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Texas Governor Doing What Biden Won’t

To the delight of conservatives, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has decided that if Joe Biden doesn’t defend the southern border, he will.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the deployment of the state’s National Guard and State Troopers to respond to the growing border crisis,” according to Breitbart.

Governor Abbott announced Operation Lone Star ‘to combat the smuggling of people and drugs into Texas’ on Saturday. The operation will integrate the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) with the National Guard, Abbott said. He is ordering the deployment of air, ground, marine, and tactical border security assets to high threat areas. [emphasis added]

“‘The crisis at our southern border continues to escalate because of Biden Administration policies that refuse to secure the border and invite illegal immigration,’ the governor said in a written statement Saturday evening. ‘Texas supports legal immigration but will not be an accomplice to the open border policies that cause, rather than prevent, a humanitarian crisis in our state and endanger the lives of Texans. We will surge the resources and law enforcement personnel needed to confront this crisis.‘” [emphasis added]

For more on this report, go to Breitbart.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to use the National Guard and State Troopers to respond to the growing border crisis?


  1. Joan Rose Forcella says:

    whole heartedly agree with what the Governor of Texas is doing we need more strong people to stand up for our rights and what is right

  2. Lorraine says:

    God Bless You, Governor Abbott!! Thank you for protecting and defending your Great State of Texas and our Great Country, USA!!

  3. Patricia Potts says:

    Go Governor Abbott! Thanks for protecting Americans and our borders.
    It’s time we take care of our own and make America first again.

  4. Kathleen Sheerer says:

    God Bless you Gov Abbott!!!! We need more people like you!

  5. Loretta. Washburn says:

    Thank you, Governor Abbott for keeping our country safe! You’re the best! Hopefully, Trump can bring you along in 2024 unless you remain the governor of Texas! You are greatly appreciated by the majority of the country!

    • Jennie Sue Dellinger says:

      Many of us knew this would happen. Many Oklahomans stand with Texas. Thank God for your efforts. Prayers for you. Even tho we have a friendly football rivalry it’s well known that many texans are transplanted Okies and many Texas are part okie and retire here or vacation here. I think we share common interests and our border red river is shared as is the lake named for both Texoma. Texas you are the giant of all US states and have been smart in managing your resources for your independence while still being loyal to the country. Oklahoma has finally in recent years began to follow you example betterwith tribal efforts in unison with some state efforts but we still to grow. It is common for many of us on red river border to have benefit of your well developed healthcare system thru our your state as well as DFW so we feel cousin kinship with family in Texas and the state. We shared a major historical road support display during the election. I hope we can have many more years of sharing.

  6. Dale says:

    We strongly support Governor Abbots Response to the criminals, and drug lords breaching our southern border. When the cadaver in the WH would not
    protect the citizens here in Texas and eventually everywhere our Governor will. We here in Texas are an independent country and will protect ourselves when the mafia that controls Washington won’t. This is also a lesson for the other states. Our agreement to unionize does not give all power to some monarch, dictator or a ruling class bureaucracy to dictate how we, with their permission, can live. The government administrators with the consent of the governed.

  7. Sheri Schongold says:

    At last someone who knows that Biden can’t, because his handlers will not let him, do something for the illegal immigration. Come in legally ok, otherwise go back where you came from.

  8. Spudmans1 says:

    Deep in the heart of Texas are Americans from the git go. I would be supportive of Idaho’s governor sending Idaho’s national Guard down to assist those Texas boys. It beats the heck out of guarding Pelosi and her fellow democratic Nazis in Washington DC. I read this in the Sunday’s local paper where one fellow stated: “Don’t you ever call me a freaking Democrat!”

  9. Aldenstreeter says:

    Spent two years in Texas. Those Texans are the salt of the earth Americans and deserve Gov. Abbot. He would be a great VP for the TRUMP administration in 2024.

  10. Kathleen says:

    Way to go, Governor! We need a governor like you to replace the one we have in the corrupt state of Pennsylvania.

  11. TJ says:

    If you live on the border as many Texans do what Biden has done to create this
    situation makes their lives a living Hell. Thank GOD Texas has a Governor with a Brain.

  12. Sam Decker says:

    Sam Decker

  13. Scott Showman says:

    I fully support this action and I hope other governors will follow his lead. The power resides with the states and DC has become a money stealing out of control monster. If the states don’t stand up to DC soon, we will all be in trouble.

  14. Karen says:

    Kudos to Gov. Greg Abbott. His state is being hardest hit since the completed Wall stopped in his state. All of Texas’ social services will be overwhelmed and with no Covid 19 testing….an epidemic of biblical proportions is sure to ensue. And every death, rape, and robbery will be laid on the doorstep of the Democrats. We will NOT FORGET. such intransigent behavior!

  15. BootsOnGround says:

    The governor of Texas is great. Let Biden keep taking his naps. We need to protect our country. I live in New Mexico and will ask Governor Abbott to speak with the other border states governors to do the same. Governor Abbott is a great patriot and leader.

  16. ee says:

    God Bless Texas …..thank heavens they are strong enough to stand up & take action when needed……….I pray more states will ban together and do the right thing………..Amen………………….

  17. Ron says:

    If the Feds won’t do their job the states will have to step in and do their job for them. I applaud Governor Abbott and I support his decision 100%.Wish our Governor would step up but she’s a Democrat which says it all. GO TEXAS

    • JPMC says:

      What a Patriot, God bless, we need more of them!

    • Lucky Dogs!!! My States Politician’s are all now so rich from their pay to trip the Election so much I doubt they’ll protect we Arizonians!!! But their days are numbered too!!! They’ve also got to Repent cuz God has shifted the winds n it’s a matter of days n this will soon be over!! Haleluhah!! The Prophet’s are rejoicing over the shifting of the winds!!! My Brother lives in Texas n I’m considering moving there because of their new Independence!! Go Texas, y’all Rock n so does your Govenor!!! Good for you Lucky’s!!!

