The Most Horrible of Horrible Crimes

( – Over the years, we’ve investigated and come across some truly horrific and unforgivable crimes.

Still, this report out of Utah is as awful as anything we have seen because the victim was a Good Samaritan who opened her home to help someone she felt needed assistance. Tragically, she paid an awful price for trying to help her fellow man.

As reported by the New York Post (and several other publications):

“A homeless man in Utah allegedly slit a woman’s throat after she let him into her home to shower, cops said.

“Officers responded to a call of a woman heavily bleeding from the neck around 5 p.m. last Sunday at her home in Salt Lake City, according to cops…

“The woman told investigators she let the man, later identified by police as 30-year-old Eric Jones, into her home to bathe.”

Miraculously, although she required emergency surgery and was initially in critical condition, the victim survived the attack, and her assailant was located and arrested.

We hope he is incarcerated for the remainder of his life because anyone who did what is alleged here should never be trusted to be on the streets again.

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