom to worship & 1st amendment to speak, lose our guns & police, friend or enemy to Israel, lose retirement and/or social security, astronomical taxes, wear masks for the rest of our life while all businesses close/go bankrupt, allow Green Party to take away rights including having a hamburger any time, and there is more! Wage up folks!

  46. Jaybo says:

    Better get it fixed NOW. These blue demonrats states rigged it with their politicians,governors and judges. Those of you who don’t want this are main stream media BRAINWASHED and sorry ass unconstitutional morons who WILL reap what you sow and when your sorry ass sees what a stupid mistake you made it’ll be too late. You idiots voted for lawlessness, total deception and corruption. You want.riots and looting, abortions, gay rights, free this and that, socialism and communism and we ALL know it
    Whatever you say or how you blame AMERICA knows you people who think like that are detrimental for the health of this country.SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  47. Bill says:

    Yes , the election should be thrown out based on being unconstitutional. Those who took it upon themselves to go around the constitution should also face prosecution for violating EVERYONE’S most basic right to a fair election. Past time for these blatant law breakers to own their actions and pay the price.


    supreme court has to be real careful about this beacause right now wrong decision will ruin integrity of this country its bad enough we look like a third world nation. The Constituion is law of the land im tired of theseb leftists trying to change it. I think after this is over America cant be changed the laws should stick we are a Republic.

  49. Reeper says:

    Think God someone has the ball’s to do something about these thieves. That scum Biden will NEVER be my President.

  50. Patricia j Nash says:

    Yes Throw out the votes. Completely illegal. We need to have ID to vote. Dems are very very evil.

  51. Kaye says:

    Yes this election should be disqualified due to all the fraud! Every one that can be proven to have done this should not be allowed to remain in office! They should NEVER be allowed in any form of government in this country! What they have done is TREASON! President Trump should have the authority to make them step down or be shot as the traitors they are!!! What do you think would have happened 100 years ago if this was done? This is The United States Of America and we Americans are sick of all these people trying to redo our constitution and values! We were founded on the principle of looking for our place to be able to worship God and be free! These people that have cheated on this election are trying to change us to where they come from Communism, Socialism, and a tyranny .. Send them there to live without the money they have made here! Strip them down and make them live like the rest of us and maybe they will appreciate it more!! God bless the United States and our President Trump!

    • Jill E Wood says:

      Lady, Not only did Chris Krebs the top security guy for this election, appointed by trump, but also Bill Barr both said on tv that they found NO FRAUD in this election! Why can’t you people get that through your heads? NO FRAUD means there was NO FRAUD!

      • T says:

        Problem is just because they work for trump does not make them loyal. They are loyal to the democrats who control everything. Can you explain why democrats control debates, elections & courts? The shit state runs deep in both parties. The democrats & Republicans both were the Russians in the Russia hoax. This is a Democrat operation too. Throw it out. New election or new secession. Burn all the buildings you want 74 million free Americans are not going away even if commie Harris is named president. Named because she was not elected

      • Tn says:

        How the hell do you explain suitcases full of ballots and a truck load of mail in ballots being hauled from New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania? You need to watch a real news station and get off the fake unreal and corrupt station your watching now, you moron!

      • Trina says:

        How the hell do you explain suitcases full of ballots and a truck load of mail in ballots being hauled from New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania? You need to watch a real news station and get off the fake unreal and corrupt station your watching now, you moron!

      • Trina says:

        How the hell do you explain suitcases full of ballots and a truck load of mail in ballots being hauled from New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania? You need to watch a real news station and get off the fake unreal and corrupt station your watching now, you moron!

      • Terra says:

        How the hell do you explain suitcases full of ballots and a truck load of mail in ballots being hauled from New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania? You need to watch a real news station and get off the fake unreal and corrupt station your watching now, you moron!

  52. Doris Berry says:

    Yes, I do believe the named states cheated on election results. It should be a new vote.

  53. Bob says:

    If there is the Slightest chance of fraud in this election, the SCOTUS Must throw out the questionable votes or order a new election under the eyes of the Army.
    There are too many questions left unanswered or unsatisfactorily answered concerning validity of votes, voters and Especially software used to count the votes.
    There are rules and laws in place to resolve such questions and they MUST be followed! Our way of life is at stake!!!!!!

  54. Tom says:

    It will be impossible to bring this country together if 70 million voters believe the election was rigged. Plain and simple.