    • Cathy L Floyd says:

      It is great to know that at least some of our government cares about Americans and puts America first, not last. Thank you Governor Abbott.

  18. Debra says:

    Thank you Governor Abbot!! I’m not a Texan but am there with you in spirit!!!! Why don’t the rest of you GOVERNORS call him and tell him you will stand with him and support him??!!! REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!

    • george says:

      I’m not a Texan either, but i would pitch in a few bucks to help finish the wall, and a few more bucks to buss the illegals to Washington, D.C.

      • Yeeessss!!! Hahaha!!! I am SO with you on that Brother!! My thoughts exactly when this first started!!! Lol!!! We should atleast suggest they go thank them, there in D.C.!! MEOW!!!

      • Dull Knife says:

        George, We too know that it is going to be up to the Citizens. Being over 90 and as proud an American as anyone you have a great idea. Start a collection group and let us try to pay for the wall ourselves. You live out there, talk to some contractors find out if there IS ANYTHING WE CAN DO. Hells Bells if everyone kicked in the cost of a case of beer we might have something. GOOD LUCK. Dull Knife.

  19. JIMMY GOWER says:


  20. Anita says:

    Go for it.
    If the Democrat leaders think the citizens will just sit by, they have a lesson coming.
    Our ancestors came to this country to be free of dictators.

  21. william m phillips says:

    Thank you, Governor Abbott. I live in virginia but I’m totaly behind you 100% at least you have the stones to do something for the great state TEXAS, show that SIMPELTON in Washington Dumpster of crap what a real man is and can do for his home people.
    God Bless Gov.Abbott

  22. Lonnie Frost says:

    I agree with governor Abbott’s action.
    The Biden administration seems determined to destroy our country. President Biden’s words of bringing unity and healing is far from what he is actually doing.

  23. Allen T. Sloan Jr. says:

    I agree with the Texas Gov. Take control sense the president won’t because he has no mind of his own and the democrats want the votes of the illegals. Which is illegal on it’s own

  24. Dee says:

    Thank You Gov. Texas Praying for you and your good works to protect Texas!!! We need more Men like you watching over OUR USA. Thank You! I am from Oregon

  25. Wish I lived in Texas way to go Governor. I agree we do not have a president or DEMOCRATS in our Government who amount to anything. If their is a few who are good I apologize, if so you will have to stand up against your own Party. Help America get away from SOCIALISM. God Bless America.

  26. Robert W Prentice says:

    A big thumbs-up Governor Abbott!! It’s about time somebody saw the reality of life! This free for all over our Southern border has got to be stopped again otherwise we’re going to have here exactly what they’re trying to leave over there! They can keep their mess, attitude and their drugs all over there in Mexico. We have our own problems with out dealing with theirs. We’ve got people from other countries coming here that have to wait years to become a citizen and they think because they sneak over if they hang out long enough will give them free citizenship and any Monies that we give to our own people! All that has to come to a halt!! Once again thank you Governor Abbott for protecting our Southern border!!!!

  27. Robert Shriver says:

    Bob! Thank you Govenor Abbot. You 110% Better than our so called idiot PRESIDENT! Thank you for taking charge of GREAT STATE OF TEXAS. It takes a real Governor too stand up for what’s right. Dedicated Retired Army.America First. We love our GOVENOR. SEND THE NATIONAL GAURD NOW.BEFOR IT’S TOO LATE. COME HERE LEGAL.

  28. Tammi says:

    Best news yet. Get it going and keep them going. Behind you 100%
    Maybe this will get the others in Washington to bring in the same and take over, that is the only way.

  29. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    Biden, and all democrats, are trying to flood country with criminals and gangs. They want to disarm and control us. EVERY AMERICAN STATE MUST IGNORE THEIR UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ILLEGAL, TREASONOUS ORDERS.

  30. Suzy Q says:

    Thank GOD for TEXAS !! Someone has some sense!! STOP the ILLEGAL border crossings and President Biden needs to be in a MEMPORY CARE Facility! HE should NOT be making ANY decisions, signing executive orders or bombing the middle east ! He is GROSSLY LACKING normal mental function and capacity and it is EVIDENT!!!!!!

  31. Corri says:

    Aren’t states supposed to secure their own borders and not depend on Federal money to do so? Biden seems to be right in upholding the right of state money to take care of their borders, not federal money. More federal money will then be available for implementing road infrastructures, ecosystem care, supporting US commerce and businesses, etc. which will add hundreds of thousands of jobs back into our country. Good move, Biden. Bravo.

    • Michael J Korger says:

      Ha ha ha! Biden is eliminating jobs by the thousands and could care less about jobs. He is encouraging hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants to overwhelm our borders, not just Texas. They will be overwhelming the job markets and Biden is going to give them free health care and free Social Security. That is a horrible plan! But Biden is corrupt so it is not surprising. He is only trying to appease the Socialists who helped elect him.

      • Alvis says:

        Sleepy Joe Biden resides in the Twilight Zone as noted when he speaks to the people.

      • marnie says:

        agree. He is a puppet. I just don’t know which one is pulling his strings. I’m reading the Bill Of Rights. We are being violated. The demorats are not abiding by the constitution. They’re making up their own rules by themselves and we as taxpayers are footing the bill.Bless Governor Abbott. I live in Washington state. Inslee is a demorat and one of the worse lockdowns that has been going on for a year now. The convention of states is an option but you have to have so many states-I think it’s 34. We need to take care of this problem immediately, one way or another.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Corri, yes indeed. It’s the states that are mostly responsible for patrolling their borders. No one here or the article still has explained what “policy” Biden made to encourage illegals to attack the border and there are so many liars and ignoramuses here saying Biden is giving them free homes , Social Security and free health care. I’ve not gotten a free home or free health care myself and I’m not even in the middle-class income bracket. I wish I knew what they “know” about how to get these free things from Biden and our government, do you?

