Thankfully, This Violent Murderous Thug Is Now Dead

( – A violent thug student who shot two staffers inside his high school in Denver, Colorado, has been discovered dead.

The suspect, who is 17, had been wanted by the police after, on Wednesday morning, he shot two staff members at Denver East High School.

Initial reports said the student escaped the scene before the police arrived and took him into custody.

The Denver Police Department asked the public for help finding the suspect and released a photo of him and his car.

The wanted student was identified as Austin Lyle, and his vehicle was a 2005 red Volvo XC90.

Hours after the shooting at Denver East High, the police stumbled upon the wanted high school student’s vehicle and a dead body beside it.

The grim discovery was made in the woods near Bailey, in Park County, Colorado, “about 50 miles southwest of Denver.”

On Thursday morning, a Park County coroner examined the corpse and confirmed that it was that of the high school shooting suspect.

“[We] can confirm the identification of the decedent found tonight on Park County Rd 68 as Austin Lyle, born in 2005,” the Park County Coroner’s Office said in a Facebook statement.

“Mr. Lyles Next of Kin have been notified of the positive identification. The Park County Coroners Office will be continuing to conduct a death investigation and will have no further details after an autopsy is completed,” the statement said further.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said both shooting victims survived the gunshots they sustained. However, one had to undergo surgery while the other could talk and tell the investigators what happened.

“Nothing trumps the safety of our young people in this building and the faculty and staff. And we feel for them right now. As a parent, I can tell you this should never be a concern of a parent, whether or not their kids are safe in their building,” Hancock told reporters after the shooting, ahead of the controlled release of students to their parents.

According to a report by 11 News, the now-deceased suspect was subjected to a pat-down/search procedure every day before school.

The protocol procedure had not resulted in the discovery of any firearms on the 17-year-old student until Wednesday morning when he took out a handgun and shot two school staffers.

After the shooting, Alex Marrero, the Denver Public Schools District superintendent, announced a safety measure for stationing armed resource officers on local school campuses.

K-12 institutions in the Denver Public Schools District used to have permanently stationed armed officers until 2021, but in 2020, the district board voted to eliminate them.

The Denver East High School received Lyle from another district in January 2023. The school will have two armed officers for the rest of the academic year.