  55. Yes, the elections were unconstitutional and should be removed. There are several proven/verified voter fraud cases in these states. If we allow this to happen we are destroying America, its freedom and its constitution. President Trump should be confirmed as the elected President of the United States for another 4 years. The voting process in every state should be the same, there should not be any differences in the process from state to state. Make it legal and constitutional for all.

  56. Ken says:

    I think the Presidency should be changed to 5 years. Throw out “ALL” ballots and at the end of 2021 have the election for President. Start all over and stop all this rubbish that is going on. In the lockdown and loss of salary, do this to Witch Palosi and her crew…They don’t have to worry about an income, as with all this mess that is going on, they still manage to get paid while the working person can’t pay taxes, house bills or even support the family correctly. Let the Dems all be in a new created State of the US and live with each other as “Misery loves company” and they would all be in the right place….Let Americans live in AMERICA….

  57. Mary Anne Mazzarino says:

    Oh Hell No – He needs to put on his big boy pants and concede. Show the children who are taught to respect the office how a real President behaves!! He is a spoiled brat on a tantrum that will go nowhere, but do major damage to our Democracy. He has to go – now if possible. Let him spend his time golfing. He sure as hell is not working for us anymore.

    • bruce says:

      NO hell yes! When there is fraud like we have seen there needs to be some recourse. A do over without mass mail ballots and machines that alter the votes. If you want to show your children something then insist things be done right. The damage is letting a stolen election stand.

    • Amy says:

      Hmmmmm!! Just like the dems put on their big boy pants and accepted that President Trump won!!! And moved on?? That never happen. So you think we are just going to accept a rigged election, when the dems pulled one witchhunt after another!!!! BAHAHAHAHA.

    • Reeper says:

      Mary you are a stupid bitch aren’t you, you and that fagit Biden you voted for are piles of SHIT!!

      • T says:

        U r correct. Except it isn’t biden you need to worry about. Biden is the stooge that opens the door for china harris. Obamas plant. Commie Harris is our doom.

    • Lynn says:

      It’s the Democrats that are spoiled and saying “If I cannot have my way, I will not help anyone.” Open your eyes.

    • Stephen Williams USAF VET says:

      HELL YES!!! Finally someone is standing up for what is right! In true AMERICAN style! Ain’t putting up with
      the bullshit! Enough of the whiny ass liberals trying to cry and whine their way to getting what they think they
      deserve this week. This is what you get when you “open up the borders” for the hoards of transients from these
      broken societies and horrible governments to completely kill our economy and slowly eat away our society.
      Then they have the audacity to think they can start marching around and demand that we “change” to “their”
      ways and beliefs! Thanks OBAMA! By far the WORST thing that has ever happened to this country! I’d say
      OBAMA was and is the biggest and most dangerous terrorist threat the USA has ever known! And now here he
      is again with Clinton, Harris, and a bunch of other ass kissing America hating TRAITORS ready to try and ABOLISH
      these GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that we have built over the last 250 years! OF COURSE THIS
      These assholes trying to “call out” and “make accountable” the people that help and support TRUMP?
      COME AND GET SOME!!! Every last person that had anything to do with trying to rig this election should be
      held to the highest court and pay for what they have done! Ahead of that class of course being OBAMA! I don’t even really count BIDEN cause obviously he’s just the front man to get in the door and a couple biscuits short of
      a bakers dozen! I thought that TREASON was a pretty big offense in this country? As far as the election
      being redone, after you round up all the TRAITORS and law breakers there’s only one man left standing,
      DONALD TRUMP! The best PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME!!! Not only making our AMERICA GREAT AGAIN but
      holding the world accountable for all the wrong doing that they have enjoyed while we’ve had these weak ass
      “leaders” in place all these years! THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE
      APPRECIATE YOU! And anyone who thinks that everything has to “change” to their whiny ass needs can

  58. Steve says:

    Absolutely throw out these votes…they are illegal thereby instructing legislators to vote the electors to endorse Trump!!

  59. audrey says:

    we as americans are sick and tired of having skulduggery pulled on us. we hold our elections as sacred and if it smells of wrongdoing it should be investigated. no country can exist on lies……..we must have it resolved before we can believe anything. no matter who the winner is we want a thorough investigation of the election in questionable states. until that time how can we believe anything the government says. there are too many people speaking out about wrongdoing and we want this resolved. period.

    • T says:

      While I agree you are correct our investigation agencies work for the democrats & will drag out investigation in perpetuity or run out the clock so it goes away when harris takes over the oval office. A do over without machines that keep 3rd world countries in power.