  32. Sandra Bonitz says:

    As a native Californian, we have a tuff
    fight for the simple fact all the currupt politicians live,control & own our state; Pelosi,Getty,Brown,Newsom etc, all related. We have been standing up & fighting long before these times & continue to. Thank President Trump for paving the way for all American citizens

  33. Carol Lewis says:

    I agree with Gov.abbott. Along with sending our military and DPS to our border, I’ve heard that Texas is planning to finish our section of the border wall. Damn good idea. I hope they do it. I have a lot of respect for our Governor. He’s the best one we’ve had since Perry. God bless him.

  34. Robert says:

    If Texas takes control of its border than, hopefully, Arizona and New Mexico can do the same. It’s doubtful that New Mexico will do anything. As for California, we already know they will do nothing. Arizona, Nevada would need to address their borders with California and Idaho with Oregon and Washington State. Maybe a wall being built to segregate California will be needed.

    • Michelle says:

      Yes!!! I hope that our governor, Governor Ducey, will join the ranks. It’s another case of, if nobody will do it, I guess we will just have to do it ourselves. He would have my support and the support of so many Arizona residents.

  35. jimmy michael says:

    great governor, wish we had him in va.

    • Carolyn Javaux says:

      Thank God for courageous people like Gov.Abbot. Too bad our government has become a bunch of yellow-belly sapsuckers who won’t stand for the Constitution and the LEGAK Citizens

  36. ally says:

    That is how Texas operates.
    The doofus “President” currently controlled by his puppet masters can’t do anything to help us citizens, That guy is not our President.

    • Robert W says:

      AMEN TO THAT!!!

      • Lesia Jones says:

        Bejinng pawpaw Joe is a lying hypocrit. The dominion machines phony president Pawpaw Joe has dementia and his lying VP is more interested in committing crimes by allowing illegal immigrants invade America. The demonized democratics party is evil and corrupt to the core. Thank God for the governor in Texas. Righteousness still prevail over evil. Bejinng pawpaw Joe should be in a nursing home. So shameful to the American people. I believe God is going to show the evil in America He is God.

    • Carolyn Javaux says:

      You’ve got that right!!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      $1.9.trillion in financial aid is now coming to us Americans and US citizens. The republican politicians are most responsible for delaying it for weeks.

      • Roy Banta says:

        You would not need that free money if this president would make the tight decisions.But I guess your looking for a handout.

        • Charles Larson says:

          No, I’ve been employed working overtime the past 9 years straight. I’m for a small advance on my money, though. I’m shocked that you know no one who needs money. You must live on Trump’s island working for him as his butler or gardner. Which is it?

  37. Dave Darflinger says:

    I was hoping and praying Gov. Abbott would do this. Way to defy the useless POS president. Let the new civil war start in Texas. Next move is succession. And I think Governors Kemp and De Santis will join in. And the lady from South Dakota. Along with others I’m sure. Now he’s fixed the voting so the GOP will never win an election. I’m afraid it’s time to leave.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Dave, I assure you that ABBOTT is the last person who wants a “new civil war” in Texas. I just hope the FBI IS WATCHING OUT for you Trumpee Troublemakers from now on , because we good people Are tired of reading your threatening nonsense. Just come here with all your loony friends. We’ll settle it like men….without weapons.

  38. Natalie T Kugler says:

    God bless you and THANK YOU governor Abbott for having the courage to act!! Thank you for standing up and doing what’s right for the people in Texas and for the rest of the country as the Covid infected illegals are being bussed all over the country. How about you ship them all to Delaware. That’s where no show Joe is supposedly living these days & since he doesn’t think there’s a crisis let his state handle them!! Hoping & praying that Arizona, New Mexico, California (ha ha) & maybe even Louisiana join you. You have the prayers & support of all true Americans behind you!! AGAIN THANK YOU FOR LEADING THE WAY!!

    • Roseann Margiotto says:

      No, please don’t send them to Delaware. I live there. We don’t want them nor do we want HIDEN BIDEN!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Nancy, Abbott has screwed up so badly for years as proved by his failure to upgrade his power- grid system because he never believed they’d get the extremely cold snow storm that devastated their state and killed several people and caused weeks of pain without power and clean water. He’s responsble for those easily prevented deaths, including an 11 tear- old boy who froze to death in his home. If Abbott is doing some good for his state’s border situation it’s obviously past due and fine with me, but he should’ve been fired months ago. Biden spends most of his time at the White House, so keep the illegals out of Delaware where I am. We’ve got our own problems as a small poor state, even if our job market is good.

  39. G says:

    Wondered how long Texas would put up with Biden’s policies negatively impacting the safety and health of the USA and violate our immigration laws the Democrats in the WH don’t want to enforce. Won’t be to much longer before the corruption is exposed and a new election ordered after the corrupt politicians are rounded up and hauled away. The elected serve the corporation not the republic, which is what we have returned to following Trump’s executive orders.

  40. CHARLOTTE says:

    Way to stand up for the American people! Pray that more follow in your footsteps.
    May God Bless You!

  41. AJ says:

    The democrap communists experts predict violent mobs to attack capitols. This would be one reason: 20-40 million illegals breaking our laws. Thank you Gov. Abbot for using common sense to protect your state and citizens. Your actions also helps us all. The GOP and USA has another brave patriot and smart leader in Gov. Abbot. When will the rest of you elected politicians step forward to protect We the People and the USA from this communist Tyranny by this fraud of a president? Gov. Abbot just ask for volunteers we will come to you. Thanks again for showing the rest of these cowards what a real patriot is.

