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Text Messages Link Joe Biden to China Deal

Hunter Biden’s former business partner is releasing a trove of text messages that show that former Vice President Joseph Biden was brought into discussions on his son’s China business ventures,according to the Washington Times.

Hunter and Joe Biden

Hunter and Joe Biden

The texts from whistleblower Tony Bobulinski show Hunter talked of the “family brand” when discussing investments. Another partner warned Mr. Bobulinski ‘don’t mention Joe being involved. It’s only when u are face to face.’

“Mr. Bobulinski suddenly emerged in the Hunter Biden financial scandal on Wednesday when he issued a statement saying he met with Mr. Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, to discuss Hunter’s business ventures…

“The Bobulinski texts, first reported by Fox News, show that Hunter Biden went on a tirade in a June 2017 message to partner James Gilliar with complaints about Mr. Bobulinski.

“‘Explain to me one thing Tony brings to MY table that I so desperately need that I’m willing to sign over my family’s brand and pretty much the rest of my business life,’ Hunter Biden says. ‘Why in gods name would I give this marginal bully the keys my family’s only asset? Why?’

“The “only asset” appears to be a reference to the Biden name, or Joseph Biden himself.”

For more, see “Texts from Hunter Biden’s business partner show Joe Biden involved in China deal talks.”


Do you believe Joe Biden engaged in corruption while he was Vice President of the United States? Please share your thoughts in the Comment section.


  1. Lisa Vozar says:

    Biden is guilty of this along with other things it’s time this leftist media stops covering and saying everything is untrue let his dirty little secrets be told im so tired of the media making Biden look like something he is not Biden is nothing but another dirty politician who has done nothing in 47 years and is the most racial one of them all he sits and tells black people they are not black if they don’t vote for him has called them super predators he could careless about the black community he only wants your vote you are in for a rude awaking if you vote him in

  2. Jack K says:

    ” All that’s news is fit to print.” seem the present precept,the practice in the media, and quite a switch from the New York Times principles since I was a young man reading the NYT as an honest reporter of facts. So much for that, and too bad the paper has lost its honesty and its once commitment to the trust it once deserved.

  3. DEAN Anderson says:

    The truth shall set you free
    Dean Anderson

  4. Che says:

    How much more proof is needed? He’s corrupt, a liar, a pedophile, should be tried for Treason for his involvement with his son’s “businesses” (?). Both him and his son should be tried and held accountable for information given to China, Burisma, Russia and who knows who else they shared info for $$$$. And here they were involved (colluded) like they were trying to put on Trump during the impeachment…and all along, it was them. And the real problem here is the FBI knew it, had access to the laptop back in November 2019, and held that info back and allowed millions of dollars (our hard earned tax dollars) to be used on an impeachment that they knew would go nowhere. What the hell is going on? This country has moved so far from the Truth, it is unbelievable. The media sends their bogus facts” out and keeps the truth hidden. Hunter Biden, where are you? And JOE BIDEN…I HOPE YOU GO DOWN, YOU LOSER…NEVER DID ANYTHING GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY, FOR BLACKS, FOR OUR ECONOMY (EXCEPT YOUR OWN POCKETS). I HOPE YOU ARE DAMNED FOR ALL TIME..TRAITOR

    • William Vollmer says:

      Why isn’t anything being done to the Bidens for their treasonous acts? Are they protected by the deep state?

  5. Iolani Yamashiro-Rahimi says:

    Thanks for making this known Red Alert News! This needs to be in the main stream media too and Big Tech. They are as guilty for censoring the news/truth! We are continuing to pray that GOD would expose EVERYTHING, and Lord willing, before the election! We still have a little over a week! Keep praying for Attorney General Barr to move accordingly and bring all the indictments that are necessary.

  6. Sharon says:

    He was VP before this and corrupt then and still is and will wreck our Country like never before!!! He is a puppet on a string and will be told what to do from others just like him! One can tell when people like him are lying…..All they have to do is ‘open’ their mouths! God help us and give us VICTORY with A TRUMP WIN !!!
    God is not going to let this kind of mess go on much longer! The main thing it to know we are in tune with Christ and where we are headed in the end!!! That is what truly counts!!!