  42. Linda Fyle says:

    Thank you Governor Abbott! And God Bless You for standing up for your state and for America!

  43. I am proud of the Governor to stand up to protect Texas from Illefs migrants storming up at the border. We need legal immigration only.

  44. Martha says:

    Protect the border Texas. Thank you

    • AJ says:

      Gov. Abbott is a real patriot and man. He is showing he loves his state, citizens and country. Now is the time to confront all these communist laws that threaten destruction of our rights and country. Let all patriots’ voices be heard loud and clear, “NO MORE TYRANNY”. WE THE PEOPLE are ready to follow you Gov Abbott! Thank you for showing what a real man and patriot is!!!!

  45. Laura says:


    • Charlie Wallavr says:

      I agree 100%

    • J says:

      Totally agree. Virginia doesn’t want more Covid. Send them to Biden’s hometown!! Stand strong Gov. Abbott

      • MAE ALLEN says:


    • Ronald Smith says:

      I agree Fully and Thank God that the Texas Governor is going to do the Right thing and Protect this People, to protect the Country against High Crimes as well protect us all against this COVID VIRUS

  46. Donna says:

    Yes we have to. Protect our borders

  47. Hersel Wing says:

    I totally agree with Gov. Abbott’s decision to protect the people of Texas and to include the rest of this country’s people as we see the Feds bussing the illegals all over the country. Thank you Gov. Abbott and the people of Texas.
    Also may the forces involved get God’s protection just as we pray for our other armed forces.

  48. Darrell says:

    Texas is the only state too step up to the plate on the horrible election fraud and now our borders thank you Texas we are all with you these people should not be allowed into the US for any reason!!!

  49. Sandra Bonitz says:

    God Bless Governor Abbott & the great people of Texas for Standing behind him.
    I’m in California & support the majority
    of Californians, regardless of what the media & polls would like people to believe; Get ready Newsom, Pelosi, Getty, Shummer, Waters, George Soros &
    Watch The Magic Of “We The People”.

  50. Jo says:

    Thank you Governor Abbot. May God protect Texas National Guard as they protect TEXAS, USA. Some one commented on Construction material still on the border for use to finish the wall. Are their some texan sea bees or construction people who could finsih the wall in Texas?

    • David Coxsey says:

      I agree. Finish the wall. Tell Biden to go suck n egg.

    • charles j loeffler jr says:

      If the SEA BEES get involved the wall will be finished and Biden don’t get in their way.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Jo, the wall that’s being built , as proved by the photos, is merely a gate-like fence that’s what, about 8-10 feet high? It’s no Great Wall Of Texas and can’t take much force to break through with a vehicle or tools or too much to dig holes or tunnels under or too much to put an average ladder against to climb over. What good is it other than to mark the boundary line of the border? How will our national guard troops guard every foot, yard and 100 feet of it , especially in secluded areas that illegals will look for? Will Texas try to electrify their fence? That would be expensive and dangerous, so I doubt they’ll consider doing that. Besides, if they did , illegals could merely add rubber or wood to their ladder as a buffer against the metal and still climb over it.

  51. Ted m. says:

    We need more leaders like Gov. Abbott!

    • Dorothy says:

      Agree completely.

    • Daniel Ropp says:

      If Texas would just cede from the United States and be its own country then it wouldn’t be subjected to the laws of the United States. Texas would only have to abide by the laws of its own country. Then Texas couldn’t be threatened by the CDC to keep it locked down and subjected to mask mandates etc. Businesses could actually thrive again. Texans wouldn’t have to pay federal taxes anymore either. Such a deal. Texas what are you waiting for?

      • Robert Shriver says:

        Bob! Daniel you got that right. And when Texas becomes it own Country put border crossings up and make everyone coming too our country Have valid ID and passport.Travel thru thru our country you also pay a toll at border crossings too drive on our roads. Texas can handle their country with Presidet Abbott believe me. Thank you President Abbott. Lone Star Sounds. GREAT. MAKE TEXAS GREAT AGAIN.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Daniel, you’re not considering the repercussions and consequences of such egregious action. The Pro sports leagues and other entertainment and consumer companies could shun business with Texas all together. Texas could well turn into a communist or dictatorship country therafter. You Trumpee Troublemakers need to stop posting anti- USA CRAP.

    • Carolyn McPherson says:

      Thank God for Governor Abbott!

  52. Betty Clark says:

    If Biden won’t do it I am very grateful Texas will take on the task.
    God Bless Texas.

  53. Steven Olson says:


  54. rick says:

    If Butt-Head Biden & the Commiecrats won’t do their sworn duty to the Constitution, then it will have to be true American Governors like Greg Abbott! And I just know he’ll have a lawsuit filed against him within the next week. Tell ’em to kiss off, Governor, & keep on doing the right thing! If only we had more true conservatives instead of public hog-trough feeders in D.C., this might not have happened! And Scratch-n-Sniff Joe should be served with papers for dereliction of duty!

  55. Sam B. says:

    100% AGREE!! Gov. Abbott stands up for the legal citizens of Texas & the country! An American PATRIOT with a SPINE!!! Something that’s sadly lacking from the Biden-Harris administration & the hateful unhinged biased double-standard radical socialist dictatorship party.
    I’ve said several times that I’m a registered (barely left leaning/very moderate) democrat…NOT a socialist party supporter…who knows dozens of others. I/we r patriots FIRST & not in denial of the so very obvious truths/reality going with these anti-American/America second-last radical leftist lunatics! We bailed off of that titanic years ago when the blinding obvious hate, biased, double-standard, views, ideals & language-vomit started to spew out of their mouths. To have different views & opinions that will b GOOD for the country/legal citizens..”WE THE PEOPLE”…aka America FIRST is 1 thing…..but all this ridiculousness is un-American, pathetic & embarrassing. America second-last. SAD.
    RIGHT ON GOV. ABBOTT!! U will have the support of all us true patriots!
    Thank u so very much for standing up for America! U & Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida rock! Thank u!!

    • Proud Patriot says:

      U hit the nail on the head again Sam! Folks could u imagine if all these radical down with America kooks put the same effort in to focusing on fixing our own issues as they put towards this immigration crap??? Think of how much better off we would b. Instead the White House & psycho socialists focus on: dozens of dictatorship executive orders..open borders..legalizing illegals..closed schools..destroying our energy independence..destroying tens of thousands of energy jobs..higher/rising gas prices..defunding law enforcement etc etc. All this is asinine.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Proud Poopy Head, please explain what Biden did that “opened the borders”. The only thing on your long list he influenced is a rise in gas prices via canceling the PA pipeline and our other politicians thus far have not fought him on it , so we need to talk to and blame them all for that. What is Abbott doing about increasing the oil and gas supply that Texas supplies a large percentage of for the USA? The oil and gas industry was shut down there throughout their snow storm but are they back to full production? What about our other governors? Our oil supply has been found to be greater than anywhere else in the world we need to use it until we can transition to solar and electric energy.

  56. Bruce Jarvis says:

    Cheers for Abbott and Texas once again. Now NM, AZ an CA needs to get on board. Also fill the wall gaps in your states. Take some of that money from the Feds you just got and protect your people from this administration’s stupidity.

    • Lynda M Tessein says:

      I applaud the Governor of Texas for his intelligence, bravery and loyalty to the Citizens of the United States. It is a real shame that so many of the other states do not have this same kind of bravery, loyalty and leadership. I only hope that other states will learn from Texas. I would at least expect all the Republican run states to follow Texas’ example as this is the only way our country can be saved from Biden’s Lunatic policies. God Bless you Governor of Texas.

    • Joe M says:

      I applaud this governor for defending the borders. Hope Arizona does the same. I’m a former 79 yr old Marine and I say shoot the bastards. Maybe that would penatrate their feeble minds. Go back and straighten out your country, don’t come here and contaminate ours.

    • Sam B. says:

      Right on Bruce! Hell yeah!

  57. Robert6391 says:

    It is going to be sad to see a Governor brought up on Federal Charges just like the Sheriff in Arizona was and would have went to jail if Trump had not pardoned him. I do think the Constitution and the laws of this USA say immigration control is the sole responsibility of the Federal Government and that states have no say in it what so ever.
    There is one more hitch in the system where a President can stop the States National Guard from being activated, mainly because the supreme command comes from the Federal Government as well as the money to support the state guard units.

    • Paul says:

      Your an idiot too, just like the a-holes on Washington

      • Robert Shriver says:


  58. Sic&Tired says:

    GOOD FOR ….. Texas Governor Greg Abbott.!!! Looks like Governors and Mayors and Basically – Other People are going to have To DO THE PRESIDENT’S JOB…. BUT, We All Knew that Biden is a Waste of Space and Harris just fills the Voids of Space with C _ _ P.!!! All of America KNEW – That things were going to Really Get Bad down at the Border and ANYONE, who even has a Partial Brain could have Figured That Out.!!! Of Course – Biden doesn’t have a Brain … Harris doesn’t have a Brain, Pelosi doesn’t have a Brain,- – Schumer doesn’t have a Brain…….AND Pretty Much ALL of the Other Democrats Don’t Have Brains.!! That Pretty Much Sums It Up.!!! Good For Texas.!!!

    • Robert6391 says:

      sic and tired
      Now you are saying it is fine for a Governor to violate federal laws on immigration, which the Constitution and the Federal laws both say is the sole responsibility of the Federal Government. Now if you remember a Sheriff in Arizona almost went to jail for the same thing, according to the laws of this USA, no state or state official has any right in any way, to bother into immigration matters in any.

      • mark morency says:

        roert…federal law says the borders are to be secure….that is why we have LEGAL immigration laws. It is this knucklehead president that is ignoring federal law

    • Charles says:

      Indeed, the dem party collectively doesn’t have the intelligence of a five pound block of Granite!

    • Sam B. says:

      Robert6391.. operation lone star is to combat the “ILLEGAL SMUGGLING OF PEOPLE & DRUGS” in to Texas aka the United States!
      Also..our great constitution DOES allow states that border with other countries to “protect its citizens from illegal immigrants & crime as written in law herein.”
      Way to go Gov. Abbott! Now we need NM, AZ & CA(oh boy) to stand up & join the party.

  59. Craig says:

    Congratulations to Governor Greg Abbott for standing up for the citizens of Texas.

    • Paul Collins says:

      I agree with gov. Abbott. Stop the illegals from entering our country.Come to this country the legal way.

    • Ragtime says:

      Good to see Governor Abbot stand up to dementia joe and I’d doing something positive to help save our country. I’m with him all the way on this. United we stand!!!!

    • db says:

      Once Again, the “Festering Sores Socialist-Democrat” cabal has “NOT ALLOWED” a travesty to go to waste! Covid-19 is a perfect example! TRUE, there is a problem…but the socialist-dems were carrying gasoline to douse the fire! YES!

      Meanwhile, like Nero, watching Rome Burn, the Open Sores Socialists kept demanding the Lids of Lunacy be kept over their State SO AS TO cripple the financial stability and future of the good people who live in their State!