  7. Robert Charsha says:

    Come on man!! Yes I’m corrupt but our whole political system is corrupt! Come on man 47 years sucking the tits
    of our people for their own greasy do nothin selves ! Come on man, only 47 years, I still have a few years left.

  8. Winfred Gray says:

    God will punish Babylon.

  9. Michael Rollo says:

    Joe Biden is a master at lies. In all my years I have never witnessed a man that could lie so convincingly, that he even believes in his own lies. The devil sure has him hooked and has blinded many people.
    I just don’t get why those that favor him have not looked at all the the facts of what this man has been accused of. He and his kind must be brought to justice and held accountable for the wrongs they have done.

  10. Judy says:

    Chris Wray is CORRUPT the FBI is still corrupt and President Trump needs to clean out the WHOLE FBI. Chris Wray had Hunter Biden laptop for 8 months and hide it until the New paper brought it to the American people attention. Chris Wray wanted Biden to win. He is against president Trump. Chris Wray IS CORRUPT.

    • Roger says:

      Absolutely true,and we thought comey was crooked.

      • Jacqueline W. Purkey says:

        The evidence shows he has been a crook for many many years. He should be held accountable as should anyone involved in these horrible actions. The Bidens appear to be a criminal family.

  11. Pamela Tanke says:

    Absofrickenlutely he was involved and this isn’t the end I am sure we will be finding MANY MORE DEMORATS were involved with this and so much more…they are ALL CRIMINALS

  12. Sam B. says:

    There is no question “Quid Pro Quo JOE” was involved while vp. Why else would he tell the Ukrainians to “fire the prosecutor (investigating my son/etc) or u won’t get the billion dollars”. ALL of this happened while “the big guy” was in office. Quid pro quo JOE obviously used his office with our tax payers $$ to advance his & hunters future incomes. Typical corrupt & shady politician. This is yet another reason why NOT to vote for Biden. Corrupt deals like this shows extremely poor character. I’m a registered dem & also know numerous others. NONE of us r voting for Biden/radical socialist left. As Patriots first..there’s no way in hell we r voting for a radicalized unhinged party like the left has become. Sorry dems in denial! We don’t believe in “truth over fact”. C’mon man! Yikes.
    Get out to the poles & vote! Tell ur people!

    Ps: somebody tell Biden he’s running for PRESIDENT of the United States..& NOT FOR THE U.S. SENATE! Unbelievable. Wow. ?

  13. Betty says:


  14. Deloris says:

    I would never have believed that people in our government could be so crooked . I trusted them . But now I have found how crooked they are . Look at Joe and Hunter Biden and the Clinton’s and all the FBI and CIA and the Democrats in Congress ex Nancy P. And Chuck. Schumer and Adam Schiff. That is only part . President Trump always said he was draining the swamp . Thankful for our President Trump .

  15. June Fuller says:

    Now the people know why the Biden’s have been in Washington for 47 years. God knows what’s been going on all these years. Jesus Christ knows it all . In his time it will depend on Jesus to take care of it all. When money hungry people are supposed to be taking care of our the people and our beautiful United States of America God created so perfect and beautiful That man has been destroying since the beginning of time..
    GodBless this beautiful world you have given us as l am so broken hearted to see all the wicked people so full of themselves, they don’t care about no one else .I can understand how broken hearted Jesus is at this worldly moment. I am absolutely heartbroken for you Jesus as l know you are beyond broken hearted. Greatest of Love and l hope you’re loving care will not be completely gone or undone for us all. Love completely June Fuller ❤️??????????????????????? You gave your all for us. O what a savior . Love no one can Explain.!!!!!!!

    • Tamara says:

      AMEN to that. Everyone needs to know the Truth and how crooked they are. The Evil has taken over so many people. Our beloved Father God will take care of his children. Thank you to the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit. We Praise you Lord. Thank you Jesus Amen ❤️??

  16. Hillary, Obama and Biden all need to be prosecuted TOGETHER along with those in the DOJ/FBI that knew and allowed for THE BIG GUY to sell out the American people. Treason charges for all. TRUMP is the SWAMPS worse nightmare.

    • Patricia Gaver says:

      agree 100%

    • C says:

      I am outraged that our justice department is as corrupt as these criminals the Clintons, Obamas, Biden’s & that they are not indicted for the overwhelming evidence of corruption! This F useless incompetent FBI director Chris Wray is either stupid,incompetent, corrupt or all! Joe Biden is so corrupt in this Money making scheme with his son Hunter & these morons & the media that support him are as F corrupt & a disgrace as him!