  60. Donna Stephenson says:


  61. Theresa says:

    I totally agree and support the Texas Governor! Biden and Harris are going to kill the United States of America so now it is up to all the Governor’s of all States to take action to protect the Citizen in their states! God Bless the United States of America! and God Bless President Trump and his family!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Theresa, hasn’t God already been mighty good to Trump and his family the past 75 + years ? Why are you sooooo worried about him?

  62. W says:

    God bless Texas and the governor for doing the right thing!! What also needs to happen is that Arizona and New Mexico need to join in and do the same. Unfortunately, New Mexico probably won’t because their governor is another bleeding heart demopuppet. The People’s Republic of Calicommia is another communistic lost cause.

    • Guy Fawkes says:

      Way to go Texas!! Biden and his mentally deficient gang of flying monkees have absolutely no idea what they’re doing except to make every effort to destroy this country. Governor Abbott is to be cheered on as a Hero by every law-abiding American Patriot for his courage in standing up to this Socialist President and the rest of the Socialist-Communists idiots who are trying to systematically eliminate everything good about America.

    • rm says:

      Good for Gov. Abbott. His attorney general can fight Biden’s bullies in federal court. The Texas Rangers should simply bus illegals caught in Texas right back across the border and act quickly before lawyers show up. I liked what Sheriff Joe Arpaio did in Arizona with makeshift tent prisons since it’s typically short sleeve shirt weather in Texas…

    • Get prepared for a hot summer as more of this vermin enter the USA. Biden won’t stop the invasion, he can’t stop his bowels. New Mexico and California will allow this to proceed for four more years or until we no longer have borders. The crime rates and drugs will only increase in neighborhoods near everyone in the USA. We will see this affect cities in the midwest as packing houses and farmers allow this vermin to work without and proper documentation.

  63. Roy Thompson says:

    Good Move. SOMEONE needs to get a handle on the southern ( and the northern too) border ! After all, with all the FREE things listed on and by the NEWS MEDIA, Who can blame any one from any place the the WORLD for wanting to come the USA for all the freebies listed on T.V.—- including the criminals ??

    • Charles Larson says:

      Roy, please tell us what “freebies” you refer to and how I can get my fair share? I’m a natural- born USA citizen. What secrets am I missing?

  64. Jim Horner says:

    Get it done ASAP!!!

  65. Linda W says:

    Thank you Governor Abbot. Protect our border!! Next step is to finish the wall. Whatever it takes.

  66. Holly Dutton says:

    It’s time to end the anchor baby scam. Anchor babies cannot be properly defined as citizens because their parents are illegal aliens. They are children of lawlessness. The 14th Amendment “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” needs to be enforced.

  67. Buff says:

    Everyone of these comments agree with what your doing as do countless Americans yet no one is standing up to the cure administration for doing all this idiotic stuff. I applaud you but I’ll bet as people are reading this that pokie joe is figuring out a way to stop you. The people of Texas need to bear arms and stand your ground at the border. This is NOT a going to get any better any time soon. Government shame.

  68. Donald Williams says:

    100% Agree with Gov.Abbott Thank God for men Like Gov.Abbott and Gov. DeSantis

  69. Anita says:

    Thanks to Governor Abbott, this is wonderful news for us here in Texas. I hope that other border states do the same thing. Meanwhile….maybe we could send some of the illegals living in cages built by Obama on buses up to Wilmington, Delaware or D.C.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Anita, since it was Obama’s policies you blame, make it Chicago. Hasn’t Abbott contributed enough to his people’s deaths and suffering this past winter?

  70. Donna says:

    Could the state of Texas have a tax that would be used to complete and maintain the border wall ? I know that I have not asked completely correct. Seems like if Mr Abbott can get troops to work at the border the residents could build and complete our portion.

    Thank goodness Gov Abbott is willing to take some action. Our new president , of this Great country, only wants to endanger it.

    • Craig says:

      Biden is an illegitimate Commucratic puppet put into the position by an elite communist regime by way of voter fraud. He is not the duly elected President and to make matters even worse, he’s an Alzheimer’s patient.

    • Craig says:

      He is not the duly elected President and to make matters even worse, he’s an Alzheimer’s patient.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Craig, this silly website has a way of making some posts to disappear and thus we sometimes “forget” we posted a statement or two before. Maybe we’re all getting Alzheimers disease like you repeated yourself here.

  71. Betty Strauss says:


  72. Ray Wadinski says:

    Awesome job Texas! I hope you send the bill to peanut head biden, on your knees harris and pukey pelosi.

  73. ROBERT POWELL says:

    THIS MIGHT BE THE ONLY WAY…Texas will lead the way and MAYBE the rest of the idiot governors will follow. the rest of the nations governors that are not stone cold communist will follow him….

  74. Myron Tchir says:

    GREAT JOB, Abbott!!! We NEED to STOP that INVASION/!!!/ of Latinos. Yes- INVASION/!!/ – by the Dictionary Definition/!/. They come Uninvited, Unwanted, and UN-Liked /how can you like the SECOND-Largest CRIMINAL Group in America – For DECADES!!! AND, They DO HARM to the American People – by ROBBING Us of OUR Social Benefits /particularly Medicaid and Section 8!!!/. Biden IS a TRAITOR of This NATION/!!!/, like that Norwegian Military Leader, Quisling, in WW II, who Welcomed and Accommodated Nazi Invaders – INSTEAD of Repelling Them!!!

  75. Dave Schultz says:

    Thank you Governor, I’m glad that you have taken the steps to Stop What Biden is doing to our country, God Bless,

  76. Dave says:

    Thank you Governor! You CARE about Texas, and the United States of America! You are protecting our great nation, upholding the constitution! You are doing much more than B****/H***** are doing. They are clueless and don’t realize the consequences of their agenda.
    ✞✞✞ God Bless You! ✞✞✞
    🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲God Bless America!🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇸

  77. Sandra A Knox says:

    Where are the rest of the governors along the border to self absorbed with themselves to protect American citizens

  78. Patricia Potts says:

    Great job Governor Abbott. It’s time to take our country back. Put America first.

  79. tony DiFonzo says:

    Thank you Governor Abbott! I support your move toward common sense. additinally please start a move to punish big tech for canceling FREE speech. we need all the states to do this to protect us from the tyranny of the federal government!!

  80. Linnea Mensching says:

    Thank God for Governor Abbott. I am outraged at Biden’s allowing
    these illegals into this country. They should be stopped with tear gas
    and rubber bullets if necessary. What is wrong with Biden?

  81. Kevin Madary says:

    God Bless Texas! And I’m from PA run by a blue-state dictator. Which we had a Governor with the cajones of Governor Abbott. Down with the executive Kommucrats and House Kommies.

    • Dave says:

      I live in PA also. I agree with you, the governor is a dictator. At one time I was proud to be a Pennsylvanian, not anymore.

  82. Hap says:

    protect your people. I have a son and daughter in law and 3 grand children living Texas I appreciate what you are doing very much

  83. Carolyn says:

    May God bless and keep Gov. Abbott. The only voice of reason in a sea of insanity from D.C.

  84. Donald Kelly says:

    Do what you have to do

  85. maxibaby says:

    Well, of course we Republicans AGREE with Governor Abbott! Anyone who is patriotic and loves America agrees! Sadly all Democrats, RINO and a very few others are TOTALLY EXCLUDED, they are giving America and the American Dream away like candy!
    These “crazies” had better remember that all the sickness and terrorists illegally crossing the border doesn’t give a rat’s behind about Dems and will kill them just as they will kill Republicans! Obviously the Dems think America can give foster care to the world because they are inviting them all in for us to financially support even though we have American children who are hungry because their parents have no jobs! There is not a Dem in D.C. with enough functioning brain cells to pour pi$$ from a boot with the instructions on the heel!
    Dems…..rot in hades!

  86. Zilda says:

    Couldn’t Governor Abbott confiscate the abandoned fencing materials at Texas’ southern border and have construction engineers from Texas finish that mile-wide unfinished portion; or possibly charge a significant monthly fee for wall materials taking up Texas land space at Biden’s decree?

  87. William Arndt says:

    I agree with the Governor Abbott to send in the Texas Nat’l Guard to protect their border from the illegal immigrants. The fed has no rules, thus the conflict! These illegals bring all sorts of medical issues aside from covid-19 to the citizens of Texas, and Texans are just suppose to take it, don’t think so. What happened to all the concern for vaccines, masks , social distancing, etc.? Again more hypocritical thinking by the Dems.
    Then there are the illegal drugs, which is another whole issue. And let us not forget Human Trafficking either.
    What are the Dems trying to prove? They want to punish Texas, as Texas is a Red State, and they want to rub in you face type treatment. We are all Americans and when our Government is against us, we need to take it back.
    Why is the American public putting up with these clowns in Washington?

    • Karen says:

      Thank you to Texas Gov. for helping keep America great. Never stop fighting for Texas and all Americans. I wish other politicians followed your ideas. Thanks for following in Trump’s laws to finish the wall and keep Americans safer and put America first.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Abbott can’t wait for most Texans to get vaccinated before he lifts the protective restrictions of wearing masks and social distancing. He must be determined to spread the Covid-19 and kill his people. He already “killed” too many via incompetence of providing a broken power-grid system. Admit the truth. He’s a sorry failure as governor.

  88. Linda says:

    Thank you for taking the lead in stopping illegal immigration. Protect your border and state of Texas. I hope other border states do the same.

  89. Darcy says:

    Thank You Governor Abbott, do whatever you have to in order to protect our United States. Biden doesn’t care about us as he is showing just that. Biden thinks somebody appointed him to be God and he can ruin us and so far is doing all he can to do just that. I would love to know what America has done to Biden and the democrats that makes them Hell bent on destroying us!

  90. Allan says:

    Thank you Governor Abbott for standing for the rule of EXISTING LAW!
    Poor Joe Bama thinks that if he says what he is told to say that this will make him a credible President.
    Pathetic, crabby old geezer. Go home, Joe, and play with the grandkids!
    You will not prevail within the demands of the office: what is left of your hair can’t get any grayer!

  91. Stevd says:

    Agree with governor 100%. If the Biden Administration won’t protect our borders, National Security, then each state should step up to help. It’s not just Texas, but America we’re protecting, hell I’ll even volunteer for a tour. Protect the homeland from illegal entry that cost so much money and lives.

  92. Congratulations to Gov. Abbott to protect our border like this and shame, shame on our “president” for his stupid stance.

  93. chris says:

    about time someone does something the senate and house are to busy protecting their ivory tower. think all the people they let in send them to dc

  94. Steven Keller says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Govenor Abbot- power starts with the State in State authority to manage what happens in that State; especially when attempts of Federal bureaucrats don’t do the constitutional job they are supposed to do!

  95. AJM McGlynn says:

    Governor Abbott..is a American patriot. showing China Joe and the rest of those Liberal scumbags that enough is enough….we won’t let him sell out our country.

  96. Elena Brio says:

    WE need Trump back. Those commies and retards in government have to go.

  97. Michael says:

    Biden is really Obama in white face

    • Charles Larson says:

      Michael, that’s a white racist’s statement. I bet you do not even know that Obama’s mother was white.