      • karen says:

        hi talk about biden being money hungry grab. well let me tell you this joe is stating that he will protect social security (ss) and medicare when all the politicians 62 and older still working bring in a million plus a year. biden himself received 79,000.00 dollars and his wife for ss. holy crap. i feel so bad for the true seniors citizens that can’t work bringing in 1200.00 or less split the money all the wealthy people they don’t need ss if they are still working at 62 and up making a million plus annually decline ss you wealthy people just decline opt out for collecting ss and give to the elderly

  17. Hani Rahimi says:

    Thank you for having the guts to let this nation that the dems are trying to control. My Wife and I have been and will continue to pray that All of America will See the Truth.
    Four More Years

    God Bless,

    • Joseph Colantonio says:

      We have lived with these Treasonous activities for to long now and it is time the guilty were punished .

  18. Hani Rahimi says:

    Thank you for having the guts to let this nation that the dems are trying to control. My Wife and I have been and will continue to pray that All of America will See the Truth.
    TRUMP will and keep this Nation Great.

    God Bless,

  19. Hani Rahimi says:

    Thank you for having the guts to let this nation that the dems are trying to control. My Wife and I have been and will continue to pray that All of America will See the Truth.
    TRUMP will and keep this Nation Great.
    All the Glory be to God, He is in Control.
    God Bless,

  20. Hani Rahimi says:

    Thank you for having the guts to let this nation that the dems are trying to control. My Wife and I have been and will continue to pray that All of America will See the Truth. Stop being deceived you who are still in the dark.
    TRUMP will and keep this Nation Great.
    All the Glory be to God, He is in Control.
    God Bless,

  21. Greenway9 says:

    Biden sold US out! He is a TRAITOR and needs to be prosecuted for TREASON before a loyal military tribunal. Upon conviction, execution is the appropriate penalty for the damage that he has done. Much of his family and his political party are involved in similar dealings and treachery. They have stolen and monetized what rightfully belongs to US for their own self enrichment and must pay the penalty for what they have done in harming our future generations!

  22. Michael Burns says:

    See mr trump biden is bad for us

  23. Stephanie Reicher says:

    Bring Joe, & Hunter Biden to court, jail them for misdeeds. Too long certain Dems have gotten away with fraud, & other misdeeds. Not fair to the American people.
    Our politicans must be held to accountability. Courts do your jobs. Don’t be bought off, or intimidated.

  24. Dolores Koprivnjak says:

    Joe Biden is so corrupt and should not be running but the dems had planned this because if he wins they will throw him down the tubes and make Kamala president oh what a disaster. Vote and vote vote vote republicans and TRUMP

  25. Sic&Tired says:

    It is a SAD Day……When the People of this Country can EVEN think about voting for Lying and Deceitful – Joe Biden. He belongs to the LEFTOVERS of the OBAMA Administration and that was an…”OBAMA-NATION”.!!!! I Know there are A Lot of Good and Smart People out there in Our Country, who want to See All of this
    Miserable Crap that the Democrats have put our Nation through over the past 4 years…..They have done nothing, but to try and bring down Trump and his Administration, which has done more to get things Straightened Out in this Country. Sure hope the House goes to the Republicans and also stays with the Republicans in the Senate…….. Don’t Need Anymore Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, Warren’s, Walter’s, Cortez’s, Omar’s, etc. etc. and the List Goes On.!!!!!

  26. FLOYD BOIVIN says:


    • Pauline Hamel says:

      Joe Biden is compromised and should not be President. He has told lie after lie and can not be trusted.

    • Lesly says:

      Floyd thank god you had an awakening to the truth. God bless you. This country will be unrecognizable if idiots get in

  27. Robert Sutton says:

    Joe Biden should not be running for President. He sold his soul to the Chinese Columnists for money, and can’t be trusted.

    • al says:

      I ask that God puts his hands on all the World, we are a free country, don’t let the left take over…Vote for President Trump as he did so much within the almost four years of his Presidency, I pray for you and your family and keep America Strong Again, Keep America safe Again. Four(4) more years….God, please guide us, make the future safe, we are your children Amen…Again, Four More Years and Keep America Safe.