  98. Arthur Hamilton says:

    The State of Texas is standing for righteousness. Governor Abbot your courage is extraordinary. You’re helping are nation. Truly wickedness will destroy it, let our actions uplift people and bring glory to God Almighty. Thank you Governor Abbot you are loved.

  99. Sonja says:

    Yeah!!!! Finally mature, sane, inteltient, common sense leadership that follows the law!!!THANK YOU, GOV. ABBOT!!!

  100. Elena Brio says:

    We need Trump back! Those commies and retards have to go. Lets restore law and order!

    • Elena Brio says:

      Yesterday Putin’s remark about America: We do not respect this country. It have half population perverts and half population – negroes. Whole world laugh on them.

  101. Janette Letson Braswell says:


  102. Gloria O'Rourke says:

    A very wise move by Gov. Abbott. I applaud him.

  103. John Haubert says:

    Thanks for all you are doing needs to legal immagration.

  104. Gary Botzko says:

    I agree 100% with Governor Abbott. Protect our southern border. We must!

  105. Louis Katona says:

    Thank you Governor. We need strong leaders in American not basement zombies’
    Can we Deport Biden and his crime family/.

  106. Robert says:

    Maybe Abbott should become president he seems to be about the only one that really cares about the United States in the immigration problem that we’re having

    • Carol says:

      I wondered how long it would take before someone had the guts to do what I have been thinking about for weeks. GOOD GOING governor.
      Now let’s tear up those union teachers contracts… if you don’t want to teach, fine… YOU don’t have to. You either go by the contract with your state or it is NULL AND VOID, YOU DO NOT get to change or add to an existing contract at your whim. There are good retired teachers that will step forward and do a great job to help our children. It’s simple… show up for work, if you don’t then you are FIRED.

      • Tim Cameron says:

        Teachers union should pay back the taxpayers who’s property taxes fund their jobs and the schools that they are supposed show up at and teach our children!

  107. Mike says:

    Way to govenor take control of a imcompanat decision of the communist President and his evil doers!!!!

  108. kathryn verry says:

    Our so called President aka Harris has not a clue as to what is happening in this country. We should all be afraid of the direction we are going in. Finally someone, the Texan Governor has, the right idea. Our country can not afford to let all these illegal immigrants in.

  109. Richard says:

    Protect our border Texas!
    ^^^ ^^^^^^

  110. Cougar says:

    WELL DONE Gov!!!!

  111. Shannon clarke says:

    To bad Biden is only here to hurt America. His America last agenda is to burn the people in every way that he can. When does our military say this has gone too far it’s time to defend the innocents and family’s from this president who is hurting them.

    • Donna says:

      Amen let’s stand up and let them know we aren’t going to comply with their laws that endanger the American people and that means officials and the military who are in place to protect against domestic dangers to stand with us. What are they going to do they are pushing socialism in a democratic government is that not treason come on people. They are saying babies are racists and our children and grandchildren’s future is in danger of being destroyed are you afraid of losing something wake up it’s being taken away right now everyday they are in there!❤️🙏🇺🇸

  112. Michael Wynne says:

    I absolutely 100% support the Texas Governor in activating the National Guard for border interdiction duty! BORDER security is NATIONAL security! What part of “NATIONAL GUARD” does Biden not understand?

  113. JFD says:


  114. Ann Markham says:

    If Joe Biden does not have the ability to understand the role of a president of our country, which is to protect United States citizens, then he should step aside and or assist Governor Abbot in his actions to follow our laws concerning illegal immigrants.
    They should not come into our country without first applying and then undergoing screening… It is what we all have done in the past.

  115. Michael OConnor says:

    Hooray for Governor Abbott, give hell. You have every right to protect the citizens of Texas which will also protect citizens in the USA. You get a Double Atta-boy.

  116. Anthony Moreland says:

    Now if only our mealy mouthed RINO governor of Arizona does the same thing as his heroic counterpart in Texas did, I might have a different opinion of him.

  117. jaybird says:

    Texas has a great Governor, way to go Gov. Abbot!

  118. Lorie Adams says:

    Thank you Govern Greg Abbott – glad your running your state appropriately.

  119. TERRY HUDSON says:


    • Donna says:

      Amen maybe Americans and military and all officials would do the same Biden and his socialistic group are placing laws that are harming America and we are America the military are supposed protect us from domestic threats well they are a threat open borders letting in diseased , Drug smugglers, Terrorist, and traffickers and who knows what else. Stop listening to or enforcing what they say we have to do what are they going to do if we stand together or are you waiting on another Hitler situation!

  120. Stephen Rennie says:

    biden is a good for nothing POS,

    • Stephen Rennie says:

      Thank You, Good job Governor! We cannot let this invasion continue. God bless you and Texas for stepping in to protect our country!!!

    • Stephen Rennie says:

      Thank You, Good job Governor! We cannot let this invasion continue. God bless you and Texas.

  121. David G Dougherty says:

    Great job Governor!! Keep up the good work and help kep America a land of the FREE! Sadly you will receive as much help from Washington as President Trump did. Yoiu are on your own with the people of Texas behind you!!!

  122. NPR says:

    Finally a governor with the guts to stand up to mentally deficient Biden and his far left activist bent on destroying America

    Obama getting what he wanted..”To Fundamentally Change America “….into a far left activist state

    Waken up people…everyone who voted Democrat is responsible for this debacle…call, write your representatives this dismantling on America has to STOP

  123. Richard Bouwman says:

    the rest of the country. Should get some Balls!thanks Governor!!! Go TEXAS WAKE UP AMERICA Before it’s too late.

  124. linda droz says:

    with rose!!!!yes go for it!!!

  125. susan moore says:

    Thank You Governor! We cannot let this invasion continue. God bless you and Texas for stepping in to protect our country!!!

  126. Rose says:

    Protect your border Texas!